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Adam Lambert & Oprah Lock Arms

Adam Lambert & Oprah Lock Arms

American Idol vet Adam Lambert locks arms with daytime talk show queen Oprah Winfrey in this new promo pic taken inside Harpo Studios in Chicago for the episode airing on Tuesday (January 19).

According to People, Adam has a little sit-down with Oprah and he performs his new single “Whataya Want from Me” from his album For Your Entertainment. (The official music video will be released to MTV tomorrow — January 15.)

“Back in LA!!,” Adam just tweeted. “Next up is Vh1s Critics Choice Awards on Friday! I’m presenting an award!!”

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Photos: George Burns/Harpo, Inc.
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  • addds

    OMG no make up ? and am i first> ?

  • addds

    OMG no make up? and i am first? ?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`and that’s why he won american idol.

  • Star

    You really have a hard on for Adam Lambert, don’t you, Jared? Oprah loves having gay people on her show.

  • Jory

    BB looking Hot ahhh i love him <3 i can’t freakin wait for this episode ..

  • Will

    Can’t wait to see Adam on Oprah, and the Critics Choice and can’t wait til he starts to tour!!! Adam is the BEST!!!!

  • sillyme

    It’s so funny watching his fans and how they think that his CD sales will just explode after the Oprah show. Not! This guy’s had all the publicity in the world, more than even some winners from the show. It’s just nobody likes what he’s selling. Oprah might result in a few more sales, but not much. They’re really trying to push this guy down our throats, though.

  • TJ

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: he didn’t win, but you would never know it, he is the winner in the real world as is Susan Boyle, I don’t even remember who won Britains got Talent or the AI guy, girl?

  • Kelli

    Adam is soo beautiful – love him

  • Lee

    @sillyme: go away Kris fan. At least he is doing miles better than the winner who got even more promo than Adam, and you will see, Adam will continue to rise to great stardom,why does it bother you so that his fans love him and want the best for him..I certainly don’t know how he will sell, but I love and believe in him as do many of his fans, why make fun of it, unless of course you are one of those that love to see failure and make fun of others, that is loser behavior. I think it’s great that his fans love him so much. YOU should be so lucky in your life!

  • JLM

    @Star: It is okay Jared if you do have a hard on for Adam – we do too!! It seems that whether you love him or hate him – whateve rhe does we all read it and pay attention when he performs. That is what it means to be a true super star!!

  • Rocker_Girl

    Adam is such a great and humble interview – sounds like they had a great time. I can’t wait to see the Oprah show on the 19th!

    Love his album and he is such a gifted performer and vocal talent… Also really like this photo of Oprah and Adam together, they both look so happy they are beaming – same birth dates to boot.

    Happy early birthday wishes to you both:-)

  • leigh

    I love to see Adam with less make up. He looks so gorgeous and sexy.

  • JLM

    Adam Lambert has sold 445,000 albums, he doesn’t need his fans to hope he sells – he is selling!! Nope he won’t reach SuBo, but neither will any other debut artist (or most other artist period). Adam will go Gold by the end of January – onward and upward!! Funny too because Adam always said he is not for everyone, but he is doing very well. The winner of AI had a record come out 3 or 4 weeks before Adam and has sold 220,000 to date.

  • Jenn

    Beautiful photo!!! Can’t wait to see the show and Adam’s new music video comes out on Friday for his new single “Whataya Want From Me”. Life is good!!!

  • Daisy

    What a beautiful photo of Oprah and Adam! Simply gorgeous!

  • Lovely

    @JLM: Right on JLM, and SuBo is singing covers, already hit songs, plus her crowd I think might be mostly older folks and they would buy CD , not itunes or download, I think that should be taken into account. Nothing against SuBo, I am happy for her and her success. Adam is a new artisit,new sound, he is daring, courageous,humble, intelligent and a real showman, not just uber talented and people are facsinated by him, haha, even his detractors can’t stay away from him.

  • lucy

    Adam is a great talent. People who say negitive things are just jelous of him or have some personal problems of their own. Adam feeds off the positive fans and pays no attention to the negitve ones. Adam will make music history. His beaultiful voice and talent will take him far in the business. He has great stage appeal but no entertainer can please everyone. Adam you are just great and we all love you. Oh by the way Adam is also very easy on the eyes.

  • ianaleah

    @sillyme:I’m a major fan, and I haven’t heard my fellow fans say that- it’s all in your obsessed with Adam mindset. Adam is on Oprah because Oprah viewers voted him as their favorite reality show contestant -he won. And his album will be a Gold Record soon, he is already selling very well. Adam fans are obsessed with him, and Adam’s foes are obsessed with him, No one can ignore him. Helen Keller said: “Life is an adventure or nothing” . Adam is living his life and we are watching. We fans love it, he entertains us, but we realize the jealousy sickness snydrome has people who aren’t fans coming to articles about Adam cuz they choose to give him time and energy. Woohoo, Adam wins.

  • Kristina

    I love Adam’s hair like that! His video comes out tomorrow and I can’t wait. It’s gonna be so good!

  • http://justjared deke

    I just love Adam Lambert and I am 56 yo.

  • Pinkie

    Went to the Oprah show yesterday. He was charming and soo honest. He sounded excellent. Watch on the 19th. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Catalina

    One loser going on another loser’s show. Wow, made my day.

  • Staciegirlie

    @ “Silly You” Yep, you’re silly. A gold record means he’s not selling. Right. And I have some beachfront property to sell you in Arizona.

  • yay

    He actually looks like a man

  • ADAMazing


    Wow… one thing I am going to say to you
    Love conquers hate
    Adam is love, Oprah is love
    and… go to your parents and ask them where did they mess up.
    Happy New Year!!!! It is not too late to make that resolution and stick to it.
    Love you Adam

  • upfront

    @Catalina: LOL- ;you win, you are the real loser, thank you for taking the time to let us know you are spending your time with losers!!! hahahahahhaa

  • Mari

    oh I love his Elvis hair!

  • Ilia

    I don’t care what anyone says this guy is here to stay, and even haters to their greatest upset, know this to a fact. Wait until he tours in Europe – talk about an explosion then. Majority of Americans are God-humping puritans who are limited in their mental capacities (as all theists are in general, for the exception of the very tiny minority), hence the inability to appreciate art. I have never watched Oprah in my life, but on the January 19th I will be tuning in.

  • Ilia

    I wish I were any one of these two “LOSERS”.

  • pp

    Say what you want about the haters but if he listened to his crazy fans he’d still be dressed like costumed chubby crater faced woman with Liza hair performing lewd acts with men on prime time TV.
    Thanks to the haters he has dropped the mega gay act, gotten his skin under control, lost weight , is dressing sensibly and now has a decent hair style. YOU”RE WELCOME !

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @TJ:, duh. that was my point. ahahahahaha.. ~smh~

  • zsuzsi

    There is something funde-mentally wrong with this much venom and crap who cares? Adam Lambert is a talent he is a superstar material he has chosen not the qiuickie kiss a.. method to stardom by singing his classics where he can show of his unmatched vocal range but he chose to stay true to himself as an artist wow i aplaud that he will take much longer to be the superstar he surely is but he will do it on his terms- so : Adam haters have a right to their opinion as do we Adam fans who love adore and respect Adam and his talent and integrity.
    zsuzsi Canada Victoria

  • movieloversmatch

    He is a good role model.

  • luci

    Adam is the best

  • luciy

    Adams CD is great. I love all the songs and I can’t wait to hear them on the radio. Why did he stop promoting For your Entertainment? I love that song. Fever and Strut are great too but my favorite is Sleepwalker.

  • Jenn

    @pp: If you look at you tube videos, Adam only gained weight while doing Idol and starting loosing weight on tour. Before Idol he was skinny like he is now and was for years. He hasn’t been over weight since high school. Strange that you keep bringing these things up. Are you really ugly????

  • gamerdatingsite

    She has bombs

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  • Chance

    Yes! I’m so happy for this guy right now. Could you freaking imagine getting on Oprah! I mean my mind would explode! And now he gets to be on the Critic’s Choice Award in some sweet suit or tux and present an award to someone famous! I mean dang does Adam Lambert have the sweet life or what! Not to mention his CD kicks butt and his new music video is opening on VH1 and MTV tomorrow! I would say Lucky but this guy has worked way too hard for it to be that! Good Job Adam! You keep me and my friends entertained!

  • littlelin

    adam rocks!

  • http://ss sora

    too bad that i wont be able to watch adam on oprah from where i live… i have to wait until it airs on korean tv…which will be some time next year maybe?? urrrggg..

  • http://ss sora

    I love adam. I definitely want to visit the states for his concert someday soon!

  • Ravynwolfe

    I can’t stand “what do you want from me” . It’s just the same line repeated over and over. Surely he can do better? He’s pretty though.

  • Omaha Reader

    Good jump start for Adam in 2010… Can’t wait to see him goes all the way to the top… Go Adam!…

  • lakers fan in boston

    2 ppl i dislike alot together
    one is a famewhore the other is crazy
    im really glad glamberace is selling bad, almost every from AI has gone to suck

  • dogloversdate

    I love her show

  • Wendy

    Catalina: calling people losers leans towards being a very depressed person…there are anti depressents out there for you, and then maybe you might be rational enough to see what a brilliant talent america has uncovered…go adam!!!

  • Diane

    wow he’s amazing. I got his CD and LOVE the album cover! not a fan of his hair though. but he’s so HOT! :)

  • Harry_PH

    Adam is an icon and a legend. He will make history, as he is already starting to make it. This judgmental world needs someone like him to effect change.