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Ke$ha Boasts #1 Album in America

Ke$ha Boasts #1 Album in America

Ke$ha has done it!

As expected, the 22-year-old pop phenom catapulted to the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart with her debut album Animal (RCA Records / Kemosabe Entertainment), selling 151,942 copies.

After a six-week run at the top, Susan Boyle‘s I Dreamed a Dream moved down a notch to No. 2 with 93,000.

Ke$ha, who just shot the music video for her new single in L.A., is currently in NYC to tape performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and Wendy Williams.

After landing in the Big Apple, K$ tweeted, “Ironic that the obnoxious little devil babies sitting behind me on the plane started singing TiK ToK after spilling soup in my hair.”

Congrats on being #1, K-MONEY!

UPDATE: K$ just tweeted, “Thank u for making me really feel like Diddy today!!! Thank u thank u for making my record #1 its first week out! I’m so fking lucky!!!! Xxx”

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  • JDW

    she looks like she belongs at a redneck strip club…at best.

  • jake

    I helped her get to number. I bought her Album. I like it.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..ahahahahaha 151,942 copies sold?!? ahahahahahaha.. that’s a flop. even if she came in at #1 (which she barely did against an album that has been out for weeeeeeeeeeeks). ahahahahahahaha.. i needed this laugh. she might, might! go gold, in 9 months. ahahahahahahahaha

  • jj


  • ,,,,

    Now she can go away!!

  • ivanka
  • In The Know

    She’s 100K albums away from profit, as anyone in the business knows.

    Once again….. the #1 spot means nothing in 2010. Nothing.

  • SubSub

    Bull. Can’t stand this garbage can. The music industry has been dead for some time now due in part to commercializing “acts” such as this hunk of doo-doo. Sad, sad, sad 4 the youth of America. Send this trash my way & I’ll show her how to comb the knots out of her mane.

  • yeah no

    Yeah, no. Every big artist that came out with an album at the end 2009 sold more than this chick. Having a #1 album is deceiving. She would be way down the list in a different week. Regardless, her music is bubblegum wanna be rap/pop at its worst. No taste, style or talent.

  • Mercy Said No

    Stupid Music!!
    Bad Romance #1

  • Oceane

    You mean she actually shampoos that hair? Would of thought having soup in your hair would save on hair products…

  • LoveLeeR


  • Mileena

    Oh gosh, what’s the FUSS about this girl? I mean, seriously. She looks filthy. Like a BIG, HUUUUUGE Lady Gaga wannabe with the weird crazy outfit. And Bad Romance is an amazing song and such in another league compared to that Kesha thing’s crap “song”. Bull$hit should I say. As other commenters pointed out, being at the top of the charts won’t make her that “big” and it won’t last if she doesn’t sell more. For once, I totally agree with “infamously cool”, her selling is weak. Like, very low. Anyway, I don’t like her. At this point, she’s nothing IMO, no talent whatsoever.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    sorry but people don’t sell more albums their second week than they do their first. so um.. that means if you only sell a measly 100k your first week you’ll sell half that your second. ahahahahahahaha.. funny thing is her album wont make enough money to pay her record lable back so…. she’s in dept, and will be for a long time.
    Congrats on being #1, K-MONEY! ahahahahahahaha.. lets see if her second week numbers get posted. ahahahahahaha

  • Jen

    wow and her music is so crappy.

  • Whamo

    I don’t care if she sold 2 million copies. It’s still pop crap music! This generation of kids has sorely missed hearing real music played & written by the artist performing it. It’s ALL style over substance nowadays. Half these girls look like they should be workin a pole.

  • Whamo

    I don’t care if she sold 2 million copies. It’s still pop crap music! This generation of kids has sorely missed hearing real music played & written by the artist performing it. It’s ALL style over substance nowadays. Half these girls look like they should be workin a pole.

  • LuckyL

    Lmao, uh Jared, that’s not a lot of copies. And Susan Boyle is still moving almost 100,000 cds a week? Wow

  • Suzie


    Nobody tops Susan Boyle, she’s magic. Ke$ha who??

  • Jack


  • cougarslover

    She is one hot lady

  • sami


    There is no talent in her and nothing “gossip worthy” and yet she keeps making it onto sites like JJ and Perez. It’s because she’s a talentless wannabe and her producers are scrambling to get her name out there.

    With all the money they’ve wasted trying to advertise Kesha, they could probably hire/find a new successful artist.

  • Lilac

    isnt it like the worst debut in terms of numbers? it seems like everyone who debuted first had more records sold? 150000 is just not that much…

  • lalalove

    This chick is almost as untalented as Rihanna. So just how STUPID teens are, because their compost music sells

  • sami

    @lalalove: I agree with you 100% about Kesha and Rihanna, but I also happen to be a teen. Just wanted to let you know that there are still teens that enjoy good music, despite the many teenyboppers and idiots who buy into this type of musical crap.

  • lakers fan in boston

    that’s not that impressive
    i think 200k+ is seen as pretty good
    but whatever, congrats, i still find her annoying tho

  • hispanicdatingsite

    I love her songs

  • Joleen

    I wish GOD would give me $151,942 . I would be soooooo happy.

  • Dr NYC

    She deserves her success!

  • Mike

    Ha ha she sold over a million copies & her album is good. Instead of hating on her why don’t you losers buy her album-I swear it will make you happy! You obviously need some happiness in your lives.