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George Clooney to Host MTV Telethon for Haiti?

George Clooney to Host MTV Telethon for Haiti?

George Clooney will reportedly host a telethon to raise money to benefit the people of Haiti next Friday (January 22) on MTV!

The 48-year-old actor told Showbiz411‘s Roger Friedman that he’s calling celebrity friends and asking them to participate!

According to Roger, George asked singer Sting to help and he simply asked, “Where do I go?”

The telethon will reportedly air on all the MTV channels, including VH1.

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  • Tiger Woody

    what does he have to do with MTV? Get Downtown Julie Brown, duh.

  • harru

    Can all REAL megan fox fans watch this video please:
    Watch the please:

  • to harru

    this about a telethon for haiti. megan fox is not all that important. get real!

  • Jen

    It’s for a very good and urgent cause. It doesn’t matter why he’s doing it, it’s important that money is raised to give to rescue and relief organizations to help Haitians and get them aid ASAP.

  • dabu

    Go George.

  • Fartsy

    He looks older than 48!

  • paranel

    Good for you George. I applaud you. Now please ditch the ugly girl friend and get someone equally attractive. You must.

  • hollywoodgossip

    good for him.

  • http://justjared style1

    These should be the performers: Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Sting, Alica Keys, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, and many more

  • Cayenne

    @style1 Damb good idea!

  • ???

    How about getting his a list friends to donate a million or 2 each?

  • engineersdating

    He is a dreammy man!

  • bet

    He need drop that hwore he date & go wit Jen Aniston. She is buetiful and clasy. She do not spred legs for all man. Shes girl next dor an dignty for him.

  • seniordatematch

    He looks very old

  • GoBack

    @style1: why Amy Winehouse??? Someone needs to hold a relief telethone for her

  • firemandatingsite

    I love his beard

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  • ghvchgxacnbdfjskcnhekkbnadhfec

    this wont help……………… people are dying i bet viewers are only going to watch to masturbate over george clooney.base on this previous comment we all can tell.
    about he write a check personally and stop thinking about publicity stunt to attract the golden globe , academy oscars people.

  • Marla from Texas

    # 13 bet What in God’s name are you doing here? Telling George to drop his young girlfriend because THE CHIN does not open her legs to everybody, only a few. How many? 1 2 3 4 5 6 THIS IS SO HILARIOUS. AREN’T YOU EMBARRASSED FOR YOUR IDOL. CREEPY, CREEPY.

    What a stupid broad you are. Infecting, infesting George’s thread by bringing up THE DIRTY CHIN.

  • coal miners daughter

    @#19 so add another off topic comment to the thread. @#18 it doesn’t matter why he is doing it as long as it gets results. Myself, I would not be in the mood to masturbate during such a tragedy. I’m not sure about you.– Now go George!! A gentleman and humanitarian. Thank you for everything that you do to make this world a better place.

  • Oh Canada

    A Telethon, really?

    Again we’ll have celebrities jumping on the bandwagon to show their “compassion” by appearing on the televised telethon. I’m tired of celebrities and their “telethons” to help themselves, they’re all a bunch of publicity junkies.
    Send the folks a cheque you A**holes, don’t make this tragedy about you this time.

    George, how about you and MTV skip the television show; MTV could donate the funds that it would cost to produce and air the show, and George can get 200 of his closest rich friends and acquaintances to each donate between $250,000 to $1million.

    How about you all do that instead of asking average working people to donate their money (of course they will, people with less often have the biggest hearts).

    Please not another self-serving telethon.

  • Corve

    i don’t know if donors can really help haiti!

    they need a tonne of help

  • lipscious

    I WILL DONATE, but it’s not because these “compassionate” people are pressuring to. I’d like to know how much has he donated or how much will he donate before he asks people for money? Do like the Brangelinas George. give before you ask.

  • For real?

    @Marla from Texas:

    You should get on him for his spelling. Couldn’t understand half of it.

  • So right

    @Oh Canada:

    If they opened their wallets everytime they were plugging a movie, a CD, whatever, we could eliminate poverty. Well maybe not all, but a good dent anyways.

  • what?

    @lipscious: that’s what I like about Angelina. She doesn’t ask for donations… she gives her own money and if people want to donate they can but she doesn’t beg them to. Like oprah, george and Brad. And I bet they all have more money than she does.

  • COCO

    Ohh il se prends pour NICOS AlIAGAS
    mais l’ autre au moins il se glissé….celui la il va nous sortir un CHA CHA …

  • Orchid

    A telethon takes time, and after all the costs, there isn’t much left over. Haiti needs the money NOW.
    I agree with posters who say that celebrities should just dig in their own pockets. Do like Brad and Angie.

    If people still want a telethon, it can come later, because Haiti is going to need help for a long time.

  • Rob

    The celebrities thoughts are in the right place but they are asking us working people to donate $$, which I have already done. They need to do as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have done-give a milion to help the people in Haiti. Most of the celeb’s “give” their time not their $$$!!! Hey BREAK LOOSE with the cash not the face time you are all lloking for on MTV!

  • lennie

    I really love George, but what is he thinking about??? Seriously people starving in Haiti, those who need doctors, those who need shelters and home just for the night… does he really think that they will care about CELEBRITY MARATHON????? Give me a break! A celebrity is supposed to be rich. Why doesn’t he urge his celebrity friends to donate some money each? Of course there won’t be pictures of them sweating for Haitians in rag magazines and on TV, but they would be truly compassionate and effective to the victims… But I guess photo ops are the most important no???

    In Haiti’s case of emergency, it’s better to donate DIRECTLY to NGO’s that are already in the country and who know better than anyone else how to help the population.

    As a French girl, I sent a little donation to the Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without borders) because first, it is a French based NGO so it was easier for me to reach to them. It is also a very french tradition to favor them among others because they are very reliable, and they inform you how they spent every single penny you sent. For like in Thailand few years ago for example, there were lots of french NGO’s who didn’t even use half of the money they got until now and we were all quite pissed off about that, it is obvious than Thais wouldn’t refuse any help and those NGOs should have know better. Anyway I am glad that the Brangelinas did their donation to this organisation. They must know who is the most reliable organization in terms of medical care.

  • Sunny day

    Jeeze George, just give the money yourself!, & get your friends to give the money.

  • Excuse me?

    lipscious @ 01/14/2010 at 11:51 pm I WILL DONATE, but it’s not because these “compassionate” people are pressuring to. I’d like to know how much has he donated or how much will he donate before he asks people for money? Do like the Brangelinas George. give before you ask.



    These are people who make more in three months than many people make in a lifetime. I don’t need to see them standing on a stage asking people who can barely put food on their tables to give. Most ordinary Americans HAVE given. I want to know HOW MUCH every celeb has given BEFORE they get FREE PUBLICITY on a useless telethon.

    Yes, USELESS. In an earthquake, there is a 72-hour window to save those buried under rubble. That’s why JOLIE and PITT ACTED IMMEDIATELY. They did not wait to put on a show for the cameras. Besides, many stars at these telethons are later found to have given NOTHING themselves, as J. Aniston was discovered to have done after she appeared on the Katrina telethon..

    Text “HAITI 90999″ to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross

  • j

    Too bad Brad and Ang didn’t come up with this idea.
    I’ll bet they’re just kicking themselves at the lost PR opportunity . haaaaaa!

  • Agnes

    George should ask each of his celebrity participants to donate 1 million each instead of the telethon especially since he preached at us about how great Obama was and things are getting worse.

    Americans will help, they always do. Americans don’t need George Clooney to tell them to.

    …and I am from a tiny 3rd world country, Burundi


    Deep down George is just a fame ho. He is after another Oscar and wants the good PR. He should have give money out of his own pocket straight away like Brad and Angelina and Armstrong.

  • Orchid

    30 lennie @ 01/15/2010 at 5:57 am
    I agree with you. lennie! Thousands of Haitians are in pain. They need doctors! Of course food and shelter are important too, but medical care first.

    I’m thinking of the people who have spent maybe a day or more under the rubble. What a miracle when they’ve been found and rescued!
    I’m thinking of the people who are still under the rubble…I hope the search and rescue teams with the help of their expert dogs manage to find many more people, if not all, who are still alive.
    I’m also glad that Brad and Angie support Doctors without Borders (MSF). It sounds like an excellent and financially responsible organization.

  • Siggy

    What on earth george? What a waste of time and money, for your own PR and so some celebs can pretend to be giving money when they arn’t? Time isn’t money.

  • Exposing Paid Posters

    Dear Jennifer Aniston::

    No “star” should be permitted to participate in the telethon and ask working class Americans to give without first proving that he or she has given. We don’t want a repeat of your behavior at the Katrina benefit, Jen.

  • lakers fan in boston

    the telethon isnt even set until a week from today…..
    they need the money now not in a week
    i feel like this telethon is all an exploit really
    just say where u can donate, no need 2 waste money on producing an actual telethon

  • geekloversmatch

    I want to marrry him

  • jolentini
  • Dr NYC

    You think.