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Kate Gosselin: New TLC Reality Show!

Kate Gosselin: New TLC Reality Show!

Kate Gosselin hangs out with hairstylist Ronnie Peterson from the Ted Gibson Salon on Friday (January 8).

The 34-year-old reality star will return to TLC later this year with a show of her own, TheWrap reports.

While it won’t feature the kids or Jon, the show will reportedly feature Kate trying her hand at different jobs – last month, she was spotted serving food at a restaurant in North Carolina!

“It’s more like Kate Gosselin, firefighter,” TheWrap‘s source said, “not Kate Gosselin, wife and homemaker.”

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Kate‘s new reality series?

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  • nat

    That sounds like a very stupid idea. I don’t care about the jobs she tries.

  • Joey

    I didnt watch her in the original show, so I doubt Ill watch this new show.

  • Frida

    omg, spare me..


    I’ll watch a few episodes. Jon’s going to see what a jerk he is when no one wants him for anything. He used to work in computer field — he better start looking for a job real soon, ’cause the man has no income after he acted all stupid and told TLC he didn’t want his kids filmed anymore. He shot off his nose to spite his face and now look at him. I used to feel so sorry for him in the beginning, but soon realized why Kate was the way she was. She didn’t have 8 children, she had 9!!

  • Dina`

    I only watched the show for the kids. So no, I won’t be watching this one.

  • coco

    Who will watch this new show? It sounds like a really bad idea. Kate is so stiff on camera and does not have the personality to deal with the public in this way as she can’t guarantee in advance that they will all be fans. Maybe TLC will be hiring actors to pose and real people to make it work. How will she handle having to wear a hairnet on her new weave if the job requires it?

  • Marce

    She looks hideous!!!!

  • MJ

    Wasn’t she an RN in her past life (pre-kids/Jon)??? I mean, it’s still a good paying job.

  • Kimberly Shepard

    my 2 cents – HECK NO will I watch. I used to like the old show until I could not take her abuse towards her husband.

  • releka

    No. New York from Flavor of Love and I Love New York did the same.

  • puffin

    The kids were the entertainment of the show. Who wants to watch a woman work? She’s no different than the millions of other women that do it daily!

  • missy

    Hell no, go away b—h!

  • Juli

    HELL NO! Who really cares about her doing other odd jobs. She’s horrible at that stuff..she has NO people skills or personality.
    The show will FAIL.

  • Honeybunn

    Kate is a registered nurse.
    I do not want to see Kate looking for work in other fields when we have a shortage of nurses in the USA. This show is full of crap. Their are people who are looking for jobs (any job) because of layoffs. I do not want to see the this fame seeking woman do jobs just for the sake of a show.
    Kate get a real job and take care of your kids.

  • oy

    This woman needs to get over herself and her self-assigned self importance.

  • JDW

    um, if she can do it in front of a camera why can’t she do it in real life???? fame wh0re

  • jess

    why does this woman feel the world owes her a hollywood career just because she has 8 kids to feed, last I checked Amish families in PA, who have more kids than kate make it on their own (literally on their own).

  • Kate the Bounty Hunter

    She looks like Kate the Bounty Hunter

  • Cathey

    Promote it all you want! Still would watch it!!! I have better things to do with my life!!!!

  • $pinning

    Sounds like “New York needs a job” or whatever that piece of trash flop was that Vh1 aired last year. This also sounds like a piece of trash flop. Kate is NOT interesting. Without Jon to boss around or her cute kids she’s a big snore.

  • Hmmm

    no, not interested, wasnt interested watching her before so why now??

  • Natalie

    if it doesn’t have the kids, it’s gonna be epic fail

  • beth

    “Trying her hand at different jobs”
    Try being a mother idiot

  • keltie

    I imagine that marriage counselor will not be on the list of jobs. In this economy and considering that she is an RN, this does not seem like a smart idea and anyway, hasn’t it already been done? It is sad to me that she thinks that she could act in movies or do a voice for an animated film. Maybe if the character was a witch.

  • Sponge Kate

    The bad hair makes her head look square

  • new show?

    Gee, I can’t wait to hear her monotonous monotone narration of her new adventures.

  • Oceane

    I can’t believe this women is 32? She looks like 42. No stringy $7,000 hair extensions going to change that. Kate always looks mean. Didn’t watch the show as we didn’t get it down under. I can’t believe that two monkeys are parents…..

  • singingnewyorker

    I wouldn’t walk into my kitchen to hear or see anything from her. She has NO talent and nothing to offer. Plz TLC (the loser channel) Grow a conscience & offer programming that helps the world. If you won’t help atleast entertain-Kate is NOT entertaining.

  • Cayenne

    She has become a parady of herself! This is sad! She’s got her reasons for doing it and we can probably all guess it. I have nothing against her or her family.

  • Cayenne

    Parady of herself!

  • Cayenne

    I meant “parody” I hate bad spelling.

  • wellthen

    she needs to just go home with her kids, please.

    and take that mop off her head.

  • TLC blows

    TLC has got to be the most retarded channel on sat/cable.

  • Liz

    Here we go…another mother putting herself before her kids. She wanted all of them, so maybe she should start staying home and taking care of them. Oh right…the money she made from exploting her children can pay for nannies. I forgot, sorry. UGH

  • jo


  • just sayin’

    Why won’t she just go away???????

  • goawaykate

    Ew. Nope will not watch.

    Jobs she will not be trying:

    Dog Trainer

  • mickey

    Will I tune in? Nah, I’m not so into people who exploit their children to make it in show business.

  • nysro

    So, the show has the potential to show anything, but what that dumb whore needs to be doing.. TAKING CARE OF THE BASKETBALL TEAM YOU CONCEIVED… God forbid she actually take care of those damned kids. … no she wants to be a reality star…

    The hair extensions make you look like an idiot, and i hope one of your kids yanks them out of your head, and in the most painful way possible.

    Kate you are a piece of S>H>I>T

  • betsyross

    Who is she sleeping with at TLC? something, just don’t see the reason they keep force feeding this bitch on us!

  • jlene

    She should really think on taking care of her 10 kids. Get a decent job and stop stealing the spot light. Being and RN makes great money, both she and Jon should get back to work and support those kids the normal way and stop trying to get rich quick they’ll both get their face smashed quickly. Those poor children, what they have to endure.

  • Pat


  • Payson

    Khate who? NO WILL NOT WATCH……her 15 minutes are/were up……TIME TO MOVE ON!!

  • Jennifer

    My aunt supported 7 children on a RN’s salary when my uncle died and while it was no picnic they lived decently and all went to, or are in college. RN’s are not paid badly in most cities, especially as there is a huge shortage of them. I guess that one extra child means Kate needs a tv gig to support “them” in the lifestyle she has become accustomed to.

  • ch

    Her hair looks awful. I hate extensions and people should not change who they are!

  • don

    She looks like Shambo from Survivor with that new hairdo

  • Donna

    My take:
    1. The only reason why I watched “jon and kate plus 8″ was because of the kids; not because of Kate. During the later episodes, they cut the children off of camera time and started showing Kate on the chair more w. phrases like, “I think, I feel, I act, I say…” All about kate
    2. Don’t give me a reason about how you can support your kids and income BS. Older generations have had liters of children and have managed to do okay in life. My greatgrandma had 12 kids – both worked and all kids are doing well in lives w. their families
    3. Stop using “oh i have 8 kids” as an excuse. It’s been reported she had arguments w. the government of pennsylvania when she had all her kids because “it’s not fair”. That community had to put up w. so much BS fr. them – medical workers to take care of the babies, volunteers, church gatherings that expected money

    Kate, you selfish witch – go awaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    Oh for those that say “oh she has 8 kids” – it’s people like YOU who sympathize and pity that allow people to have a free ride and become spoiled in life! YOU WORK TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO WORK. And Kate is NOT WORKING.

  • Alyona

    I will not watch this show, Kate go away. We are tired of you.

  • Alina

    For the person who asked if she is sleeping with someone at TLC, I have wondered the same thing myself. Why would they be supportive of someone who is so obviously selfish and self serving? I honestly do not know anyone left who likes her other than the Go Kate girls who leave comment after comment under different names and attack anyone who doesn’t think the sun shines out of her ass. TLC are feeding her delusion and when those kids are older, they will certainly blame them for the way their family was ruined on tv, for the whole country to see., all for the sake of money and ratings. This new show will BOMB!

  • bohemeballerine

    NO I will not watch her and please stop reporting on Jon and Kate. I wish the media would just let them fade into obscurity so they can go home and take care of their kids instead of seeking the limelight.