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Jimmy Kimmel Dresses Up As Jay Leno

Jimmy Kimmel Dresses Up As Jay Leno

In a hilarious parody, Jimmy Kimmel channels rival late-night talk show Jay Leno on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night (January 12).

Jimmy puts his best prosthetic chin forward, poking fun at the NBC late-night line-up debacle.

If you haven’t already, check out the classy statement that Conan O’Brien released to the People of Earth.

Watch the clip below of Jimmy dressed as Jay. Hilar!!!

Jimmy Kimmel Dresses Up As Jay Leno
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  • Abba

    way to highlight the absurdity of it . . .why would leno/nbc mess with the late night tradition and infringe on conan’s start? doesn’t that seem like an obviously bad idea?

  • MaryJaneParker

    I’m a comedy person and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at anything Jay Leno said. Conan on the other hand is naturally funny.
    Watch the “Inside the actors studio” interview with Conan on youtube, and you’ll see he’s genuine too. He said that he would gladly do comedy for free, but if he knew it wasn’t working he would rather walk away than watch it sink. I have new found respect for Conan!

  • ok then

    “This video contains content from Jimmy Kimmel Live, who has decided to block it in your country.”


  • hollywoodgossip

    good show good for him

  • Cedar Kane

    Kimmel looks more like Colonel Sanders with a shave than Leno. and “ok then” is correct – Kimmel is a DOUCHEBAG!

  • GoBack

    It pisses me off that someone making $80m to tell jokes would quite a job because he’s upset at what time he tells them! Meanwhile you have people who work 9-5,10-6 who are getting LAID OFF because of the economy… Oh hollywood problems….

  • GoBack

    and o yea why arepeople mad at jay leno for this??? It wasn’t his decesion to change back to a later time it was the NETWORKS decesion

  • Go Jimmy!

    Jimmy is the real king of late night

  • Kenni

    @ok then:

    That just happened to me too.
    Personally, I feel offended, as though “my country” isn’t good enough =/.

  • Kenni

    @ok then:

    That just happened to me too.
    Personally, I feel offended, as though “my country” isn’t good enough =/.

  • rhonda

    Why are people pissed at Leno? Leno beat Letterman, they switched Leno to 10pm and Conan sucked and lost big time, is that Leno’s fault? NBC should have never made the move to begin with, but they did and the executives should take the blame not Leno!

  • dianad1968



    NBC made the switch because egomaniac Jay declared a few years back that he would stop doing The Tonight Show in 2009. Almost immediately Conan was tapped to replace him. Then suddenly as 2009 was fast approaching, Jay started acting like a “little girl”, dropping hints that he wanted to continue doing TV. Conan had already made plans to move his family to LA from NY, and NBC being the jerks that they are, and not wanting Jay to go to another network and compete with Conan, created the Jay Leno Show for primetime. Anyone who believed that that show was going to be successful was seriously deluisional.

    I hope some other network hires Conan, put him up against Jay, and watch Conan beat his a s s in the ratings. Jay and NBC derserve nothing less.

  • not true

    that’s not true. Leno never wanted to “retire” from the Tonight Show, and it was NBC’s idea to move him to primetime since he was beating Letterman, thinking that he’ll hold up in primetime. NBC only made it sound like it was Leno’s decision to quit the Tonight Show, but Leno was forced to quit. Leno clearly stated that during his interview with Time, and he wasn’t happy with the idea of leaving the Tonight Show and going to primetime. He was basically pushed while he was #1 in the rating.

  • Hollyweird

    Am I the only one that thought Kimmel’s joke was a bit mean spirited? It went on and on and on and truthfully, Kimmel should be lucky to have a career like Leno’s. I actually really like Jimmy and his show but I thought this was just bad taste.

  • @Keni and OK Then

    I don’t know what countries you guys are from, but I am American and I’ve had plenty of videos not be allowed to play on YouTube because their hosting country won’t allow it. It’s not just you.

    Anyway, this late show issue is a bit confusing to me. All I know is that Conan is my favorite so it’ll be a bummer if he quits.

  • dianad1968

    @not true:


    YOU ARE WRONG!! I remember vividly when the news came out that Jay said he would leave The Tonight Show in 2009. That is why he is being skewered in the media.

  • dianad1968

    ^^^ If Jay Leno implied that he was forced to leave the show, he is LYING. Someone needs to have the guts to call this guy out. Again, when the news first broke about five years ago, it was stated that Jay WANTED to leave the show in 2009. If that wasn’t the case, he would have said something at that time. His show was doing well in the ratings, why would NBC “force” him to “retire”? The success obviously went to his head, and the closer it got to 2009, he realised he didn’t want to leave. So now they are trying to shaft Conan, the same way they did to David Letterman when Johnny Carson left the show.

    I don’t find any of them particular funny, but Jay’s and NBC’s actions are disgustingly sleazy and underhanded.

  • Lisa2


    He was making fun of himself. He hasn’t got a mean spirited bone in his body. He always makes fun of himself! He is more genuine than most comedians these days. Leno has made many more rude jokes about other people than this little skit Jimmy did. If your a comedian you have to roll with it or get out of the business. Just think of all the Tiger jokes in the last month Jeno has done. What’s the difference????

  • Lisa2


    I forgot….. Didn’t you even hear the joke that he said about “Jimmy Kimmel is the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig”….. That was a joke he did to himself…. duh!!!

  • mimi

    And you know this how? Are you on the inside? Every report I read went as follows: Conan’s contract was up and he was getting offers from other networks. He wanted to move to an earlier time, and was looking to the future. He basically threw down the gauntlet in contract negotiations and negotiated to get the Tonight Show in 5 years. NBC agreed because they considered Conan the future and didn’t want to lose him. As the time came close, Leno was still on top, decisively so and started considering offers he was getting to move to another network instead of ‘retiring’ when he wasn’t ready. NBC panicked at the idea that Leno would go somewhere else and beat them in the ratings. They offered him the primetime show and out of loyalty to NBC he stayed. Conan went on to lose most of Jay’s audience. The Tonight Show was their most profitable show and Conan wasn’t pulling viewers in. It’s only people on the Internet who love Conan. The rest of America wants Jay back. This is where we are now folks. Deal with it.

  • seascrestout

    JAY is great at reading jokes 8 writers made.he does the little gags that howard stern show wrote in the 70s like “how stupid are you ” etc.
    if you ever seen conan off the stage ,when he does his ad libby stuff its hilarious.he’s a funny guy ,and brought us Triumph ,who would also do better than Jay if they ran him.jimmys great too.
    they have to be feeling the loss from people like me who refused to go along with the whole digi tv thing ,and just gave up on tv.
    i used to watch ass loads of it .now if i wanna see a few minutes its online.

  • dianad1968



    I can ask you the same question- and you know this how? It’s amazing how they’re are spinning this c r a p to try to shaft Conan. I reiterate my question, IF it was Jay who didn’t want to end his run on the Tonight Show, do you REALLY think he would have quietly gone along with the changes? Google is your friend, try doing some research regarding this story.

    Jay is an egomaniac, and that is why he is being made fun of. At least David Letterman is being vindicated, after Jay shafted him years ago, so that he can succeed Johnny.

    Conan has more class in his little finger than Jay can ever hope to have.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont really find him that funny
    the was a pretty bad impersonation of leno
    dave letterman does lenos voice amazingly, watched it yesterday

  • reality check

    Jay Walking
    Jay Leno announces he’ll retire — in 2009. He’ll pass the ”Tonight Show” baton to Conan O’Brien in five years
    By Gary Susman | Sep 27, 2004

    Jay Leno has a famously Cal Ripken-esque work ethic, but on Monday, he announced his retirement — effective in five years. In 2009, he said, he’ll vacate his desk at The Tonight Show and pass the torch on to Late Night host Conan O’Brien. Leno will break the news to his audience on Monday night’s show, which marks the 50th anniversary of Tonight’s debut on NBC.

    ”In 2009, I’ll be 59 years-old and will have had this dream job for 17 years,” Leno said in a statement. ”When I signed my new contract, I felt that the timing was right to plan for my successor, and there is no one more qualified than Conan. Plus, I promised [my wife] Mavis I would take her out for dinner before I turned 60.”,,702402,00.html

    Leno should have left NBC like he promised and go another gig. Maybe of HBO. He is the bad guy in this situation. I like Conan.

  • dianad1968

    @reality check:


    Thank you for finding the official announcement. Jay is being a d*uchebag.

  • firemenfriends

    His ratings went up!

  • zsa zsa

    Leno has never been talented on his own. He needs his writers to help him and even then it’s lame. Letterman and Conan are naturally quick witted and funny and they came up with original bits for their shows.

    Leno copied bits from Letterman and Howard Stern and others. He is not original and he never deserved The Tonight Show. David Letterman helped make him popular by putting him on his show weekly with “Jay’s Beef.” Before that no one cared who Leno was. Then Leno stabbed Dave in the back.

    When he got the Tonight Show, celebrities had to agree not to do Dave’s show if they were going to be on his show. It caused such a big mess that he fired his manager of nearly 30 years and said it was all her idea. Yeah, right.

    Then he was a scab instead of supporting the writers who went on strike, unlike Dave who went on hiatus and paid his staff’s salary for two months to support the writers. Leno’s show has hurt Law and Order and other shows that were moved or ditched to accommodate him. Thanks to Jay’s insatiable need for the spotlight, 4 shows were not produced each week so he could have those slots for his show, which means about 800-1000 people did not have jobs. Now, instead of accepting that his show is a failure and moving on, he hung around to mess Conan over.

    Spare us the “nice guy Jay” routine. The truth is out now and it’s about time. He’s been a worm and his karma has come back to him. He should walk away and be grateful he got a bank’s worth of money to be mediocre all these years.

    I expect we’ll be hearing he’s doing something very charitable soon. His

    BTW, Jay DOES have an agent listed on IMDB Pro. He said on his show that he doesn’t have an agent or manager.

  • Dr NYC