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Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish are Bright Stars

Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish are Bright Stars

Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish are all smiles at a party hosted by Stella McCartney on Tuesday (January 12) at her store in West Hollywood.

The couple celebrated Abbie, 27, and her performance in Bright Star with fellow celebs, including writer Sebastian Gutierrez, Carla Gugino and Vanessa Hudgens.

Bright Star tells the story of 19th century woman Fanny Brawne and her love affair with poet John Keats.

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Photos: Jeff Vespa/WireImage
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  • keltie

    They are an attractive couple to be sure, but I have a hard time seeing couples who are together because of infidelity.

  • Kelly

    Ryan seems very content with his life. Just by looking at him. He looks at peace with her. I think they make a great couple. At least he’s not like Tiger Woods and has 15 or so coming out of the closet. And he is actually giving a little bit of a smile. He doesn’t smile much and he never did wtih Reese.


    They are lovely. Maybe a wedding and little ones soon???

  • LoveLeeR

    “Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish are all SMILES at a party”
    not that much smiiiiillliiie, haha

  • Jen

    I don’t know, Abbie doesn’t seem that happy to me.

  • Buckley

    Not a huge fan of Ryan. I don’t think he’s a good actor.
    She on the other hand, is very talented and in my opinion, gorgeous.

  • Just Me

    did anyone else see her on Jimmy Kimmel i think last week?
    she was great and i found out that she does graffiti and is in a rap group…and most surprising she can really rap lol

  • Gary

    I think Abbie is just lovely. Very pretty. Not all chin like Reese “Jay Leno” Witherspoon.

  • matt

    I m happy for my fellow.he deservedto be happy.the girl s looking ok but i admit i dont know who she is…anyway,i msure ryan is still in love with the reese troll..i dont know why but im pretty sure he hopes her back.

  • trish

    Homewrecking slut!!

  • Shakira


  • violet

    BRIGHT STAR is such a good movie! Abbie’s performance was absolutely breath-taking.

  • Sophie

    You haters need to get over it they are obviously in love and have now been together for years. It is sad for kids but if you don’t love someone move on and I bet this marriage was kaput long before Abbie came along.

  • Megan

    I’m happy that Ryan dumped that fake-nice biitch Reese Witherspoon, he should have dumped her sooner!

  • dina

    I LOVE THEM as a couple

  • Tommy

    Unlike Ryan’s ex, Abbie and Ryan seem like nice and decent people.

  • Noticias de famosos

    They make a cute couple .. Very beautiful

  • honest

    They seem like normal nice people not a fake polished well controlled image. Just in love and being creative. They seem to have a nice quiet private life for the most part and that is good for the kids involved. For the nasty people have you seen how well Abbie gets along with his children check out t ball and harvest pics clearly they all love each other.

  • oh uh

    there goes another cheater.

  • @sophie

    Just curious. Do you feel this way about Brad and Angelina? Jude and Sienna?

  • Please


  • awww

    Lovely couple, all the best to them!

  • Greta

    Reese Witherspoon used pregnancy to trap Ryan into marriage. The marriage didn’t work and it is a public secret that cold, controlling phony Witherspoon didn’t respect Ryan and I don’t blame him for cheating.
    Reese had her marriage to use it for PR and public image purpose and Ryan had his freedom.
    Seems fair to me.

  • Sophie

    You bet. I feel B & A are alot more public that these two but if you are not in love with who you are with move forward. These two have gotten together and stayed and seem to have made a home and a family of their own. Jude and Sienna don’t really pay much attention but he seems to be a good father.

  • lexy

    They’re both very low key and good actors. I don’t think he liked the famous part of HW. I don’t think Reese likes it either but she deals with it b/c that’s what women do. But either way, both he and Reese seem happy and both seem like good parents.

  • me

    I hate cheating husbands and the girls they cheat with. I wish Reese a good life :) she’s beautiful,talented,smart.And I love her smile. Don’t get too jealous people,relax.

  • alamokid

    They seem to be comfortable in each other’s space. They certainly have more in common than Ryan and Reese. I think they’ll make it as a couple.

  • FoolsJust

    It’s been over 3 years since Ryan and Reese filed for divorce. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. It looks like Ryan and Reese have !

  • jessica

    Worry about your own husbands ladies. You don’t know what went on between Reese and Ryan. Don’t judge or hate so much. It will make you bitter and nasty and then some nice young girl will come steal your man LOL!

  • Marie

    Jerk & his homewreker slut

  • Steve

    The lewd public drunk, who cheated on his wife & 2 small children, and took up with this Aussie Hussy!!!

  • idontknow


    i agree

  • idontknow

    i agree with you, i hope reese reaches ultimate happiness in her life.

  • Ann

    @keltie: TOTALLY AGREE!

  • cougarslover

    I hope they get married soon!

  • mimi

    Did she get her break after starting having the affair with Ryan?
    I don’t like it when girls try to have a career by dating the guy with the connections.
    Especially since he was married.
    However, I do think that she has more talent than Ryan, which means again- insecurity and jealousy on Ryan’s part- and the whole Reese thing all over again.
    My advice for Abbie- this guy will want to keep you less successful than him or cheat on you and hurt you if you’ll get somewhere.
    Get yourself a real man who can handle an equal in a supportive way.

  • the_boyfriend

    they make a gorgeous couple.

    i much prefer seeing him with her rather than reese, which we hardly ever did.

  • reality

    Go back to your wife Ryan. I don’t care what people say. The two of you were meant to be together. You have little children for crying out loud! Be a man and go back to your wife! Stop pissing your life away! One day you are going to REGRET this very much if you don’t come to your senses!

  • Pattycake

    Seems we have some romance novel readers here. Reese is the oppressed little wifey instead of the savvy hollywood player. Ryan is the dasterdly scamp instead of the good father whose marriage fell apart. Abbie is the temptress who will get her own back instead of the down to earth actress. Ryan was always very public about his pride in Reese’s success. But people have to have a bumper sticker explanation.

  • sad but true

    People actually BELIEVE the tabloids.

  • firemenfriends

    Reese is still jealous and angry

  • Ann

    Ryan is still a loser, drunk, & envious that his career hasn’t really gone anywhere, Mediocre actor, haha, karma is a Bitch, like his skank!!!

  • lovely couple…

    They look very happy together and Abbie is so much more beautiful than Reese chinny chin chin Witherspoon!!!

  • Ben

    Reese Witherspoon is overrated actress and phony hag, Ryan is 10 times better off with Abbie.

  • marina

    They’re a sexy couple.

  • Pattycake

    Gotta remark. This is the first time I’ve seen a picture of Ryan with a colorful tie that is properly tightened since his divorce. Ah, true love, and a publicist.

  • internet

    She’s beautiful!

  • Dr NYC

    Are they brother and sister?

  • Reese supporter

    Abbie Cornish is just not Reese. Abbie will never be able to replace Reese and I believe Ryan belongs with the MOTHER of his children and Abbie should stop wrecking homes. Oh well what goes around comes around. Go Reese!!!