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LeAnn Rimes Visits Eddie Cibrian On Set

LeAnn Rimes Visits Eddie Cibrian On Set

Leann Rimes visits her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian on his first day back on the CSI: Miami set in Los Angeles on Friday (January 15).

After showing LeAnn around the set, Eddie quickly stopped by his trailer to change clothes (a picture of his son can be seen hanging inside the trailer).

The lovebirds then hopped into Eddie‘s 1959 Corvette.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Nike hoodie and toting around a stylish white Goyard bag.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes visiting Eddie Cibrian on set…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 16
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 17
leann rimes eddie cibrian set visit 18

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  • Oneoftheabove

    liar, Liar, LIAr, LIAR!!!!! Eddie don’t lie like you.


    Most of the 97 above posters are one crazy person and five people making fun of her. Funny as hell too.

    I don’t think Eddie is evil. I think, like most actors, he’s simply stupid.

    He is gorgeous, ergo life has been easy for him. He married a beautiful model, had two sons, a lovely life, and wants to be a movie star. Simple.

    Along comes Rimes, Rimes is smart, wily, tough, and pushy. Rimes is also tired of being married to her not gorgeous friend.

    The ambitious, weak, and stupid can always be manipulated by the smart. Once she screwed him, it was easy.

    Rimes then made certain the wife knew and kept plugging away with texts and calls. The Cibrian home had no other course other then to blow-up.

    Eddie returned to his family, but Rimes bid her time. Every text and call causing a horrible explosuion in his house. How many times did they reconcile, make-up, make promises, then Rimes calls the house. BOOM! Any wife would explode.

    Eddie didn’t know which way to go, the increasingly furious wife, his comfy house and young sons, or the sweet cooing Rimes where he can do no wrong? Rimes pushed all the right buttons, Eddie probably beleives he has found peace and tranquility.

    It’s an old song and dance, torture the wife until she appears to be a shrew, all the time creating a soft landing for the poor suffering husband.”Is she being mean, come over to my house”

    Rimes is smart, also a calculating c- unt. Bradi played right into her hands. Eddie is only a chess piece with a hot bod.

    I predict it will last 5 years or less.

    Rimes will find another dumb hottie. Eddie’s career may or may not take-off the first two years, but he will never be a movie star.

    All he has is looks, leading men have more, they have the “IT” factor. Eddie is more like a model, L.A. has tons of good looking men.

  • betty

    micaeela Who are you kidding no paps are taking photos of these clowns they .are neither noteworthy nor newsworthy of this privledge. We know Leann’s PR people are e- mailing the photos and captions. Why should Brandi take photo of her new beau. unlike Eddie and Leann she is too mature to play childish games like Show and Tell..She is not out to prove anything.

  • michaela

    Slashing tires is not mature nor is screaming “your daddy doesn’t love you” to your child is NOT mature.

    Le Ann & Eddie’s appearances are eating you alive and what’s left is turning green.

    Le Ann is a professional with a ton of talent.

    We are waiting to see if this new beau of BG’s is real or fictitious.

  • Oneoftheabove

    My Take

  • Caitlin

    Wow MY Take, exactly right!!!! Loved your post. Succinct and spot on!!

  • betty

    micaela- You know I don’t care what you think. and if you can imperiously issue command to others so can I.

  • Caitlin

    My Take,
    I think Rimes PR team just wet their pants.

  • michaela

    Caitlin…you aren’t anyone called Caitlin but betty & Jason.

    Too transparent! Go back to the drawing room and practice altering the style so you can go under the radar. Right now your as obvious as a throbbing thumb!

  • Caitlin

    Michaela is now checking with JJ to obtain the ID of MY Take.

  • michaela

    Did the new beau fall through? Sounds like it from your disgruntled tone.

  • betty

    Those echoes following my comments only proves how shallow your comments are and they were all yours..Leann has talent and all that but when it comes to Eddie she is playing the fool he has her whipped good .At least Brandi had the sense to get out when she found out he had lied and played her..

  • michaela

    You wish Le Ann was a fool,but you know Le Ann is nobody’s fool. We know who got fooled here and it wasn’t Le Ann.

    Why so acrimonious & disgruntled if BG is happy w/her new beau? Did it not pan out ? Why so sour?

  • Caitlin

    Michaela changed that conversation fast. Bait and switch. Take a bow MY TAKE!!!!


    Thank You!

    To Michaela.- No 104. I agree and disagree.

    Mrs. Cibrian’s behavior was not dignified, however it was not “immature’. It was a result of calculated bombardment which resulted in loss of reason.

    Most spouse are not in their right mind during such assaults on their families. Sanity and composure are attempted, but intermittent nervous breakdowns occur. The attackers appear calm, while the victim “loses it”.

    Rimes continued to pursue her husband after he returned to his family. The continued assault on her home obviously drove her over the edge.

    Anyone who has witnessed a family destroyed, a friend or family member’s heart broken, a family torn apart, knows it’s almost impossible to maintain reason.

    Maturity is not the correct word. I’m sure there were weeks of peace and harmony whereby Mrs. Cibrian was able to perform her daily duties with grace, composure, and peace. She saw the light at the end of the tunnel, believed her husbands promises several times, only to have hope dashed time and again.

    It is my supposition that such moments of hope were shattered by Rimes.

    The pain of rampant infidelity and being the victim of a home wrecker lasts several years for non-celebs, one cannot begin to imagine seeing photos of one’s husband each time you go to a checkout counter, doctor’s office, or salon.

    In addition to being deserted, Mrs. Cibrian will play over and over again, the times she played directly into Rimes plots. She will hate herself for her stupidity and blame herself.

    It will be a long angry road. It is for all in similar circumstances.

    Rimes was smart, Cibrian was stupid, and Brandi was to emotional to see what was happening to her until it was to late,

  • Beth

    I doubt Brandi Glanville has a new boyfriend.. She needs to get healthy and positive before she starts thinking of relationships… she makes posh look fat right now,Brandi is truly that thin.
    She also needs to stop all the plastic surgery..shes almost as obsessed as Heidi montag. Its Eddie who made her so insecure with his cheating, but she needs to be stable before any mans going to look her way.

  • michaela

    Caitlin aka betty…patting yourself on the back for your “My Take” post. It was a poor attempt at disguise. You guys just fall flat on your face each & every time.

    So betty admits to posting under multiple names. If I played under-handed as you do I would have posted under other names of late and I’m sticking to michaela. Should I play your game I’d swamp you as you are only one person posing as many. Sometimes two- when Jason and his akas come on. And we won’t count Gwen. All she has is copy & paste and a reputation I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

  • michaela

    We read that Brandi was dreadfully insecure even before Eddie was ever in the picture. An “Anon” put up a post from a blog where an old acquaintance of Brandi was posting. It was valid as she had facts that could only be known by an old acquaintance.

  • Maggie

    Totally agree but Brandi should not have had to fight for her family. That is what trust is about. If you have to fight for him, what’s the point? She was betrayed on one side and taunted from the other by two despicable people. His children will eventually hate him for doing that to their mother.


    I see some one above wants to know who I am?

    Obviously, I won’t print my real name.

    I am a professional woman, age 43, who only reads Jared on weekends, and only if it’s raining or foul outside. I tend to read the threads with the most comments, they are usually most worth a quick perusal.

  • michaela

    MY TAKE…is definitely Jason! No doubt! betty is not as long-winded and more acrimonious. But Jason as MY TAKE has a few nasty bon mots thrown in that he wouldn’t anyone to know as originating from Jason. Because “Jason” has a fake reputation he’s been peddling;but I ain’t buying.

  • michaela

    MY TAKE is Jason ,one of the attack dogs for BG. Your lies don’t fly Jas!

  • Caitlin

    All you rotten people making anti-love-couple posts have to stop. Michaela was so enjoying the day of the two love birds and hoping they would be welcomed as “Hollywood’s Hottest Couple” but now you all have ruined her day. If you don’t lighten up, the couple may stop posting these great pictures.

  • michaela

    Now Jas aka MY TAKE is taking a page out of Gwen’s book to try to bury under an avalanche of ramblings any viewpoint other than the pro-Brandi one. Goodness gracious, what a relative will do!

  • michaela

    You guys can’t fool ANYONE. Not even a nitwit would be fooled by your lame attempts to hijack this thread.

    Hey guys…….why the nervous worry? Is the new beau not a sure fire thing?

  • Caitlin

    My Take
    Take heed. Michaela is Rimes PR. They profile and try to track down posters. Why? Because they are 24/7 paranoid. I knew you were professional and well seasoned by the way you write. Jump in anytime.


    Ok, Michaela. I have 20 minutes to kill.

    I agree to take you on, whatever that means.

    Go ahead, attempt to “swamp me”.

    Be warned, you’ve challenged a Yale alumnus.

    Fire away with your questions and please speak clear English.

    FYI : I have no idea of who the players or, nor do I care too.

  • Caitlin

    Just fold your tent Michaela. You can’t keep up with Gwen. MY TAKE will have you for lunch.

  • michaela

    Yale smail. I know you’ve got a “big head” Jason but that is absurd.

    To swamp you I said I could post under multiple names as you are Jason, stan/jako and all the other akas.

    I have NEVER asked you a question nor will I . You possess nothing but worthless opinions which come from the classroom you spend time in w/betty & Gwen as minions for the main character. You lost the game already. Why can’t you process that simple piece of info. LOST!!!

    Get it? Your team lost!

  • Caitlin

    What’s the matter Michaela? Is JJ a little slow in getting you MY TAKES ID?

  • michaela

    Right Jason/Caitlin. Last week you said you had too much too drink. What happened this week? Too many little pills?


    Dear Caitlin,


    A fear mongering fool may have encouraged that belief on this site, but I assure you, the only the administration who controls the JJ server can provide an IP address. That would require a subpoena related to a previously filed suit filed in a Federal court and signed by a Federal judge,

    In any case, with or without said subpoena, an IP address connected through a proxy server is untraceable. Trust me.

    Pure Poppycock.

    In the fantasticl alternative, when turtles sprout wings have them call me. I can handle a cheap PR flack.

  • Caitlin

    Thanks for the reassurance. I’ve has seen Michaela threats.

  • dlo

    @MY TAKE: Why does it ALWAYS have to be the other woman’s fault? How do you know what Eddie said to Leann? Your post is just filled with assumptions. Just like Tiger said to his mistresses…”My marriage is just for my image, it’s fake.” Other male celebs have used that line too. Or he may have said…”We are getting a divorce soon.” Of course she shouldn’t have just took his word but MEN can be just as manipulative as say things to make the woman feel ok about it. It’s stupid to put the blame on ONE person in this case. There are all adults and every person is responsible for their part.


    To Michaela,

    I accept your surrender.

    Have a nice day child,

  • michaela

    Jason stan/jako…I have saved those that you made. Things are staying monitored.

    Any new ones will be noted by same. Rest assured! Quit the games stan/jako!


    Dear Michaela,

    “things are staying monitored” ? “Things” indeed.

    Child, you lack the basic reasoning and writing skills to procure a job at Wal-Mart.

    In WHAT fantasy world do you contend any reasonably intelligent adult could believe YOU have the ear of a professional corporation, their public relations team’s and/or their legal counsel????

    You lack the intelligence to even locate such a corporation, let alone the verbal skills to make it past the lobby reception desk.

    Enough of the absurdities. Use your time more wisely, study for your GED test.

    Good Day :)

  • cbme

    There is an article LeAnn Rimes Feels Insecure About Her Cheater Boy – Socialite Life
    Good people, this is a full blown obsession for anybody to go to this extreme to make Eddie look bad. Of course we all know by now (since so many uglies have told us) that he has faults. Anybody out there who doesn’t? Speak up, we can’t hear you. These nut cases pick on LeAnn for a while, Eddie for a while and then both together. What did this man do that was so bad? He left her – it has happened to a lot of us – get over it. It is beginning to make somebocy look like a simpleton.
    I don’t care where you have been to – Yale (you probably walked by it like all of us) or elsewhere, that doesn’t give you the right to tell this guy he can’t get a divorce. Who is so great that their head must be rubbed by so many people to make them feel better? Things aren’t going to change – he is still getting the divorce and she has found a guy that is much better than Eddie is in bed. Why all the fuss?
    Now, say all kinds of nasty things to me – I couldn’t care less.
    Again, best wishes LeAnn and Eddie!!

  • michaela

    cbme…a few posing as many. Plain as day!

  • dlo

    Michaela…It’s funny that “Yale alumni” want to make sure EVERYONE knows that they “went to Yale.” Mostly an insecurity thing….And most of the time it’s bs.

    Anyway…”my take” she didn’t say anything about a “professional corporation, pr team, or legal counsel.” Assumptions again.

  • michaela

    The above commentary is why I NEVER fall for Swami’s games.

  • To CBME

    Because you find adultery common in America, you’ve decided it’s ok.

    God does not. The Ten Commandments.


    Shootings and murder may have become common place too, but it will never be ok. Not to those with good character, morality, and ethics.

  • dlo

    “I’ve has seen Michaela threats.” okay Caitlin.

  • gwen


    Jenny S (aka michela, cbme, vice, miss anon, mer, AG)

    Really, micehla? Another “different” poster?

    1)”Geez gwen, ”

    Seen this before, you work the same thing when you posted as “cbme”. So thanks again for outting yourself.

    2)”calm down,”

    Perhaps you should learn to take your own advice. How many different names are you going to post under, and most importantly how many “different” “I hate Gwen” posters are you going to create?

    3)” everyone has different opinions, you don’t believe they are real, some people do”

    But that is the problem, you are not expressing your different opinion. you are harssing other postersm, hijacking their names, and posting under different names to make it look like other posters agree with you.

    4)”and others just comment and move on because they don’t care that much ”

    Really? Because all I see is YOU not moving on, but posting under several different names. Let’s try this again, if you don’t care, then why have you once again returned to this thread posting under even more different names?

    5)” no need to reply to every single comment”
    TRANSLATION: cbme/michela is ******** because other posters respond to her post. You see she doesn’t like the fact that she is put in a postion to THINK.

    So cbme/michela you should follow your own advice, there is no need to post under so many different names.

    6)” you can’t change peoples opinions,”

    Why have I heard this? Because you wrote the same thing when you posted as michela and vice. You are so transparent. So what you meant to say is that you are upset because you do not have the brain the power to counteract the points that I raised agaisnt you.

    7)”and I also noticed that you posted one of your comment twice, which were very long by the way!! ”

    What? Oh so you are mad because other posters respond to you. How dare anyone challenge you, right? If you do not want people to respond to you, then don’t post.

    8)”Just calm down and enjoy life”

    And how does this not apply to you? Why don’t you calm down and enjoy life, instead of trying to harass other posters and post under all of these diffrent names.

  • michaela

    Baton passing this afternoon. LOLOL

  • gwen

    michela (aka cbme, mer)

    The thread is over 100 posts and guess what it’s not featured in the headlines, you had better work harder. Don’t want Leann to fire you because you didn’t uphold your end of the bargin and make her popular by increasing the number of hits in a thread. Because everyone knows that the number of hits in a thread means instanst popularity right? What is up with all these mer, cbme, michela posts? Do you really think that you are fooling people? Well I guess one thing is clear, EC and LR reputation is toast. If you have to bring out mer/cbme/michela things must be pretty bad!!!!!!!!!

    1)”We read that Brandi was dreadfully insecure even before Eddie was ever in the picture.”

    Where exactly have we read this? No where. Once again you are displacing your insecurities about LR onto BG. The only person who is dreadfully insecure is Leann, that is why she is stalking EC on his set and has to taunt his wife and kids. So how much did Leann have to pay EC and the media/press for this photo-op?

    2)” An “Anon” put up a post from a blog where an old acquaintance of Brandi was posting.”

    Anon, don’t you mean YOU posting as anon. This poster wasn’t an old acquantance of BG and now that I think about it, I’m beginning to think that you wrote that “Jen” post. You didn’t read the rest of the post before you copied and pasted it, did you? The poster who wrote that comment about BG was a LR supporter, just like that poster on x17 who said that they lived next to EC and then ended their post by saying teehee (and thus giving away that it was none other than YOU michela/cbme posting these false “I know BG and EC” reports).

    3)” It was valid as she had facts that could only be known by an old acquaintance.”

    Just like the person who said that she lived next to EC had facts and as it turns out, it was just YOU posting under different names?

  • michaela

    Here it is about the insecurity…from The Hollywood Gossip site:

    It is from The Hollywood Gossip site. Brandi Glanville Still Trashing Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes Affair

    Interesting conversation anyway.
    “# jen Says:
    August 30th, 2009 4:12 AM

    I knew Brandi from when she was an aspiring model living in Sacramento and I’ve been waiting to see Brandi’s scrappy side come out! She has always been a dreadfully insecure woman always asking everyone if other women are prettier than her, etc. I am surprised she stood by Eddie as long as she did. she’s an around the way kind of girl and Good Luck to LeAnn! she’ll get brandi’s wrath 4 years! brandi moved 2 LA 2 marry a moviestar and succeeded. she’s calculating so good luck 2 Eddie and his wallet. brandi will get the last laugh. she always does. go brandi! I have the popcorn…just going 2 sit back and enjoy the show!

  • gwen


    Wow, you have been very busy micheala. That’s 10-15 different names in just one thread. Poor EC and LR, no wonder their reputations are in such a poor state. All they to support them is a ONE person defense system who assumes a different name every minute.

    So is that what you call it when you post under different names? Passing the baton? So when you change the name that you post under you are just passing the baton to yourself?

    Everyone take the moment to welcome the instant “fanbase” that michela created by changing the name that she entered into the name field:

    Infamously cool
    donkey kong
    Jenny S

  • michaela

    Gwen knows I don’t post here as any other name BUT she has akas and drags her reeking red-herring around with her to throw us off her scent. But that red-herring is so stinky she just can’t get away with it – no matter how many avalanches she releases trying to bury the good things spoken & support for Le Ann & Eddie.

  • betty

    micaela How do you know Brandi was insecure? You’re the one acting insecure no one is trying to hijack this thread everyone has a right to post their opinion whether you agree with it or not. If we are relatives of Brandi ,what are you?. Brandi new beau is not an issue but Eddie’s cheating ways are. We know how desperate Leann is for this man that’s why in EVERY photo op she is holding his hand afraid he might get away from her.It doesn’t even look normal .No one is that much in love. That is why i appears to be a sham. She acts obsessive.