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Matt Bomer on Gay Rumors: 'I Don't Care'

Matt Bomer on Gay Rumors: 'I Don't Care'

White Collar stud Matt Bomer talks to Details magazine about rumors that he’s gay. Here’s what the 32-year-old actor spilled:

Does it bother you that so much of what’s been written about you is speculation that you’re gay? I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life.

But you don’t want to talk about it. I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders. I would say a big difference between my character and me is that I can be too trusting. And I’ve realized in this business, that’s not necessarily the smartest thing to be. I definitely have a thing or two to learn from the con artists.

White Collar returns with a new episode (“Hard Sell”) this Tuesday (January 19) @ 10PM ET/PT on USA Network.

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  • Sandra

    I really get tired of those kinds of questions being asked. Why is this even an issue? An actor’s sexuality has nothing to do with their acting. He’s a great actor. So, why can’t people focus on that and that alone and leave his personal life out of it?

  • Renee

    Yes he’s gay, but I don’t care. I love the show and he’s awesome. He is very handsome with blue eyes and a beautiful smile.

  • Hollyweird

    Matt IS gay. He is dating Simon Halls, a publicist and raising 3 kids with him. For years he dated some guy in NY too. Gay. No doubt. Deal with it.

  • FrESH

    Because people feel they need to know everything about all celebs. I find it annoying. If he’s gay or not shouldn’t matter. But people love to gossip.

  • Susan

    Good for him for not caring. Why is it anyones business but his own.

  • hollywoodgossip

    this news really boring which about gay rumors.

  • Nik Thakkar

    So that’s a blatant ‘yes’ – in the style of Ricky Martin.

  • Cora

    I love how he’s polite and answers the question without really answering. I don’t care that he’s gay, in a relationship and has kids with his partner – those things don’t get in the way of my heterosexual fantasies of him. He’s treat to see on White Collar. Absolutely delicious.

  • ask about the movie or tv

    What busines is it anyways.. Would Billy Bush like it if they asked him..
    or if they asked Shaun Robinson if she was a tranny?? It is no one’s
    business..I FIND IT ANNOYING TOO !!

  • Nobody

    Gay rumors are so last year…who cares, if he wanted us to know he would tell us. Just like Beyonce refused to comment about her marriage to Jay Z, he has the right to keep his personal life personal.

  • maddy

    I thought he was openly gay? Why not comment about it now, unless he is being told not to?

  • s

    I really can’t wait for us to get over this ridiuclous witch hunt of who’s gay and who isn’t. And unfortunately Jared, you’re not helping the situation. The sooner this stops been a “news” story the sooner people realize been gay is just who someone is. This is tiring…

  • rocky


    YOU ROCK!!!! ITA!!! Who gives a crap if he’s gay or not, I think he’s great and the show is awesome!

  • love him

    Good luck with your projects, Matt!

  • gklj

    His acting skills are average. But he’s pretty enough to make up for it.

  • lol

    Gay or not I loveeeeee this guy! Wish him all the best!!!

  • lsb

    duh! he’s a mediocre actor, he needs his fangirls

  • dori

    hes still hot and the show is great

  • Who Cares

    that’s his bussiness and who cares if he is or not. gosh, people grow up and get over it. plus he is wayyy gorgeous!

  • my9cats

    Who cares if he’s gay or not.
    Matt is drop dead gorgeous.

  • Mary

    Matt Bomer is a very good actor and I can’t wait to see more of him :)

  • mai

    Aaww his last answer make it seem like he’s been badly hurt. I hope he doesn’t get shit for his sexual orientation, nobody should have to go through that.

  • Relieved

    Wow, most of these comments are really refreshing. Lots of “Who cares? He’s hot” which is a big advance on so many of the “HE DIDN’T SAY HE’S GAY, SO TAKE THAT BACK!!11!!!!” comments which I’ve seen posted about other gay actors by so-called ‘fans’.

    I guess Bomer can’t really stay in the closet after those pics of him Frenching an old flame surfaced. He may yet come to find that that was the best thing that ever happened to him. At least he won’t have to live with the constant fear that people will ‘find out’. Everyone already knows, and most people (including most of his fangirls) don’t give a rat’s ass.

    I, for one, am happy, because I’m looking forward to seeing lots of his lovely self in TV and movies in the years ahead, and now the ‘Industry’ won’t have an excuse not to cast him.

  • Nikki

    “I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life.”
    I wish that to all gay actors and entertainers.

  • Nosy

    So JJ, is Matt Bomer your new crush?

  • ;-)

    “So JJ, is Matt Bomer your new crush?”
    who could blame him?!

  • did you know?

    Matt is good friends with Zachary Quinto, a fellow Carnegie Mellon alumnus, as well as high school classmates Lee Pace and Lynn Collins.

  • DBN


    I don’t know about JJ, but Boner’s definitely my new crush!

  • Vera

    Matt Boner *sigh*

  • Regis and Kelly

    Matt Bomer on Regis and Kelly (1/15/10)

  • plez

    Matt grow so balls. Everyone knows you are gay. Doing this song and dance is only going to make it a bigger story.

  • clay

    Leave Matt alone!!

  • collegesinglesmatch

    He doesn’t want the show to be cancelled for low ratings

  • omghesgay

    Straight guys can play gay guys but OMG stop the gay from playing a straight guy

  • jolentini
  • Mary

    @omghesgay: Stupid homophobes.

  • Iggles

    I love that most people here don’t care.
    I don’t care either. He’s definitely a hottie and I’m glad he’s content in his personal life.

  • lili

    love him

  • Morgan

    That’s funny “Nosy” because I always thought JJ was gay. Not that it matters. :))

  • Perez

    All gossipers are gay!

  • British Latin American

    @omghesgay: There are straight actors? Just kidding, I guess!

    Like I said in another Matt Bomer thread : Hot gay guys rule, boring straight guys lose.

  • awwww

    @Regis and Kelly: Matt Bomer seems to be a true sweetheart.

  • Jeff

    I’m curious though… I thought he was openly gay. But nevertheless, he’s gorgeous!

  • meg

    I’m surprised he never mentioned Chuck as a career break – big or small, at that. That guest starring put him on my map, no.

  • Rob

    Gorgeous guy, great actor, great show, his personal life is his own and no ones business. With his looks/talent, likely would have little affect but at this point fun to watch the ‘outers’ fret about it…so glad he is having huge success!

  • Dr NYC

    So, in other words, YES he is gay!!!

  • slak

    I truly wonder if bored housewife homaphobic women are in the majority of female viewers or if they only bitch the loudest? If I ever found my true soul mate I wouldn’t give a damn if they were male or female (which would put me in the minority of female viewers if bored homaphobic women ARE in fact the majority). I just wish everyone would just accept every body else. Where is the empathy? Women can continue to fantasize about a gay man, what changes there? He wasn’t attainable to the average woman in the first place, so nothing has changed. So does his being gay give them some sort of peevish satisfaction to be able to disregard them from their fantasies over whatever reason because deep down they knew they were never going to escape their dreary lives anyway…? Does it somehow validate their mundane existance and make it less crappy to write him off? Or is it the opinion of their homophobic husbands echoing through their mouths I wonder? Not in the new millenia surely! :-P Just curious… There should be more market research on this, the data cannot be correct if that is the mainline thinking. Networks cannot honestly believe women will tune out because their lead male character is gay, can they? This world is not that shallow is it? God, is it….? It’s 2010 for the love of God! Maybe people do suck after all :-( The poor guy can’t win, if he starts shouting gay and proud he’ll be crucified and if he stays quiet he’ll be accused of deceptiveness. All for having a happy private life that never bothered anyone until (allegedly) the bored housewives were confronted with his prime-time butt. Which hasn’t changed one bit if you look at it ;-) okay, rant over. just sayin.

  • nina

    Love him and his show!!

    And if he is “completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life” I’m happy for him :-))

  • Lau

    LOL I love how everyone keeps “ranting” against gossip, do you people realize the site you are visiting? Of course the fact that he’s gay doesn’t matter, he’s an excellent actor and an extremely handsome guy, but don’t pretend like you don’t care about the personal lives of celebrities, otherwise you wouldn’t be here because most of the photos are from the paps.

  • Tom

    In this video of the premiere event for “White Collar” from last October, Simon Halls is in a grey suit in the background, chewing gum, while the cast members, including Matt Bomer, are interviewed: