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Sarah Palin Makes Her Fox News Debut

Sarah Palin Makes Her Fox News Debut

Sarah Palin makes her debut as a Fox News analyst on Bill O’Reilly‘s show, The O’Reilly Factor, on Tuesday night (January 12).

The 45-year-old former governor of Alaska spoke with Bill about Iran, how best to bring the country out of the economic downfall and spoke about criticism about her running for vice president in 2008.

Click inside to watch her entire appearance…

Sarah Palin on The O’Reilly Factor – Part I

Sarah Palin on The O’Reilly Factor – Part II

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  • Sarah Palin 2012

    No More Obama Vote Sarah Mama. Sarah Palin 2012


    Why am I not surprised she’d pop up on that ‘sh-t head’s’ show! Thank goodness I can use my remote control to pass to another channel!

  • You/Me

    I think the very last shreds of respect I had for Fox News are now gone :( What the heck were they thinking bringing Sarah Palin on board?? The woman is a joke….and I normally side with the conservatives!

  • Weapons of @ss Destruction

    Why can’t women in American admit the reason why they hate Sarah Palin is because they are jealous of her?? Famous. Money. Power. A HUGE following. Probably Next President. All this, while Moms all around the country stay home fuming while flipping grilled cheese sandwiches for their screaming bratty kids…wishing they were Sarah Palin

  • jb

    she’s super awkward

  • moron

    This bubblehead can’t even run her own household.

  • Dave

    The only change obama has brought to washington is when he changes his underwear everyday (hopefully). yeah yeah yeah, I know he’s forced to clean up george bush’s mess, but how long are people going to use that excuse. A doctor doesn’t have a year to fix a person who comes in with a gun shot wound caused by somebody else. same diff

  • Mary

    While all the other news networks were covering the Haiti Earthquake, they put this woman on air saying nothing but one stupid thing after another? Way to go Fox News! this is just disgusting.

  • what a dope

    You gotta love how the reichwingers hate being screwed over by corporations,banks, and big oppressive government, yet they love to listen to their mouthpieces, like Palin here, and vote for them. It’s sad when you don’t even understand who your enemy is.

  • Palin is submoronic

    Weapons of @ss Destruction should be euthanized for extreme stupidity. Let’s just hope It’s not spread it’s retarded seed.

  • Jen

    no one is jealous of this woman who has the IQ of a worm. That is just purely delusional. To call her an analyst is just too funny.

  • hehehe

    G Dubya Shrub took 8 years to run the car off the road,into the ditch.. Obama has had less than a year to try and push it out without the help of the right wing mongoloid party.

  • Weapons of @ss Destruction

    @Palin is submoronic: “Its” not spelled “It’s” when in possessive form, and I’m subject of extreme stupidity? LOL go back to school

  • yea

    nothing going on in that head

  • Dave

    @hehehe: like i said mr hehehehe. if you walk are wheeled into an emergency with a gunshot wound that somebody else caused, your doctor doesn’t have a year to fix it. wee todd

  • @Weapons of @ss Destruction

    Oh pul-leez. I’m a Republican, but she is a total embarrassment to the party. Her IQ is either that of a flea or else she doesn’t take the time to become informed on the issues in any meaning or relevant fashion. I could provide dozens of examples, but I suspect you have a closed mind and would just say I was jealous yada yada yada.

    I look forward to the day a woman does run this country, but if it is Palin, God help us all.

  • vysuys

    she simutenously wants to play attack dog and victim.
    Everything anyone has said about her is a lie, or they are just JEALOUS!!!
    “My haters are just JEALOUS??!! ” This is the same logic 13 yr old kids use when they know they are wrong but need an excuse or somebody to blame.

    This woman is racist, stupid, uninformed, manipulative, phony, and 100% deceitful in her actions.

  • please

    she doesn’t even understand what she’s saying… poor lost former govah!

  • missy

    they like big-ass MO on this site.

  • chelsea

    i really dont think women are jealous of this dumb moronic b*tch, i know i am not jealous of her having an IQ of a centipede. hopefully she does run for president in 2012 so that obama and the dems can win again. i feel really sorry for the people who follow her because they have got to be dumber than her to listen to her bullsh*t.

  • Kar

    Yes Dave, being the leader of the free world and being a doctor are very similar occupations. You’re very intelligent for using that as a comparison.

  • Corve

    I think she did an amazing job last night. I was not home to see it but I watched it this morning at work. Trust me, she will be a force to reckon with. It was interesting to see how excited the Democratic favored sites were reporting the story. They are crazy over her, she is not only attractive – her words are truth lol

  • chelsea


    one more thing, i am pretty sure a gunshot victim is a lot different situation than running an entire country you dipsh*t. Bush had screwed us over for 8 years and obama is expected to fix it in a year. That would be nearly impossible for any president, democrat or republican so think before you write you know nothing twit.

  • She is stupid

    Sarah Palin supporters = LOSERS
    Really there is nothing else to be said

  • hollywoodgossip

    she is totaly stupid.

  • chelsea

    @Kar: i hope you are being sarcastic or you have got some serious issues.
    i doubt you know anything about politics becasue if you did you would know she is bullsh*tting just like all the other republicans out there just to get publicity.

  • haaaa!

    Republicans love prey on the simple minded

  • rocky

    @Weapons of @ss Destruction:

    Excuse me, but I am NOT jealous one bit of Sarah. My problem with Sarah Palin is her lack of knowledge in what’s happening in the ‘real’ world and not that bubble she lives in. It would have been great if there was a strong woman out there to knock those boys in Washington on their butts, but Sarah Palin was NOT IT AND IS NEVER GOING TO BE IT!

  • rocky


    Hey! You leave those worms alone!! ROTF!!!

  • Palintology101

    It took 8 long yrs for Bush to fk up the country so its only fair that Obama get 8 yrs to fix it. Always a Democrat left to clean up a Republitard’s cr@p!

  • Kar

    @chelsea I am being 100% sarcastic.

  • Shar

    I don’t get it…..She’s an absolute KNOW NOTHING! What the heck is she even saying? She never makes any sense and the fact that some people see this opportuntistic fake as a political leader is very sad and misguided…

  • Dave

    @chelsea: this must be chelsea clinton…no wonder why you are bitter and an angry person inside…cuz you’re ugly lol

  • Samantha

    Chelsea, why are you so bitter and nasty? first sign of jealousy right there. relax. calm down. enjoy life instead of trying to out-talk people on celebrity gossip sites with your b!tchy attitude. go out, have fun, enjoy life.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Haz click on my name!


    However, I’m also edited, fair, and intelligent.

    This woman should be managing a Denny’s.

    Nothing she says is informed. She only gathers fans based on fear and ignorance. Any moron can scream they love America or they support our troops. WE ALL DO.

    Teleprompters can’t hide the truth, this woman’s an ill informed, low IQ idiot.

    She was elected by only 114,000 Alaskans, very hard workers , but mostly uneducated oil field workers who liked her on TV ad didn’t know a thing about her.

    Makes sesne since Plainhad to tranfes to three colleges and two comminity college to earn one degree in 6 years, a nothing degree with bad grades. she damits she can’t find Africa on a map.


    I’m disgusted with Fox news. I respect Obama, he is our President, but after imagining this idiot as President, I voted for the thrid candidate.

    If Palin runs for anything, I’ll change to a Democrat.

  • jeimy

    wow, after watching the first video somehow I feel my IQ went down 100pts

  • WTF?

    Palin governor salary $125,000.

    Palin says she quits on the citezens who elected her cuz being in the public eye people were making fun of her

    FOX news salary: one million. In the public eye even more. Uh Huh! LOL

    Politicians serve the people, Palin serves her bank account.

  • rocky


    God I so respect you! I’m a Dem and if I feel a Dem is an idiot, I’m gonna say she or he is an idiot. If there were more like us around this would be one wonderful world!

  • stop being so jealous

    Why all the jealously of Sarah Palin? She is a remarkable woman. Get over it people, I am happy that she is here to stay.

  • @stop being so jealous

    Why is someone who is looking at her with a different opinion jealous?

    She truly is ignorant about so much. If you look into her statements and take your love for her out of the equation, you can’t help but see that she lacks the knowledge necessary to run Alaska let alone the U.S.

    It doesn’t matter if she is a Republican or Democrat–it has to do with her abilities to run a country. And at the moment the abilities she has are extremely poor.

  • bandit

    If American vote her in as President, she would be an embarassment to the US. I’m happy I’m not American if that happens lol!!

  • Shar

    @stop being so jealous:

    Jealous of what exactly? What has she done that’s so remarkable?
    Oh yeah. she’s managed to convince a certain section of the american population that she’s just like them… your’s right that’s remarkable stuff. and in 5 years she will be an answer to a trivia game.

  • chelsea

    im not being bitter and nasty i am just being truthful

  • SMH


    People are going to continue to blame Bush untill this mess is cleaned up. Its funny how a lot of you people in this country sat in silence for the majority of Bush’s Presidency yet are ever so willing to blame the current President for everything under the moon. Obama deserves the same amount of time and chances you folks gave Bush along with every other President considering that Obama’s Presidency is going to be used to clean up the mess he was left and if he’s lucky he can push through some of the things on his agenda.

  • SMH

    And just the fact that ‘Dave’ would compare what is currently going on in this country and thinks that decades of greed and ignorance can be fixed in one year goes to show how truly under educated and out of touch a lot of Americans are. This mess is going to take at least a decade to get out of..if we’re lucky. Regardless of who was President. If you are not doing anything to help enact a change in this country (because complaining on a blogsite) then please be quiet at this point…im tired of all you backseat drivers in this country, when the truth of the matter is if Americans were truely honest with themselves they would admit that it was this countries greed and ignorance as a whole that got us in this get off your @sses and actually help get this country back on track instead of staring at this President all day long..I find it highly ironic that the very same people who claim Obama hasn’t done anything are the very same people who haven’t done sh*t themselves other then sit around staring at him since he’s taken office..get a clue.

  • SMH

    As far as Palin is concerned as long as she is not anywhere near Washington DC in a position of importance..I dont give a d@mn what she does. She is exactly where she belongs, on the most unrespectable News Outlet. She speaks to the ignorant and uninformed in this country. Any woman (Democrat, independent or republican) with commen sense knows this woman is a BS artist.

  • Jenna

    Palin reads prepared coached statements and memorizes talking points from the head office & now she’ll read off the teleprompter. Once she goes off the script it can get ugly quickly. Her stupidity is entertaining however.

  • Goo

    I’m not jealous of Sarah Palin and I don’t hate her. I am afraid of her because she is stupid and other stupid people on the internet celebrate stupidyt and Sarah Palin and other stupid people and thin it is cool and really think that I am jealous of her.

  • Goo

    Anyone who actually believed that Iraq had anything to do with 9-11 is not qualified to hold public office or be a political commentator on television.