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Zachary Quinto: The Flag Has Been Planted!

Zachary Quinto: The Flag Has Been Planted!

Zachary Quinto takes his dog Noah for a walk around his home on Wednesday afternoon (January 13) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actor had some exciting news to share yesterday about the sequel to the hit movie, Star Trek. Zach tweeted, “The flag has been planted. June 29th, 2012. Sequel. Trek it out.”

ZQ also wrote a note on his blog about his Heroes co-star Jimmy Jean-Louis. He wrote, “As I’m sure a lot of you Heroes fans know – my cast mate and friend Jimmy Jean-Louis is from Haiti – and has been deeply effected by the recent tragedy that has befallen his homeland. Jimmy is an incredible spirit who tirelessly commits his energy and resources to humanitarian work in Haiti. He has changed many lives there through his deep compassion and generosity. Now he needs our help. My heart is very open to him and his entire family during this unfathomably difficult time. Please send thoughts and wishes of safety and recovery to him. To his family. And to the entire country. Also – please visit his website Hollywood Unites For Haiti.

“And donate in any way you can. It is a desperate situation in an already desperate country. Please take this time to realize how fortunate we all are – and extend in gratitude from your heart in a time of great need. Thank you everyone…”

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72 Responses to “Zachary Quinto: The Flag Has Been Planted!”

  1. 1
    Mary Says:

    love him sexy

  2. 2
    phillipe Says:

    more information on zachary’s twitter page -

    go look.

  3. 3
    firemenfriends Says:

    I love spocker!

  4. 4
    missing link Says:


    *discovers fire*

  5. 5
    bebe Says:

    okay dokey, startrek 2 is a blast. thanks zach

  6. 6
    lol Says:

    Affected, not effected.

    And look, it’s the longtime friend again – how many dogs does she have?

  7. 7
    Poop Says:

    Every picture I see him in he’s wearing a sock on his head!! Can’t he go one day without wearing a condom/sock on his head. BTW everyone HE IS GAY!! It’s totally obvious he’s gay. The gay head gear, the sandals, the way he walks, his clothing.

  8. 8
    Poop Says:

    Every picture I see him in he’s wearing a sock on his head!! Can’t he go one day without wearing a condom/sock on his head. BTW everyone HE IS GAY!! It’s totally obvious he’s gay. The gay head gear, the sandals, the way he walks, his clothing.

  9. 9
    Jon Says:


    Jeez, take it easy! so what? are you homophobic? LOL

  10. 10
    British Latin American Says:

    @Poop: Those aren’t even sandals, moron! Your name was aptly chosen.

  11. 11
    As It Is Says:

    The comments above fail to talk about the most important point he made about helping those in Haiti. Thank you ZQ for your thoughtfulness on the situation. Please let your castmate know we wish him and his family well.

  12. 12
    hellen Says:

    who´s she? adorable man with adorable dog but she is horrible woman!!

  13. 13
    lol Says:

    @As It Is: Everybody’s helping Haiti. It’s widely medialized – as it should be – so of course all the celebrities help as well – as they should. I donated $50, Brad and Angeline $1,000,000. So nothing exceptional about Zach.

  14. 14
    lol Says:


    Shut up, you just jealous. She looks nice and he obviously likes her a lot.

  15. 15
    Stacie Says:

    I LOVE him so much.I can’t wait until the new Star Trek 2 movie comes out , I’m almost counting down the days . I will Keep my fingers crossed for Jimmy and his family.

  16. 16
    Heather Says:

    Brigid one of his best friends from college she was at the Star Trek premier with him, his brother Joe, Neal, Corey and Roberta of Hostage fame :)

    Brigid is really cute, you guys are being mean.

  17. 17
    hellen Says:


  18. 18
    hellen Says:


  19. 19
    angeles Says:


    She’s been his best friend since he was 14 (according to him), she’s married (to someone else) and she’s got great hair. What’s there for a fangirl to hate?

    As for the other two women you mentioned:

    Kristen: I read an interview where she mentioned that she had known Zach for years and that he was gentle and kind. Not at all like Sylar. She has a bf (not Zach), so again, why?
    Rumer: Zach’s rumored to have dated her a few years ago, big deal really. if he dated her, lucky her, if not, well whatever.

  20. 20
    Heather Says:

    Ang there is a LOT of nastiness regarding Rumer :( according to Zach they didn’t date. However if they did, or flirted. I agree (shocking..) good for her! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Zach sees good in people, do you really think Zach, from what we know, and at least for some of us what we know from meeting him for a short while.. would date some airhead beauty queen who couldn’t keep an intelligent conversation? I’ll make an assumption without knowing the man that the answer would be NO

    So here is something I always wondered… there has been MANY instances of hetero rumors and the woman who asked Zach about Rumer Willis was an interviewer in Pittsburgh who had said she and her husband have known Zach since he was 12, if they knew he was gay and out and proud WHY would they ask about a female ;)

  21. 21
    angeles Says:


    >do you really think Zach, from what we know, and at least for some of us what we know from meeting him for a short while.. would date some airhead beauty queen who couldn’t keep an intelligent conversation?

    No, not at all. If he did I would be VERY surprised.

    Now the thing with Rumer, I don’t understand the vile nastyness some people have towards that woman. Even people who aren’t even fans of Zach’s really hate her. I’ve seen interviews with her and I have “the house bunny” on dvd and she’s in that. She just comes across as a normal and nice girl. I hope she dated Zach, I really do, seriously. The haters can step off…

    That question never occurred to me when i saw that interview, interesting observation Heather. :)

  22. 22
    Heather Says:

    Ang I agree! PS- any chance you are going to the Ojai conference? :)

  23. 23
    amtj2008 Says:

    Once again, clothes and manner of talking/walking does not make you gay. I know that you cannot tell just looking at a person their sexual prefernce. After meeting someone for 5 or 10 min you can however, get a feeling. Zach is a nerd, self proclaimed, and the vibe I got from him was he likes intelligence above beauty. Having very nerdy friends and after meeting Zach, my vibe was he may actually like fuller women. I think the main reason he refuses to comment on his personal life is because he might like “regular” women. Women who are beautiful, but not necessarily hollywood/model beautiful. If you people talk sh*t about supposed beautiful people, imagine what you would say about regular women.

    To heather, I agree, I notice that the first time I saw that interview. Also, once again if any of you know of Zach brother Joe, you would notice they act just alike. Joe is completely hetero, also they are catholic*. Zach dad was an hairstylist, not a barber, and he married Zach mom. Fashion, theater, and cosmetolgy are consider gay fields but not everyone who works in them is gay.

    Catholicism is associated with pedophilla, not homosexuality. Having a family and procreating kids is the most important thing to a catholic.

  24. 24
    Heather Says:

    Amj, I have gotten to meet Joe :) You are spot on, he and Zach are VERY similar in their dress, mannerisms and to be honest… they sound a lot of alike too. BOTH very sweet and handsome men. They were raised well you can tell with their manners etc.

    You see the way he is with Dania over say Hayden ;) he is a flirt regardless but their is something different with the others! So I can see where you would say he prefers the fuller figured women. Which could count me out ( as if if I had a chance LOL) I am an hour glass but petite and thin dang!

  25. 25
    angeles Says:


    Oh no I can’t, I have to go to NY for business, and then a visit with the bf’s folks on that weekend. Let us know how it goes in Ojai all the same. :)

  26. 26
    Heather Says:

    ALSO interesting to me is the majority of people who have met Zach don’t get the gay vibe at all. I didn’t, the guy openly flirts with women it seems, and not guys (costars don’t count, that Heroes cast is all over each other ;) as far as I know. If anything I will say he is open to both, which is cool.

    We can all admit that Zach is incredibly sweet, talented, intelligent and drop dead gorgeous and sexy which is a rarity in Hollywood!

  27. 27
    Heather Says:

    PS again-my “open to both” is only an opinion, not a fact :)

  28. 28
    lol Says:

    Wow, you guys really want him to be straight. Do you have to write treatises on it in every thread?

  29. 29
    Heather Says:

    Not EVERY thread…

    We don’t want him to be straight. I just think it is okay to say “hey maybe he is not gay”.. I bet if Zach reads these comments he probably cracks up laughing or rolls his eyes that this is a debate at all. However, you have to admit just as many people “want” him straight as they want him to be gay. It goes both ways.

    I want Zach to be whatever the hell he wants to be. It doesn’t change the way his fans and what not feel.

  30. 30
    seniordatematch Says:

    He is so hot!

  31. 31
    lol Says:


    I bet if Zach reads these comments he probably cracks up laughing or rolls his eyes that this is a debate at all.

    Read more:

    Definitely not. If he didn’t want it to be a debate, all he’d have to do is just stop hiding his personal life – that is what he does – he must be aware of all the speculation going on, and I bet his publicist is all over it. Because IF he was gay, it WOULD hurt his public image,* or so appears to be the overall opinion in Hollywood studios which forces some actors to beard to a ridiculous extent, etc.

    *which makes you wonder why, were he straight, hasn’t he just paraded a girlfriend somewhere, that would not be disadvantegeous at all … but I’ll stop just here, or it’ll get all blah blah blah talking in circles again.

  32. 32
    lol Says:

    Sorry about the read more crap, I was just trying to make a quotation.

  33. 33
    angeles Says:


    We’ve been over this before.

    lol, it works both ways. You say potato, I say tomato, and we never agree, and that is that.

  34. 34
    lol Says:

    I wasn’t saying either, actually, but ok. Let’s just stop altogether.

  35. 35
    angeles Says:

    >If you people talk sh*t about supposed beautiful people, imagine what you would say about regular women.

    Oh I can only imagine. I mean after what has been said about Zach’s best friend, imagine what they’d say if they caught him dating a regular looking person? They’d go spare. Good for him for keeping private what is his, that it to be envied.

    For example on “when fangirls go spare”, look at what happened when some of the fans found out that Chris Pine was dating that woman from G4. If that lady had just been an average Jill with an average job they still would have cut her to ribbons.

  36. 36
    angeles Says:


    Amj, I have gotten to meet Joe :)

    When did you meet Joe? I have heard from others what a sweetheart he is.

  37. 37
    amtj2008 Says:

    I met Joe at the airport he bumped into while getting luggage. He was nice and very polite. We made idle conversation and that was that. I did not know he was Zach brother until I saw the star trek pictures.
    Most celebs do read these comments and while your partially right@lol: the last part is wrong. It amazes me that people will not stand for the probability that Zach might be straight. There is no real evidence to support he gay, yet people prejudge that he is. I agree it is a complete bullsh*t circle, most of Zach fans know that he will not talk about his personal life. Also whay should a person HAVE to tell you what like in their personal life, it is called personal/private for a reason.

  38. 38
    trick Says:

    Heather and Angeles – gotta say – LOVE the dose of SANITY you bring to these exchanges! :)

  39. 39
    stalkerette Says:

    I feel like there are at most 2 people posting under different names.

  40. 40
    angeles Says:


    LOL. I was waiting for someone to bring up the sockpuppert thing. OMG noes!!! No poppet I am only one person and I post as angeles.

    Speaking of sockpuppets, came across one person over on one of the Chris Pine threads, a real gem who was too insecure to post under the name they use on the Quinto threads. *laughs* I guess I strike so much fear into people they won’t reveal who they really are before they wank on me because of my opinion..

    Sucks to be them I guess.

  41. 41
    outsider Says:


    There’s nothing secure or insecure about using a fake name, whether it’s used all the time or changed for each post. A fake name is a fake name. If you are so brave why don’t you start your posts with your real name, address and phone no.? No? I thought not.

    YOU strike fear into people? Are you nuts?

  42. 42
    insider Says:

    P.S Referring to the Chris Pine thread, are you talking about the time you went over there and yelled “Tiney Piney” and made a total fool of yourself? LOL

  43. 43
    stalkerette Says:

    Ha. Finally sounds like a voice of reason to me. And I’m not them, either, surprisingly, since I usually only compliment myself in the virtual world.

    Also, Zach Quinto is gay, I heard it from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from someone that he went through an unpleasant break-up with some male guy man XY masculine person a couple of years ago. I trust the final source unconditionally.

  44. 44
    angeles Says:


    I was joking, geez get a sense of humor.

  45. 45
    angeles Says:


    No, I was talking about the time you followed me over there and made a total fool of yourself my pretending to be someone you aren’t under 1000 different user names. I may have a big mouth, but at least I have a backbone and POST UNDER MY OWN NAME.

    As for Tiney Piney, thought it was funny at the time because someone at my work told me about it. You don’t like it. then too bad. I say what I want. All the insane people on his threads talking about PR conspiracies while spewing vile hate about his girlfriend, and you try to wank me for calling him by some really tacky nickname someone came up with only because I said I thought Quinto was straight when I met him?


  46. 46
    angeles Says:

    Insider/Outsider: how many sockpuppets do you have running around here anyway?

  47. 47
    angeles Says:

    Insider/Outsider: And to make things clear to you before you create yet another sockpuppet to attack me, by “post under my own name” I mean my handle that I have used here for quite a while.

  48. 48
    angeles Says:


    Have any more gossip? I heard he did infact go through a bad time several years ago with someone he was in a long term relationship with. There’s not much info on what actually happened though.

  49. 49
    stalkerette Says:


    Well it’s all gossip, so … pretty much just filling in the blanks. What I wrote is all I know, it’s supposed to come from a person who’s personally acquainted with him and his brother and anyway, this was before he was really famous.

    I don’t believe in the gay vibe bullshit, ’cause I always get it only from the wrong people, but the fact that I was told that he broke up with a BOYfriend makes me assume he’s gay.

    But I heard stuff about bisexual, so really, I don’t know. A girl on some gossip blog claims her friend went to uni with him and when she asked her, she said she didn’t remember him long-term dating anyone, so that doesn’t help either.

    But honestly, IF he’s gay, I hope he never goes his friend Matt Bomer’s way, denying the undeniable.

    Maybe I should go visit the Chris Pine thread, seems like fun. Oh and at least we know all about HIS sexuality since his (ex)gf got herself photographed with condoms and tweeted about it.

  50. 50
    angeles Says:

    >But honestly, IF he’s gay, I hope he never goes his friend Matt Bomer’s way, denying the undeniable.

    True that. I did read an interview with him recently where he said he was perfectly happy in his private life, but he didn’t make a statement about his husband (I am assuming the PR agent is his husband, if not boyfriend) and that they have three kids together. A lot of people have blamed the network his show is on, as in they feel if Bomer comes out as gay, female viewers will turn away. If so, is that network crazy? As for Zach, he doesn’t talk about his personal life, and he seems to do well when avoiding questions about it.

    As for Zach, when i met him (and this was my observation that Insider/Outsider/100 sockpuppets seems to really, really hate) I got a straight vibe from him. He was flirting with me like crazy and (according to my bf who was watching us) kept looking down the front of my dress at my cleavage and then later at my ass. I mean I realize gay men flirt with women as well, but my bf told me later “Sylar, was checking you out babe. I thought you said he was gay?”, so who knows?) but I am not ruling out the fact that he could be bi as well. He could very well be bi, into both sexes, and comfortable in his sexuality. I dunno, that was just my experience with him. We were at a reception for a gay marriage play he had just performed in and most of the time he was surrounded by his friends and the “little kittens” (fans).

  51. 51
    stalkerette Says:


    Well yeah, that’s exactly that. I never met Zach (or any famous actor) in person, I’m not really into that kind of thing, so I can’t tell, but I heard it from people that they get the straight vibe from him, too – although I check out other girls’ boobs too and I’m not a lesbian, so … stupid labeling.

    But whatever his sexual preferences are, his love life must really suck, since he’s apparently being stalked everywhere and evidently makes some kind of effort of hiding his personal life. Oh well, that’s Hollywood.

    I honestly don’t know what kind of pressure there is on Matt Bomer to maintain the straight facade, but he seems like a coward to me, can’t help it.

  52. 52
    amtj2008 Says:

    Many women always check other women out, it natural, lots of time because we are haters lol. Most gay men will look at you but they really do not stare at your “accessories”. Also I figure he has a pretty good lovelife (if he has one) because dude is not really stalked like other celebrities. He hides his personal life, as he should, but in many interviews he always checking out the women. I mean if he did not want the world to think he was gay, he would not be a supportor of gay rights. Gay men in the closet go through great length to show hetero-ness, they will not go to anything that might indicate they are gay.

    I read these rumors that Zach friends and family know he is gay, and that it is an “open secret” in hollywood, but that is complete bullsh*t. First, why would his friends and family tell his business. Second, I can make up anything and put it on the internet. People want to read gossip and people make up stories to sell all the time. I mean ever notice Zach is always leaving/going from a mystery males location but there is not any pics.

    Matt bomer issue is a confusing one because the person he is suppose to be in a 9 year relationship with 3 kids, denied this. So it is a tricky situation and If this was true someone would have pictures, he has been an actor for a while. Therefore I would not say he is denying the undeniable.

  53. 53
    stalkerette Says:


    Ad Matt Bomer 1) Everybody’s seen those incriminating photos.
    2) A guy who is also a webmaster of ZQ’s official site (the plot thickens!) posted on one of those gossip sites defending his honor.
    3) On an unrelated note, his eyes scare me.

  54. 54
    angeles Says:

    >2) A guy who is also a webmaster of ZQ’s official site (the plot thickens!) posted on one of those gossip sites defending his honor.

    Yes, I remember reading about that, but you know what’s funny I remembering wondering at the time why the webmaster hasn’t also defended Zach’s honor as well in the gay forums (like say, Datalounge)? There are just as many gay rumors about Matt as there are about Zach (dear god that rhymes…save me!!). I don’t think the webmaster did it as much to defend Matt’s rep, but to say comment: yes, he’s gay, and so what and he’s happy in his life and there you are. I think it would have been better if Matt had been the one to make that statement, but that’s IMO.

  55. 55
    stalkerette Says:

    @angeles: Datalounge is anonymous so he definitely didn’t post there. It’s mostly just people claiming to have slept with him, there’s really not much honor defending going on ;)

    Of course Matt should have made that statement … I don’t know what’s stopping him at this point.

  56. 56
    angeles Says:


    I think where the webmaster posted was something like the famous males board (but it isn’t FM, it’s something else), it was linked through to Datalounge and that’s where I clicked to read it.

  57. 57
    stalkerette Says:

    Comment no14 – sound like a Knight in the Shiny Armor to me :)

  58. 58
    Heather Says:

    Just because a few of us tend to be a bit more open minded and like to see things from both side, have met Zach and Joe, are intelligent and ridiculously good looking doesn’t mean we are the same person ;)

  59. 59
    Heather Says:

    :blush: I meant to comment on some things from page 2, now I just look foolish.

    The thing is, this “general consensus’ of homosexuality or heterosexuality is all just speculation and silliness. Some people just believe whatever they read and run with it.

    An acquaintance of mine claimed that her friend had a friend who was a roommate of Zach’s at CMU and she said he was gay… okay great.. then I heard he is not into labels and single because of a horrible break up years ago and that is is bisexual those are two very different things… so who is telling the truth? No clue, so I take it with a grain of salt and really don’t believe either of them.

  60. 60
    Heather Says:

    Ang, even in interviews with his female costars and interviewers he flirts(have you see him in interviews with Dania Ramierez), he may just be a natural flirt though, but you are not the first one to comment on the asset staring… which is not a bad thing:) Still would have ditched the BF is Zach flirted with me that much JK,, ;)

    I know I flirted, and as for him, I think he may have flirted back but it was so crowded, everyone was mingling, lots of crazy fan girls with Star Trek periphenlia (sp) were around and he almost spilled his drink so perhaps I will get the chance again! :)

  61. 61
    angeles Says:


    Yes I heard that as well. I saw an interview with him once where he was looking at Christina Applegate’s breasts, and he was trying to be subtle about it. She caught him, and joked about it, and then they both looked down her dress. It was really funny. I remember thinking :wow, Zach that was really smooth”.

    I wasn’t going to mention this because of the angry heterophobic sockpuppets running around here, but I heard he was doing the checking out thing at last years Star Trek con as well. A friend of mine who took a pic of with him, said he wasn’t being subtle when he looking at her assets. Comparing notes with a couple of other fans, she discovered she wasn’t the only one. And these gals aren’t starlets or models, just like the kittens at the gay play, normal women, fan women. It’s natural to look, and he did. I mean hell, she was checking out his ass and his muscles, fair is fair. ;)

    I mean folks can make of it what they will, and I’m not saying it’s any kind of proof of anything, but I just thought it was amusing when she told me because it happened to me too.

  62. 62
    angeles Says:

    That should be “when he WAS looking at her assets”. Typo, my bad.

  63. 63
    janed'oh Says:


    You know, I was at the Vegas con and got a hug from Zach before our photo op. They move you through those photo ops pretty fast, so I just gave him a little pat b/c I just thought he was being nice. After the photo, he made a point to say thanks and good bye but I was walking away. My friend behind me was all like, “Wow! You got a hug and I swear he was checking out your ass.” I’m full-figured so I thought she was exaggerating– but he did give me a good long squeeze. I was rocking my DDs in a push-up bra that day! My gay actor friends(one moderately famous) tell me that if you don’t see a male actor with a woman then he’s either gay or his tastes in women are “specific”. Who knows?

    Sometimes ZQ pings my gaydar, other times he just seems fey and introverted. A friend of a friend who buys pot from the same chick ZQ may or may not buy his weed from said that ZQ is not gay. He’s cerebral and careful, very frugal and family-oriented. He goes to paid appearances only for the money to help take care of his mom, bro, and Beyond the Door.

    Again, who knows if that’s true? He does drive a Prius. A guy like that’s certainly not going to give his money to some starlet.

  64. 64
    trick Says:

    @janed’oh: Just a slight technical correction – it’s BEFORE the Door… ;)

  65. 65
    angeles Says:

    >A friend of a friend who buys pot from the same chick ZQ may or may not buy his weed from said that ZQ is not gay. He’s cerebral and careful, very frugal and family-oriented.

    This is why I love gossip. :)

  66. 66
    angeles Says:

    >or his tastes in women are “specific”. Who knows?

    Or perhaps his taste is just average women as amtj has speculated, which would be very interesting. Or average men, if one is to believe that he is gay or bi. The paps don’t care about average people, they expect famous people to date other famous people, it sells more magazines.

    All I can say about why he seems to never be photographed with a girlfriend (or boyfriend for that matter) is: this man is either the luckiest guy on the planet or who he dates and how he dates is well thought out and planned. If he’s able to hide his personal life away while they have paps chasing him around town when he’s doing something as common as walking his dog or going to yoga, that’s a minor miracle. How many of us could actually get away with that?

  67. 67
    Heather Says:

    The only thing I would have to wonder is, and I am not speaking about you angeles, just in general. Since it is really commonly known that Zach is a huge flirt, do people just perceive he is flirting, and he is just being nice?

    I am not sure why Zach would have to take care of his brother, since he makes plenty of money on his own, but if Zach takes care of his family and his business, I think that is wonderful.

    I have to agree on him going to events for publicity, he rarely looks like he’s having fun, just from the pictures I see. He seems to be happy at home or hanging out with close friends.

    Also, if Zach does just normal looking women (the man eats, I cannot imagine him dating a woman who finds a piece of celery and a tic tac a good meal) can you imagine the nastiness? People are going to be cruel no matter I hope whomever he dates, male or female that they are good to him.

  68. 68
    amtj2008 Says:

    I do not get the huge flirt thing, granted I met him before he was sylar/spock famous, but it just seems he is genuinely nice. Some guys make a habit of complimenting people who compliment them. I do have to agree with Janed’oh. I am only 5’2 and when I met zach he was looking down at me but I did not think he was checkin out my boobs, even though my guy friend said he was. I am very voluptuous and found it hard to believe that he might be checking me out.

    I remember how upset adam levine was because everyone was talking sh*t about rebecca and she was a beautiful girl, a regular girl. I mean how cruel are people to Zach right now? Paps get a hold of some girl , who does not wear makeup or maybe is like a size 12 and the people on here will tear her a new one. These people already talk sh*t about his friend, who is an average beautiful woman.

  69. 69
    angeles Says:


    I see flirting in two forms, one is a friendly “oh hello, how are you?” and the other is a “hello, I want to get into your pants”. To me Zach was the former when I met him, not a gushy creeper type, just nice. I don’t want to sound like he was being improper or that our chat meant something more than it was. My boyfriend was the one who noticed the “checking out” thing, and it kind of stood out in his mind because on the way to the play he had asked me about Zach and I told him I had read on the internet that Zach was gay. Boyfriend was expecting his well tuned gaydar to go off like a firehouse alarm, but instead nothing happened when he met Zach, he was a little bit surprised.

  70. 70
    Heather Says:

    I need to stay away from some sites, I just saw an annoying youtube video from someone claiming to have had sex with Zach… of course, because why wouldn’t there be.. sighs.. people are nuts.

    Ang, I hear you :) I got the “nice guy, being convivial” flirting, not the “I want your body” I didn’t take your posts as meaning anything else and I certainly hope no one else did.

  71. 71
    angeles Says:


    What video was that? It’s not that one with that idiot outside of Akbar is it? I’ve been hearing about that one all day…

  72. 72
    Dr NYC Says:

    The most talented man on the planet!

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