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Adam Lambert Enters The Drag Race

Adam Lambert Enters The Drag Race

Adam Lambert catches the “Drag Race” show at Roscoe’s Tavern & Cafe and poses with host Frida Lay on Tuesday night (January 12) in Boystown, Ill.

FYI: “Drag Race” is the American Idol of the cross-dressing world. It’s the only amateur drag contest every Tuesday at 11pm in Roscoe’s front bar. Boystown is a district within Chicago and one of the largest LGBT communities in the nation.

Earlier in the day, Adam taped his appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

“Watch the show on Tuesday, Jan 19th.” Adam tweeted.

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Credit: Anthony Meade; Photos: Chicago Pride
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44 Responses to “Adam Lambert Enters The Drag Race”

  1. 1
    pup Says:

    Get your own style you Bill Kaulitz wannabe.

  2. 2
    cacey Says:

    This boy just IRKS me, HE is like an ITCH that would not go AWAY.

  3. 3
    Keedy Says:

    I just love Adam!! Can’t wait to see his Opera interview.
    On the topic of the actual post(Hum..learn something new every day.)

  4. 4
    music lover Says:

    I love you Adam ! You rock my world!

  5. 5
    Halli Says:

    I always laugh at drags and transsexuals who think putting on a dress and wearing makeup and heels makes them a woman.

  6. 6
    Swordfish Says:

    @pup: Who is bill klutz?

  7. 7
    Swordfish Says:

    @cacey: You should see a doctor for that itch you have.

  8. 8
    Chance Says:

    Awe that is so nice of Adam Lambert to stop by and check out other forms of art. Chicago has a huge tourist spot in boystown called, Roscoe’s Tavern & Cafe and it brings in a lot of money to the state. People book tours almost a whole year out to get into there. It is like Dinner and a show and then it become a club afterwards. If you go to Chicago you have to make it a stop. Some of the acts go on to Broadway and many perform plays. Oh and no not everyone who does the show is gay or lesbian duh?! They are actors and actresses trying to make a living and get into the biz just like other actors and actresses. Everyone starts somewhere.

  9. 9
    glambert sucks Says:

    I thought this no-talent was a chick. He/She has quite a few lesbo followers.

  10. 10
    Ilia Says:

    Who the F**K is Bill Kaulitz? and why would this super-talent want to emulate him?

  11. 11
    go away Says:

    When will this ***** teen idol flop go away?

  12. 12
    firemenfriends Says:

    What a hot couple, very seductive

  13. 13
    Gimmegimme Says:

    you haters are ridiculous

  14. 14
    Glambert is Hot Says:

    haters suck, go away and take some laxatives to rid of what’s inside of you. Adam Rocks!

  15. 15
    cacey Says:


    i ALREADY did, and he said that any SIGHTING of this talentless PIG WILL make the ITCH worse

  16. 16
    Pish and Tish Says:

    I was hoping it was RuPaul’s show. Damn…

  17. 17
    anne Says:

    Wow!!!! Several homophobes on board. LOL!! YOu guys make me sick! The world doesn’t need bigots. So go away. LOL!!!

  18. 18
    anne Says:

    @cacey – you are an ignorant SOB and a bigot. Shame on you.

  19. 19
    Glambert is the best Says:

    Go Adam!!! Don’t let homophobes like some of the posters here stop you. They are just ignorant sob.

    Thanks Anne for pointing that out. We have some cray cray homophobes here. Sad!

  20. 20
    Poisonthequeens Says:

    Roscoe’s is a dump that over charges for its drinks and waters them down. Those frozen slushies are made in garbage cans that are kept in the basement with out lids and rats have drown in them numerous times. Be warned.

  21. 21
    Jory Says:

    God the saimo aimo boring ppl bashing Adam Lambert will you go and get a freakin life God you so boring and useless you think you better than others while you have endless flaws at least he don’t have hate in his heart and living his life while others whining everytime they see pic of him hehe this is really sad i feel srry for you !!!!!

  22. 22
    Sas Says:

    That’s a hot pic…thanks for posting it. Adam is looking as sexy as ever. Wish I lived closer to Chicago, I’d like to check that place out. Long live the drag queens of the world!

  23. 23
    Rianna Says:

    Can’t wait to see Adam on Oprah, rumors out there that he and SB might perform together. Either way it will be awesome! Adam looks gorgeous as usual, thanks for sharing!

  24. 24
    forever56 Says:

    love this guy.. :) he might do some crazy things I do not condone, but he is an extreme talent and an original. he will always be the best contestant on AI. :)

  25. 25
    GigiSutton Says:

    Just Jared..aka Just Jerk, If you are going to be a writer (of sorts) maybe you should use a dictionary and determine that there is a difference between the words “Enters” and “Catches”. Your title suggests that Adam “entered” a drag contest, while your first sentence clearly says he “catches” an act at said club.

    “Wanna be” writers are always on the down slide and people soon come to realize that they are not to be trusted or believed. Have a nice trip!

  26. 26
    ADAMazing Says:

    @glambert sucks:

    the one that sucks is you… why do you even bother to google stuff on Adam… to spread hate…. didn’t your mother teach you— unless you have something nice to say it… don’t say it
    Love conquers hate and beautiful Adam is love

  27. 27
    yikes Says:

    Adam is so much prettier than the drag queen. Big shock! I’m looking forward to Oprah. Heard he kills it.

  28. 28
    Camelia Says:

    For all who hate Adam Lambert.
    Hatred is the vice of narrow souls! Hatred is the product of unfulfilled life! Why you should drowning in the darkness of hatred when you can live in the light of love? In Latin, Virgilius dictum: Omnia vincit amor (et nos cedamus amori) =Love wins everything (and we leaned in her power)! Learn to love so you can be loved! Let your life, your heart and your soul in the power of love and listen to his music. Believe me, you will feel the beauty of life that you live! Receive him in your life as he comes to you: with his incredible talent and his amazing voice, with the beauty of his eyes and the purity of his soul, with optimism and positive energy that emanated and you will forget that there is hate and tears on this earth. Please, believe me! Peace, Light and Love for everyone! Camelia – outside the United States

  29. 29
    XYZ Says:

    Just a reminder to SERIAL HATERS that GOD does not sleep. And GOD is the GREAT AVENGER of those you mock undeservingly with love in their heart. ADAM LAMBERT is a gift from GOD and instead of aknowledging you not only deny but mock. All your hatred will bounce back to you a hundred fold and your mirror will reflect it sooner if not yet, GOD I pray.

  30. 30
    no talent Says:

    When will this no talent wannabe disappear?he’s disturbing to look at and listen to.

  31. 31
    truly pathetic Says:

    Just remember this idol worshipers. God did not make you to sit on the sidelines and project onto, and worship others. God made you to participate in life. The putting of others on a pedestal does great harm in our world for it creates social strata, (a class system), and inevitably injustice in our human world. Take a look around. If you want to worship someone start with yourselves. Adam is nothing special and your angry defense of him is hilarious, not to mention hypocritical.
    I was sent by God to teach this lesson through the mocking of false idols. Amen.

  32. 32
    hate him Says:

    When will simpletons wake up from their infantile sleep and realize that life is not a warm little snuggle on an overstuffed couch with a mug of cocoa. Good and evil are in the eye of the beholder,they coexist and depend on one another. From destruction comes creation and vise versa.So when someone slams your teenie idol look at at it as an individual who had the pleasure to express his/her freedom of thought and that it made you appreciate someone all that much more. Kisses and warm bunny hugs to the Glambert fans.

  33. 33
    Camelia Says:

    ok, i’ll have to put the issue differently, although I have not talked about God. Adam Lambert has no talent?!!! Hm!, yaaa…. Ou , my dear, he is full of talent and his voice is magnificent. Sure, not at the level of a Caruso, Gigli or Schmidt – although they are tenors and the comparison is not correct- but every generation has his values! And Adam Lambert is a VALUE in the current music! Not all of us are able to perceive the talent. But, you have right: DE GUSTIBUS (et coloribus) NON DISPUTANDUM! So If you want to stay with your mind only to his intimate life, ok lose your time looking in the garbage. I can afford to give you an advice. And believe me, I’m not a frustrated woman without spiritual or professional satisfaction. No way! I am a person educated in a spirit of respect and love for all is life on Earth. Do not waste your time looking the downside of a thing, of a situation or of a person. Look and feel the beautiful and the bright side of everything come in the way of your life. You will earn more if you enjoy what he offers: happiness, positivism, love and faith in the future! So let the Wisdom, Love and Peace to dominate your life, your spirit and your mentality! Take care of you all! with good thoughts Camelia – outside the United States
    P.S. I apologize if I offended anyone. It is only my fault. Adam Lambert should not be blamed for my comment or my reactions.Peace, Light and Love for everyone!

  34. 34
    Philip Wester Says:

    @pup: Yes, because clearly Kaulitz pioneered emoism or just men wearing heavy eyeliner and misc. make-up!

  35. 35
    Matty Says:

    Boystown, Illinois? Is that a joke? Um, no, it’s in Chicago, IL. Boystown is a NEIGHBORHOOD of Chicago. That’s exactly like saying Upper East Side, NY. It just doesn’t make sense.

  36. 36
    musicloversmatch Says:

    I love his music

  37. 37
    hispanicdatingsite Says:

    He is pretty

  38. 38
    kcinchicago Says:

    Ugh – of all the Chicago hot spots he goes to Roscoe’s. Maybe he could’ve convince the owner to actually give back to the community.

  39. 39
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    who gives an eff about this untalented loser
    he just seems 2 love the attention

  40. 40
    TomaszK1 Says:

    @GigiSutton: Geez. Hate “Jared JustJared” much. LoL. I don’t care either way. i am just thrilled Roscoes and Frida lay made “news.”
    But your point is valid. He did’t “enter” the contest, he entered the club. To WATCH the contest, or, more likely , happened to drop by and it was on. :o)
    I think JustJared “misspoke” on purpose. Anyone who loves/hates Adam Lambert is gonna click on a link that implies he performed in drag. Nobody passed up a good train wreck. haha.
    I guess JustJared was short on click dollars this week and come up with a good title.

  41. 41
    Dr NYC Says:

    He looks like Liza Manelli on steroids!

  42. 42
    farmerdatingsite Says:

    He is so hot, shortsinglesdating

  43. 43
    Teph Says:

    @pup umm there is a very BIg BIG difference between bill tranny and glambert how do you even see the same style ? Cuz i don’t Atleast adam doesnt walk around with a mop that got electricuted on his head

  44. 44
    Callie Says:

    Adam was cute until he started copying Bill Kaulitz’s style and wearing everything he wore to past events. >;(

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