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Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck Hold Hands

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck Hold Hands

Jennifer Garner holds hands with her daughter Violet Affleck as they cross the street in Brentwood on Monday (January 11).

The 37-year-old actress has been announced as a presenter at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Cher, Kiefer Sutherland, and Kate Winslet were also added as presenters. They join Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry.

This year’s Golden Globe Awards will be hosted by British comedian Ricky Gervais, and will be held on January 17.

FYI: Violet is sporting a Regal Puffer Vest and Front Pocket Jeans by Juicy Couture!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck holding hands…

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jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 01
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 02
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 03
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 04
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 05
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 06
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 07
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 08
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 09
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 10
jennifer garner violet affleck hold hands 11

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  • hong kong

    She is incredibly sweet! Such a down to earth, hands on mother…Her plain and practical pretty oufit make her even more beautiful I cant wait to see her all glamoured up for the awards! Violet looks exactly like Jen, she is so cute! Keep rockin’ Jenny :):):)

  • hanna

    does somebody know how old Violet Affleck is?!
    Shes looking cute and neat, like her mother!
    If she were likewise famous / successfull like her mother?!

  • hong kong

    violet is 4 years old :)

  • matt

    she looks like a man.

  • Ed

    WTH happened to her? Gaunt face, scary man-hands, this chick looks HELLACIOUS!

  • hollywoodgossip

    OMG! She looks terrible.

  • All Women Stalker

    I keep wishing Jennifer will hire a stylist or read a few fashion mags for everyday outfits. But then, her style does not affect her parenting, so that’s okay.

  • nika

    The paparazzi are too close to Jennifer and Violet… They should respect their privacy, at least because of the girl!

    I don’t need to see pics like that on JJ.

  • Ashley

    Violet is soooo cute! and Jenn too

  • kizbit

    Please BACK OFF of this child! It’s bad enough you stalk her mother the way you do. Violet is a CHILD. They barely have more to walk forward. That is disgusting. And stop harping on Jen’s wardrobe. How many of you have a “stylist” dressing you when you go to pick up your kids at school or go shopping at the grocery store. Get real.

  • Ben

    Hate her guant-looking face

  • reality has a Blind Item on them earlier this month. Wonder when she’ll decide to cash in??? That marriage is toast.

  • redistributethis

    Love to see child walking, must have become too heavy to carry.


    REALITY…WHAT IS THE DLISTED.COM BLIND ITEM. .. Have you seen her on the neutragena commercials she looks a lot more
    like a woman that she does here….

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    violet is cute i love jenn she seems like such a nice person

  • reality

    Here is the link Stacy…

    Neutragena can airbrush the hell out of any of us. ;) She looks very sick and gaunt. She is trying to be wispy thin like a 20 something but she can’t pull it off to look hot because she’s almost 40. She needs the weight, it makes her look soft and healthy. She’ll never get it. Most of the older actresses in Hollywood act like this. Sad.


    Is it m e or has Jennifer Garner morphed into Golem from the lord of the rings.

  • reality

    That’s mean Jason. She just looks ill.

  • proud pappa Ben

    JJB she is carrying the book that Violet made.. It s so nice to see a
    nice picture of Violet on the front cover…!!! SATYING this is the book
    that I made..etc.. wish we could get the link back of when she was
    doing the book with Vi..

  • http://aol Patti

    I don’t think she ever washes those jeans.

  • naveah


  • Who

    He’s too old.

  • Inaru

    Regarding the blind vice, i don’t think it’s the Afflecks. I can somehow picture her hiring the detective but not him. Just my imho but i think JG is more invested in the relationship than BA.

  • Ronda

    This is one of my favorite Hollywood families.

  • hong kong

    Ben with jen and their kids went for breakfast all together. See Ben holding Sera in his arms:
    They are so cute :)

  • Oceane

    She seems to have lost a lot weight suddenly. I hate how she never looks nice. Hell, I’m a stay at home mum and i don’t dress like this and I don’t have the celebrity budget either. Would it hurt to put some lipgloss on and actually take out that stupid ponytail, honestly? Is really that busy?

  • Donkey Kong

    Why do you hate about something so trivial that doesn’t concern you, #27?

  • Sally

    she seems like she’s in denial about her marriage and doesn’t want to give up her ‘dream’ of what that looks like – ala Elizabeth Edwards. She has money, fame, power in Hollywood through Ben and his Alist friends. Why would she give that up even if he’s not that into her and she’s into him more? He stays for the kids. She likes everything else. Pretty pathetic to see her so weak.

  • Alison

    Old and ugly.

  • Pete

    ACK! My eyes! She needs to take whatever she’s injected into her lips and put some of it into her cheeks. (Injecting something into her rack wouldn’t hurt, either).

    You know Ben is getting some from somewhere else with a FUG chick like this at home.

  • Pippi

    Jen and her little cutie pie Violet are so cute and sweet. I love how they are always together doing such fun mother and daughter stuff. She is teaching Vi to be a strong and proud woman just like her own mom taught her. No wonder Ben is so protective of them and hates the paps intrusion into their private lives. Where is sweet Sera? Love this family.

  • mimi

    Jen Garner the stage mom, who pimps her child.
    By the way, that girl is the tallest child I have ever seen.
    At least Nicole Kidman was smart enough to choose a bit shorter man, so her child want end up a giraffe.
    When Violet will get to a certain age, she might face difficulties becuase she will be so tall.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh, not her best pics
    those glasses make her look ugly, i dont no why she always chooses the ugliest ones, just wear some aviators jen, most chicks look good in those

  • longchamp

    would it kill her to sub some freaking flats for those man boots!

  • shortsinglesdate

    Wow, the papz sux

  • annika

    @mimi: Yeah, like Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford have “suffered” from being too tall.

  • hong kong

    @mimi: u always write stupid comments, give us a break mimi

  • Jennifer garner isn’t tall

    Jennifer Garner isn’t tall she’s average height 5.6″. If she was as tall as cindy crawford or heidi klum she would be taller than all the people she gets photographed with but she isn’t she’s just like them, average.

  • Cowbell

    Let’s face it, even if she has few good movies coming she’s still a has been. During Alias she was at the height of her career and since then her career has gone down, slowly but surely. Jen is closing the 4 – 0 and that means either bad movies or a role in CSI or Grey’s Anatomy.

  • ()

    Jennifer garner isn’t tall?
    IMDb : Jennifer Garner
    5′ 8″ (1.73 m)

  • Jenismanly

    Why is it that Violet still looks dressed like a little ragdoll, even in juicy couture jeans and a regal vest? These people pay a lot of money for their clothes to look like crap.

  • mls

    jeeen <3

    violet is soo cute :D i love them !

  • Dr NYC

    Are they dating?