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NBC To Pay Conan $30 Million?

NBC To Pay Conan $30 Million?

NBC has reportedly agreed to pay late night talk show host Conan O’Brien $30 million to vacate the 11:35 p.m. Tonight Show.

Conan‘s publicist Leslee Dart tells The Wrap: “Nothing (is) signed yet. Those figures are not accurate.”

The Wrap reports, “Under this proposal, the sooner O’Brien starts a new gig — if he starts one — the less money it would have to pay. So if Conan managed to land a new job at Fox within a year, the Peacock might shell out less than the full $30 million.”

WHERE DO YOU THINK Conan will wind up?

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  • happy girl

    Team Conan!!! Leno is selfish and unfunny. You left Jay and now you failed and want to come back? Boycott Jay!!!!! Bring Conan back.

  • Abby

    I think that they should have to pay the 30 mil no matter what! They’re the ones breaking their contract with Conan. But I think that wherever he goes, his ratings are now going to soar over Leno’s. That makes me :)

  • Jojo

    Unemployed in Jersey…

  • Tom

    happy girl and Abby, you sound uniformed and ignorant. Conan’s ratings have never been good and never will be, get over it.

  • michelle

    nbc should have to fork over way more than 30 mill for pulling this crap. they didn’t even give conan a real shot by providing him with a strong lead-in. i think they’ll realize the lengths of their stupidity when leno comes back and still finds himself losing to letterman.

  • mozilla

    i dont think people fully understand the situation – it’s NBC that wanted Jay to have the tonight show – this animosity and petty thinking is so hilarious to read

  • Abby

    @Tom: Actually, Tom, his ratings have been way up this week, and because of the press he’s been getting, his ratings will be high wherever he goes. That’s just the way it is. It’s like Taylor Swift and Kanye West; because of what he did to her, she’s gotten tons of press. The best thing that can happen to someone is to have others feel sorry for them.

  • heck

    Who cares about Conan, what about his staff, that moved from NY, what are they getting, Conan will get by just fine

  • mozilla

    i agree wih heck

  • Tom

    Abby, you are correct, his ratings have been up THIS WEEK. Sorry, but one week just doesn’t cut it. People need to realize this is a financial decision made by NBC, which is a business whose sole purpose is to make money. Conan didn’t bring in the ratings which translates into advertising dollars…Leno did.

  • hollywoodgossip

    He deserved a billion dollar.

  • Cheery

    Regardless of when/where Conan gets another gig, I want NBC to pay out of their eyes for this debacle. Not only did they screw him over, but they ruined the lives of all his crew who moved cross country just to be out of a job. Pay them!

  • Blopp

    he should never have left his awesome late night show. i miss that so much and wish it would come back…

  • Sean G.

    The 30 million is bait that they are hoping Conan takes in order to continue the bashing for the next year. Professionally, Conan needs to get a new show on the air no later than March or he’ll be buried. FOX would make the most sense.

  • Bilbo

    Tom, what you fail to realize is that the reason that the Tonight Show is doing worse with Conan is because of his lead-in. The Jay Leno Show was a failure right from the start, with really bad ratings for it’s timeslot even considering its low production cost compared to primetime shows.

    So instead of cancelling Leno’s show, they tried to force Conan to go on at 12:05, bumping Leno to 11:35, which would make the show The Tomorrow Show. Conan basically told them to get lost, and NBC seems to love Jay, therefore he is getting The Tonight Show back and Conan is forced to look for employment somewhere else.

  • Kara

    OMG this is getting more stupid by the minute. can’t we all just get along???? stop this nonsense already! do what Letterman says!!!

  • test


  • me

    Why did TMZ report a few days ago he gets 80 million to walk away?

  • jolentini
  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @heck: ..they don’t work at mcdonalds. they’ll get severance pay of course. they got to leave the real world and visit the land-of-fake for a couple months. it’s like a paid vacation for them.
    conan’s a genius, he’ll be just fine. i hope he comes back to new york. leno’s rating are going to stay low. he’ll catch a lot of hate once conan leaves.

  • Anil Ozger

    The reason why this weird thing is happening is that Jay Leno has a more secure contract than Conan. NBC is not prepared to break Leno’s contract and therefore tries to settle with Conan. I disliked the change of schedule since the beginning and I’ve not watched Leno more than a couple of times although I kind of watched him once or twice per week. Also, NBC did not help Conan with a strong lead-in and better guests and with more promotion during the transition. If they’d done half of what they did for Jimmy Fallon, Conan wouldn’t have to deal with this issue now. By the way, I really don’t like Jimmy Fallon but I am thankful to him for making me start watching Craig Ferguson! In my opinion, Jay Leno is not so funny anymore and he should stop doing talk shows and concentrate on different things like a car show or producing shows. The most important issue is that NBC should take care of all the staff members of Tonight Show, who moved to LA and make sure all of them are paid off or employed no matter what happens to Conan.

  • Christina

    I really want Conan to stay. I got really scared that he might leave soon so I got tickets to his show. I’m so excited! IMO, he really is a smart, talented and hilarious man. Not only does he crack jokes, but he does the string dance! He adds more to his monologue than anyone else BECAUSE he tries- his facial expressions, his cartoon hair, and his overall animated self. Jay just stands there, spewing out jokes mindlessly without putting much thought into them. Conan is way hotter and I would much rather look at him than Jay’s chin when I get off work.

  • clay

    Men seem to get treated well in monetary payouts.

  • david

    Jay is funny, but i REALLY REALLY don’t like him as a person. The guy has no class in any shape or form. My friends agree. So he’s been married for 30 years, so what? He is a total disgrace as a person and as a human being. Bottom line, Letterman has true class. So does Conan to some degree. Not watching Leno on late nite ever again. I hope viewers would follow on how dirty of a low scoundrel this guy trully have become.

  • So Judgemental

    Jay’s ratings sucked for three years after taking over the Tonight Show from Johnny. And Johnny bowed out gracefully to allow Jay the chance to sink or swim on his own. Jay lost nightly to Letterman for three long seasons then Hugh Grant and his hooker saved him.

    Conan was only given 7 months? That is BULL@HIT! And even worse instead of having Jay disappear to let Conan sink or swim on his own they gave him his own show earlier doing his same old shtick he did on the Tonight Show. RIDICULOUS! .

    Imagine what would have happened to Jay in his first seven months on air when it took him three years to be successful with the Tonight Show if Johnny instead of disappearing gracefully had taken his own show that aired earlier in the evening and used his same ol band and Ed McMahon and his same ol comedy gags he used all those years on TTS? What would have happened to Jay? It was impossible for Conan to win. He was set up to fail and then got thrown under the bus.

    And Jay is the ultimate sleaze for trying to say HEY I am the victim here too. No, he is not. He should have done what Johnny did. He should have done what NBC plans on doing to poor Conan now.. make him disappear off the air for a while so he couldn’t compete against the TTS.

    Disgusting and inexcusable. Unfair and shockingly cold to thrown Conan under the bus after dangling the dream in front of him for all these years and then making it impossible for him to win and then making him choose between contributing to the destruction of the franchise or walking away.

    I have never watched Jay, I never will. No one should after what he did to Johnny, to Letterman and now backhandedly to Conan. all while under the guise of being such a “nice guy”.

  • whocares

    You make so many good points So Judgemental! NBC never gave Conan the chance like they did when Leno took over the Tonight Show from Johnny. I used to watch Leno’s Tonight Show sometimes, but by the end of his (first) TS run, his act was really getting tired and stale. Tried to watch the primetime Leno show once or twice and it bored me. His time is past and he should retire. NBC is making a big mistake IMO. I wouldn’t watch Leno when he returns to late night if they paid me!

  • Kats

    Leno always gave me a bad vibe so team Conan all the way! All of this will make me watch Conan and actually stop watching NBC and Leno. What I love is a corporation like NBC is about to see power of the people, stand against Corp crap. Now if we can all ban together and take on worst villians like the Banks and losers on the entertainment news there will be no stopping us!!! Power to the People!!!!!

  • Tom


    No Bilbo, I didn’t fail to realize anything. If this is your agrument, then what do you have to say about Conan’s lousy ratings the 3 months he was on before Len’s show even hit the air??? Additionally, Conan is the one who pushed Jay out during his contract negotiations 5 years ago. Conan holds a huge amount of responsibility in this situation, he’s not the innocent boy being beat up by a network like you hardcore fans think. The bottom line is, if Conan’s show had any staying power…the ratings would’ve been high, the advertising dollars would’ve been rolling in and we wouldn’t be having any of these conversations.

  • So Judgemental

    Tom.. Jay was given three seasons of bad ratings to find his audience. NBC allowed him due time to find his niche. 7 months with the majority of it with Jay having an earlier show isn’t a win able situation. Jay too would have folded had Carson decided to not retire and air his Tonight Show format at an earlier time.

    And Jay had a hand in choosing the date for his exist. and he certainly could have fought it a year or two away from the deadline if he felt so strongly about it. He didn’t have to wait until after Conan had moved here with his family from NY and after he had his last tonight show and said good-bye and handed over the reins.

    Jay likes to pretend he had nothing to do with the whole Dave thing in 92. But he did. He now is trying to pretend he is just stuck in the middle here too. But he is not. He benefits the most from Conan failing and he helped make it impossible for Conan to succeed and now he gets the Tonight Show back in the most disgusting sordid way possible.

    Jay is not a nice guy. He just wants everyone to think he is. Carson was a nice guy and retired when he said he would with dignity and class and allowing Jay his time in the chair to sink or swim on his own. Conan is an honorable guy leaving instead of destroying the franchise he loves. Jay could care less if the Tonight Show was destroyed or not as long as his mug is in front of a camera.

    NBC is King Solomon, Conan and Jay are the mother’s fighting over the infant. Only this time the King just gave the baby to the impostor who said sure cut the baby in two! I am just the nice guy.. caught in the middle.

  • Abby

    @Tom: It took Leno a year and a half on the Tonight Show to get substantial ratings, they only gave Conan 7 months. Do your research.

  • conehead

    Here’s Jay Leno’s 2004 announcement that Conan was taking over the Tonight Show.

  • ++Logan++

    just take the 30 mil and run, enjoy life :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hope he gives sound of the money 2 his staff, since i have a feeling they’ll get the the worst outta this whole situation
    but good for him, he deserves that money since obviously nbc didnt even give him a chance 2 prove himself

  • gamerdatingsite

    He should go to Fox

  • California Dreamer

    I just cannot believe NBC. This has gotten ridiculous.

  • Dr NYC

    Whatever it takes is worth getting rid of him.

  • PHEN

    BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!!