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Jennifer Garner is Saving Children

Jennifer Garner is Saving Children

Jennifer Garner walks out of a building with her husband Ben Affleck and daughters Violet and Seraphina in Los Angeles on Thursday (January 14).

On Tuesday, the 37-year-old actress made an appearance at West Virginia’s State of the State address to show her support for Save the Children.

Jen called President Barack Obama and Congress for $2 billion in extra funding for education programs.

“There is such a need here, and there is so much unmet potential right here in West Virginia,” Jennifer told the Charleston Daily Mail. “The cycle of poverty in this state is going on for generations and generations and generations, and we hope we can provide a new energy to help the kids reach their true potential and avoid that.”

FYI: Sera is using her favorite Philips/Avent Soothie pacifier!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner with the whole family in tow…

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  • anoano

    Cute kids but the parents always look miserable when together. Yeah yeah we get Ben hates the paps, but even without that, he seems like a miserable SOB. I get the vibe that these two are not happy and Ben looks like he would get something on the side (if he once was really into strippers and JLos curves, there is NO WAY he is into Jennifer’s skeleton plain jane looks.

    Jennifer, cripes she dresses like she’s stuck in the 80s! !Seriously, an old denim shirt now? *sigh* money is wasted on her, she can’t even do casual-cute, she’s a what-not-to-wear fashion disaster. Yes STOP SCREAMING that she is a good MOM so that makes it OK, even “regular” Moms dress 10x better than Jennifer does when hanging with their kids on much less money and time (it’s not Jennifer works alot).

  • anoano

    Cute kids but the parents always look miserable when together. Yeah yeah we get Ben hates the paps, but even without that, he seems like a miserable SOB. I get the vibe that these two are not happy and Ben looks like he would get something on the side (if he once was really into strippers and JLos curves, there is NO WAY he is into Jennifer’s skeleton plain jane looks.

    Jennifer, cripes she dresses like she’s stuck in the 80s! !Seriously, an old denim shirt now? *sigh* money is wasted on her, she can’t even do casual-cute, she’s a what-not-to-wear fashion disaster. Yes STOP SCREAMING that she is a good MOM so that makes it OK, even “regular” Moms dress 10x better than Jennifer does when hanging with their kids on much less money and time (it’s not Jennifer works alot).

  • mimi

    Since when being an actress make you an expert on education programs? Jennifer is so full of herself. Your an actress so stick to acting. If she wants to make a difference, just donate money anonymously and stfu!

  • stefano

    i dont think they’re not happy

  • hollywoodgossip

    i agree with you look like that.

  • Jerry

    2 BILLION $ ?????
    how much exactly will really go into education.

    silly chicken brain.

  • balls

    I so agree with your comment, Ive seen so many pics of other celeberty couples w their kids with the swarm of paps around you could tell by the body language they are still happy and comfertable with one another,obviosuly something these two or not, they look absoultely miserable all the time,even though Ben Affleck is hot he looks like a total jerk too

  • anonymous.

    My gosh if Jennifer Garner was not an actress I would swear she works on a farm or something. The way she dresses is just awful, like she gets all her clothes at the goodwill or they were lying on the floor and she just threw them on. She’s a very sloppy dresser. I haven’t seen a person wear a denim shirt since 1980 something! Her being a Mom is no excuse, she’s just a sloppy person I guess. Maybe she’s depressed, that would also explain her weight loss. Her face is all hard edges and bones, she needs to eat something!

  • Julie

    LOL! Seriously she called the congress and the president?! Since when is it her job to be a politician… These actors just think they can do anything, like they’re THE shit…lol. Stick to acting girl, you know, your job!

    [Forgive the english, i'm not anglophone!]

  • .

    Bet little Seraphina was the glue that kept them together longer. These 2 are one of the most miserable looking couples. Matter of time before they split. On another note, Scott Foley, her ex-hubby was looking YUMMY on Cougar Town. Bet you he’s much happier without this now scary skinny haggy miserable looking Jen!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, it’s the coal miner’s daughter

  • Linda lee

    They are complete slobs.
    End of story.
    He especially, always looks gross and unshaven.

  • lol:D

    I am all for celebs trying to be “NORMAL” but ewww! seriously she looks like she just rolled out of bed and grabbed something off the floor. I have two boys myself 1 &3 and still manage to take 5 min to throw on a little make up, geez.

  • Crissa

    To Jennifer:

    1. Save The Children is a donation charity, the government should not give them money.

    3. They help children all over the world. Do not try to get special funds just for West Virginia.

    2. The people of West Virgina are a bunch of racists. How dare you ask the government to give them tax money. They are probably all tea baggers/white supremacists anyway.

  • unhappy

    Reese and Ryan were in a similar situation. They were never seen together, and it was always either she was with the children, or he was with the children. She used to say only parent works while the other stays home, but we all knew what was going on. After Deacon was born, the marriage was kaput, and Ryan ended up cheating on her. I wouldn’t be surprised if this marriage doesn’t last long. Too bad.

  • Catalina

    How about these stars giving all their millions to their cause and leave us poor people alone. I’m getting sick and tired of a billion here, a billion there. Where do you people think all this money is coming from? Better start learning Chinese.

  • Kookabear

    I find it interesting that everything she is seen with Ben she looks miserable, they both do. But when she is seen out with just her children she is always smiling and clearly very happy. He looks like he is always in a pissy mood.

  • Erin

    I’m feeling like some of you posters might be the same person. The same JLo loving, bad grammar loving, incorrect spelling loving, ignorant loving posters. But thanks for the entertainment value you bring to the table.

  • ??

    Erin, you forgot “Foley loving, Vartan loving, Paltrow loving, Blake Lively loving” etc. LOL

  • betsyross

    these two losers are getting ready to go into “politics” that’s the liberal line always, “we need other people’s money for our cause” you can tell Angie and Brad have a conservative streak, they give away their own money!

  • M

    she looks dirty and trashy like always…..

  • liz

    She looks like a normal Mum with kids. She comes from an educated family and is educated herself. Stop knocking her. She is attractive with or without makeup and the red carpet look. I like to get dressed up with the hair and makeup but not practical for an everyday look. I put a baseball cap on with my hair pulled up and wear minimal makeup. My husband still loves me, not for what I look like, but, for the person I am. The last time I had the hair done and a lot of makeup he did not recognize me and laughed. My comment was “You have never been around when I had to do this for a formal occasion” he liked it though and we danced the night away. So all of you haters BACK OFF

  • GarnerAffleck

    Love the Garner-Afflecks..

    It’s just pictures… You can’t really tell if they’re happy or not in just a bunch of pictures and really don’t care whether they dressed well or trashy… at least they have clothes…

    people today are so mean…

    BTW….The girls are so cute… =^_^=

  • hehe

    Liz, thanx for sharing such a personal story with strangers.

  • TGIF

    Ben was very mad, not only at the paps but the parking garage for allowing the paps on private property. Video of Ben asking why the paps were allowed in the parking garage.

    Typical family trying to run a quick errand. Yea, they are famous, but does that mean they have to wear $500 shirts, $1000 jeans to run to the bookstore?


    Well if Angelina Jolie can’t get a billion for the misplaced people of
    Iraq or Afganistan etc.. she won’t either…don’t you get it.. separate
    cars and he did not take any of them with him just left her Jen with
    both of them.. She is at the Golden Globes he will be at SUNDANCE

  • jana

    omg i love ben i just saw armageddon its a really good movie and he was so hot in it:) he’s like my new favorite actor

  • jessalyn

    You don’t have to wear expensive clothes to look good. I bet though, that awful denim shirt cost quite a bit, especially since she had rent Michael J Fox’s delorean to go get it…

    I’m tired of hearing how this is what “normal Mom’s” look like. I know normal Mom’s ad they don’t dress like this!

  • mimi

    Ben looks like a crazy person- the same expression he had when Jen decided to get pregnant and trap him when they datded.
    Like “I can’t believe what happened to me, and now I’m stuck”.
    They look miserable together.
    and Jen has millions- so leave the taxpayers alone, and give some of your own millions to charity. We have enough things to fund.

  • becky

    Wow. How did she pull that off?!?!?! Ben is actually out with the hillbillies.

  • emma


    Can I have a link to the video please?

  • happy girl

    talk about bad timing.

  • Lily


  • luster after ben

    A NICE SHIRT AND JEANS….NO they do not look like hillbillies..
    Nobody is trapped in a fake marriage.. please..

    As for Scott Foley he married to a latino girl and they are expecting
    their first child …!!!! From THE UNIT..Talk about trapped in a fake
    marriage have you ever seen Scott Foley out with this wife.. while
    promoting his show…As if and why not Brad Pitt go and rebuilt their
    homes and give all your cash to the mansions that have been destroyed.. NO ONE IS GETTING ANY CASH FROM THE WHITE
    HOUSE OR GOVERNMENT Angie couldn’t even do it for the displaced in a foriegn country..

  • Buzzbunny

    Ben didn’t arrive with Jen and the girls.
    Jen and Ben met in the building for their appointment.
    These pictures of Ben and Jen are of them leaving the building.
    Ben went up to the Valet booth and complained about them letting the paparazzi into the private parking deck.
    Ben was angry because the paparazzi probably paid the Valets not to kick them off the property.

    I guess the new law isn’t going to work when you have Valets/ people willing take money to turn and blind eye.

  • http://justjared Joanna

    Liz you took mine woords

  • ???!

    #34, Scott Foley´s new wife is not “a latino girl”, she´s Polish and 8 years younger than JenGar. Scott and her dated for years before they got engaged and they married like 8 months after that. They were married almost 2 years before she got pregnant. Trapped in a fake marriage ? Please.

  • hong kong

    I hope that they will stay together. Why so much hatred? May god keep us all united, happy and satisfied :)

  • Ada

    I wouldn’t look happy either if there were stupid paps in my face every single damn time. Why would I act all lovey-dovey with my spouse if there were 100s of cameras flashing, and I’m not even doing a red-carpet event? Sometimes people that make comments on here lack common sense. Put yourselves in their shoes. They’re people too.

    Regarding Jen calling the President to ask for more funds for “Save the Children”, I’d have to agree that it was unnecessary for her to make that call. If it is a charity that relies on donations, then I think the Afflecks have more than enough $$ to contribute to that charity, especially if they’re so passionate about it. They are some of the few privileged people in this country that earn millions of dollars a year anyway. What’s a couple of million $$ to them?

  • Truthfully

    They obviously don’t have running water or mirrors in their mansion. Yikes.

  • surfer

    They are a great, normal looking family, but I can never get over Ben and what he did with Jlo–romping with strippers with huge boobs. If that’s his fantasy, are you telling me he just gave it up? I just can’t see it. I think he married a very naive type of girl and that’s why he had to get away from Jlo. With Jlo, he wouldn’t be able to get anything past her. This wife takes of the children and sings his praises. It’s seems like he is in full control of everything here.

  • Kate

    @Ada: thats what all celbrities have to deal with. its the job.

  • Lina

    @Kate: Just becuase celebs have to deal with intrusive photographers Doesnt mean they have to like it. I don’t blame him for being mad at the valets who call the paps. All this crap about “they arent happy because they are not smiling at the paps is really getting old. And totally unwarranted. I guess five years married isnt enough for you all to stop hoping they will split up so you can feel better about your own miserable lives? You all obviously follow them religously throughout the internet so you “:Know” all about them, right?

  • Charleston

    Saving Children? Hardly. If she wanted to save children she would donate $1million of her own money instead of asking the government to give her tax payers money to fund her vanity charity projects. West Virginia has many educational programs in place for children, only problem is they are underfunded, instead of looking at these programs and seeing how they can be improved or the Governor decided to suuuCk up to Ms Garner and fly her to west virignia for a self serving photo op.

  • Kate

    @Lina: then they shoulda thought about that in the first place.

  • short-dating

    I love the kids!

  • marebear

    Why does this entire family dress like hobos?
    No need for fancy clothes…just clean – looking ones.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehhh, she doesnt look that great, i hate that jacket she’s wearing
    and once again, like i always say, she has the worst taste in sunglasses ive ever seen
    ben looks kinda bored
    nice 2 see them all together tho

  • holly lance

    @anonymous.: yes jen is the worst dressser of all – Clothes are always stained and dirty – Nothing ever matches – material always looks cheap – polyester city – one time i noticed that her shoes too were filthy. Hair always messsy Pocketbooks in bright red or shocking pink – OMG – lucky she has a pretty face – but still she needs a total fashion overhaul
    Jen – Halloweeen is only one day per year