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Mila Kunis: Miss Midwinter Pick-Me-Up

Mila Kunis: Miss Midwinter Pick-Me-Up

Mila Kunis strikes a sexy pose in this shot for Esquire‘s February 2010 issue, where she’s listed as one of the magazine’s People Who Matter!

The 26-year-old actress sounded off on Farmville, learning to fight from Chuck Norris and Megan Fox.

“[Megan] has a tendency to say absurd s— and then see what happens,” Mila said. “I hope she’s fully consciously aware of what she’s doing, because if she is, she’s brilliant.”

Esquire‘s February issue, featuring Mila as “Miss Midwinter Pick-Me-Up”, will be on newsstands this week!

Mila Kunis: Esquire’s Miss Midwinter Pick-Me-Up

Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Sheryl Nields/Esquire
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  • Martyna

    I don’t know why but Mila and Vanessa Hudgens are really look-alike . Well to me;)

  • S3WA

    She’s so beautiful… and she can act! I hope to see a long, rewarding career for her in Hollywood.

  • alison

    she’s pretty

  • jen

    shes beautiful and a great actress cant wait to see her in the book of eli what an honor to act and do a movie with denzel washington go mil!

  • fresh

    I enjoy Mila—Megan not so much–she has no talent to back up her mouth

  • hollywoodgossip

    she looks beautiful

  • Jasmine

    Gorgeous!!! And I do agree with what she said about Megan. I don’t really care for the things that come out of Megan’s mouth, but I think she knows what she’s doing.

  • BO

    forgive megan. she’s probably high 90% of tthe time

  • lori

    OMG i just watched this she is so gorgeous what a face and shes really a good actress i enjoy everything she does she has proven herself good for her!

  • Mileena

    Is this b!tch trying to be friends with Megan or what? I mean Megan, “brilliant”?? Seriously? Shut up. She’s as smart as my butt. As for Mila being a “great actress”? Well, I’m not convinced yet. She still has to prove me wrong. But can she? We’ll see!!!

  • gina

    @lori: hey lori i totaly agree with you shes gorgeous smart fun and a great actress she did proove she can def act shes great and really well liked happy for her

  • Noticias de famosos

    Mila is a beautiful girl and he’s right, Megan just says nonsense.

  • Whamo

    Mila is so smokin hot it ain’t funny!

  • laugh

    It’s not what Megan Fox says that is absurd but the way her words are cherry-picked and flung back at her 1000X their original force. That my friends is absurd…she isn’t. Screw Mila for bringing in Megan.

  • Cathy


    Read what she said, and process it. Because the comment totally went over that little head of yours.

  • gina

    there is no comparison between mila and megan fox when it comes to brains if you read what she says mila actually saying how brilliant can she be if she says whatever it is that comes out of her mouth its called sarcasm in a nice way megan is a gorgeous girl too but mila is really very smart as well as being gorgeous

  • me

    Saw her in one film, she was good.

  • zisni

    what’s the name of the song?

  • Venom

    Mmmm. sexy.

  • yeah


    Yes, everything you said.

  • lexy

    She looks great and she’s talented. Nice to see her getting noticed and having her time to shine.

  • cindy c

    @Cathy cathy so right #10 didnt get it at all we do though some people cant seem to read correctly and comphend comments! mila is gorgeous and shes a great actress cant wait to see the movie love denzel washington

  • Harley Quinn

    @zisni: Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) – The Black Keys

  • Ms Anonymous


    She is an incredible actress, the best part of that 70′s show.

  • ?

    @23 what? this has nothing to do with this thread!

  • Mileena

    Screw you #15, Cathy ok? =) And #24, yeah I liked her in that 70s show but she didn’t really show her acting skills in that…..she still has to prove she’s a great actress. And btw #10, I meant that it wasn’t necessary to bring Megan in there and especially to say such a stupid statement about her. Though I don’t like her either.

  • Whatever

    She is wearing super high heels when she looks into the telescope from inside her home. But when shown from the outside, she is barefoot. Lame mistake.

  • marie

    All of you people talking about Megan- it’s called sarcasm.

  • karly

    whoever is saying anything rude or negative about mila especially #26 is jealous we all know that by your 2 comments so you made your point enough and stop cursing here we dont like it she is gorgeous and shes a great actress and smart as well she was doing an interview and we dont know what she was aked it doesnt matter!

  • steve

    who cares if shes wearing shoes or not look at her face and her legs and her body shes the whole package and smart too the girl is freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • firemenfriends

    I love her weird eyes

  • steve

    oh her eyes are gorgeous the colors and she has the most beautiful thick long eylashes and theyre huge just like every model would want shes hot!!!!!!!

  • laugh

    @Mileena: I don’t think so…lots of actresses are all the sudden bringing Megan Fox..and btw l am a huge fan of hers…that’s beside the point though. They bring her up because what she says is taken apart and transformed into malicious sound bites but if you see and read her ENTIRE interviews she is being sarcastic and interesting…that is the truth. And frankly lots of these will o’ the whisp actresses cant help but bring her name up..jealousy? Perhaps.

  • sportsdatingsite

    Is she married to big mac?

  • steve

    @sportsdatingsite: @34 they are not married but have a wonderful 7 8 year relationship that is very private lots of respect for both of them not like some of the loosers that go through boyfriends left and right or start sleeping with their coworkers or other actors in their movies

  • Dr. Doogenstein

    The day she wins an oscar is the same day I propose to Rosie O’Donnell.

  • mailey

    always luved mila. but dont think she needs to waste time making random comments about megan or whoever else.

  • jill

    @36 well then maybe rosie o’donnell is your choice of women then why are you on milas thread???

  • Nicole

    Does it ever occur to people that these actresses all bring up Megan Fox because they are ASKED about her? Interviewers will do that you know… ask for opinions.
    Mila is an absolutely gorgeous woman. Love her.

  • kate y

    its true i heard so many interviews and theyre always on one actress for the moment and always ask in these interviews about that actress im sure its not comftorable to answer so they do theyre best mila is a great actress she has prooven herself and she is gorgeous she gets more and more gorgeous everytime i see pix of her happy for you mila!

  • jamie

    the girl is gorgeous and shes a very cool girl shes a great actress and i heard shes awesome in the book of eli cant wait to see it go mila!!!

  • jamie

    the girl is gorgeous and shes a very cool girl shes a great actress and i heard shes awesome in the book of eli cant wait to see it go mila!!!

  • dina

    this girl is the most gorgeous girl ive seen in my life i cannot believe how gorgeous she grew up i always loved her in that 70s show and thought she was pretty and great on the show wow mila you grew up to be a great actress and gotgeous young lady

  • lakers fan in boston

    that video was really something
    ive never really been that much of a fan of hers, but my god, she looks great in that video
    really sexy
    esquire makes good videos of the ppl they get on their magazines, always great

  • marie

    @ Mileena, It’s called sarcasm. As in Mila was being sarcastic.

  • Dr NYC

    She’d certainly get me out of the mid-winter doldrums!

  • tim

    Good video, but…

    when she looks into the telescope, the camera zooms out and she has shoes on.
    Then, when she walks away…no shoes on. Something is fishy.