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Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Overload!

Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Overload!

Heidi Montag has been in hiding these past nine weeks, after undergoing TEN surgeries in just one day (November 20).

The 23-year-old aspiring pop star opened up to People about her journey:

On getting nipped and tucked: “For the past three years I’ve thought about what to have done. I am absolutely beyond obsessed. Every starlet is getting surgery every other day to keep their looks up. They just don’t talk about it. I wanted to be honest.”

On the next step for her now DDD-sized breasts: “I’m already planning my next surgery – I’m determined to get bigger ones!”

Here’s the 10 procedures Heidi underwent (and her husband Spencer Pratt allowed): nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs, buttock augmentation and breast augmentation revision.

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  • Crystal

    I thought she was cute/pretty but now she just looks fake and ugly.
    To bad she will have to keep this all up for the rest of her life!

  • rachael


    YOU ROCK!!!! I was thinking the same thing!!

  • Wow

    She looks a LOT older now.

  • Pauline

    before all the surgery, she used to be so natural, beautiful and pretty.. what happened?

  • ann


  • REALbarbwire7

    Her chin is what made her unattractive. So she looks gorgeous on the cover (but how much airbrush are we talking?). Now, if she could just get an intelligence implant, and perhaps personality as well, then she would be great!

  • JESS


    This drastic change of appearance is going to mess her up! She is going to end up like Brittany Murphy! seriously! when you wake up and look in the mirror and don’t recognize who you are, that does some psychological damage! I mean look at MJ did! I feel bad for her. I though she had a little more self respect.

  • Jen

    she used to be so pretty and at this age getting so much stuff done. she will look like a monster if she keeps doing this.

  • meh

    yuck. she looked cute before all that plastic. but now she just looks like a tranny hooker.

  • cathy

    she needs a voice transplant

  • Leah

    congrats for embarassing yourself heidi.

  • flo

    She is still stupid vacant vessel marries to Spencer Pratt.

  • mamaB

    She will end up looking like MJ. The diferences is that he was a genius and I love him, she is a girl with no talent and this is her way to keep herself little bit longer in trashy magazines.

    23! and addicted to plastic surgery, she does have a low self esteem. The plastic surgeon needs to go to jail for making this young girl think that she needs all that work.

    She needs to get as far as possible from her disgusting idiot husband and Hollywood.

  • Albat

    The saddest part of our society is that we actually read those kind of crap to talk about it tomorrow.
    Happily discussing things we would never do….but even talking about someones nose job, or boob job or whatever job sounds sad, especially during this deadly earthquake in Haiti.

    As for People’s mag, hope they choose a comparable “wiser” cover story for their next issue.

  • heidirun!

    she might have bdd, body dysmorphic disorder, and living with that SOCIOPATH of a husband of hers i’m sure isn’t helping. ever since she’s been with him, she’s destroyed her true sense of self, and identity. he’s completely brainwashed her. she most likely either has borderline personality disorder, or codependency but either way she came across a maniac like this, and he’s completely destroyed her true sense of self. and instead of waking up to his manipulations, waking up to the fact that he has no soul, and is pure evil, and ejoys watching other people suffer, she’s decided to compensate for all that by changing her face. her face was fine the way it was. i actually thought she was very beautiful, and glamorous before all the plastic surgeries. but he’s probably somehow pushed it into her brain that she’s not perfect enough, and now she’s butchering herself. have u seen how sadistic he is around kids, and we’ve all seen the way he treats her as well. if you can’t treat a kid with some decency and respect, and even have a hatred for animals, then god know how you’re gonna treat adults. she’ll end up like brittany murphy, who married that psycho, then started having surgeries on her face, and then dying.

  • Jules

    I can’t believe there are surgeons out there doing this sort of crap.

  • Julie

    wow, she must really hate herself. no one with any kind of self esteem can find that many things wrong with themselves that they need surgery to fix.

  • Shelly

    Ok, so now I know why she looks thicker through the ass area – butt augmentation! Why, Heidi, why? And what the F*ck is wrong with her husband? She was such a pretty girl before any surgeries, and was still pretty after her first surgeries. But after these? She doesn’t even look like herself anymore, just now looks like a live blow-up doll. And why would she want her breasts bigger than a DDD? DDD is too big already. They look freakish. She must really have a lot of self-loathing.

  • Jane

    Good. Keep on getting plastic surgery, honey, so you can make yourself more ugly and we can all laugh at you.

    Silly cow.

  • Megan

    What the hell does she need botox for!? She’s 23!

  • Shelly

    I also want to know what the hell they liposuctioned out of her NECK and her hips, waist and thighs. She has always been tiny and very skinny. WTF? Quack doctor.

  • lauren

    she looks horrible

  • GataGorda



  • Vegoia

    When is Spencer going to cut himself to look like Ken?

  • Danielle

    is it just me, or does she look more like a man now?

  • Danielle

    is it just me, or does she look more like a man now?

  • Diane

    she looks like a guy now. she looked good after her first plastic surgery, now she looks disgusting.

  • emilie

    she looks like a “mature” pornstar that got plastic surgery to look younger.

  • aubreygirl

    omgosh she looks like a man now! if they didnt film white chicks a few years ago and started filming now, they could have just used heidi to be one of the wayan brothers. gosh heidi why would you do that to yourself!!! yuck!!!

  • mynameisstolen

    so sad. i bet she suicides before shes 30.

  • Sam~E

    Wow, I hate the idea of surgery, but she’s gorgeous!!

  • G.

    Maybe 10 more surgeries….or 11. So much work to do!

  • mc

    Meet the next Jordan!

  • xoxo

    i used to love heidi when she was still herself. The first plastic surgery was okay-ish..i mean..i liked her better with the “girl next door look” but now she just looks like a stuck up old bitch, emphasis on old…she looks horrible…and she wants to get her boobs done again??? why?? if i had a DDD i would get a reduction!! dumb bimbo…

  • jenna

    she went through with all of these procedures, risking her life, to keep her name in the tabloids. it’s not plastic surgery she’s obsessed with, it’s ‘fame.’ she is willing to ruin her whole body, and even die for it.

  • mlk

    she looks kind of like a bad version of janelle from big brother a few years back

  • my leg

    Wow… she doesn’t even look like herself anymore and she was so pretty. :/ What a shame.

  • cacey

    AND don’t FORGET she LOVEs Jesus, AND is PROBABLY DOING this FOR him.

  • thisizkim

    She looks 10 years older! Too young to have surgery!! SMH!! This girl is a mess. wow… I just can’t believe it…

  • Tee


  • graciela

    That’s horrible. She didn’t have anything done that exercise and some self-esteem wouldn’t have fixed. I feel sorry for her.

  • Vicky

    Just step back and ask yourself this question everyone: “What has happened to our society?” This is all I am going to say.

  • Kelly

    Um, there are no words. She was always super annoying, but you couldn’t deny she was beautiful. Now she looks like a freak droid! Such a shame….

  • Cheryl

    She use to be pretty now she looks like a man BABY!

  • Tiffany

    DARN IT!! My new years resolution was to be kind to others so I can’t say what I think of this nonsense!!

  • barron797

    She needed the chin reduction….but other than that, does she really need to go beyond a DDD cup size?

    She’s turning into a side show now. Someone needs to tell her to stop.

  • barron797

    Someone should tell Rumer Willis that a chin reduction surgery is indeed possible.

  • kkaattiiee

    she looks like a wax figure… i think her surgery is beacuse her and spencer were out of the lime light. well idk if you can call it limelight when everyone except perez hilton hates you but you know what i mean

  • kitkat

    how does her husband even recognize her each morning?! its like hes waking up to a whole different woman! she doesnt even look like herself. sad sad sad sad. i hope she still doesnt consider herself a role model to young women

  • valentin

    OMG! What has happened with her face?! she looks as if she was an old lady that want to be much younger. She definetely does not look beautiful as she was in the last episodes of the hills.