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Adam Lambert - Critics Choice Awards 2010

Adam Lambert - Critics Choice Awards 2010

Adam Lambert suits up in glam rock at the 2010 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium on Friday (January 15) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 27-year-old American Idol vet and funny woman Sarah Silverman (pictured below) presented Best Comedy to The Hangover, which beat out (500) Days Of Summer, It’s Complicated, The Proposal and Zombieland.

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert and Sarah Silverman at the Critics Choice Awards 2010

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Jeff Kravitz/Filmmagic
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  • Ilia

    Looking good bro…

  • Jenny

    They pretty much had the best bit of the night. Just Saying

  • Audrey

    I love Adam but honestly, he looks ridiculous. His hair looks like an Anime character. His outfit… ugh. You’re going to be 28, baby. Grow up a little.

  • Mel

    I love his outfit but I hate his hair

  • Linda lee

    I cannot stand this guy.
    When is he going to go away.
    His voice $uck$

  • keys

    @Audrey: Um. Wow. I love how it’s different for women. I could name so many females that express themselves the way they dress and no one gives a chicken.

  • T Shirts

    I have to admit, he does have his own style.

  • risa

    @Linda lee: His voice sucks? LOL And he’s not going away anytime soon. Don’t hold your breath. Or do.

  • omg

    @Audrey: I think the last line was so f-n uneccessary knowing the fact that he didn’t have the best childhood.

  • AvStation

    @Audrey: you do know Adam IS ridiculous, right? “I’m kind of ridiculous sometimes” He may be chill and laid back and good humored but he is eccentric. Humans come in all colors just remember that.

  • Jory

    OH MY GOD !!! he is so freakin Gorgeous !!! THUUUUUUD ..

    I love him beyond words <3

  • GigiSutton

    @Linda lee: Awwww…yet another disgruntled Kris fan? Seriously, if you know nothing of voice, then you need not have replied or may just don’t follow Adam so much.

  • no

    His belt and waistcoat is so nice but I don’t like his hair or makeup
    @Linda lee: Hi. Come back when YOU have so many amazing legends on your side like he does.
    He can hit every note on the guitar. In fact go watch his version of WLL at Gridlock right now then listen to Broken Open. He has one of the most versatile voices today.

  • Ty

    His BELT and his waistcoat ROCKS but I’m NOT feelin his hair or makeup. I’m a no one tho lol.

  • Cola

    @Audrey: Pretty sure he wanted his hair to look anime sweetie.

  • EST

    I’m freaking annoyed I couldn’t watch the Livestream online

  • Ashley

    Adam I love you!

  • Kaylie

    Love what he’s wearing but I don’t like his hair like that. It makes him look emo or something. I like it better like how he did it at the AMA’s. Still love him though!

  • Mark

    the livestream didnt work for me either

  • IMO

    @Kaylie: His best hair was on Details and on The View

  • Kaylie

    @EST: You didn’t really miss much, it didn’t even show his face, you could only hear him. I tried to watch it just to see him.

  • Audrey

    LOL. Aww, I should never have said anything. The Adam fans go crazy at anything negative. Sorry.

    @keys: Could you give an example of a female star who is in their late 20s that “expresses” themselves in the way they dress?

    @omg: How did he not have the best childhood? o.o;

    @AvStation: Okay, so him being ridiculous still doesn’t account for a hideous outfit? Just my opinion.

  • Liv

    Adam’s gorg!

  • Kaylie

    @IMO: Yeah I agree with you on that. I wish he would always wear his hair like that and not in his face.

  • JT

    COULDN’T WATCH EITHER was any of the show funny even slightly?

  • Kaylie

    @Audrey: I can name one. Lady Gaga.

  • sh

    His hair kinda reminds me of how it was in Hollywood wk

  • keys

    @Audrey: HUH every performer, designer and so many actresses express themselves visually are you kidding me?

  • Rianna

    Adam looked really hot tonight, loved his outfit and his hair, loves how he always changes his look up!

  • Kaylie

    I don’t understand why EVERY article that involves Adam, people have to fight. It’s not a debate or anything here. I understand everyone has their own opinion but if you don’t like him, simply don’t comment on it! That easy.

  • omg

    @Audrey: You say you “love Adam” yet you don’t even know about his childhood? Well I’m not going to write about it on here :(

  • KC

    @Audrey: Audrey, I agree with you, I mean I haaaate the hair. I think sometimes he looks incredible sometimes his style is TOO…unique and totally unflattering especially when he has the ability to look really good. But honestly, Adam means a LOT to a LOT of people. When I see people bashing his looks it HURTS me, I’m not gonna lie. It may sound stupid but it just reminds me of what i when through high school. And I seriously hate hate hate seeing Adam go through that AGAIN. He’s so so nice it just kills me when people spit all over him. He is human just like the rest of us. Btw people commented at the same time, so it may have looked like they jumped on you. That’s all.

  • moon

    @Audrey: its not adam lambert fans. fans of ANYone who has a fanbase. muse fans go crazy if you diss muse. rpattz, justin b and jbro fans are hysterical when defending them. mj, britney…anyone who actually has a fanbase will have people who see things differently.

  • carawang

    @omg I dont care how ugly his childhood will be like, cos everyone deserves a second chance! I am not going to give up on Adam Lambert…. He has a great talent and that’s undeniable.

  • ugh

    @Audrey: you see the last line just pis.s.ed me off. he does look ridic a lot but thats just adam take it or leave it. sure sometimes he makes fashion misteps but everyone does.

    one of the reasons i find him as fascinating as i do is BECAUSE of the fact that he’s a total child at heart, he’s such a free spirit. it’s endearing and disarming because then he gets onstage and transforms into something totally diff. when he was a child, while all the other kids were playing football he was in the grass with his mate finding a caterpillar. ha.

  • Shar

    Sarah Silverman was sooo annoying tonight. We get it biitch, u like peniis.

  • xoxo

    @carawang: ugly childhood? is that even the right word? second chance? it was a sad childhood. he was bullied for being “the weird kid, the freak, for a lot of reasons” he IS a freak. but he’s fabulous now. because he owns it. kids need to know it’s OK to be weird. shiiii i’mma start tearing up, reminding me of what my best friend went through, and we lost him : ( f—–k i need to get off the internet i’m actually sobbing whta is this

  • Chris

    @Shar: Sarah SIlverman IS annoying! Why do so many find her funny?

  • Well

    You may not like Sarah Silverman but these two made the audience laugh at least.

  • cougarslover

    The ladies love him

  • sorry

    @xoxo: : [

  • SOS

    LOVE him!

  • Drusilla

    I thought Adam looked great and he handled himself well. I thought
    Sarah Silverman was obnoxious and embarrassing. Not at all funny.

  • Leila

    @cougarslover: So do men. Straight men. Gay boys. Straight girls. Lesbians. Bisexuals. Asexuals. Asians. Muslims (I’m one), Africans, artists, directors…….list goes on.

  • Gavin

    @Drusilla: Thank you! Sarah Silverman is NOT funny I’m sorry

  • 2010 Critics Choice Awards

    Where could we watch livestream?

  • Beauty


    “@keys: Could you give an example of a female star who is in their late 20s that “expresses” themselves in the way they dress?”

    Pick a 20 yo female…ANY female, famous or not! They all (and WE all) express ourselves through our adornments. It’s the reason that you choose one pair of jeans or earings, or coat, or handbag, or shoes, or hairstyle, or makeup pallete, or WHATEVER!!! The thing you chose to adorn yourself with (and how you chose to adorn) reflects your thoughts, feelings, mood, attitude, philosophy, lifestyle, etc, etc. Hell…MADONNA & PRINCE MADE A 25 & 30 YEAR, “VERY SUCCESSFUL”, CAREER OUT OF IT!!!

    It’s called PERSONAL style and PERSONAL taste for a reason! And for whatever reason, he chose to express himself in the manner he did with his adornments and stylings for this ONE occasion for this ONE event! Adam Lambert is an ever changing and ever evolving human being, and his chameleon like stylings reflect that – perhaps on a DAILY basis! And I, for one, am glad to lay witness to it all! Especially his “firework” inspired get-up he performed in for NYE at Gridlock!

    I vote to have everyone, and anyone, who delibertately comments on boards of people they’re not especially fond of (therefore the comments, and criticisms, don’t come from a place of love – and consequently rejected) should be required to post a real life picture of themselves next to the person they’re criticizing and also post tidbits about their home life, social/relationship status, income, current occupation, and a reasoning of why they have so much time and energy to devote to seek out and verbally (and anonymously) destroy a very successful and talented famous person whom they have NEVER had any meaningful interaction with in their lives – or never met at all!

  • carawang

    @xoxo — I am responded to comment #31 written by omg, which I feel that he/she is has some nasty thing to say about Adam Lambert. I know how it feels to be an outcast.. and I agree that Adam gives a very good example to the new generation to stay positive and love yourself as who you are. I am drawn to Adam because of his many interviews that I have watched… not just his voice and articulation that touches me, but his strong personality and his soul.

  • Geri

    I love this style, REALLY COOL~~~

  • Ilia

    Here is Adam & Sarah segment.

    15th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards