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LeAnn Rimes Visits Eddie Cibrian On Set

LeAnn Rimes Visits Eddie Cibrian On Set

Leann Rimes visits her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian on his first day back on the CSI: Miami set in Los Angeles on Friday (January 15).

After showing LeAnn around the set, Eddie quickly stopped by his trailer to change clothes (a picture of his son can be seen hanging inside the trailer).

The lovebirds then hopped into Eddie‘s 1959 Corvette.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Nike hoodie and toting around a stylish white Goyard bag.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes visiting Eddie Cibrian on set…

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  1. 26
    hollywoodgossip Says:

    girls relax.

  2. 27
    vice Says:

    No one has even posted on here with the names cbme, or michela. Are you seeing things, psycho? I agree with them, get help. You are definetly certifiable.

  3. 28
    gwen Says:

    @Lou G:
    Lou G (aka cbme, michela, vice, miss anon, AG)

    1) “@gwen: Who’s getting “bent out of shape” huh?”


    Huh? Why does that sound familiar? Because cbme uses this all the time. So thanks for outting yourself cbme/micheala. So you are upset because after yet another photo-op EC and LR still are not popular with the public.

    2)”You have made more than 3 comments so far with absolute nonsense plus you wrote a damn composition filled with bs.”

    TRANSLATION: cbme/michela thinks that it’s okay for her to make post after post, but she wants to **** and whine when other posters post. You see she doesn’t like to think.

    Now why is okay for you to write compositiosn and BS?

    BTW, thanks for cussing. As everyone knows when a “different” poster shows ups cussing, it’s just cbme/michela posting under a different name.

    3)” don’t care what “bandwagon” you jump on… ”

    Yes you do. Hence why you posted under 4 other different names. If you didn’t care, then your posts wouldn’t exist. If you are going to lecture others, than at least walk the talk because now you come off as the unstable one. You are upset and now you are trying to bully other posters.

    4)’because I’m not on a “bandwagon”. I’m neutral on this. ”

    So cbme/michela new strategey is to pose as “neutral” posters. Cbme/michela you can cut the charade. Everyone knows that it is you. You can change the name, but you can not change the obsession that you have for me. If you were neutral, then you would have posted what you need to say and moved on. The fact that you just couldn’t resist the urge to post about me, just makes it even more obvious that you are cbme/michela.

    5)”Anyway so you pretty much proved my point… you really are a BITTER OLD B****! Hahahahahahaha!”

    WRONG dear. You proved that you post under different names and that you wage these personal attacks against other posters to run others off.

    Since LR is sleeping with another woman’s husband, that makes he bitter, right?


    Thanks for outting yourself cbme/michela. Wow you really are dense.

    7)”I think African Girl is right… you HAVE to be the ex.”

    Of course you think AG is right, that’s because YOU are also African Girl. How typical of michela/cbme, to scream that anyone who dares challenges EC and LR is BG. So who does that make you? You are awfully upset about this one photo-op, so that must make you Leann, right?

    8)”That would explain it. ”

    Explain what? That LR and EC fanbase is so small that you have to blame BG to cope with the public’s dislike of them.

    9)”If that’s not the case. You need help!”

    We know that you need help CBME/michela. The sad part is that you really think that you are fooling people with this diffrent poster act.

    PS-Are you posting under all of these different names to increase the traffic and thus get this photo-op into the top feature? Wow, so if LR and EC are so popular why do you have to do this in EVERY thread? If LR and EC were popular, you wouldn’t have to pull these stunts to get them hits, it would be automatic.

  4. 29
    Lou G Says:

    Keep going gwen. You lose credibility every time you post a compostion. It shows how WEAK you are. (But I’m flattered you took a few hours out of your day to write me a cute little response.) Anyway… go cry yourself to sleep over Eddie because he doesn’t love you. So sad :( You should just get a voodoo doll instead of wasting your time posting on here. It would probably be more effective. I hope for the sake of your kids you get locked up on a 5150 hold soon. You need a psychological evaluation. Sleep tight!

  5. 30
    gwen Says:


    vice (aka michela, cbme, miss anon, lou G, african girl)

    That’s because you ( cbme/michela) are hiding under the names of VICE, LOU G, miss anon, and AFRICAN GIRL.

    1) When a “different” poster shows up calling other posters names, chances are it’s just cbme/michela posting under different names.

    So posting under different names as you stalk other posters doesn’t make you(cbme/michela) a psycho or certifiable?

    2) When a “different” poster shows up saying that she agrees with other “different” posters, chances are, it’s just cbme/michela posting under a different name.

    Cbme/michela can not get other posters to agree with her, so she posts comments to herself to make it look like other posters agree with her. Of course you agree with other posters, that’s because YOU are those other posters. Changing your name doesn’t make these “different” names into different people.

    3) When a “different” poster makes references to mental institutiions, chances are it’s just cbme/michela posting under a different name.

    Apparantly cbme/michela spent some time in a mental instiution and she projects her insecurities onto other posters because she can not face them.

    PS-Don’t be alarmed.Cbme/micheala does this in EVERY thread. After the thread has reached 100 posts, cbme/michela will then drop the other names and post as cbme, mer, anon, and liz. EC and LR still are not popular and cbme/michela is trying to make them popular by posting under different names. She just can not comprehend that these attempts don’t make EC and LR popular, they just highlight just what little support that EC and LR have from the public.

    So how many “different” posters are going to crawl out of the woodwork? One poster gets smacked down and cbme/michela just changes her name in hopes that it will produce a different outcome.

  6. 31
    gwen Says:

    @Lou G:

    Lou G (aka cbme, michela vice, miss anon, African Girl)

    1)’ Keep going gwen. You lose credibility every time you post a compostion.”

    WRONG. If you really thought that I was losing credibility you wouldn’t be making such a fuss.

    2)” It shows how WEAK you are.”

    Really? IWell, I’m not the one hiding under different names, cursing at other posters. We know that you are WEAK, hence why you are posting as vice, miss anon , lou g, and african girl.

    3)”(But I’m flattered you took a few hours out of your day to write me a cute little response.) ”

    And what are you doing, because as you have just demonstrated you are taking more than a few hours out of your day to write response after response to me. Does anyone recognize this? It is the typical cbme/michela hypocritical statement. She can not comprehend that the rules that she imposes on others also applies to her.

    4)”Anyway… go cry yourself to sleep over Eddie because he doesn’t love you. ”

    Thanks for outting yourself. The typical “everyone hates EC and LR because they are just jealous” card. The only one crying over EC is Leann. So Leann why are you so upset that EC only wants you for your money?

    5)”So sad :( ”

    So now instead of : ), you are making ;(. It is sad that the only way you can save EC and LR is to post under different names and even now it still won’t and can’t save them.

    6)”You should just get a voodoo doll instead of wasting your time posting on here. ”

    TRANSLATION: cbme/michela is upset because she thinks that she is the only one who can post on this site about EC and LR.

    Tell us, why is it okay for you to waste your time posting here on every site, but you want to ***** and moan when other posters respond to you?

    7)”It would probably be more effective. ”

    Well the fact that you started postiing about me before I arrived and then posted under several different names, proves that I have been more than effective.

    8)”I hope for the sake of your kids you get locked up on a 5150 hold soon.”

    Sothanks for acknowledging that I was correct. You know about being locked up on a 5150 or in a mental instituion because someone had you committed. Was it after you tried to steal the married man’s kids, or was it after you stalked the married man’s wife?

    9)” You need a psychological evaluation. Sleep tight!

    We know that you need a psychological evaluation. How many posts are you going to dedicate to me with in the next hour? Better yet how many “different” posters are you going to pull out of your pocket?

    Just think, you get bent out of shape even before I post. It’s nice to see that you put this much time and effort into harassing me. Must mean that you consider me a huge threat. Or are you upset that I don’t have to post under 10-30 different names to get other posters to agree with me?

    PS-The round robin gives you away everytime. It something you couldn’t avoid when you posted as lydia, validate, michela, and cbme and it’s something that seems to be common among every “different” poster who shows up out of the blue. .

    The thread is at 30 posts, and yet EC and LR still are not popular. Go figure. Poor cbme/michela is going to have to work hard if she wants this thread to make into the features headline.

  7. 32
    sunseeker Says:


    Yes, he is very lucky not to have to support his wife and children anymore, since he had to downsize his home etc some time back. now Leanne can support him. Must be nice for a man to be supported by a woman. Personally I would always wonder why he was with me. I have always worked and my husband has provided for me and our children and is very happy to do so.

  8. 33
    gwen Says:

    Just when you think that Sienna Jr and Getty Jr can’t stoop any lower, they call the paps and show us just how low they are willing to go. So what do we learn from DISGUSTING DUO?

    1) Of course they look happy. That’s the point. EC is so upset about BG new boyfriend that he is using LR as a weapon. How interesting that these pda photo-ops keep popping up. EC isn’t over BG and he just proved that with this LOOK AT ME photo-op.

    2) Since the kiss and red carpet invent did little to convince people that EC and LR are in love, LR stages yet another handholding photo-op. Note to LR, the most that anyone will ever take away from these photo-ops is that EC is cheating on her. EC held BG hand too. When EC plays the devoted lover it just means that he is cheating. Who has EC been having chemistry with on the set of CSI?

    3) The source who made that report to In Touch was right. Here we have LR on the set of CSI because she is too afraid of what EC will do if she isn’t there. So EC and LR are trying to counteract the source by staging hand holding photo-ops? That was brilliant, not. No one would ever suspect that LR is following EC all over the set of CSI (because he is cheating on her) if they are photographed smiling, holding hands, and looking happy, right? Why won’t the media/press just be honest?

    4) Leann thinks that she can avoid the backlash from the public by doing charity events. I said that Leann was going on the “Save my ****” tour and sure enough, we have Leann thinking that doing good for others gives her the right to taunt BG and her kids.

    5) Wow, So a picture of his son means that EC is a “devoted father”? What a lowlife, just like the coward he is and has always been EC is once again using his kids to sheild himself. How convient that a picure of his kid is visible on set. Too bad EC couldn’t be a man and at least follow the promise he made on RR, you know the one where he said that he was not going to air his dirty laundry because his kids mean just that much to him. The last time we checked Leann was still DS wife, right?

    6) Leann is still paying the media/press for positive press. So the media wants us to believe that EC and LR are in love(aka lovebirds) because she visits his set, changes clothes in his trailer, and then they drive off into the sunset? So EC and LR are lovebirds? Based on what? Because they hold hands and smile? He did the same thing with his wife, and the only thing that comes out of this iew photo-op is that EC is cheating on LR.

    7) Leann and Eddie are not content with the fact that no one is buying their farce as “romance”. If they were so happy and in love, they would spend less time trying to convince the public and more time on each other. This is why the public will never ever like EC and LR because they just keep trying to shove this farce down everyone’s throats. Every week, it’s something. So now love=visting the set and showing LR around. And this has absolutely nothing to do with fact that EC is cheating on LR with someone on his set?

    8) Since LR is paying EC for appearing in photo-ops with her, that doesn’t make him LR boyfriend.

  9. 34
    gwen Says:

    Eddie works hard for Leann’s money, so hard for Leann’s money. Eddie works hard for Leann’s money, so you better treat him right.

  10. 35
    gwen Says:

    So now EC and LR have swapped the Sat-Mon WATCH MY SHOW photo-ops for Friday WATCH MY SHOW photo-ops?

  11. 36
    Mattie Says:

    Kudos Sunseeker,
    Eddie can’t afford to pay child support because he spent all his money on himself. The cars, motorcycles, mistresses, and vactions while his ex took care of the children. Eddie is a manikin with a spine of a wet noodle. This is just another photo-op. Eddie is LeAnn’s arm-candy. No different than Deane Sheremet. Eddie will keep good notes and in a year or two walk away with a big payoff just the way Deane did.

  12. 37
    Sandra Says:

    if you can betray the person you love by cheating on them, you have no hope as a human. Both of these pukes are going to be homewrecking pukes forever.

  13. 38
    gwen Says:

    How to know when cbme/michela has hijacked your thread:

    1) 10-15 “difefrent” posters show up saying that EC and LR look happy and in love and that we should move on because EC and LR have moved on.

    2) The “different” poster can not build a proper argument in support of Leann and EC so she resorts to cursing/name calling/insults.

    3) The “different” poster claims that anyone who speaks agaisnt EC and LR is BG.

    4) The “different” poster has an usual obsession with me and will even go several rounds of round robin with me. When the poster gets smacked down it disappears and another appears in it’s place.

    5) Seeing that the regular posters have not given her much support, the “different” poster will make it a point to say how she agrees with so and so, yet a “different” poster.

    6) The “different” poster pulls the “you are just jealous” card.

    7) The “different” poster makes references to mental institutions.

    8)The “different” poster imposes rules and standards on other posters that she doesn’t follow.

    9) The “different” poster makes hypocritical statements. For instance she will cuss at other posters and then claim that the other poster is the bitter one.

    10) The “different” poster will argue that BG does not deserve to be financially supported by EC or that BG is not an independent woman because she as a stay at home mother.

    11) When all else fails the ” hi cbme, michela, mer, anon” posts pop up.

  14. 39
    JRod Says:

    This is funny!!! Pure photo-op with the car. The proof this is pure photo-op is that LeAnn goes into the trailer and fixes her hair after changing clothes. If she’s just visiting the set, why is she getting fixed up? I wonder if LeAnn’s photog sleeps with them.

  15. 40
    Mattie Says:

    The girl that was with them in Aspen took these pics. She’s on LeAnn’s payrole. Rimes thinks if she sells this “love story” everyone will forget her lies and betrayl, not to mention her taunting of the ex and buying her boy-toy.

  16. 41
    Terrel Says:


  17. 42
    Jenny.s. Says:

    Geez gwen, calm down, everyone has different opinions, you don’t believe they are real, some people do and others just comment and move on because they don’t care that much , no need to reply to every single comment, you can’t change peoples opinions, and I also noticed that you posted one of your comment twice, which were very long by the way!! Just calm down and enjoy life

  18. 43
    Jenny.s. Says:

    They may not been the same comments but they sure seemed similar

  19. 44
    Rhonda Says:

    We love you much Brandi. You were terribly wronged. Your husband is disgusting as is his Wh@re. We believe two such worthless people can’t be happy as most of us understand happiness. I hope you will be careful, very careful in this. Understand?? I know how terrible this event is in your life but please try to get away from it. Your happiness is not in celebrity or the lives of these two pigs. Eddie does not love his children and LeAnn wants them only for publicity. Never sign off on a divorce that gives him joint custody. He does not deserve such beautiful children. Stay married to him for years if need be. You are in no hurry, so let LeAnn pay you for him. He is a commodity to be bought and sold. He isn’t worth much but make her pay and stay away from these games. We have much empathy and respect for you.

  20. 45
    Rake Says:

    God, it’s way to early for this but I’ll add my two cents while I sip a cup a joe. Rimes’ career must be deep in the dumper to spend this much effort on week-end buzz. After paying her gigalo, paps, Michaela, and possibly Gwen to keep this story alive, she doesn’t have any money left to donate to Haiti. Not that she’d donate anyway, there’s no upside for her unless she flies to Haiti and is photoed wearing a hard hat and pulling a child from the rubble.

  21. 46
    Jason Says:

    Goodbye all, but before I go, think about this: Within hours of meeting Eddie, LeAnn let him know she was his for the taking and he took her. He was just having fun thumping LeAnn, as well as Scheana from Nov. to Mar. but LeAnn was in it for keeps. She cared nothing about his wife and children, not to mention Deane. LeAnn then betrayed Eddie in setting-up the restaurant video sting and the hotel rendezvous with the help of her male “fixer”. Her fixer showed her where to stand directly under the video camera. LeAnn sucked on Eddie’s fingers in the restaurant as a message to Brandi. A couple of quick kisses could be explained away as professional appreciation but finger sucking meant only one thing. At the hotel, the pics were taken in day time to be clear to all. Minutes after the sex with Eddie, LeAnn invited her fixer for a room service snack (sushi no doubt). They must have had a good laugh about her betrayal of Eddie. What kind of woman does this? A woman very experienced in adultery with married men, that’s what kind. Brandi got the message loud and clear. Eddie ran back to his wife denying everything and set-up photo-ops with her to get away from LeAnn. LeAnn then dragged Deane into a restaurant for a little face sucking message of her own but LeAnn was obsessed. Brandi called LeAnn twice, demanding she back off but Rimes would not. Rimes even cancelled the Jacksonville concert to stalk Eddie at the basketball game. At the Staples center, she walked up three flights of stairs and halfway around the arena to get to the bar where, in a venue with over 12,000 people she “accidentally” ran into Eddie. “Coincidentally” there happened to be a photog present. During the game her hair was pulled back tight but the pics in the bar show her hair to be down and soft, just the way a fem-fatal would seductively stage it. While all of this is happening, LeAnn is writing, editing, and promoting her book “What I Can Not Change” where she glows about her perfect husband and blissful marriage to Deane, selling this book of lies to her unsuspecting fans. LeAnn probably had her “fixer” dig up the dirt on Scheana as well. It was more dirt to humiliate Brandi. LeAnn willfully, deliberately, and gleefully destroyed Brandi’s family to get what she wanted and that is a man who could not support his family because he was supporting his mistresses while his wife was 9 months pregnant. What a catch he is. LeAnn’s pursuit and purchase of Eddie is based on lust, not his character. Eddie sold out his family, not based on LeAnn’s character but on her money and celebrity. Brandi was right, “they deserve each other”. My last post.

  22. 47
    michaela Says:

    Jason posting as Mattie & Rhonda and some other akas. You just can’t get away with it by changing only the name. I keep telling you to change your writing style and then, just maybe, you’ll fool someone. Oh well, just true to form and up to your old tricks.

  23. 48
    michaela Says:

    Jason…why say “good-bye” in the first line of your first post? Because you slipped up! You were posting under “Rake” & “Terrell” & “Rhonda”, “JRod”, “Mattie” to name just a few and now you have “Jason” say “good-bye” – if you had just come along you would have said “Hi”.

    Go sleep it off dude!

  24. 49
    coffee lover Says:

    she is goofy looking!!! did she buy him that car to keep him in her bed.

  25. 50
    cacey Says:


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