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LeAnn Rimes Visits Eddie Cibrian On Set

LeAnn Rimes Visits Eddie Cibrian On Set

Leann Rimes visits her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian on his first day back on the CSI: Miami set in Los Angeles on Friday (January 15).

After showing LeAnn around the set, Eddie quickly stopped by his trailer to change clothes (a picture of his son can be seen hanging inside the trailer).

The lovebirds then hopped into Eddie‘s 1959 Corvette.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Nike hoodie and toting around a stylish white Goyard bag.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes visiting Eddie Cibrian on set…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 07
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leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 15
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leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 18

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697 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes Visits Eddie Cibrian On Set”

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  1. 1
    kitty Says:


  2. 2
    Ms Anonymous Says:

    Gwen, don’t even think about opening your mouth. People are dying in Haiti, so shut it for once you dumb troll.

  3. 3
    hazel Says:

    Seems as though they have moved on finally. They look good together and anyone that says otherwise is a hater!

  4. 4
    Marieme Says:

    Did this wet gopher donate any money for Haiti? Or is all her extra cash going towards Eddie’s child support payments? Rhetorical, of course.

  5. 5
    JP Says:

    It must be nice for him to not have to be supporting a women for once. Leanne’s got her own ca$h. And as a man, it’s hot that a woman can support herself and doesn’t depend on her boyfriend/husband for money.

  6. 6
    xoxo Says:

    @Marieme: How much money did you donate? Rhetorical, of course.

  7. 7
    anonymous Says:

    Well if this is his first day back on set and the first time she visits him,I guess the story about her spending all her free time there following him around like a dog was infact just a planted story by In Touch to stir things up.

  8. 8
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    So far so good on the qwen watch,LOL!!

    Yes, they look happy. She is beaming ALWAYS with pics with this guy. Yeah, she beamed in pics with Dean , her ex husband too.
    Rimes and Cibrian look like 2 happy, young people in love and who love their lives.

    Little kids, they are and that is that.
    Dean is off with his life , some money even if he probably had to sign some STFU papers for just in case.

    Little kids, lets leave Karma out of it too.

    You know many people do unseemy things or wrong things, and all goes well and like clockwork according to plane. So be it.

    Not talking about these rich people who are in love…Fact of life, you do what you have to do and and get on with your life. Any wrongs, let it go. Move on and never look back. What I am sayingis the old saying,you don’t wrong others,and seeking the revenge only eats you . It does nothing for anyone ,but for you. If you are into self-hurt, go for it.

  9. 9
    Lauren Says:

    Is he cheating on her yet? Once a cheater always a cheater.

  10. 10
    gwen Says:

    @Ms Anonymous:

    Miss anon (aka cbme, michela)

    You are at it again?

    So then if you are so concerned about people dying in Haiti, why are you taking the time and energy to write a post about me?

    You know that I struck a nerve because CBME/michela starts posting about me before I even show up.

  11. 11
    john Says:

    shes obsessively checkin on him bc shes afraid hes gonna cheat!

  12. 12
    qwen Says:

    They are happy.
    Like LeAnn ‘s song says,
    So What, Big Deal.

  13. 13
    gwen Says:

    Just when you think that Sienna Jr and Getty Jr can’t stoop any lower, they call the paps and show us just how low they are willing to go. So what do we learn from DISGUSTING DUO?

    1) Of course they look happy. That’s the point. EC is so upset about BG new boyfriend that he is using LR as a weapon. How interesting that these pda photo-ops keep popping up. EC isn’t over BG and he just proved that with this LOOK AT ME photo-op.

    2) Since the kiss and red carpet invent did little to convince people that EC and LR are in love, LR stages yet another handholding photo-op. Note to LR, the most that anyone will ever take away from these photo-ops is that EC is cheating on her. EC held BG hand too. When EC plays the devoted lover it just means that he is cheating. Who has EC been having chemistry with on the set of CSI?

    3) The source who made that report to In Touch was right. Here we have LR on the set of CSI because she is too afraid of what EC will do if she isn’t there. So EC and LR are trying to counteract the source by staging hand holding photo-ops? That was brilliant, not. No one would ever suspect that LR is following EC all over the set of CSI (because he is cheating on her) if they are photographed smiling, holding hands, and looking happy, right? Why won’t the media/press just be honest?

    4) Leann thinks that she can avoid the backlash from the public by doing charity events. I said that Leann was going on the “Save my ****” tour and sure enough, we have Leann thinking that doing good for others gives her the right to taunt BG and her kids.

    5) Wow, So a picture of his son means that EC is a “devoted father”? What a lowlife, just like the coward he is and has always been EC is once again using his kids to sheild himself. How convient that a picure of his kid is visible on set. Too bad EC couldn’t be a man and at least follow the promise he made on RR, you know the one where he said that he was not going to air his dirty laundry because his kids mean just that much to him. The last time we checked Leann was still DS wife, right?

    6) Leann is still paying the media/press for positive press. So the media wants us to believe that EC and LR are in love(aka lovebirds) because she visits his set, changes clothes in his trailer, and then they drive off into the sunset? So EC and LR are lovebirds? Based on what? Because they hold hands and smile? He did the same thing with his wife, and the only thing that comes out of this iew photo-op is that EC is cheating on LR.

    7) Leann and Eddie are not content with the fact that no one is buying their farce as “romance”. If they were so happy and in love, they would spend less time trying to convince the public and more time on each other. This is why the public will never ever like EC and LR because they just keep trying to shove this farce down everyone’s throats. Every week, it’s something. So now love=visting the set and showing LR around. And this has absolutely nothing to do with fact that EC is cheating on LR with someone on his set?

    8) Since LR is paying EC for appearing in photo-ops with her, that doesn’t make him LR boyfriend.

  14. 14
    Donna Says:

    She looks great. very fit and super happy…. And he is adorable. They look great together,, every one needs to move on….

  15. 15
    gwen Says:

    Oh no, I angered LR pr person (aka cbme/michela, miss anon) and she has once again hijacked my name. So since it is that easy for cbme/micheal/miss anon to hijack my name, then we know just how easy it is for her to post under all of these different names.

    If Leann and Eddie were happy, they wouldn’t be trying to force us to belive that this love EVERY WEEK.Now let’s wait for the nice little fluff piece from People magazine.

    It’s a big deal because EC and LR make it a big deal. EC must really be hurting about BG new guy because that’s the only reason to keep up this charade with his cash cow.

  16. 16
    Lou G Says:

    @gwen: Wow! Somebody is taking this a little too far, and a little too personal. You sound like a bitter old b*tch!

  17. 17
    gwen Says:


    People will move on when EC and LR move on. As long as EC and LR keep trying to shove this farce down people’s throats, people are going to comment. EC said that he wasn’t going to air his dirty laundry, so then why are we seeing him walking around holding the hand of anothter man’s wife? More importantly what is the purpose of having a picture of his son, when he doesn’t even care enough to keep the promises that he made to them. EC and LR are burning the bridges and it’s always interesting to see that the month isn’t even over and they are making themselves very unlikeable with the public.

    If EC and LR are so happy, why do they spend 90 % of the time trying to convince us that this is love? People in love don’t do that. And now this just looks like EC is trying to get back at BG. Poor EC, so heartbroken over BG that he uses LR as a weapon.

    LR looks superhappy? Because she smiles? She looked superhappy with DS too, so what is your point? That just like everyone suspected these photo-ops are nothing more than pr stunts.

  18. 18
    African Girl Says:

    Whoa! You must be the ex wife, huh? You have to be.
    Take heart dear, give it time. . .i’m sure you’ll get over him and find a better guy. A little word of advice…this internet stalking thing you are doing is so not good for your mental health. Think about the children will ya, they deserve a sane mother.
    Good luck and pls try to seek help.

  19. 19
    gwen Says:

    @Lou G:

    Lou G (aka cbme, michela, miss anon)

    Wow, a “different” poster show up cussing at me. Hi cbme/michela!!!!!!!!!!Did I strike a nerve? Why are you getting so bent out of shape? Because people won’t sugarcoat EC and LR pr stunts the way that the media does?

    And the fact that you are cussing at me because I won’t jump on the “EC and LR are happy and in love because they look happy and in love” bandwagon, isn’t taking it a little too far or a little too personal?

    And I suppose cussing at other posters means that you are not bitter, right?

    You know you struck a nerve when several “different” posters show up to tell you that you are a very very bad person for even saying that EC is using LR for publicity. So how many “different” posters should I expect cbme/michela?

  20. 20
    vice Says:

    @gwen: None of it will change just because you want it to. Get over it and get over yourself.

  21. 21
    gwen Says:

    @African Girl:

    African Gilrl (aka cbme. michela, miss anon, donna, Lou G)

    Wow, another “different” poster shows up to insult me. Why am I not surprised.

    What’s the matter cbme/michela?

    1) “Whoa! You must be the ex wife, huh? You have to be.”

    Wait, I heard this before. Cbme/michela people dislike EC and LR because they pull stunts like this, so stop blaming BG.
    2)”Take heart dear, give it time. . .i’m sure you’ll get over him and find a better guy. ”

    So what married man are you trying to get over?

    3)” A little word of advice…this internet stalking thing you are doing is so not good for your mental health.”

    As we can see the manner in which you stalk me hasn’t been good or healthy for you. How many names have you used in just the last 30 minutes? Well at least thanks for proving me right, that when a “different” poster shows up making references to mental health, it is just cbme/michela posting under yet a different names.

    4)”Think about the children will ya, they deserve a sane mother.”

    Leann you are not EC kids’s mother.

    5)”Good luck and pls try to seek help.”

    TRANSLATION: cbme/michela is upset because someone would dare criticize LR and EC.

    We know that you need to seek help, your obsession with me is tearing you into pieces, so much so that you dedicate post after post to me.

  22. 22
    gwen Says:


    vice (aka michela, cbme, miss anon, lou G, african girl)

    Another “different” poster? You are on a roll. I must have realluy struck anerve. So in just 30 min, that’s FOUR different names that you have used. So how many more different posters will show up?

    It doesn’t matter how many different names you post under, you will never save LR and EC. Harassing me only hurts you because now everyone knows just how far you are willing to go to save LR and EC, including posting under different names.

    Perhaps you should take your own advice and get over yourself and the fact that EC and LR will never ever have the public’s support.

  23. 23
    Leann doesn't have any fans Says:

    micheala=cbme, miss anon, vice, Lou G, and African Girl

  24. 24
    Lou G Says:

    @gwen: Who’s getting “bent out of shape” huh? You have made more than 3 comments so far with absolute nonsense plus you wrote a damn composition filled with bs. I don’t care what “bandwagon” you jump on… because I’m not on a “bandwagon”. I’m neutral on this. Anyway so you pretty much proved my point… you really are a BITTER OLD B****! Hahahahahahaha!

    PS.. I think African Girl is right… you HAVE to be the ex. That would explain it. If that’s not the case. You need help!

  25. 25
    gwen Says:

    @Go Ask Alice:

    I see that you are still standing on that mighty soap box of yours. Tell when you get off of it!!!!!!!!!Oh wait, I will know that you stepped off that soap box when you stop criticizing others for doing what you do on a regular basis. So tell me, why is it okay for you to write long posts and post numerous times about EC and LR, but you want to whine because others respond.

    What does it say about you, when you post about other posters when they haven’t even posted? I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but every post you make about me is something that michela/cbme would do? So are you michela/cbme because why esle would you stand on your soap box and preach about others posting in this thread when you are posting here as well?

    So the next time you make a post about me, please make sure that you are not posting because you only slap yourself in the face!!!!!!!!!!!!

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