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Rachel Bilson is a Wedge Woman

Rachel Bilson is a Wedge Woman

Rachel Bilson steps out in a killer pair of heels as she makes a quick stop at Gelson’s Market on Tuesday (January 12) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress was seen grabing a coffee and a pastry to snack on in her car. Rachel can’t seem to get enough of Gelson’s. She was just there grocery shopping yesterday with a gal pal!

FYI: Rachel is wearing a black pair of Elizabeth and James Asymmetric Wedge Suede Heels.

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rachel bilson elizabeth and james wedge heels 01
rachel bilson elizabeth and james wedge heels 02
rachel bilson elizabeth and james wedge heels 03
rachel bilson elizabeth and james wedge heels 04
rachel bilson elizabeth and james wedge heels 05

Photos: GSI Media
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  • pup

    My ankle broke just by looking at that.

  • Celebfan

    she is so tiny and cute, interesting shoes.

  • zzz

    sorry guys, but i need my rachel fix at least 3 times a week. go go jared!

  • longchamp


  • T.

    Holy Cow Amazing shoes!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenna

    those are probably the ugliest shoes i’ve ever seen.

  • Gasol16

    Snap! My other ankle just broke my ankle too looking at those shoes! Oye! She is a walking ER visit.

  • aberfitch

    RaTchel’s blog thread stink’s more than last day’s garbage. She reeks of the garbage JJ writes about her everyday. She tries way to hard to get notice, but I guess that’s what you have to do when this squirrel faced idiot continuously to have zero talent & zero career prospects.

  • aberfitch

    RaTchel are only into two things in her HW career : shopping and photo opps! She is a forlorn tart whose main profession consist & specialized in “Manipulative Attention Wh*ring Management”. She is that sneaky, vacuous, futile and desperate nearly aging at 30.

  • alexa

    Those shoes are ADORABLE. I need some.

  • dundies

    Oh My God! I love your shoes, wear did you get them? So Fetch

  • gloop

    Meh. God ugly hooves.

  • ATLQueen

    Really? Some of yous think those are nice shoes? God, I hate them things! They look unfinished or something. I prefer stilettos cuz those are just crazy looking.

  • me

    she is one pathetic former O.C. something

  • kaleigh

    She really looked like a the long lost twin sister (an emaciated version at that) of Khloe Kardassskank.
    Well what heck both are just on the tabloid radar and nothing much else.

  • Whatever

    Those are the worst shoes ever, more power to her if she can walk in them.

  • engineersdating

    She looks great, is she getting married?

  • jaeger

    She’s just a useless piece of meat that only serves to look relevant in the tabloids & paparazzi. Skank badly needs to tone down or just shut the hell up her Attention Wh0re Disorder.

  • who

    Yeuw – who is this scruffy, smelly, unwashed, rag-bag person?

  • me

    she looks exactly like the mini version of khloe kardashian

  • Susan


  • sterling

    And O.C. means OFFICIALLY CURSE isnt it?
    Right on!

  • brightside

    Oh, I can hear my inner mother calling! ‘Girl, you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!’

  • jus’sayin’

    meh…rachel do be so mego now…she done went all a’ wrys sumwhere’s…now she’s squat…is been looking junkie now…

  • jeezzum

    @ Yeuw – who is this scruffy, smelly, unwashed, rag-bag person?

    No one else but its the FOREVER A STARLET, WILL NEVER EVER BE AN ACTRESS Rachel Bilson herself & at for everyone’s service lol!

  • lexy

    She wishes she was a starlet!! Starlets actually can get a job and have some talent!!!
    She wishes she were Khloe Kardashian. Whether you like Khloe or not she’s got a job – one which she had before the show and if you watch the show you see she’s got a brain. She and her sisters are smarter than they look (except about men)…they were business owners before the show and they’ve found an easy way to make more money (not like they were starving before hand). Not to mention, Khloe is probably a C-lister whereas Rachel is more like a Z-lister – if that!
    JJ you should be ashamed to have this moron on here all the time doing nothing but shopping. Especially when you have something about Brangelina running to help the Haitians. Less than 24 hrs after the fact, 2 mega stars with successful careers and kids manage to do something for those in need and Rachel – who’s got no job or kids – manages to go the supermarket 2 days in a row!!

  • blairite

    Rashchel should have gone off to “”Port-Au-Prince, Haiti”" for another month-long vacation… instead of just going to back to LA – lol!

  • blairite

    As being trapped in there would give her some bit of relevancy even for once… isnt it?!

  • jolene

    I think rachel is a good actress, though I don’t like her.
    On the other hand, hayden is a great actor! and sexy!

  • fitzroy

    And that Little Mutt would probably be the only one who’ll be crawling from the rubbles just to get back in here in less than 48 hrs – as she looks like a “devious bad seed”, probably got more than 9 lives!

  • yeah

    Don’t really care or don’t care about her, but damn those shoes are amazing!

  • fitzroy

    Those outrageous pumps/shoes serves just like a “streamer”, continuously & silently screaming… LOOK AT ME… PRETTY PITY PAY ATTENTION TO ME… I’M JOBLESS (AS USUAL), CAN ANYONE IN HW COULD GIVE ME ANY JOB?!?!

  • http://yahoo marita dorr

    i would not pay $5.00 for them in a thrift shop. what is this trend towards hideous shoes?

  • tinsky

    those shoes must be painful. just look at those veins in her feet… they’re about to pop.

  • me

    she is one pathetic who baits paps for survival

  • lida

    oh my gosh my lovely girl i’ve missed her sosososo much, she looks great i just wanna know did she get married ??? i need more news about her i’ve lost 3weeks since dec29 until Jan 10 plz go go jared :-)) thx

  • me

    she is one pathetic LOSER who baits paps for survival

  • Lana

    Horrid ugly shoes make her look like she has hooves. Maybe she does, I don’t know, rumor is she never washes her feet and they stink unbelievably.

    Ugly jeans too. Ugly girl. What’s she famous for again?

    How much does she pay you to run pics of her doing nothing but shopping every effing day, Jared?

  • alison

    i like her outfit

  • me

    She is famous for dating except they are never together.

  • jus’sayin’

    big meh…teh baggy mongs got no steeze no more…them jeans, hair, them fugly meh hoofs, that so much poop…

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hope ur not back 2 ur daily posts of rachel again jared….
    once again i like how she looks, simple stuff but rocks it well
    those shoes look stupid tho

  • Gasol16

    I like the jeans and, I love her hair. Easy breezy and, she does not feel the need to have every hair brushed in place. The shoes I don’t care for. I know she wears heels a lot to be taller. But, good Lord I would sprain my ankle wearing those! Those are death trap Rachel! Oh well. At least she is over 5’0″! She’s cute and, I feel like the girl has been given a bad rap,

  • @43

    Have you seen Jumper? Girl can’t act.
    Seen her in an interview? No brain at all.
    Noticed that she stole another designers dress design and put it into her ‘collection’ for DKNY, said it was hers, and got called on it by pretty much every fashion column in the world? There’s a word for that. FRAUD.

    What do you call someone that calls the papparazzi every time she leaves the house while in LA, so that we can have daily and sometimes twice daily photos of her shopping, eating, walking the dog, shopping, having lunch, doing to dry cleaners, shopping, etc. anything but working at ANYTHING? That would be medi@wh07e.

    It’s totally accurate to call her an untalented braindead medi@wh07ing FRAUD because we have PLENTY of evidence that this is true.

  • @44

    I am with you.

  • me

    She look trashy, nothing classy about this midget.

  • Leslie

    I like Rachel and I’m always getting ideas about clothes from her but I could never wear those shoes. I think designers should be ashamed designing heels that high for women. Maybe it’s just me or maybe I need to try training heels and then try walking in something like that. LOL

  • juniper

    Oh please, please, please, throw this oc-smurf to HAITI – asap!!!

  • brightside

    @Leslie: Designers make shoes that high because there are women dumb enough and ignorant enough to ignore the long term damage they do, and wear them just for superficial reasons of image. I see Brad & Angie just donated $million to helping Haiti – all Rachel does is buy a bag – whoop de woo – and JJ acts like she’s saving the world. This talentless waste of camera space, whose ability to act borders on the remedial, only highlights everything that’s wrong in our society, that such superficial, shallow & uninspiring little twits are celebrated as something as a cut above the rest. She’s not. I bet most of the posters here are more talented, more intelligent and do more good in the world than she does. Why on earth is she seen as special, except in an educational sense?

  • shadowy

    Why blaming those designers? They’re just doing their business to make money. Blame it on some idiotic consumer/s who remains to be an impulsive buyer & eternally clueless on what/which items/style would really fit on them – all for the sake of being “fashionable” when it cant & wont for almost all the time.
    Those shoes would probably look good to some tall & lean professional model… and NOT to some who’s just “wildly-fantasizing” that she’s a model even though she’s struggling hard to reach 5 feet w/o any shoes on.