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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Biking Buddies

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Biking Buddies

Chad Michael Murray and girlfriend Kenzie Dalton hop on their bikes after getting their caffeine pick-me-ups at Starbucks in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (January 13).

One Tree Hill is back with a new episode (“When Days Go By Like Weeks”) this Monday (January 18) @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW. Immediately following is the premiere of the critically-acclaimed Life Unexpected.

FYI: Chad is a riding a James Bond bike while Kenzie is on a Paul Frank one.

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chad michael murray kenzie dalton biking 02
chad michael murray kenzie dalton biking 03
chad michael murray kenzie dalton biking 04
chad michael murray kenzie dalton biking 05
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  • BJ

    These look like a pictures of a father and his daughter.

  • GG

    She looks like child!

    And honestly seems quite naive and up herself. But I don’t know her, so not a fair judgment, just an opinion.

    P.S. The top half is OK but hate his shoes/pants :P

  • junixx

    Kenzi has fans?! She’s not even a celebirty or even a starlet so why shes giving some interviews…. why why why???!!!

  • cslove

    Give me a break! Kenzie’s gonna take acting classes…to use in real life! (I think she’s fake enough) That dog looks bored out of his mind, almost to the point that it looks like he’s gonna jump! It looks like his taking his daughter to ride her Xmas bicycle….I can see him standing behind her giving her a push :lol:
    I still wonder if Chad wasn’t bitter about Sophia dating other people & that’s why he couldn’t stand going to OTH set anymore. I’m sure madam kenzie made it very difficult for him also. I can’t stand how she always bring church into everything, yet she screwed a married man YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!

  • Liv

    How is that this useless little lollipop has even one fan?

  • heck

    love them chad rocks

  • s

    I’m a Kenzie fan. Anti-sophia gal.

  • Tia

    Is Kenzie 12 yrs old? She sure has the body of a 12 year old boy.

  • Caroline

    I thought it was a little girl ..

  • Nikki

    They are very cute and seem to be happy

  • Emma

    Maybe chad should bike it back to One Tree Hill!

  • anni

    what a lot of crap— no one wants to see little kenzi acting – LOL

  • kassie

    He’s cute.. she’s not!

  • Jessy

    OMG she looks exactly like my cousin who’s 11 years old. LOL

  • adiore

    I like her bike.

  • Claire

    At first I thought with his sister…
    Anyway, we all get why shen wanted to be with Chad, to be an actress; but unfortunatly for her, Chad is more useless than her now…

  • matt

    love each time i get some chad’s news!
    hey boy how about a one shot come back to tree hill??please??

  • cindy

    LMAO ….@#16! I thought the same exact thing.

  • just some info

    She really does look like a 10 yr old, very very young.

    I doubt that CW is going to bring them back, the show seems to be holding it’s own ratings wise, they don’t seem to need him. There is some strong buzz the show is going to get an 8th season, it’s already known that the current core cast re-signed for 2yr, keeping them for season 7 & 8 (should there be one)..

    Once CMM & HB left the show all the gossip leaks halted.
    You don’t hear all that much OTH backstage gossip at all.

    I’m wondering if D. Harris (rachael) is done for the season on OTH or will she be back in future episodes.
    I also hear a few of the female cast members are engaged, not just Jana Kramer. No one mentions if Sophia & Austin are still togehter or what the state of their relationship is either.

  • ….

    @just some info:
    OTH now compared to the first three seasons is a TOTAL crap!
    The only reason i still watch this shit is Sophia Bush and Joy. The others are useless.

  • jason

    Gross. I literally thought that was a little 10 year old girl.

  • just some info

    @just some info:

    You can just delete it, it wasn’t really that important.

  • Fact

    I literally burst out laughing when I saw these pictures.
    I can’t believe that out of all the women in the world, Chad is with someone who literally looks like a 10 year old girl that he just happens to be babysitting or riding around with someone who his daughter or little sister.
    How a man can possibly find her the least bit attractive is mind boggling because its just sick.
    Its also pretty hilarious that she wants to be an “actress” now. I’ve been waiting for her to admit that out loud. She’s been telling her friends for the past few years how she much she wants to be an actress and Chad is the key since he is an actor himself.
    Kenzie actually thought she’d make it huge in the modeling world by using Chad’s name but seeing as how she knows she won’t ever be the next Molly Sims or Kate Moss(since her goal was always to be a supermodel), acting is her next resort.
    This girl is unbelievably fake and the fact that some people buy into her crap is hilarious on its own.
    But I know the only reason some people even like her is because of Chad. Sadly some of his fans feel the need to get on board with whatever she says since Chad is engaged to her. But what they don’t realize is that they’re just encouraging her continue using Chad for completely messed up reasons.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`his girlfriend looks like a little boy.

  • Celebfan

    Kenzi is so cute, Chad is hot ..cute couple. I thought they were married?

  • jen

    Somebody posted her website on another site and I decided to check it out. She said that she likes living in Malibu because the paparazzi aren’t there and they make her uncomfortable…..YEAH RIGHT!
    This little homewrecker loves the attention that they very seldom get from the paparazzi that they probably call themselves. I hope she knows she wont get far in the acting world using Chad’s name. They really do look like Dad and daughter out riding their bikes around it’s kind of funny.

  • april

    love them chad is cute she is too. i like their bikes

  • Lolzzzz

    Lol. Kenzie is a gold-digging tramp. And anyone who says otherwise should get their head checked out. I just love the way how some people immediately say “well Kenzie has a job…she has her own money.” Yeah
    She may have a job but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been mooching off of Chad from the day they got together. Plus, she still uses his money/credit cards whenever she goes out.
    I can’t even begin to calculate the amount of money Chad has spent on her pathetic a$$ since the day they hooked up.

  • lorna

    @Emma: haha i love it. i wish he would. oth sucks without him and hilarie.

  • lorna

    @just some info: ok what did hilarie do that was so bad? i like her, but a lof of people say she’s not that nice.

  • lorna

    @….: oh i know i am watching s3 on dvd. s2 was my fave season, they were awesome. it’s such a joke now.

  • Ivy

    I love Chad!

  • natalie

    lol nice editing!!

    btw its james dean not james bond

  • horseridingsingles

    She is so pretty

  • Tell

    She is so damn UGLY!!
    What a scheming bitchhhhh!!!

  • alison

    i miss chad being an actor so much! come on make your come back what are u waiting for? is he auditioning for stuff at least come on he needs to do something or he’ll disapear

  • chloe!!!

    What the hell ?? She looks like a little girl , what is she , like ,12 ? Weird , he leaves his wife for a little girl….creepy dude, creepy.

  • jen

    she is really really short!

  • whoaaaa

    seroiusly i thought that was some celeb and their ten year old daughter.

    gross wtf is chad doing with this girl she has the body of a 5 year old boy

  • cslove

    @chloe!!!: u r so right, it’s very creepy!

  • Emma S.

    @lorna: ~ I’ve never heard that, I know MANY people who’ve met Hil and just adore her. Even people who hate the character she played on OTH.

  • Mark

    Damn she is so sexy. What a tight sexy body and such a cute face, she’s perfect, I think I’m going to have to start watching her show.

  • Ray

    @Emma S.:
    I’ve heard and met people who love Hilarie as well as those who hate her. Hilarie is one of those people who can be nice and funny but also a b*tch at times. I’ve met her twice actually and the interaction was unpleasant both times. She’s not exactly everyones cup of tea.

  • Sophia

    I loved Kenzie. I thought she was so nice. But that’s wrong. I still think she’s pretty and cute with chad but She’s false, she’s immature and she loves when people talk about her. I know that, i spoke with her and she like creating fight ( i don’t know how to mean that i do not speak english very well ). and she’s so happy to be engaged to an actor, she thinks she’s perfect and better than everybody.
    So i respect people who love her but i agree with all these comments … Be careful, she’s not smart and nice as people can think …
    Her sisters are very nice and mature … but not Kenzie.

  • etoile

    So why Chad is stuck with her ???? Please, can you or anybody enlighten me ? Coz apparently she’s fake and not nice, but if she’s really like that, i can’t understand why CMM is still with her ???? Plus i can’t understand how he can be attracted to her (i mean physically) coz she’s so not sexy and feminine…SERIOUSLY, i want to understand !!!!

  • Sophia


    I don’t know. If Chad loves her that’s cool for him. I’m sure she can be nice with people she loves. But she’s just a stupid girl with others. Ok, maybe she’s nice with the fans she met but just for having a good image. I spoke with her via email and she’s absolutely immature, superficial and she really thinks she’s better than everybody. I just said, that’s sad because i loved her before.

    As for me, i think Kenzie’s body is great. Everybody think what they want. We can’t change what we think. Maybe, and i am sure, Chad loves her ( physically ) that’s great for them. I respect all the people : those who love Kenzie and those who hate her. But now, i don’t like her anymore. She has to be more mature and smart.

  • OMG

    Haha nice joke.
    You’re funny LOL


    I kind of agree with the above poster. Except the only thng is that those who still like Kenzie really need to rethink about their assumptions and opinions of her. I also agree with the person who said that most people put up with Kenzie for Chads sake because the truth is, the girl is beyond stuck-up and is so full of herself that its crazy. My sister used to be so close to her until Kenzie started to think and act like she was the worlds most precious and valuable thing when she got engaged to Chad. When people first meet her, she acts like a total sweetheart. I mean come on, you’re meeting the girl for a few mintutes tops, do you really think she is stupid enough to not be nice for a few minutes or even a day? Try spending a lot of time with her and you’ll quicly realize how two-faced she really is. The funny thing is that she also befriends fans online and is incredibly sweet to them as they talk via emails, pms, msn, etc. She just lures you in and is completely nice to you and tries to get you to like her even more. And then she feeds you bullshitt and lies about herself, Chad, and even Sophia(to make her look bad) and then these people go and spread whatever that comes out of her mouth online claiming that its “the truth.” Its all a part of her little game(she acts as if she still a 6 year old). I should know because she used to sit amd do this on her laptop all the time right in front of my sister everytime they hung out or were at eachothers houses.
    As for why Chad is still with her despite her bitchy personality……I’m sure its mostly because he’s kind of comfortable in the relationship because he knows she won’t leave him no matter what happens or what he does. But she will never leave him because being engaged and marrying to an actor is her dream come true. She loves fame even though she likes to say otherwise. So Chad just kind of sits back and puts up with her crap(isn’t it funny that she looks so innocent when its the complete opposite?lol). Plus, she cries and puts on a whole show just so he won’t leave her. She knows everyone will laugh at her if he

  • Kirsten


    What did she say in her E-Mails that changed your opinion on Kenzie?

  • Kirsten

    What did Kenzie say in her E-Mails that changed your opinion on her?
    I think you are the one with the “Pretty-Dalton” blog. I saw the link on the “Black and Pearls” blog yesterday.