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Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Overload!

Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Overload!

Heidi Montag has been in hiding these past nine weeks, after undergoing TEN surgeries in just one day (November 20).

The 23-year-old aspiring pop star opened up to People about her journey:

On getting nipped and tucked: “For the past three years I’ve thought about what to have done. I am absolutely beyond obsessed. Every starlet is getting surgery every other day to keep their looks up. They just don’t talk about it. I wanted to be honest.”

On the next step for her now DDD-sized breasts: “I’m already planning my next surgery – I’m determined to get bigger ones!”

Here’s the 10 procedures Heidi underwent (and her husband Spencer Pratt allowed): nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs, buttock augmentation and breast augmentation revision.

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  • Heidi Klum

    Oh My GAWD what did she DOOOOOOOOOOO?????? BOTOX at 23!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!???? She has COMPLETELY ruined her old look!!!!! I secretly thought she always looked so good too, this is so SAD

  • Trixxie

    eeww she looks like a drag queen, or a 60 yo cougar trying to hold on to her youth

  • lakers fan in boston

    at least she looked didnt look that fake before
    now she’s completely fake
    any freaking ounce of respect i had for her, is gone
    i hate it when celebs get plastic surgery and even more when they’re obsessed with it, they’re freaks

  • hispanicdatingsite

    I love her new body

  • Maighen

    Wow . . . That’s ridiculous! She is only 23 and all that surgery has made her look old and used!

  • Joleen

    I saw the Obamas on that cover. WHat are they talking about?

  • jai’adoresarah

    omg ,
    she looks terrible !
    i hate to say it , but she looks like a tranny .

  • Minniekibbie

    I wonder what would have happened if Heidi had spent her money on acting and singing lessons instead of this crazy plastic surgery? It is possible she might have gained some talent that she could be respected for. She will not be respected, and most people are cringing or laughing at her! She needs to look at photos of Jocelyn Wildenstein…just a preview of her future.


    No matter how much plastic surgery this dumb broad gets, her kids will still look like her former self? How sad that her kids will look like someone else…

  • marta

    This is a good example of how when you make yourself fit the aesthetic ideal in the details, the big picture sometimes suffers.

    Yeah, OK, so she had cute little boobs instead of big ones, and her hair was regular dark blonde, and her chin was prominent, and her nose childishly wide, but the overall package looked really good. I thought she was really beautiful and fascinating to look at in the first season of the Hills.

    After her first surgeries, she still looked good because she still looked like she could be real. The bleached hair made her kind of like a more dazzling version of her earlier self.

    But now, she doesn’t look right overall, even though it’s hard to put your finger on what is wrong. I guess a woman without thigh fat and with topple-her-over-sized boobs just instinctively looks wrong.

  • Virginia

    You guys are incredibly mean, rude, critical and judgmental. I’m not condoning her choices because I think it’s a little sad to think she felt the need to change her outside looks so much – but it is her choice, and all of those calling her “ugly” and implying she is ugly “on the inside,” I think you need to check yourself and reflect on where that is coming from. This is a person who wasn’t happy with something about herself, changed it because they wanted to improve upon themselves and there is nothing impure about that sentiment and its extremely vicious and self-hating to prey upon that and turn that into something it isn’t. Sure, a 23 year old beautiful girl who wants to go through so many extreme changes? Jarring. Saddening. Scary Definitely interesting. I’m sure the one thing Heidi Montag probably ISN’T doing, is calling someone else ugly on the inside because of what she might see on the outside. I highly doubt any of you embody the perfection or have never lacked a vulnerable emotion before so why don’t you do something a bit more constructive than bash someone else’s outer appearance, or at least post your own picture if you’re going to.

  • sarah

    Woah…. If she was ugly before now she is hideous! yuck you can definitely see her face all stretched out around the eye area. Oh yeah and a DDD boob job and she wants them bigger? how ridiculous

  • Sad, sad, sad

    She doesn’t look human anymore and has now made it so she is gonna have to have surgery for life! Bravo.

    It is fake and she looks like any other weirdo who’s been used as as crochet project. And she wants BIGGER boobs? Boobs get so big on a stick figure and the skin’s stretched so tight, I’d be afraid to touch them. They look like they might pop or rip thru the skin! Yes, she has developed more than an obsession, it’s called addiction. That’s real and it’s serious. Ever seen the cat lady?

    But… she has a lot more money than me, so I don’t really care- ruin yourself lady, ruin yourself!

  • heather

    This is nuts. She doesn’t even look like herself anymore. She had a friggin brow lift? She’s 23!! Fake ass, fake nose, fake chin, fake mouth, fake cheeks, and the most ridiculous of all – fake boobs. Well, now she just looks like cheap bimbo. If she figures that she needs plastic surgery in order to like herself, she has serious issues and needs to turn to a psychologist, not a scalpel.

    Heidi, you look like a tramp. I guess your new face and figure goes with your trampy name. Maybe you should change your last name to Fleiss.

  • mjk

    Heidi is a sicko and spencer is a jerk for supporting her in this dangerous road she is going down , enough surgery whatever pains her isnt going to go away with surgery and any plastic surgeon that does anymore surgeries on Heidi should be brought up on charges

  • CanadaGirl

    I don’t think she looks bad. I was shocked that it was her because she looks quite different.
    I agree that she was exceptionally attractive before and, in my opinion, she didn’t need to have these procedures done.
    I think the larger issue is her motivation. I hope that this Spencer character is not a maniacal Svengali.

  • corrie

    I think she looks sooo completely different! I don’t think most of you saw her before she had ANY plastic surgery though. She really wasn’t all that good looking. After her first set of surgeries, she looked great, and could of stayed that way. Honestly, I am shocked on how she looks now, but I still think she looks great! More Plastic…But great, in a plastic-y way. lol. It’s sad that she’s that unhappy with herself. I think it’s more than just skin deep. She looks like the really rich Housewives… on the Bravo channel. All in all, putting aside shock, she looks hot. I would of done it to if I were her…Out of all honesty.

  • Jen

    Everyone is going to have some insecurities with their appearance, but the key to self-esteem is to change the way we think about ourselves, not by changing our bodies. Heidi’s still not happy with her DDD breasts, which are already massive for her petite frame. Going in for a quick “fix” won’t solve body issues, and Heidi will most likely always be unhappy with her looks and will keep going back for more surgery. We need to change our mindset, not our bodies. I only hope Heidi will learn to see her natural beauty (what remains of it…) before she does her body serious damage.

  • perlaa&&marisa

    wow , way to waste your money ! and why would you need a neck injeciton ? what does that do , make your neck skinnier ? LMBO . well , good for her now maybe she’ll win FAKEST braud in america . bet her parentals are very proud . would you be ? shooot , my mom would kick me in my nalgas . haaha .

  • nicole

    why did she dit that???

    she looks growse like 35 years old! Not good at all…i think its just because she listen to everything what spencer is saying to her, she will do it!!!

    a very sad story!!!

  • Elise

    Wow, she looks like she at least twenty years older. The look is a lot worse then it was.

  • Trish

    I am going to be entirely honest here. She was never ugly. She has no special talent and is a pseudo-celebrity at best, but she was pretty.

    Do I think she looked better before? I honestly think she did. She didn’t look like a plastic person. Is she ugly now? No. But she isn’t particularly stunning and she sure spent a lot of money and time in pain to have become a more plastic version of herself.

    I never watched the Hills, don’t care for her. But I am hoping they took a brutal picture of her. Any 23 year old who was already attractive but was so insecure she had to have 10 surgeries has got to have something severely wrong. I can’t believe her husband, regardless of how much of a scumbag he is, didn’t try to persuade her not to do it.

  • MP

    Don’t know what people are thinking. But I think she actually looks really good now, a little unapprochable. But she looked perfectly pretty and cute before. I think people are just a little turned off by the fact that she isn’t real anymore, but do y’all really think she’s ugly.

  • Nicole

    i saw in an interview with her that she was getting plastic surgery for herself and so that she could feel good about herself as a woman or some such nonsense

    my question is…. is it not possible for women to feel ok about their bodies without having gigantic boobs and a stick thin waist?

    sad :(

  • John

    There was another picture in one of the articles, and she did look better b4, but I think it was supposed to be that way because the media wants to sell a story. Personally, I think she’s too young to be doing so many surgeries. She looked good, and shouldn’t worry so much about changing how she look. Like someone else here said, maybe she needs to get a brain transplant. She’s only 23, and what’s going going to do for the next 30 or 40 years? Age is going to make all that plastic surgery more complicated. It’ll be harder for her to look good later on.

  • John

    “After her first surgeries, she still looked good because she still looked like she could be real. The bleached hair made her kind of like a more dazzling version of her earlier self.

    But now, she doesn’t look right overall, even though it’s hard to put your finger on what is wrong. I guess a woman without thigh fat and with topple-her-over-sized boobs just instinctively looks wrong.”

    Reminds me of micheal jackson. AFter too much plastic surgery he could not longer pass as natural looking.

  • Gee

    She looks pretty, but it doesn’t even look like her anymore. WHY would someone want to take their personal identity away???? JUST CRAZY!!

  • lizzylu

    That’s what you have to do to get attention in Hollywood when you have nothing to offer and no talent. She looks 35 year old trashy pornstar, and probably where she will end up one day- cause she can’t sing, act or dance. She needs to go back to that small town she came from and get some psychiatric help. What a sad sight.

  • estelle

    wooowh het is gewoon jammer om te zien….. Ze ziet er uit als een visje met die lippen.. En komop DD bij zo’n dun lichaam dan kan echt niet.. En voor iedereen die zegt dat ze eerst mooi was, komop dat was ze niet. Maar haar innerlijk was mooi genoeg om te stralen. En nu is het precies andersom. Ze blijft leuk in the hills…..

  • SS

    over 30? I’m offended I’m over 30 and I dont look nearly this old
    LOL!!! How sad for her
    but honnestly
    Who cares IfI had not been commenting about myself i wouldn’t be commenting at all

  • Meaghen

    once she was a beautiful girl at the beginning of the hills, but now she looks like a monster. She looks really horrible… so fake. Poor Heidi i think she gonna regret it someday

  • Deirdre

    Well, she succeeded in adding about 10 years to her face. Most women want to look younger, her surgeries aged her quite a bit

  • saraya

    she looked okay before all the surgery…
    then she looked a little better when she got boobs
    but now she looks like a DRAG QUEEN!!!!!!
    what has she done to her self?????
    she is iinsane in the membrane!!!!

  • carla

    Actually i feel really sorry for her, its obvious she has really low selfesteem and no sense of selfworth…poor girl

  • isla

    i think i just puked a little in my mouth…

  • Sane

    WTF – Now she’s beyond DISGUSTING! GROSS!

  • doro

    maybe she should get a better brain too………..

  • alexndra

    She loves Jesus so much but she can’t appreciate what he gave to her. Seriously. FAIL@YOUHEIDI. Now you look like a tranny,

  • Casper


    She calls herself a “starlet” ?
    More like a BIMBO!

    Her breasts are DDD and she plans to get bigger ones?

    I really think for those “starlets” that want bigger breasts….are the dumbest out there with empty brains.

    How about a brain transplant? She starts this plastic surgery crapola in her early 20′s and before long after so many nips and tucks……she will look so completely different and NOT in a good way.

    Oh well….who cares about these bimbos anyway? LOL

  • blupheonix

    Oh shit…. 1 more thing…

    Plastic surgery addiction???

    Addiction, Heidi? Really?

    Ok, listen, addiction is when you go back, time after time , again, and again, whether you “need” it or not.
    YOU, you franken-faced-freak, got 10 procedures in ONE (1) day….

    That makes you a MORON, NOT AN ADDICT!!!!

    OR, are you telling the world that you have had WAY more work done (in the past)than your admitting too??

    I want to know!!! How long untill she looks like the cat lady from the Maury show???!!! Meow!


  • Yvette

    omg! she looked way prettier before naturally….now you can clearly see on her face the ugliness of plastic surgery altercation…so so sad.. couple of years from now I’m sure her face is going to look really bad to where she needs to get more surgery done and that will lead to something else much terrible. really sad

  • Vanessa

    I hope her husband gets charged with encouragement of mutilation.

  • =D

    WOWW HEIDI!! shes scary now, before (like season 1 of the hills before!) she was really pretty, small spunky, and now she…just doesn’t look her age, she looks like someone COMPLETELY different…its just sad. And Spencer like WTF?!?! y would you let her do this to herself??

    ohh i know why, cause now he doesn’t have to worry about having kids anymore, after all that pain and money, whose gonna wanna have kids in a brand new body?!?!?!

  • Emm

    She looks so much better with the surgery, although the lipo and breast implants weren’t necessary (to her looks, to her career i guess they are). Her face is so much lovelier with the surgery.

  • Jamie

    This is so disturbing…I hope there are no girls that look up to this thing. I think she looks horrible and looked a lot better before she got any surgeries done. I think Spencer has a lot to do with this…A big fat publicity stunt… It’s pretty bad that you would put your life at risk for fame. Well, maybe next time she goes under the knife they will keep her under too long and she’ll turn into a people what consequences there are to doing such disgusting things. Their time will come.

  • shipppyy

    just imagine if she gets pregant! after has the baby she will be some wat chubby jus think of the surgeries she will have. i think shes too insecure about her self and she afraid of wat people will thknk of her natral look but she looked fine b4 now she looks like plastic. and im mad how spener doesnt see anything wrong ! we are in a RECSION and then can pay thousands of dollars on plastic ! they r so materialistic that they need god in their life. imagine what heidis mom has to say.better yet dad HE HUNTS FOR PEATSAKE!

  • Dr NYC

    Didn’t anyone learn anything from Michael Jackson???

  • Luzza

    Oh dear….well we all know who encouraged this don’t we. I just hope he realises the damage he’s caused, the bint! such ashame because she was beautiful to start with, now she just looks like something thats just walked off a horror movie set.

  • jon


    except jordan is gorgeous and not as vapid.

  • Really

    Wow. She looks awful. She thinks, that to make it big in the music industry, she needs plastic surgery? She needs to wake up. A lot of people are successful without the plastic surgery. She needs help with her self esteem, if anything. Such a shame, though. She was so naturally pretty before!