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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Chan Dara Dinner Date

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Chan Dara Dinner Date

Orlando Bloom wraps his arm around girlfriend Miranda Kerr after sharing a romantic dinner date out at Thai restaurant Chan Dara in Los Angeles on Monday (January 11).

Did you know Orlando was, at one point, set to star in An Education with Carey Mulligan?

Producer Finola Dwyer couldn’t close the deal on the movie until he attached a “name” to the project.

“When Orlando Bloom committed, I used that as leverage to complete the financing,” she recalls. “That’s the moment the film became real.”

Well, he dropped out two weeks later but Dwyer already secured the money with the financiers. Talk about star power! Read the full story at THR.

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  • ivanka

    orlando get back to the movies and leave the girlfriend

  • allspice30

    Beautiful Couple!!

  • @1

    So stupid.

  • sara

    Such a beautiful couple!
    I’m so glad that they can be together for Orlando’s birthday, tomorrow.
    GORGEOUS! And sweet!

  • Still unemployed?

    Another year older and STILL no confirmed new projects on the horizon. Sad. Guess he really does need a girlfriend with a lucrative career of her own these days – since he no longer has one.

  • http://justjared love him

    Can’t believe he will be 33 years old tomorrow time to get married and pass those incredible genes LOL.
    I am happy he found a woman he is happy with and hopefully this year will bring those things as well as great movies his way.

  • ugly

    love his songs but the guy is disgusting

  • ugly

    LMAO….OMG no, no him I love Orlando Bloom but he sure look a lot like that dirty john mayer…ROFL

  • Connie

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen him in a movie. Too bad he didn’t do An Education it’s getting great reviews.

  • Who

    They both look Gross !!!

  • Ashley

    He still has star power?

  • http://justjared 9/10/11

    LOL Delphi loons in pain.

  • @5

    You need to inform yourself better

  • @3

    So stupid.

  • @11!

  • @Connie

    yes but just because he isn’t in it :D :D :D :D

  • @11

    in fairness when that was said about “an Education” he had a hell of a lot more star power than he does now, he’d just done POTC and the play in London…. its such a shame he pulled out of “an Education” – whatever it was that made him pull out it is proving to be a big mistake on his part….

    all he seems to do now is go round the paid to party circuit and sell out his private life to the paparrazzi….. such a waste

  • S3WA

    This guy is so in love, so obviously in love. lol He can’t keep his hands off her. It’s so sweet really.

  • http://deleted @16

    harsh! but i suspect you may have a point……

  • Lame

    @16 Really? It seems that if it hadn’t been for him that movie wouldn’t exist at all.
    @17 He’s done two movies in 2009, one of them is about to premiere at Sundance and he seems to be involved in some other new ones. But you already know that, don’t you?

  • @20

    And? Still: If he played that character, the movie would s**k! (let’s say there had not been a financing problem.He cannot act (anymore? it seems so) and his “career” is just a big load of dog turd now. Something just went wrong after lotr !!!! O_O

  • Ahahaha

    Little DUMB fangirls! Go to imdb, ladies. There’s a discussion going on just for you! And f**k off from this board. You don’t like them? Don’t look at the pics!

  • @22

    So full of hate.
    You must be an incredibly sad person.

  • @21

    So you claim to know what would’ve happened if he had been in the movie? I see you’ve improved your famous psychic skills.

  • citylove

    It sad he didn’t make An education, but it a old news …

  • @24

    Well…yes? (^.^)” Let’s talk about his acting ”skills” objectively. I liked him in lotr. I think he did very well but after lotr?? Ned Kelly mayyybe but I couldn’t take him seriously in potc,kingdom of heaven etc etc. Yes of course ”he is/was very young” blabla but that doesn’t explain why his career went downhill. Bad management or stress probably but who knows.
    So he would have done a bad job in this movie because with his career his acting skills went downhill.

    and stop this sarcasm/irony man. I didn’t offend you!

  • YES!

    LOVE them together!!

  • LOL!

    Hmmm, second tiime my comments have been “awaiting moderation”.
    Are only hater comments being allowed today?

  • @27

    You don’t know what the word means.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Leave Orlando alone, this site is disgusting with all the hate that happens on here.

    Get a life. Stop hating. Do something productive.

  • Ms Anonymous


    STFU, he has better acting skills than YOU.

  • Priscila

    They are so cute together! Real love

  • http://justjared damn

    The Delphi loons are pathetic you would think Orlando is the first actor in history to pull out of a movie after nearly three years the losers still don’t understand that no matter how much you bash him he won’t leave Miranda and that they waist precious time of their lives for nothing a time they won’t get back

  • @26

    You say you’re talking about his acting skills objectively and right after that you say ‘I think he did well’, ‘I couldn’t take him seriously…’ etc. You use “I” in all your sentences. So I suggest you to look up the word “objective” in the dictionary.

  • yes

    I love these two.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as much as i hate him for having such a pretty gf
    i admit they make a nice couple
    she looks cute regardless what she’s wearing =]

  • maybe…

    …he just threw his name in the mix so they could get the funds…never intended to be in the movie…you never know…

  • they’re such

    a good lookin’ couple. And, when we met them in NC they were as nice as they are good lookin’. Wish them all the best.

  • Prangie

    Love her bag!

  • engineersdating

    I hope they get married soon

  • wait….

    They CAN’T be in LA.
    We didn’t get pictures of either one of them at any airport, so they MUST not be in LA!
    Wasn’t that the argument that the haters used when they were spotted in Miami???

  • jewishdatematch

    I think he should do the Hobbit – jewishdatematch

  • Marieme

    Yum! One of the best Thai food restaurants with equally awesome, friendly staff. They’re both so adorable!

  • M


  • @42

    Well, technically, Legolas isn’t a character in The Hobbit.
    Leggy’s father is, and Bilbo and the dwarves do visit his home forest, so they could possibly / hopefully write him in.
    There is also a huge battle which Leggy, as a warrior, should be involved in.
    But we will have to wait and see.
    (and keep our fingers crossed)

  • queeny

    they spend so many time together as they the next month they donĀ“t have so many time together.

    and the couple not goes well.

    they are 2 years a couple and form his 2 years they spend 1 year together.

  • @46

    They have always said that they spend as much time together as they can, and these pics (and the ones from the day after) prove that point.
    They seem fine with the arrangement, why does it bother you so much?

  • Paps

    There are more pics of him dining alone at Madeo’s yesterday evening….he was papped 3 times just on the 12th….demanding committment!

  • ?

    I ask me, who inform the Paparazzi?

    And the pics are in the false chronological order. First, he have NOT his Arm around her.

    BTW: I don’t carry my bag on the same site as my boyfriend is.

    But I know, they together and so in Love. Pah, I give this couple at least 6 months. The horoskopes of Miranda and Orlando for 2010 ar bad.

    I will say just one:

    Like the year begun it would be go on.

    I have this hear on New Years Day on TV. I just don’t know, if this say the Greeks or the Russians on New Years Eve. But my Grandmum has say this too.

  • @49

    “Like the year begun it would be go on.”
    Well, then since they were together for New Year’s Eve, using your ‘logic’, they will be together for the entire year.
    That’s what you said, after all.