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Jared Padalecki: Conan The Barbarian Competitor -- EXCLUSIVE

Jared Padalecki: Conan The Barbarian Competitor -- EXCLUSIVE

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki is the third actor in the running to star in the remake of Conan The Barbarian, sources tell

It was reported earlier this week that Kellan Lutz (Twilight) and Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis, Baywatch) are the two others in competition for the role.

Conan is set to start production on March 15 in Bulgaria but as previously reported that Padalecki‘s schedule might be causing a little bit of trouble — he plans on tying the knot with fiancee Genevieve Cortese this spring in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Directing Conan is Marcus Nispel, who worked with Jared on the 2009 horror flick Friday the 13th.

WHO DO YOU THINK is right for the Conan role — Kellan, Jason or Jared?

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104 Responses to “Jared Padalecki: Conan The Barbarian Competitor -- EXCLUSIVE”

  1. 1
    Alice Says:

    Jared Padalecki, 4 sure.

  2. 2
    shannanigans Says:

    I love Jared Padalecki, he’s great in everything he does. (Just Jared, this is a manip photo, fyi.)

  3. 3 Says:

    Jared ! then I would definitely watch the movie.

  4. 4
    chloe Says:

    Maybe the only reason to watch the movie (the picture is a manip)

  5. 5
    Mac Says:

    you know that this pic of jared in the post is a fake right?
    maybe you should change it before anyone else realizes it…

  6. 6
    Aylin Says:

    In that case I would watch the movie.

  7. 7
    brightside Says:

    None. I like Jared best – have done so since Supernatural but Arnie was, and always will be, the definitive Conan. He grunted and glared in all the right places and didn’t talk much.

  8. 8
    The Comedian Says:

    Definitively a manip, so much for the journalistic work guys
    Anyway, he is SO NOT a Conan type ! I love the guy but it’s not a role for me
    I wonder if he ever heard about this !!

  9. 9
    style1 Says:

    Damn he is sexy

  10. 10
    amanda Says:

    jared padalecki is the love of my life <3 i hope you get the part jared ! i dont even care if he gets engaged i just want him to go on a tlk show so i can meet him <3 :D but ew. hate her !

  11. 11
    ohforgoodnesssakes Says:

    That is a sad manip that has been going around for years. THAT IS NOT HIS BODY. At least use a picture that isn’t a manip. Geesh.

  12. 12
    modeztgirl Says:

    Definitely Jared!!

  13. 13
    Lewzar Says:

    I can’t even take this story seriously because you clearly can’t bother to find a REAL picture of Jared Padalecki. Also, you might want to correct the spelling of his last name. You have it as Padelecki.

  14. 14
    Liv Says:

    As much as I like Jared from Supernatural, I’m not sure he’d make the best Conan. Why the hell are they remaking Conan anyways?

  15. 15
    jamie Says:

    what does manip mean?

  16. 16
    ohforgoodnesssakes Says:

    It means it’s a photoshopped picture. Someone added his head on a different body.

  17. 17
    Iggles Says:

    I think of the 3, Jason Momoa (from Stargate Atlantis) is best suited for the role.

  18. 18
    hollywoodgossip Says:


  19. 19
    A.H. Says:

    I love Jared on Supernatural (and I think he’d be great in romantic comedies), but I just can’t see him as Conan. For me, it’s a no-brainer; Jason Momoa. He has the size and build, the right look and persona, and the PERFECT voice. If they’re going to do a remake of Conan, they should go with Momoa.

  20. 20
    ztacks Says:

    It’s funny how you guys seem surprised JJ doesn’t know this is fake. Why is that so obvious? Sheeez lighten up..

  21. 21
    Jenny Says:

    I don’t want him all bulked up.
    NO! >_<

  22. 22
    chelsey Says:

    jason momoa. He is fantastic and seems he would fit the role best.

  23. 23
    heck Says:

    Jared for sure

  24. 24
    Hell yeah Says:

    Jared, absolutely. I love him.

  25. 25
    Nadia Says:

    Daniel Cudmore was autioning for the role too.

  26. 26
    JC Says:


  27. 27
    AmraTheLion Says:

    Have you guys confirmed that the other possible actors Urban, Jay Tavare, Travis Van Winkle and Derek Mears are no longer in consideration as the “thid” actor?

  28. 28
    Team Padalecki Says:

    Jared Padalecki! I hope they can make the scheduling work so that he can be on the big screen again!! Go Jared !

  29. 29
    Megan Says:

    Jared, definitely. And could people PLEASE get it in their heads that the photo of Jared here is not real? It’s his face plastered on some random dude’s body. Jared’s body is much more attractive than that, FYI.

  30. 30
    Rene Says:

    Jared is supposed to get married in February so that is not a conflict. His conflict would be with filming Supernatural til late March.

  31. 31
    Nic Says:

    jason momoa.
    done and done.

  32. 32
    bohemeballerine Says:

    Kellan definitely

  33. 33
    Elyse Says:

    I’ll vote for Jason Momoa. He CAN swing a mean sword ;)

  34. 34
    stellartes Says:

    Jason Momoa all the way…he is very tall,buff and has a very exotic look! it’s hard to replace arnold be for me Jason comes to closest!

  35. 35
    kelly Says:

    lol @ the manip XD

  36. 36
    Mo Says:

    yeah, jared is a good pick. although i do have to comment, like many others, that you have a fake picture of jared. thats his head but not his body.

  37. 37
    mariel Says:

    Jared gets my vote!

  38. 38
    Annie Says:


  39. 39
    miss dannielle Says:

    as “cool” as he is can we get a real crappy syfy actor in here or a guy who needs the job..or how about why even remake this let arnolds be THE ONE. its gonna flop anyways. lol no one wants to see CONAN!! what the french.

  40. 40
    Ally Says:

    Jared!!! Most definitely!! We need more Jared!!

  41. 41
    kirsten Says:




  42. 42
    Johnny Says:

    Much better than any of those twilight girly men.

  43. 43
    Kristen Says:

    I love Jared so much, but no. Jason would be SO much better for that role.

  44. 44
    Smarter than you Says:

    Do you people think that at some point some smart person amongst the morons on your staff will point out that THAT IS NOT JARED PADALECKI IN THAT PICTURE? It’s a photo manipulation. Lord, does anyone do any work besides the fans?

  45. 45
    winnie Says:

    This photo of Jared is a MANIP!!. There are so many photo’s out there of Jared that show off his real body aka tv guide shoot. Do you need us fans to link you to the real image?

  46. 46
    Oh Canada Says:

    I just wanted to say Arnold was soooo hot. He’s the best looking pro body builder there ever was.

    I think they should leave Conan the Barbarian alone, it’s a cult classic, it doesn’t need a remake.

  47. 47
    marianne Says:

    huuuummm, jared, the barbarian….. very interesting!

  48. 48
    Vickie Says:

    Jared would be very good on the eyes. Why remake such a classic movie. Can anyone really fill the original Conan’s shoes.

  49. 49
    Ash Says:

    That manip doesn’t show Jared’s broad shoulders and gigantic arms!

    I don’t think a movie can do anything but flunk (it’s not the 80ies anymore) so I hope Jared gets plenty of cash for doing this if he does. At least don’t make this flick into the drool fest for steroid worshippers like the other one was. A grunting, pumped up idiot is nowhere sexy in today culture.

    If Jared does this, at least let him act. He’ll surprise with what he can do other than look like a genetic masterpiece. Born Under a bad sign anyone?

  50. 50
    jolly Says:


  51. 51
    Liv Says:

    oh no.

  52. 52
    jane Says:

    2 hours of Jared in nothing but a loincloth, I would pay $25.00 for a ticket to that movie.

  53. 53
    emily Says:

    generally a huge fan of Jared, but Jason Momoa is seriously BANGIN! plus an amazing actor.

  54. 54
    Sara Says:


  55. 55
    Fan Says:

    Jared All the way!!

  56. 56
    rrr Says:


  57. 57
    Kike Says:

    The three options are pure crap. I want a REAL ACTOR to play the cimmerian, not underwear models… oh my god, this production is going worse and worse each day…

  58. 58
    J love Says:

    Jared would be the only reason to watch it . He is great

  59. 59
    ++Logan++ Says:


  60. 60
    Lonnietoons Says:

    Isn’t that photo of Jared a manip?
    Anyway NO Jared!! Geez you can do better then a movie like that! O_o You’re more then a pretty face with a hot bod! Gosh I love them man, but his movie roles… ugh XD

  61. 61
    gaby Says:

    God knows I love Jared, and I like it a lot in movies he did and in Supernatural, but I think he prefers to prepare his marriage to Genevieve as a film but if Jared is in it then j ‘would go see if this is not a film that fascinate me.

  62. 62
    Belgiangirl Says:

    Jared I hope you do realize that you used a fake manip (Photoshopped) pictured for Jared Padalecki there! LOL! Jared never did a photoshoot like that *giggles* As for who to play Conan, I either hope Jared Padalecki or Kellan Lutz :)

  63. 63
    Adri Says:

    I wanna see Jared without shirt :D:D Of course JARED even if this remake will be stupid as hell…

  64. 64
    lily Says:

    Jared Padalecki, sure!

  65. 65
    omg Says:

    Wow . . .bad career move. Next to Chace Crawford in a footloose remake . . . BAD.

  66. 66
    red Says:

    Jared padalecki. I don’t think he is that pretty, but dam, the man can act! I like him, i like his acting, he can give us a memorable Conan.

  67. 67
    kacee Says:

    kellan lutz for sure.he has the abs and the looks

  68. 68
    MADONNA Says:

    Jared is the best looking out of all three

  69. 69
    lauren Says:

    yes! jared for sure!

  70. 70
    Tamesa Says:

    I love Jared as much as the next fan girly but I am sorry for this role the guy that plays Conan needs to look more like Dwayne Johnson……….

  71. 71
    Taranaich Says:

    I am contractually obligated to point out that there are plenty of reasons to make a new Conan film, seeing as the character was created 50 years before the film, and was not well represented by Arnold. Complaining about a remake of Conan the Barbarian is as silly as complaining about Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films for “remaking Ralph Bakshi’s cult classic.”

    Out of the three choices, Paladecki is the one which irks me the least. Momoa doesn’t seem to have the range, and Lutz is just a horrible choice. Sadly, this is just one in a long line of disasters this film has undergone from seemingly the start, and frankly, I’d prefer if Jared kept clear, and concentrated on something worthwhile.

  72. 72
    brightside Says:

    @Taranaich: Curious as to who you would choose then? Out of interest….

  73. 73
    J Says:

    I’d rather they didn’t remake it in the first place, the original was terrible so I doubt a remake would be much better. If I had to pick though I would go for Jared

    also that pic of him isn’t real its a manip of his head on anothers body!

  74. 74
    Ashley Says:

    I am completely obsessed with Jared, and I think always will be, and even though he obviously has a sexy as hell body, I don’t think he’s Barbarian material. He has a really soft, innocent look about him too. I think Kellan would be more for the role.

  75. 75
    Marr Says:

    go Jared

  76. 76
    Melanie Says:

    I vote for Jared — but where is your source for it being CONFIRMED that Jared is the 3rd actor being considered?
    Last I saw he was one of 5 named in addition to Lutz and Momoa

  77. 77
    Taranaich Says:

    brightside: I’d pick someone suited to the role. For a younger Conan, that would mean an unknown, since I can’t think of any major actors who fit the bill.

  78. 78
    meetsingledoctors Says:

    Wow, he looks great

  79. 79
    AmraTheLion Says:

    @Melanie: Still wondering as well if the admins of this site confirmed that the other possible actors Karl Urban, Jay Tavare, Travis Van Winkle and Derek Mears are no longer in consideration as the “thid” actor?

  80. 80
    ilari Says:


    ashley, jared doesnt have that sweet innocent look anymore…contrary to you, I think jared fits perfect for the role of a warrior, a caveman or a barbarian.

  81. 81
    karina Says:


  82. 82
    diana Says:

    i adore jared, but i have to go with jason on this one, he’s just perfect for the part!!

  83. 83
    lubee Says:

    Jaredddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd hans&feet downnn

  84. 84
    Julie Says:

    Don’t count on it you guys. Unless Jared does find himself some time of his own I doubt this will happen. It’s like with Jensen and that Resident Evil rumours.

    I’d rather have a Sam Winchester than a…. whoever this character is (though if it meants having Jared bare chest I’m in!)

  85. 85
    Deej Says:

    You could at least have used a REAL photo of Jared rather than a manip. There’s enough of that crap already on the internet.

  86. 86
    CC Says:

    Jason. He actually CAN do the stuff.

  87. 87
    BTDT Says:

    Jared didn’t get the role.

  88. 88
    shane Says:

    i wished jared, but i heard someone else pushed too much to get the role.

  89. 89
    AmraTheLion Says:

    @shane Who? Do tell :)

  90. 90
    valentina Says:

    mucha suerte, jared!!! youre an amazing actor, you deserve the best!!!!

  91. 91
    adriane Says:

    hellou,passei aqui pra manda um beijo.

  92. 92
    adriane Says:

    oi,passei aqui,pra desejar muitas felicidade pra voce.

  93. 93
    adriane Says:

    jared voce e ddd+

  94. 94
    Dr NYC Says:

    Arnold would break this guy in half! Is this a joke?

  95. 95
    PHEN Says:

    BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!!

  96. 96
    JaredP-Fan Says:

    JARED ALL THE WAY, HE NEEDS TO GET THIS PART, The movie will be a big hit with him in it. Sell out for sure lol, I hope he gets it, would be nice to see a new movie with him in it :D :D :D :D :D

  97. 97
    engagement rings Says:

    Well, to be completely honest, I dont like Jared at all.

  98. 98
    Stilladsudlejning Says:

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  99. 99
    اغاني سعودية Says:

    Jared for sure

  100. 100
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  101. 101
    babylove Says:

    i don’t care if he is all bulked up just as long as he is in the movie, THEN i will definitely watch the movie.

  102. 102
    babylove Says:

    Jared Padalecki will definitely give you a reason to watch the movie.

  103. 103
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