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Leo DiCaprio & Jersey Shore's J-Woww: Fist Pump Party!

Leo DiCaprio & Jersey Shore's J-Woww: Fist Pump Party!

Leonardo DiCaprio has a fist-pumping good time with Jersey Shore party girl Jenni Woww, aka J-Woww, during a casual get-together in Los Angeles on Thursday night (January 14).

J-Woww has also snapped pics with Michael Cera and Simon Rex, aka Dirt Nasty.

The guidos and guidettes of Jersey Shore have been in town picking up lots of swag from all of the Golden Globes gifting lounges.

The season finale of Jersey Shore airs this Thursday (January 21) @ 10PM ET/PT on MTV.

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  • mimi

    Leo and that girl look cute together. Really cozy.

  • coco

    Arrivederci Bar! Leo met an Italian girl!

  • Priscila

    Poor Leo! He doesnt even know who she is!

  • c.miller

    they were at playhouse last night dancing on the bar.. it was hilarious

  • ck_always

    I love how they’re all getting so popular, amazing! If there’s a second season with the same people I will die happy.

  • hollywoodgossip

    yeah me too.


    can someone explain to me how they were able to fly to LA to the GOLDEN GLOBES gifting lounge? like, how is this possible? the shows hilarious and they are so funny, but really? LA? are they gonna be the next The Hills cast?

  • adrianna

    the second second is with the same people :-)
    i think their casting director got a promotion lol

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Priscila: ..what are you.. a fcuking tard? of course leo “douchebag” dickaprio knows who j-wow is. everyone knows who j-wow is! ahahahahahahahaha.. look out for ‘jersey shore’ spin-offs and a season 2. ahahahahahahaha..

  • Priscila

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: I’m not ” fcuking tard” , ” fcuking tards” watch Jersey Shore. Leonardo must have better things to do.

  • derrr

    Jwoww is Snooki’s bodyguard.

  • Gillian

    I’m seriously really sad….Some trashy, brainless, nobodies who just happened to party in the Jershey Shore (a place swarming with D-Bags that rock Ed Hardy and girls with big guts) have become A-list celebrities overnight!! SERIOUSLY?!? What the F…..Every reality average joe is famous now. What happened to people that were talented. I can’t believe Leo even took a picture with them

  • full of myself

    I can’t believe it!!! I feel sorry for Leo that he has to go through this…

  • jana

    leo looks really cute here, i like simon rex and michael cera too. i’m glad leo will be at the gloden globes

  • jana

    golden globes sorry

  • xxx


    They are not A-List… nobody knows them outside of the united states

  • Leo is getting more and more disappointing recently. Back with Barf, partying with LiLo and these Jersey Shore clowns…

  • sophia

    I love Leo – he is gorgeous and so talented!

  • anne

    i’m so jealous! i can’t believe she got to hung out with leo.

  • meh

    yikes! oompa loompa much.

  • omfg

    wtf is going on whit leo and this girl… #17 i agree whit you, its so sad to see leo doing this kind of stuff, he usually doesnt take pictures whit reallity stars i dont undestand why he did tha whit that girl

  • ……………

    awww leo looks so cute here, nice of him to take a pic with that girl! the pics ar up on her facebook page to….

  • BOO

    Dang mr. Dicap is HAWT!!!!

  • Assley

    Leo is my husband. You can’t have him BOO.

  • BOO

    Hmmm i wonder what ar my chances for a 3 some with those two…..slim, but then again this was a party for the launch of a new sex toy so i have a feeling both leo and that chick would be up for any shit!

  • Memei

    do a reality show, get free swag and meet leo. arrghh i have chosen the wrong path. I want the easy life

  • BOO

    sorry Assley guess hel have to share his hotness around….=]

  • reality

    Leo is going down! He used to be fresh, upscale and happening. Now not so much! Get it together Leo!

  • ?

    new couple alert????

  • jj

    Leo is fat and old, Biggest Loser !

  • hmm

    I think she jst pounced on him and he didnt have much choice in the matter.

  • alison

    there is nothing fat or old about leo he’s one of the best actors of our generation and hot so either you need to get your eyes checked or ur rude or jealous

  • milikes

    Get it gurrrrll!

  • noooo

    he is no longer HOT. at all

  • omfg

    she posted the pic on facebook or twitter, did she say something? i cant access to her acount

  • Angelique

    Leo is the hottest man on the globe. I love this beautiful guy and always will.

  • CanadaGirl

    I’m embarrassed for Leo.

  • diva

    HAHA nobody form the Hills even came in close contact with Leo speaks the truth about what ppl really care about seeing on television!

  • Mel

    Are these Jersey Whore people like, stuck in the 90′s? HAHA! That white sweatshirt hooside and orange skin is what I looked like in my freshman year of high school…in 2001.

    These people are a joke, I dont watch TV (except for the Kardashians, I love those bitches)…but this is pathetic. These people are just the same as the Real World or any other insignificant reality TV nobodies like that. Ugh.

  • my easy life

    hang out with me Leo!!!

  • pants on the ground

    Leo is scraping the barrel hanging out with these clowns.

  • bohemeballerine

    Go J-Wow!!! She’s definitely one of my favorites on the show…and probably Leo’s favorite too!

  • equestrianlovematch

    I like her plants

  • kj

    can’t stand these nobodys from jersey shore sick of thes type of people getting famous and making money for all the wrong reasons its bullshit.

  • ……….

    totally photoshopped

  • Leah

    Ewwww what are 34 year old guys (ahem Simon & Leo) thinking?? And I would think Leo would be a bit higher class than this to be hanging around the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast.

  • lol

    it’s obvious she’s the ONE who asks for the pics..

  • Celebwatcher

    How did these ppl become overnight sensations??? wow I thought the first guy who did True life on the Jersey Shore should be in the mix too and he basically carried that show by himself.

    Read it then weep!

  • jolentini
  • http://deleted Maria

    Wow you know what I know that I love the show and if they can become famous so be it alot of people would love to have an opportunity like that so stop the DRAMA!!!!