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Zac Efron Addresses Spider-Man Rumors at Critics' Choice Awards 2010

Zac Efron Addresses Spider-Man Rumors at Critics' Choice Awards 2010

Zac Efron suits up in Lova at the 2010 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium on Friday (January 15) in Hollywood, Calif.

On the red carpet, the 22-year-old actor addressed rumors that he’d be starring in the new Spider-Man movie (Tobey Maguire dropped out).

He told Nancy O’Dell, “I don’t know what the chances are to be honest. I assume they’re pretty slim. It’s a long-shot but if it came down to it, it’d be a dream come true. What young actor wouldn’t?”

Zac and Avatar star Zoe Saldana presented the award for Best Song to Crazy Heart for “The Weary Kind” by T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham.

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92 Responses to “Zac Efron Addresses Spider-Man Rumors at Critics' Choice Awards 2010”

  1. 1
    ivanka Says:

    im fan of zac’s but i cant picture him being spiderman.. for me spiderman is tobey mcguire..forever and always

  2. 2
    toty Says:

    waw first…he looks so cute and hot,but where’s baby V??
    He would look much better with her…
    Love Zac, V, and Zanessa!!

  3. 3
    toty Says:

    sorry mean second

  4. 4
    Lydia Says:

    I love u so much!
    he is the best!

  5. 5
    Bradley Bobst Says:

    Zac looks so Grown Up and Mature.

  6. 6
    vanzac Says:

    wow! he’s gorgeous! lol…but where’s vhud? i mean, cmo’n he’s better looking if hudgie is by his side,,,,right?

  7. 7
    FrESH Says:

    I would sleep with him……..once maybe twice.

  8. 8
    yets Says:

    looking forward to see him @ Spiderman.
    But where is GF?

  9. 9
    mhay Says:

    i love him!!

  10. 10
    jb Says:

    he’s growing up… looking cute

  11. 11
    LG Says:

    @ivanka: I know right? I think Zac’s OK, but no way would I want him as Spider-Man. Spider-Man is supposed to be a geek and have no friends. The way Zac looks he would have girls flocking him regardless if girls thought he was a geek.

    I would be all for a Spider-Man 4, but I believe if none of the main cast is coming back you shouldn’t continue the movie, and seeing as the main cast isn’t coming back they should leave Spider-Man the way it is. I really hope they’re doing this because it’s a good idea and not because they want to make more money, though I think it’s the latter.

  12. 12
    Ashley Says:

    Z ur the best!

  13. 13
    nic Says:

    I pick Logan Lerman as spidey!

  14. 14
    lulu Says:

    OMG, he looked so gay.

  15. 15
    Malia Says:

    Wow!! He really got a short haircut. Wonder if it’s for an upcoming role. Zac always gives such politically correct answers when he’s asked about rumors. He said pretty much the same thing when asked about the Pirates of the Caribbean rumor. :)

  16. 16
    cougarslover Says:

    I hope he gets it

  17. 17
    duuumm Says:

    his hair looks darker and shorter. i liked it the way it was before, but this haircut isnt that bad either.
    to be honest, i dont think zac is really interested in the part either. it would be such a risk for him and his career. he probably just said those things to be nice. if the star of spiderman isnt coming back, then whats the point? its like batman without bale or pirates without depp.

  18. 18
    Chau Says:

    I like his hair like this. Clean cut is how boys and men should look!

  19. 19
    yazmin Says:

    IS MY DREAM TOO!, zacy to spiderman!!!

    yes !!!!, tobey mcguire sade no for the next movie spiderman so I think Zac is perfect for the rol so I CROSS MY FINGERS!!


  20. 20
    Tiptoes Says:

    He looks great with short hair and suit!

  21. 21
    Tiptoes Says:

    I trust Zac would make the right choice when he is offered a movie project. But I do want him in an action movie. He will look great as an action hero.

  22. 22
    pottersfield Says:

    Zac looked so mature and refined tonight. He is really maturing and doing well for himself. He does not need a albatros hanging on his neck..

  23. 23
    Tiptoes Says:

    He looks great with short hair and suit!@pottersfield:

    you are an albatros for saying this….

    most stars there didn’t bring their husbands nor wives nor signifcant others.. it is a business function more than anything else.

  24. 24
    Trina Says:


    Did you mean “an albatross”? Interesting that people who make stupid comments don’t know grammar. Determiners or spelling.

  25. 25
    TxGal Says:

    This guy to be considered for Spider-man. I am sorry but their is no way he can a go at it. Whether he is gay or not.

  26. 26
    Malia Says:

    I’m curious if fans of other stars go into insecure crazy mode the way Zac and Vanessa fans do when their significant others don’t appear with them at events.

    For example–Meryl Streep, Abbie Cornish, Sandra Bullock, Claire Danes and Jena Malone–to name a few at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Are their fan sites and blogs burning up with queries and comments about “something being wrong” in their relationships?

    Or do all those aforementioned stars only have mature fans?

  27. 27
    pop86 Says:

    Zac looks great. I think he cut his hair for upcoming project.

  28. 28
    annasauaurus Says:

    @Malia: It’s because this particular couple is a ‘tween’ couple worshipped by teenyboppers. If the other stars you mentioned didn’t bring their significant others, nobody would say anything. Actually most likely they did bring them but they just chose not to walk the red carpet with them.

    Also, I think Zac Efron should stop stealing Robert Pattinson’s hairstyle. It does not complement his bloaty face.

  29. 29
    abby Says:

    HE really has grown up a lot since his HSM cast. And the fact that he’s a former Disney star making a name for himself I think really says alot about who he is. He looks amazing.

    I wish him all the best.

  30. 30
    gaby Says:

    he looks SEXYYY. as always of course. :]

  31. 31
    gaby Says:

    he looks SEXYYY. as always of course. :]

  32. 32
    hollywoodgossip Says:

    bad hair cut.

  33. 33
    Just Interested Says:

    he looks kinda feminine ;/

  34. 34
    celestine Says:

    @annasauaurus: Robert Pattinson’s hairstyle?? So when Zac wears a beanie or ruffles his hair or cuts his hair , he’s copying Robert Pattinson ?

    It’s very silly of you to think that everything Zac does means he’s copying Robert Pattinson , He does not need to Zac is a very handsome man and has way more talent and charisma .

    Im not saying Robert Pattinson is talentless , I just think that Zac is a little better at acting than him.

  35. 35
    pottersfield Says:


    Thank you for the correction. Its nice to know that you can use a dictionary.

  36. 36
    jolentini Says:

  37. 37
    Drusilla Says:

    I think he’d make a fine Spider Man. It would be easy to geek him up.

  38. 38
    Trina Says:


    Knowing the difference between the determiners “a” and “an” is 4th grade grammar. No dictionary required.

  39. 39
    Tiptoes Says:

    More pics here

  40. 40
    honey Says:

    Vanessa should be his MJ :)

  41. 41
    Jenna Says:

    his hair looks so much better, but the suit is way too fitted!

  42. 42
    cubur Says:

    We are proud of being your fan ZAC!!!!!

  43. 43
    zup Says:

    I agree that Zac does not have a “Robert’s hairstyle”. Robert’s is WAY better and his face isn’t bloated. I don’t think that Zac has more charisma but let’s agree to disagree.

  44. 44
    gaeljet Says:



  45. 45
    Karen Says:


    You are so obvious. You think you can throw the “teenybopper” word in their and belittle Zac and Vanessa’s relationship as well as insult their fans. Yes, they have a lot of young fans but they have tons of us who are anything but. Many of their fans are far over the age of 25—an age I doubt you are anywhere near yet. You give yourself away by bringing the name of Robert Pattinson up. He obviously is YOUR idol and given that fact you are pretty much giving your age away too. You only made your comment in thinking you were sticking it to Zac’s fans. You need to try again in a few years when you learn how to do a better job at it.

  46. 46
    Goddie Says:

    @Karen: I can’t imagine, if you’re over 25 as you suggest, why you’d be a fan of Zac and Vanessa, two Disney celebrities.

    If you’re over 25 and you follow tweenyboppers, you’re either really immature and/or creepy.

    With the exception of maybe you, no one over 25 cares for Zac Efron, since they’ve appeared in no other noteworthy movies since High School Musical, a movie watched only by people under 20.

  47. 47
    mrsefron. Says:


    he is jaw dropping SEXYY <3


    & for Spider-Man… YES YES YES YES YES .

    dream come true for Zac & I <33 & everyy other girll in the world ;;<33

  48. 48
    liz Says:

    Haha, copying robert pattinson’s hairstyle? Please. You’re face must be so bloaty you can’t see crap :)

    @Goddie: Why the hell are you here then? Aren’t you spossed to be in a career and whatnot instead of trashtalking people, who, as a matter of fact, have been more successful then u at a younger age? GET A LIFE.

    @hollywoodgossip: Hollywood gossip. Horrible title name!

  49. 49
    Tiptoes Says:


    you are obviously ignorant of his films outside of HSM….and Me and Orson Welles is not for kiddies under age 20.

    some of us here are mature fans who want Zac and Van to move and get involved with projects appealing to the mature crowd.

    As to the Spiderman rumor, the studio is still looking for a director to take this project. So until this is done, any casting mentions are premature.

  50. 50
    Malia Says:


    Sweetie, I (and a LOT of other Zac and Vanessa fans) are WAY over 25. I follow both Zac and Vanessa because I have GREAT admiration for them. Not only for their up and coming careers and choices in movies, but also for their being level headed young people who aren’t tattooed and pierced from head to toe like circus freaks and falling out of bars drunk or on drugs.

    They focus on their careers and cherish their personal relationship in a way that people from previous generations did. They both march to a different drummer. These are traits that many young fans cannot see or understand because you have been spoon fed on the artificiality of soap operas and scripted reality shows, which you have come to think of as the real world. And Zac and Vanessa do not belong to that world you know.

    You, like many dim-witted tabloid hacks, wrongly assume that Zac and Vanessa are 14-year old kids who will always belong to the tweenie bopper crowd. Which tells me you haven’t read the praise they have both received from credible producers, directors, movie critics and members of the adult world.

  51. 51
    Karen Says:

    Ah, Goddie is just another smart alack who wants to mix it up with the more intelligent and secure people. Goddie is too old to want to be looked upon as a little kid but too young to appreciate what someone older has to offer in the ways in the lessons of life. That shows their maturity, intelligence, and what type person they are at this stage in their life. Yes, they can make fun of someone on this thread that they don’t fit in—another thing that shows what type person they are. I have a feeling Goddie is the same type who I have had to deal with in counseling situations in times past associated with my jobs. You know the “troubled” teen or the bully type or the ones who simply have a chip on their shoulder who wants to pick fights to try to prove they are “something”. Even most of us here have seen the likes of Goddie over the past years. It’s not even interesting anymore to listen to them.

  52. 52
    Tiptoes Says:

    i think these “kids” should leave us in peace.

    hope we have some pics on sunday night wheather its the GG or after party….

  53. 53
    sheila Says:

    @Goddie: that is the most ridiculous comment ever. so, if i’m an older person, i can’t appreciate the talent in young actors? am i relegated to only movies or actors who are from “my generation?” i guess i’m creepy for enjoying harry potter movies or any movie where the actor is under 20 years old.

  54. 54
    irongrumma Says:

    Goddie. i am over 40 and i still read about them all the time.i like there movie which i watch all the time.i like to know what there next movie will be and hope they move in together.just becouse i am over 40 don’t meet i can’t join vanessa zac club and talk to people who like them just as much as i do.i got the no my cell phone to

  55. 55
    Karen Says:

    What I think is really funny when people say stupid stuff like there must be something wrong with a person who is over 30 and likes Zac and/or Vanessa is do these people—someone under a CERTAIN AGE—restrain themselves from liking an actor/actress who is out of their age range? If you are 18 does that mean you would not watch and like a Johnny Depp movie? I mean if you are 18 this man would be old enough to be your father actually! When someone mentioned such stupid stuff, I say again, it shows just how intelligent they are.

  56. 56
    Karen Says:

    And just think how creepy it would be if someone who is 18 or even 21 would like Brad Pitt…George Clooney!!!! It gives me the shivers…

  57. 57
    kami Says:

    so did zac (with vanessa in the car) get a parking ticket or a speeding ticket?

  58. 58
    grunny Says:

    karen why is it stupid for a person over 30 like zac and vanessa. i am over 30 and i have funny watch there movie with my kids . i like them. we go on not stupid went you like them and want to know everthink about them. becouse your kids are in to them. and they help there mother thougfh brest cancen to gave her somethink do for them..why is it hard for you think that there is people over 30 who like them.why you all go to be so nice to people who come on here. and say think. so a person over 40 say she like them.what wrong with that.i see you like hurt need to under standy more.

  59. 59
    Malia Says:


    I think you need to go back and carefully read Karen’s comments. She is being sarcastic to make a point because someone else thought it was creepy for older people to like Zac and Vanessa.

  60. 60
    kami Says:

    this person was at the kobe bryant event that zac (and reportedly vanessa) was at. so i’m wondering if she saw them getting a parking ticket outside the event. or was it a speeding ticket on the way home? tweets are never very clear.

    “Omgsh omgsh omgsh holyyy crap crus cr3ehjfr i just saw zac and v hudg in his audi getting a ticket i kid you nottt!!!!!! ”
    about 1 hour ago from txt

  61. 61
    Kelly Says:

    Ew….I hate him so much.

  62. 62
    go sox Says:

    @kami: From what I’ve read, she reported that tweet to be a mistake.

  63. 63
    kami Says:

    i thought she meant she tweeted it instead of texting it to someone. but there of lots of made up tweets so this could be one too.

  64. 64
    wuteverbit Says: might fall in love with him…so fast.
    im a guy….by the way.

  65. 65
    Tiptoes Says:

    Zac was the only one at the Nike event…looks like a boys night fun out.

    he looks so shy asking Kobe the questions..and Kobe was so funny saying his daughter likes HSM so much. hope you get to see this video.

    hope tomorrow he is also there at the GG after party….

  66. 66
    Grace Says:

    I’m feeling the need to chime in on the creepy older fan comment. I haven’t seen 18 in decades but I, like many just like me, am a huge Zac fan. He may have gotten his beginning at Disney (although if you follow him at all, you’d know that this isn’t true) but Disney is just that, a beginning. Zac appeals to us older fans because the promise he shows in his movies and his life’s chocies are far more mature than many of those that seem to be so popular in Hollywood right now. It’s refreshing to see some one with true talent actually know that hard work and dedication to a job well done are a better route than taking part in some single act that causes so many headlines a 5 minute career is it’s result. Zac is the real deal. His fans see it but more importantly people in Hollywood that matter see it. He’ll be around for a very long time . . . I’m sure there’ll be mistakes alolng the way but they won’t keep his career from moving forward. Hard work pays off and I’m happy to watch Zac reep the benefits of that. As far as being creepy, I suppose if all Zac had to offer was good looks it could be considered creepy to follow him closely but speaking as a happily married older person I find his good looks one of the least important facts to watch about Zac. I’m far more interested in watching his growth in the industry and his growth as a person.
    Just as a final comment, I will say I find it far creepier for those that don’t like some one or have interest in them to come on a site to make rash statements about people they don’t know simply to cause trouble. Perhaps creepy is not the best word . . . rude and childish fit much better actually.

  67. 67
    Nicki Says:

    Dude, I hope he gets the part. He’s way better for it than that Rob guy from Twilight. Go Zac, you can do it! Thinking since Sony is tight with him, I’m hopping ^^

  68. 68
    ++Logan++ Says:

    hes a cutie

  69. 69
    pottersfield Says:


    I agree with you 100%. The only thing I have a problem with is that when V is with him they always qualify it with the HSM movies. That is not going to help Zac at all.

  70. 70
    Susan Says:

    People are going to equate Zac with the HSM movies for a good many years. It has nothing to do with Vanessa or his relationship with her. It’s the fact that he did three Disney movies. Most young fans still think of Zac as Troy. They hate it when he changes his hair for a role and doesn’t look like Troy. There were countless comments on a CSC blog about “hating his hair.” They obviously didn’t get the fact that Zac was playing a character that wasn’t Zac/Troy.

    And the same is true for Vanessa. She is still considered that HSM kid or the “Disney Darling.” Even if she weren’t with Zac, the Disney stigma would still be there.

  71. 71
    Grace Says:

    @pottersfield: It’s true they still equate Zac with HSM. But I have to agree with Susan and say that I think it has little to do with his relationship with Vanessa. Where I must differ from what Susan said is that I actually don’t think it’s his fans that are holding onto his HSM image. Yes, he has many younger fans, I think that will be the case for a very long time but I also feel that the tendency of the media to use that has his reference point is because he has yet to have a role that has brought in the amount of money that the HSM franchise did. I’m not suggesting that his movies have not been successful, I’m simply saying that they have not reached that level of audience. It’s like with Will Smith. Will Smith did many movies but still remained the kid from Fresh Prince. Then came Independence Day and even he will tell you that over night he became Mr. Smith. But there again, it took years for him to move forward and be disassociated with Independence Day. And now as an adult, he is no longer associated with a single role, he is simply known as an actor. Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Leo DeCaprio all had a similar situation. These types of distinctions take time and I think Zac is aware of this and that’s part of the reason he works as hard as he does. His role is out there . . . it simply hasn’t hit theatres yet . . . when it does we fans can all sit back and laugh and say “it’s about friggin’ time.”

  72. 72
    Tiptoes Says:


    Some Zac fans feel that Van is a liability or an albatross as you said in your earlier post. But why should you feel this way about his choice of his partner when it is very obvious that he is happy with her (and has been for the last 4 years), pampers her (by throwing a wonderful 21st bday bash for her) and supportive of her projects? She is woman who has her own projects, Beastly and Sucker Punch, and is likewise supportive of his projects, and as a girlfriend, understands the devotion of his fans.

    And as they move on to other projects, they become more and more, as a power couple, perhaps the younger version of Brangelina or Tom/Kate. HSM days are long over. Case in point, when he was introductred in this event, he was the star of Me and Orson Welles.

  73. 73
    Kay Says:

    Oh my god, he is so ugly :| didn’t notice that before

  74. 74
    go sox Says:

    @kami: LOL, yes, that’s what she meant by “mistake”; that she didn’t mean for the tweet to go out to the masses. Oops.

  75. 75
    go sox Says:

    @Grace: I totally agree, Grace. Count me as one of the older, mature fans, interested in his career; not because I fantasize about him or want to be with him, like teens do. THAT is gross to me.

  76. 76
    Lindsay Says:

    i would totally see him being spiderman. im totally for him. i hope he gets the part.

  77. 77
    Grace Says:

    @go sox: Glad to have you aboard. I’m sure we’re two of many!!

  78. 78
    newyorkrox101 Says:

    He’s HOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Zac Efron and would love to see him in that spidey suit!!!!

  79. 79
    Jill Says:

    He looks great here. I like his hair.

    But yeah, I don’t see him as Peter Parker. And I do not like the idea of rebooting Spider-man. Sam Raimi and the rest of the cast should return. I’d like to see the Vulture as the main villain for the 4th.

  80. 80
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  81. 81
    Leo Says:

    Spiderman/Peter Parker is meant to be a geek with vry few friends you cannot cast a woman magnet like Zac or any of the other hollywood girl magnets, it would be ridiculous and highly unrealistic the Spiderman fans would be in outrage sure it would bring girls to watch it but the fans who would bring the most money would not be happy.

    For the love of god cast someone that is more of a geek.

  82. 82
    Tiptoesg Says:

    They have selected a new director for the Spiderman reboot – M. Webb, the director of 500 Days of Summer. Webb will direct the next 3 movies.

  83. 83
    Malia Says:

    There are pictures on GG of Zac and Vanessa on a double date with Brittany and Ryan today. Cute.

  84. 84
    zaccyandvany Says:

    aww how sweet is that haircut, but he looks.. different as otherwise

  85. 85
    Dr NYC Says:

    Good look with the Spidey thing!

  86. 86
    MADONNA Says:


  87. 87
    Alex Says:

    Oh no, no no no no no no, Please for the love of god NO.

    If he becomes spider-man i’ll shoot myself in the head with a rocket launcher, imagine this “Goblin, Spidey !!!!!” then they break out in dance and song.

    Zac go back to High school crack, stay away from spiderman.

  88. 88
    Lacey Says:

    I cannot believe he’s being Spiderman! WTF, are the producer’s really that desparate!?

    As a big fan, Zac will only attract teenies. No adult in their right mind would see him perform as Spiderman. I know I wouldnt pay at all to see that crap.

    UGHHH they ruin everything!

  89. 89
    Tiptoes Says:

    that news came from a tabliod, so the source is not legit and believable….

    don’t believe it until I hear Zac’s team confirm it or from a newsworthy source….

    honestly, i dont think he will take it…

  90. 90
    PHEN Says:


  91. 91
    nirmala Says:

    he looks good in his new style. How great u are to act as a spider-man. I love this. I’ll waiting for your performance, Zac.

  92. 92
    MADONNA Says:

    LOVE HIM!!!

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