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Beyonce is Style Savvy

Beyonce is Style Savvy

Beyonce Knowles will appear in ads on Nickelodeon for Style Savvy, a Nintendo DS game for mini-stylistas!

The 28-year-old entertainer told USA Today that she’s excited to make kids think about business and the fashion industry.

“It can teach young girls a sense of business and of responsibility,” B said. “You have to be a good listener and pay attention to what the customers want. It also teaches you about fashion, using terms that fashion people use, like ‘asymmetrical.’ ”

Style Savvy allows multiplayer gaming, too, and while B said she played with her friends, “they told me I still have a long way to go,” she laughed. “So I guess I have to keep working at it.”

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Credit: toyaz-world; Photos: Sarah McColgan for Nintendo
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  • Tiger Woody

    Hmmm one day she’s getting paid $2 mill for a private concert for a terrorist’s family member New Year’s Eve and the next she’s teaching girls “responsibility” Interesting. lol.

  • Bubba Bulock

    I love Beyonce’. She is the entire package and not many people can say they are. Go B. You look sexy as **** and ur talented is limitless. Cant wait for the next album!!!!

  • hollywoodgossip

    haha it’s true

  • Heidi Klum

    They couldn’t teach girls about something other than fashion ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Jay

    I’m sure she can teach girls how to do anything for money. Then live lavishly while everyone else suffers.

  • Mileena

    Is she trying to do the infamous Lady Gaga hairstyle but the black version? HA! Seriously that’s what Gaga’s suckers would say. Anyway, I like her. She’s undeniably talented but she looks all plastic and fake, especially here. I love my Nintendo DS though!

  • Mileena

    Btw, her face looks really weird here

  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair

    I love Beyonce, the hard worker and for the way she generally carry herself but she talks sh*t !
    She is married to a former drug dealer who has yet to tell young people that it is wrong, eventhough he is indirectly responsible of spreading death.
    She is also a lousy speaker and sells sex without ever acknowledging it or somewhat selling an ilage above the other ones who used and sttill do it (Christina, Britney) and therefore has never taken responsability for it.
    Third, her sense of style is often too ghetto-ish.
    I rather have her teach the young girls what she has succeeded in : to carry herself greatly within a relationship and not to get pregnant so fast.
    This is something she can undoutedbly be proud of and will be credible in because for the rest, as talented as she is, she has become a caricature of a s*x vixen on stage and i personnally think that her old stiuff were better and that she has become lazy in her craft taking too many times too often the same s*x related type of route whenn on stage or in videos.

  • Mileena

    @The Boohoo Sisters in Despair: WOW, that was freakin’ DEEP. I couldn’t have said better myself…

  • Aline

    Fat andu gly as always. I dont understand how this woman with that stupid music could succeed.
    How thw world is needing culture…Mozart, Chopin must be crazy in heaven.

  • L.L.

    beyonce is a
    I’d like to rip off her wigs and see her pubes on her head


  • Who knew…..



    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$How much money will it take for her to go away?

  • Cristobal


  • SopperSexi

    She looks flawless. loving the wig! you go gurl!

  • engineersdating

    She is so pretty.

  • ls

    her hair is as FAKE as her personality! she is a lame wannabe who likes to give money to terrorists….

  • LuckyL

    Where’s this b*tch’s donation to Haiti? 9099 “Haiti” b*tch

  • doctorsdatingsite

    She is not uglee

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  • ghvchg

    Don’t confuse fame with success. Beyonce is one; Rita Dove is the other.

  • amy

    nothing but an image. fffffffffffff her.

  • Bey impersonator

    That is sooo NOT beyonce.

  • jennifer

    @Tiger Woody: @Jay:

    How funny that americans say she got paid to perform for TERRORISTS.

    So sad that they probably don’t even know america is obviously over it, considering all the business relationships that go on between the USA and them.

    Americans love to open wounds from years and years ago when it’s about muslims, don’t they? Just keep eating up what your patriots feed you.

  • Corve

    she’s my girl-a diva

  • ummahyk

    wow…what a word..asymmetrical…=))…lol…fashion people use it..yeah right..doctors use it about teaching young girls becoming doctors??

  • cece


    That style was out wayyyyy before gaga

  • yo sista

    this fake hoe will do anything for $$$$$, anything lying, faking, shaking, no class whatsoever, have yall seen Video Phlop? that tacky azz video? b!tch was shaking her nasty like there is no tomorrow and now she’s teaching them guurls how 2 b “responsibe”? yall kidding me? this b!tch actually has a brain? cause i thought she only shakes her azz for $$$ and worships them devils lol

  • letstalk

    She made 168 million in 2009, how much did she donate to Haiti? Zero, Nada?

  • Photo Shop Much?

    I like Beyonce a lot. BUT this pic doesn’t look like her!!

  • Maria

    I love u B!! U r the quueen..I hope one day I’ll be at least a bit like you..;)

  • Photo Shop Much?

    Still the #1 Chick in the Game!!!

  • Photo Shop Much?


  • lakers fan in boston

    hasnt she already done other DS commercials
    i remember she was in one with her nephew
    i find the DS really boring, some games are fun, but mostly the old school ones like mario and pokemon, the others suck

  • Big Pimpin’

    she looks weird. what happened to my beautiful B?
    if you dumba**es gang up on her for being at the party, gang on jon bon jovi and usher too, who were also there. jealous losers.

  • Susanne

    Oh man,she hold the Nintendo DS, on the wrong side, “AGAIN”!!! She did that on her first commercial for Nintendo, too. Why she´s not switch the Nintendo DS on and see, how to hold. This little mistake, can destroy all the whole concept. In the third commercial for Nintendo, please Beyonce switch the DS on and see, how to hold the DS correctly. The first time was funny. The second time, looks you like a goofy! How can believe the costumer this commercial!

  • elmo

    Yes! Where is she now?
    Where’s this b*tch’s donation to Haiti? 9099

    Read more:

  • Tonya

    Muatsim Gaddafi has never been accused or charged with any terrorism. In 2006, George Bush reestablished normal diplomatic ties with Libya, and his administration encouraged US citizens to start doing business with them. Libya is considered an ally of the US now. Many American corporations do business with them. Muatsim is actually who the US and Europe want to take over Libya eventually.

  • Dave

    Libya is actually helping the US and Europe fight terrorism now. Muammar Gaddafi renounced terrorism in the 90s. He even said that Libyans should help Americans following 9/11. In the mid 2000s, George Bush did normalize relations with Libya, said that they don’t sponsor terrorism anymore and encouraged Americans to do business with them. Muatsim isn’t his father. It’s not fair to hold the son responsible for his father’s past actions. Muatsim is the one that the US supports taking over Libya.

  • Heather

    Beyonce looks gorgeous. Btw, her and Jay donated $1 million to Haiti. I liked to know some of your donations since you’re so interested in what celebrities are giving.

  • Dr NYC

    What a freak!