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Alexander Skarsgard & Camilla Belle: Art of Elysium Table Mates

Alexander Skarsgard & Camilla Belle: Art of Elysium Table Mates

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for The Art of Elysium‘s 3rd Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala on Saturday (January 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor wore a navy suit, dress shirt and navy satin tie by Burberry. At the event, he sat next to the beautiful Camilla Belle (pictured together below).

Looks like the cast of True Blood is heading back to set this week. Alex‘s co-star Allan Hyde tweeted on Tuesday, “Waking Godric to ‘life’ again. In my new apartment getting ready to shoot next week.” Godricccccc!

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alexander skarsgard camilla belle art of elysium 01
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alexander skarsgard camilla belle art of elysium 05

Credit: Tonya Wise/London Ent; Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • CanadaGirl

    He looks so amazing in these pictures!

  • Colleen

    So handsome.

  • Emma

    He looks ridiculously good

  • LooksGood

    Gorgeous as always, love him suited up.

  • true blood

    Alex looks gorgeous. Thanks, Jared!

  • Emma

    Jared are you gonna do a post with Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr at this event the both looked great

  • Annie

    I think Alexander Skarsgard and Camilla Belle would be a hot couple!

  • heidi

    Gorgeous suit, gorgeous man.

  • so meh

    This guy is soooo over-rated, he looks so much older than his age…..AND he’s so bland and average looking!!!

  • Amber

    Yay, Godric’s back! I wonder where they’ll flashback to.

  • Memei

    super hot

  • pup

    Smexy. *perverted grin* xD

  • OldieButGoodie

    Alexander’s daddy, Stellan is the true Hottie in that family. Don’t get me wrong. Alexander is way hot, but it’s in his DNA. His daddy is the Gold Standard

  • hollywoodgossip

    so hot

  • sweetie

    He looks so handsome. He really is a beautiful man. :-)

  • LooksGood

    He’s going to wear a Tom Ford tux to the GG according to a tweet from Marc Malkin at Eonline

    So looking forward to the red carpet

  • Anne

    I wonder if he will have a date at the Golden Globes? I think he looks good with Camilla too. I think she is 23 years old. Like I said before he needs a nice charming woman not some woman who has been rode hard and put away wet.

  • Charmie

    @Anne: LOL, are you speaking of KB?

  • CanadianGal

    lucky girl! :)

  • Anne

    @Charmie: Charmie HA HA I plead the 5th! We were just discussing on this board a few days ago on who we thought Alexander would go out with and I said Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Saldana and someone else but I never thought about Camilla. I guess because she is like ten years younger than him but age is nothing but a number. I know they aren’t dating they were just seated together at this event but never know what the future might bring!

  • Charmie

    @Anne: Yeah she is a cutie, I think she would also be a good choice as well. I did not realize she is so tall. I like her much better than the washed out KB,even though I did hear that hey are still dating.

  • ewwww

    @Anne: Reese Witherspoon is nasty biitch and fugly woman.

  • nanny825

    He looks absolutely yummy!! Thank God he broke down and bought a new suit. We should all be prepared that he will wear it for the next two years. Tonight in a Tom Ford tux!! Be still my heart. He’s going to rock that place tonight!!

  • Camilla’s too young

    Camilla is a major hottie but she’s waaaay too young for Alex. Not to mention he’s super tall and muscular and she’s very small and petite. Age-wise and physically their just not a good couple.

  • Pervert?

    God, I really hope he doesn’t go the route of his father. Stellan Skarsgard married a woman HALF his age. She’s actually Askar’s age. I can’t imagine how dysfunctional poor Alex must feel having a stepmother his own age. That was very trashy and lowclass of his dad. I hope he doesn’t go down that same pervert path.

  • the_boyfriend

    i like the suit, he looks polished & if he’s in a tux tonight that will be interesting..but iam a fan of his somewhat bohemian looks previous to these and i hope he continues to surprise us in the future.
    anyone can put on a new suit and look handsome & part of why i enjoy him so much is that he doesn’t do this.

  • Sarah

    In the white balccony picture it looks like the bottom front of his suit jacket is kinda wrinkled and I agree it looks too tight around his waist. But I’d still bang that.

  • I love Alex

    @OldieButGoodie: You think his dad Stellan is hot?! You must be either blind or high or have daddy issues. That man is very very old and he has a mean german nazi face.

  • Will he wear the same suit?

    @nanny825: He’s wearing a Tom Ford tux to the Golden Globes? Where did you hear that? Hopefully he doesn’t wear this same Burbery suit to the Globes. What a disaster that would be. *Cringes*

  • Age does matter

    @Anne: Age is nothing but a number??? That’s what pathetic women with daddy issues say. Age DOES MATTER. Camilla is still a kid who recently dated a Jonas brother and still ives at home. Alex is a grown ass man who has dated women with children and was almost a stepfather. And he’s lives away from home for many years. They are in very different stages of their lives. Whoever thinks age doesn’t matter needs to pull their heads out of their ass.

  • Washed out slut

    Why is everyone saying KB is a washed out slut? She’s not even 30 years old. I don’t think the word “washed out” applies to anyone her age. Also, we don’t know how many sexual partners Camilla has had versus what Kate has had. There is no way of anyone knowing that. So that’s not even relevant.

  • Suit is too boring

    This suit is way too plain. He blends in too much and looks kinda bland. This outfit needs more (not gay) pizazz.

  • bbwloversmatch

    He looks straight

  • Alex & Reese

    Aex and Reese Witherspoon would looks so good together. I think they’re the same age.

  • Mandy

    He’s looking beautiful as always. Loved the color of the suit.

  • my3cents

    I think Camilla is a bit young too, she was just recently dating a Jonas brother, but she sure is pretty.

    I’m sure Alex will find himself a good woman some day. For now he’s probably just enjoying himself.

  • Anne

    @Age does matter: Age who pissed in your cornflakes this morning! I like everyone else on this forum are allowed to express there thoughts and opinions. I understand your opinion and you are entitled but there is no reason to attack. Have a good day!

  • Sintia

    Bahahaha! I could reply to the people who say he’s over-rated and average looking but it would be just a waste of time coz he is so not!

    Alex is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen!
    thanx jared for the pics!

  • Stacey

    @Anne: I agree Anne Hathaway and Alex would look great together. Anne is very tall especially in her pumps and has all the qualities Alex is looking for in a woman. I think Zoe and Alex would look cute together too. I think he is taking Kate to the Golden Globes?????

  • Oceane

    Yay1 Godric is coming back. He’s hot!

  • Trish

    He is such a GORGEOUS man, it’s almost illegal. Even with fangs dripping with blood, he’s a knockout.

  • Charlene

    @ Age does matter
    “Alex is a grown ass man who has dated women with children and was almost a stepfather” – who was this woman he dated? Was it in Sweden?

  • anna

    maybe he’ll take his mom to the GG.KB won’t be attending unless she goes as someone’ s date.She’ll most likley will be at an afterparty.

  • Stephanie

    I hope he stays smart and keeps his dating life private, to save his partner the grief of being torn apart in message boards.

  • liza

    @Charlene: lol I know right, I was like, almost stepfather when was this?

  • British Latin American

    @Pervert?: I’m delighted to hear someone write that! It gets tiring to see men in their sixties or older dating and marrying women half their age and even younger! And in most cases when they have kids that just seems too gross.

  • British Latin American

    Whether he’s bohemian, classic, or anything else, Alex is superb and charismatic. Ryan Kwanten, eat your heart out!

  • liza

    @Stephanie: I agree, whoever he dates is going to be picked on to some degree by the fans. I think if hes happy thats good enough for me to like the person too.

  • Nicki

    @Stephanie & liza: yes, i agree

  • Jess

    If he finds a nice, classy lady most people will like her. Most seemed thrilled when he took that pic with Marion Cotillard so the who really does make a difference. Unfortunately for AS, she already has a boyfriend.