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Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Overload!

Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Overload!

Heidi Montag has been in hiding these past nine weeks, after undergoing TEN surgeries in just one day (November 20).

The 23-year-old aspiring pop star opened up to People about her journey:

On getting nipped and tucked: “For the past three years I’ve thought about what to have done. I am absolutely beyond obsessed. Every starlet is getting surgery every other day to keep their looks up. They just don’t talk about it. I wanted to be honest.”

On the next step for her now DDD-sized breasts: “I’m already planning my next surgery – I’m determined to get bigger ones!”

Here’s the 10 procedures Heidi underwent (and her husband Spencer Pratt allowed): nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs, buttock augmentation and breast augmentation revision.

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  • Jeff

    Poor girl… she’ll have to keep this up for the next couple of decades.
    She was such a fun and bubbly girl in the first seasons of The Hills.

  • Sid

    What are you kids talking about? This “girl” is a total role model. I mean, just looking at her makes me feel a thousand times better about my own body. I’m so proud of my laugh lines and hour glass figure. Thank you Heidi for reminding us all what real beauty is…natural.

  • Lynz Catastrophe

    She is sad, she was much more pretty before all this and now she looks totally fake!! She has no idea that she has the oppertunity to be a role model for young women her age and the message she is projecting is that this is what you need to look like in order to be beautiful? Everyone was making fun of her for her ears and chin, blah blah blah, we’ve been making fun of her for alot of things and that is what she pays attention to the most? What her apperace looks like? Heidi, you could have proved to people that you are smart, that you have talent in other fields but all your concerned about is how beautiful you are and how famous you are. I cant believe honestly that someone like you exsists and that you will be remembered in hollywood. She wants to be a pop star but she is more interested in looking like a typical pop star (thank you Britney Spears, see what you did?) that she doesn’t even care about how she sounds. Why do you need to have such big boobs anyways? What is the point to it? Clothes dont fit right, you have to worry about exposure, i mean really, mine are naturally big and the only thing that keeps me from getting them reduced is the lack of money i have. If she thinks people are going to stop making fun of her then she needs to get a grip on reality, this is only going to make it worse. I may not like her husband, but i’m sure that even he doesn’t want this, even he at one moment has to step in and say enough is enough. Somebody has to.
    I honestly feel sad for her, i really do, she needs help. Who wants to help me kidnap her and stage an intervention? It may be too late for her looks, but if she wnats to do more, we can stop it from happening, as well as stopping them from being even more famous. (yes, jail time will be worth it) But thank you people, we went a fwe months without hearing about this waste of space and this is what you do to me?!

  • mln

    she didn’t need any plastic surgery from the very beginning but she should have atleast stopped after the first nose job and boob job. full c’s on her frame looked huge as it was- now she just looks ridic.

  • stefane

    such an attention seeker. ugh

  • Angie

    There is a pycological condition called body dysmorphic disorder where people get obsessed like this about their appearance. Its so sad. She was so pretty before she started with all the plastic surgery. AND she is ONLY 23! who needs all that at 23? She looks old now…

  • moi

    She already had one.

  • Chloe

    Dude, she’s my age. She looks 40 now.

  • blair mary

    that is scary….wtf [2]

  • rack

    I think she actually looks better than before. She was never by any means physically unattractive but she was kind of horsey. Now if only there were some kind of procedure that would give her a soul….

  • slambang

    Triple-D breasts? Ears pinned back? Can you imagine this bimbo at 30? 40? Sheesh…

  • cacey

    Lauren Conrad should THANK her parents 4 THE good lob they did RAISING her, she is the only normal REALITY star THERE is

  • Celebwatcher

    Heidi now looks like everywhere other porrn star at the AVN.

    Read it then weep!

  • andrea

    I never liked this fame whoring bitch and that douchebag she is married too but I can admit that at least she WAS pretty. Now not only do I despise her even more than I did before but now I can say without a doubt that she is one UGLY fake looking piece of shit! If any young woman gets anything out of this story it is to love yourself for who you are and what God has given you and that plastic surgery literally destroys you!!

  • loverducky

    what can I do to get more attention for doing nothing? crotch shot? nooo…sex tape?…no…go to jail and rehab?…no…I know! i will begin to artificially alter my entire appearance and tell the whole world about it! and everyone will respect me because I am so honest!….can somebody say ATTENTION WHORE?

  • Katey

    “…and her husband Spencer Pratt allowed…”
    It IS the 21st century, right?
    Anyway, I find this ridiculous. She looks artificial and not even all that special. Sad that she wants to do more to herself. I was never a fan, but at this moment I almost feel sorry for her.

  • Jillian

    What kind of doctor would do all these procedures in one single day? She is a thin woman and I can’t see how she would even need lipo anywhere or how a doctor could justify doing it to her. And nasolabia lips and foldsl, is that her vagina??

  • animay

    Anyone else think she kind of looks like Paris Hilton (on the cover)?

  • mimi

    She was a pretty girl with a great body- why does she need to look so plastic like a 40 years old woman?
    I give her credit for her honesty. Angelina Joie has underwent so many surgeries and would NEVER admit to any, so did many other actresses.

  • kate

    if i were her parents i’d be embarassed.

  • kit

    She has a big workout plan that she is trying to sell…yet, she has lipo on almost every part of her body. This doesn’t say too much for her exercise routine does it?

  • Liz

    She looks freaking hideous on that cover! Ugh sick what a waste of money. She’s really pathetic.

  • Karen

    News Flash to all the sites and magazines covering her and her dimwit husband! STOP COVERING THEM, THEY ARE NOT FAMOUS. THEY ARE IDIOTS!

  • Cristina

    she can get all the plastic surgery she wants but at the end of the day she’s still as talentless as ever. maybe she should of spent that money on dance and vocal lessons.

  • PoonTang

    You know why people like this get surgery so young? Because half, if not all of you asshole always rip apart people’s appearances. She knows she’s ugly. She obviously has super low self esteem to be doing this at such a young age.

  • Sami

    # 94- Jane Conner

    I could not believe your stupid comment. What does this have to do with religion? You people are the REAL nuts or maybe just plain dumb.

    This is the 21st century…enuf about “religions and cults”. It has done so much damage in the world.

    Get educated ! Goodness Grief!

  • Prettigurlz

    That’s ashame Mann she needs some serious counceling and I’m suprised SPENCER let her do it:(((((((

  • jessica

    She looks like a forty year old trying to look thirty!

  • RodgerDodger

    Oh, do you people want some whine with your cheese? Wasn’t there a study done less than 2 years ago or something saying 75% of people polled would gladly ACCEPT the option to get plastic surgery if offered or if they could afford it??? Didn’t everybody watch all those makeover shows saying they wish it was them?? I remember it pretty well… Please stop being so high and mighty.

    As for Ms. Montag/ Mrs. Pratt- DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Talk about an upgrade! I have always had a celebrity crush on her and her metamorphosis has been staggering- that Spencer is one lucky guy!

    Sorry everyone- but there is a sizable portion of the guy world who enjoy D+ breasts, killer curves and big pouty lips. Why do you think Marilyn Monroe is idolized to this day??? And if thats the look she and/or her husband want and they decide together- well not our business. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday these procedures are as common as a teeth cleaning.

    She’s gotten blonder too over the years- anyone want to attack that? Girls change their hair color like the weather. One of the best days of my life was when my wife- then girlfriend, surprised me on my birthday by showing up at a restaurant with really, really blonde hair instead of her natural light brown. To this day- its stayed that way. The point- don’t be so critical of others choices or preferences.

    Heidi- LOOKING GOOD!! Can’t wait to see some red carpet shots or something!!

  • Banta-Cainiac

    You know, I too like the new look. Although- she looks older and more mature. But this is only one picture- I am sure there will be many others… as the above poster said.

    PS- Apparently the surgery included some work on her- ahem!- I have a surgeon friend who says THAT has become one of the most common surgeries to have, especially after women have children.

    She’ll look good for another 5-10 years (if you would consider this look to be good, as some do…) but I don’t think this is going to help her age gracefully. I hope technology is on her side for that part.

    Again, she’s 23- but she looks in her 30s now. Should’ve kept it a little more youthful.

    And what the heck- I’ll say it- maybe could’ve avoided the hair extensions… her locks would look better right around her shoulder.

    You know- while we are all knitpicking her…..

  • so awful!

    I looooved heeer!!
    now i’m afraid that if i look at her, she’ll eat me!
    she looks so disproportioned! not to be mean! but Heidi if you read this, just tell us why?!
    you were perfect the way you were before! i’m so shocked. You look like a whole different person, not that Heidi Montag I knew!
    But what’s done is done, now you’ll have to live with it, no looking back!

  • Telekids

    She looks awesome. It was worth the pain. Now the can stop, and se doesn’t need the double D’s and if she does that, than she really needs to stop. After that it’s just a little bit of maintaining.

    She’s a sexy cyborg.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m a woman. I say this because it appears to me that especially women are bashing this look.

  • Ella

    It’s amazing what people do to get Attention in Hollywood ! She really thinks she’ll get movie roles because of her long list of surgery ? Just pathetic

  • vespo

    Why would a 23 year old want to get botox in the first place?? And the rest of the procedures also, what a stupid waste of money, just to compensate the fact that the girl has no talent whatsoever.

  • firemandatingsite

    Was she in playboy?

  • Puffy

    It’s sad that she’s doing so much (I mean a BROW LIFT AT 23?!!), but I’m more annoyed and disheartened by how mean everyone is with their comments. New rule: If you say someone else is ugly, looks like a tranny, or a freak, you are required to post a picture of yourself for comparison.

  • Puffy

    Um, Sami, #94, was just mocking Heidi with “what would Jesus say” comment. Heidi has justified and made that comment at so many inappropriate and sometimes confusing moments that it’s ridiculous. LIke for instance, on the show “Get Me Out of Here, I’m a Celebrity” she actually made the comment to justify bringing hair products out to the jungle. She thinks Jesus wanted her to win too. LOL!!

  • Telekids

    The more I look at the new Heidi, the more I’m anxious to see paparazzi photo’s. I really expext her to look stunning. Good surgeon, great taste. This is art.

  • maggie


    “nasolabial folds” aren’t what you think! I thought so too, then I googled – they’re smile lines!

    Using only her People cover…I have to say, her 2008 picture is lovely.

  • Dee

    OMG! She looks ugly! Like a drag queen!

  • Sarah

    Liposuction?! There was nothing to suck in the first place! Silly girl, I would’ve killed to look like her before this. It’s like MJ all over again.

  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair

    mimi @ 01/13/2010 at 7:07 pm She was a pretty girl with a great body- why does she need to look so plastic like a 40 years old woman?
    I give her credit for her honesty. Angelina Joie has underwent so many surgeries and would NEVER admit to any, so did many other actresses.

    IDIOT !!!
    Your emblem of losers Maniston HAS UNDERGONE several plastic surgeries in the face, nose, tummy,thighs and breast enlargement and will never admit it !
    And she is till at it. Too bad she didnt do the chin reduction !

  • olivia

    damn heidi u young, u dont need all this plastic surgery. WOW.

  • vmars111

    As annoying as her persona was, she was still very pretty to begin with.


  • CanadianGal

    yikes…she’s gonna look like Shauna Sand by the time she’s 30.

    really tho, this is sad.

  • Lplusfpluse

    She looks horrible now! I mean ew! it was ok before, but now it’s just gross.

  • thecutechick

    Well, I don’t hate Heidi nor Spencer, but, she used to be so pretty, now she doesn’t look like her anymore and she actually looks ugly instead of beautiful.

    Sorry, Heidi, but you made a BIG mistake with this.

  • thecutechick

    Well, I don’t hate Heidi nor Spencer, but, she used to be so pretty, now she doesn’t look like her anymore and she actually looks ugly instead of beautiful.

    Sorry, Heidi, but you made a BIG mistake with this.

  • Marcy

    Wow. I wouldn’t have recognized her if it weren’t for People magazine covering the story! Why did she do this to herself? So stupid!

  • Jacquie

    @Sami: WOW….this is really SAD….I don’t think any other word will do it justice….