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Angelina Jolie: Apple Store Family Fun -- EXCLUSIVE

Angelina Jolie: Apple Store Family Fun -- EXCLUSIVE

Angelina Jolie totes around the Loewe “Amazona” Bag in Gold Suede while taking her four oldest kids – Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 – to the Apple Store on Sunday (January 10) at Fashion Square Shopping Center in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

“One of the store’s employees helped Angelina pick out an iPod Touch for Maddox,” a spywitness tells “The other children played on one of the kiddie computers while their bodyguard watched them.”

After picking up Mad‘s iPod, the whole Jolie-Pitt crew visited the Disney store.

Looks like Papa Pitt and the twins sat this trip out!

Last night, Brad and Angie pledged their support to the victims of the Haiti earthquake. You can help by visiting and clicking on DONATE.

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  • t.m.delafonda

    Am I first?

  • Dee

    I love you jolie-pitts!

  • Domino

    Wow, way to waste someone’s time with this disgustingly fake ‘family’. NEXT!

  • 100mph


  • Dee

    I hope we can also see the twins together with Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shi!

  • Kenzie

    Where are the twins! They never get any treats!

  • em

    why do they dress shiloh like a boy?

  • The Real Deal

    Domino @ 01/13/2010 at 4:54 pm Wow, way to waste someone’s time with this disgustingly fake ‘family’. NEXT!


    If you feel that way, why did you click on their thread and post? You wasted your own time. Admit it b!tch you love the JPs and you cant stay away.

  • Vart

    Angie looks to be about 56 in the little bubble picture at the top. Is her hair turning grey? She looks like Mrs. Robinson!

  • opposite

    I told y’all the kids think the bodyguard is their daddy. Pitt-stain is only daddy when he knows the paparazzi are looking. Look at how Pax is hanging on to the BG… that’s daddy BG.

  • 100mph

    Well!! third, except for a stink mangey troll.. NEXT!
    Love the way Angie handles her family and life above the.. BS

  • Nenis

    The sunglasses indoors look very shabby.

  • opposite

    I bet they call Pitt-stain “Mister” the last pix of Pitt-stain actually holding Shiloh… she looked at him as if she didn’t know who the hell he was. poor kid but at least she has Daddy BG.

  • Shar


    Aww, U poo wittle thing, I’m sorry that no one has ever loved you!!

  • releka

    Luv Angie!!

  • Ang

    “I’ll have one of everything”

  • WOW

    Shiloh’s hat is back.All four kids are so cute. I can’t believe they have been in L.A the whole time without any picture.

  • sara

    Any chance they purchase hair products for Zee’s dry hair?

  • lisa

    Cute shot of the kids..

    We know the trolls will be here with the same crap.. Man a picture of Angie and her kids just kills them..

    Angie’s hair is so long.. and Dang.. Madd is getting so big.. gosh.. do the fans remember when he was a baby.. time flies..

  • gtr

    Jen Aniston and her fans and manager huvane are trying
    to destroy this family.

  • bdj

    These trolls are so funny. Pounce, pounce, pounce, lie, lie lie, smear smear smear. Your Hairness would be proud. Worry about your own family hens. Thanks for the Haiti Relief( information. I made a donation and encourage others to as well. You never know when you will need the kindness of strangers. Whine on hens. The world does not exist only on a blog.

  • old jewish grandma

    I have a pair of giant bug sunglasses just like Angie’s.

  • The Real Deal

    sara @ 01/13/2010 at 5:05 pm Any chance they purchase hair products for Zee’s dry hair?

    Please enlighten me on how from 4 fuzzy pictures that you can tell the condition of this child’s hair?

  • It’s so OVER

    first that Blind Item about Pitt spending the holiday with another woman and now a Sunday family outing with Daddy in it. Isn’t it obvious they are over. at least in past they would spend Sundays together but not anymore. I wonder what is going on? the BG is new too and Pax is hanging to him in more than friendly way. How do you know he is not Jolie’s new man? Where was Pitt and how was he spending his Sunday when everyone spend it with their families?


    Shout out to Don King there!

  • bdj

    Poor rabid hens and Baby Jane, wishing and hoping. Wait on the lard to go down next time Baby Jane. Let’s us hope Whiny Jen gets a man soon. These whiny trolls need something to speculate on. Darn that Peeboy.

  • http://so so

    she begins to lose his hair on the side of the skull that’s why she wears as ca

  • Orchid

    I see Shiloh is busy with the computer. She’ll be an expert soon.

  • Some bunny

    I love Angelina Jolie. She is such a good mommy. i love that the beautiful kids are already more PC literate than the trolls are that come here. Becareful what you haters say, those beautiful kids might be reading your cr@p. Do you want to expose them to your garbage? Gee, I wonder what kind of music Maddox listens to on his new Ipod? Isn’t it great that creative, artistic side is starting to shine in the JP kids as they get older? Won’t be long before they start playing musical instruments. Maddox looks like a natural rock star. Poor BBT must be in such regret that he let that guy go. What a great family the JP’s are. Love them all, but I’ve loved Angelina since seeing her in the Foxfire movie. My girls would watch that one over and over again, they could recite the lines by heart. I always knew that Angelina would be a huge star! Love and Peace to the JP and their greatest of all fans.

  • It’s so OVER

    an outing without Daddy in it on Sunday. Where is their daddy on Sunday? Spending it with another woman or with Jen Aniston? And no business meeting happens during Sundays,just saying. I wonder when they are going to announce their separation.

  • claudia

    Why do poster come here if they hate A&B.
    I do not read comments or blogs about people
    i do not like.

  • http://so so

    it looks like a fly with his glasses

  • The Superior Opinion

    Be not jealous of sweet Angelina. She cannott help that God has blessed her with the face of an angel. As for the notion that her family is a fabrication, ‘HA!’ I say. I scoff at your puny little brain and your ignorant disposition.

  • awwwwww

    They are so cute. They are still in LA. I think and hope they will attend CCA and SAG.

  • Jill

    It’s so OVER @ 01/13/2010 at 5:09 pm
    first that Blind Item about Pitt spending the holiday with another woman and now a Sunday family outing with Daddy in it. Isn’t it obvious they are over.

    Only to you, Assley. Your hold on reality is becoming more tenuous by the minute.

  • I luv Brad


  • http://deleted Jo

    is this Jolie’s new boyfriend?

    Pax seems attached to him

  • chocolata

    what you people see in this woman is beyond me, easily passes for a woman in her forties.

  • I luv Brad

    shut up Jen,you jealous betch.

  • bdj

    so jo what name will you use next.

  • ????

    Who is the man with them? I have never seen him before. kids look comfortable with him in a weird way. and to think he was the one Angie sit in the front seat with instead of Brad and he was the one involved with kids and Angelina for Sunday family outing it makes my heart to shake alittle bit. is something up? i wish Brad was there instead of him.

  • dunce

    Where can I get Shi’s army green boys bucket hat? anyone? I want to wear it inside-out too.

  • bdj

    hmmmm okay the ole ??????. Paid trolls are so jo original.


    Assley, go look at the flies buzzing around your sheet.

  • Pitt unscathed

    @chocolata: if that’s true Brad could pass for a man in his 60s and I have no idea why you are so obsessed with him. THAT right there is the real reason you fools hater her so much. you think Brad Pitt is the only man on earth and hate her for being with him. “why hasn’t he left her?” All this trouble to paint her as wicked and write books about her supposed evil made an easy way for pitt to leave her if he wanted to. Hell, nobody would blame him for leaving the mother of his children if she’s after you painted her the way you did. So why hasn’t he announced his breakup? It wouldn’t be a negative on his Image. Look at how much better his image got after he dumped what you people call “Americas sweetheart” ?

  • I luv Brad

    Why story about Apple?
    No story about Angie being one of the
    most beautiful of century.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Adorable and darling kids. You rock as a mom Angie!

  • Winterize

    I am serious, hair needs to be conditioned, lips need to be taken care of as well.


    Twins absence is not shocking at all but Pitt’s absence on the other hand is hmmm weird. It’s not like he would have any business work to do on Sunday.

  • http://so so

    you have shit on my eyes not to see it is more ugly?