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Alexander Skarsgard - Golden Globes 2010 Tux

Alexander Skarsgard - Golden Globes 2010 Tux

Alexander Skarsgard gets his engine started at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor signed the Chrysler 300 Eco Style car for the charity Stars for a Cause, which is a creative auction campaign. This Chrysler 300 is one of seven in existence.

Alexander wore a Tom Ford single-breasted peak-lapel tuxedo, double-breasted vest, tuxedo shirt, bowtie and gold cufflinks and studs. He’s nominated for Best Television Series – Drama for True Blood.

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Photos: Michael Caulfield/Getty
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  • lindsay

    he’s smokin hot!
    load up the anna paquin and stephen moyer pictures!

  • Sintia

    His last name is misspelled

  • Emily

    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katkat

    OMG! Alexander is looking freakin’ HOT! Love ya Alex!!

  • the true

    He is so cute nice hair cut .!

  • Caitlin Kyle Gilmer

    So gorgeous!!!

  • Bubbles

    Hot and steamy!

  • yo sista

    totally gorgeous! omg he so fyne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • true blood

    He looks incredible! Thanks, Jared!

  • wow

    Alex looks fabulous in that Tom Ford Tux.

  • yo sista

    his eyes are oddly gorgeous! to die for! omg he’s officially on my a-list!!

  • British Latin American

    Impressive! He sets the standard which other hollywood boys have to meet.

  • shenanyginz

    thats an awesome tattoo…

  • Marie

    He is sooooo AMAZING!!! We want more of him!!!!! Gorgeous and talented AND nice!!! Stay that way Alex!!

  • Betty

    @Sintia: How so?

  • Betty

    In some pictures his hair looks blonde, but here it looks brown. It looks totally good though. I think he is the first person I have ever seen with blue-green eyes! Beautiful!

  • LuckyL

    Always resembles a creepy clown.

  • heidi

    Lovely. Just lovely. Thanks for the photos.

  • Liza

    Don’t always agree with you LuckyL, but that me lol.

  • bea

    TB shouldve won, period. <3 you Alex!
    Where’s the pictures from Alex and everybody?

  • nursedatingsite

    He is one hot guy

  • Halle

    He does look good! He is such a great actor.

  • Lauren

    Beautiful man!! Alexander looks amazing!!

  • amy

    Drool…alex looks so freaking hot

  • sara

    tv guide did a much better interview with him it’s on youtube from 4.22

    he even gets to talk a little about lady gaga

  • grab this

    There’s something odd with Nelly Fang’s hairline, either is the dye-stuff or maybe he has implants, he used to be kind of bald *iz confused*

  • devin

    total hotness

  • jen

    wow he looks lovin the tom ford tux

  • lina

    im so mad true blood didn’t win for best drama!! if anything i would of been ok if dexter won because it had an incredible season but mad men? really? true blood got snubbed

  • KARA

    lovin alexander! looks very handsome

  • nygal

    wow! he’s gorgeous! he looked so good and refined tonight.

  • kimberly

    alex as got to be one of the best looking guys out there! i can see why he appeals to all females–young and old alike. handsome guy.

  • Alien eyes
  • No Alex sightings

    They didn’t show him AT ALL at the awards show. Whenever True Blood was mentioned the camera would just pan over to Anna Paquin and her man.

  • Alex is a rare gem

    I loved the E! red carpet interview. Alex looked very poised and polite which is so rare nowadays. Just look at men like Colin Farrell who cuss like crazy and scratch and spit in public. I’d like to see more actors behave like gentlemen!! Maybe it’s because he’s Swedish that he’s so polite?

  • I like to bake special brownie

    Stellan Skarsgard looks like an ugly troll compared to his hot ass son, Alexander. It’s a good thing Alex doesn’t have the mean constipated face like his dad.

  • Lady Gaga video on E!

    I saw the E! red carpet interview on youtube. They showed a clip of the Lady Gaga music video and Askar’s hand was grabbing her ass cheek and his fingers briefly brushed against privates. I guess he couldn’t help it because his hands are so big but it kinda made me cringe when they showed that clip. That part in particular just seemed a little too explicit for a pop music video. The girl interviewing him was like Woooaaah!.

  • Fix left eye

    I hope he makes enough money now to fix that creepy left eye. It looks scary and mean.

  • Great E! interview

    @sara: Sara, this youtube link you provided was the E! interview. It’s not from TV Guide. Just look at the background of the video and there’s a giant letter E. I don’t think TV Guide has interviewed him. But thanks for the link!!

  • Ryan & Alex E! interview

    In that same E! interview, they also spoke with Ryan (who plays Sookie’s brother on True Blood). The interviewer slightly messed up and Ryan sort of threw it in her face instead of brushing it off. It was kinda mean of him. People aren’t robots. We make mistakes. He should loosen up. QPFMMRGk8o&feature=player_embedded

  • Extremely rude

    @Ryan & Alex E! interview: I agree Ryan could have handled it with a bit more tact but I think he hates giving interviews because he always seems annoyed at interviewers. At the end, they ended up cutting him off and that was extremely rude. It seems like Alex gets much better treatment in this aspect.

  • Ashley

    I love his laidback, genuine, and kind persona. Very refreshing considering that many Hollywood actors are egomaniacs who only date models half their age. Hopefully it’s the real deal and not just a facade.

  • Stellan’s ego

    @Ashley: Not to burst your bubble, but his dad is one of those egomaniac types you mention. He married a girl young enough to be his daughter! She’s actually around Askar’s age. And he was also putting down the author of the Angels & Demons book which the movie was based on. The same movie he co-starred in. Supposedly the cast of the movie was really dissapointed with Stellan’s rudeness and attitude problems.

  • Katie

    Alex looks so daper. I remember watching on TMZ about his dad’s attitude problems and when he dissed the author of his movie. Let’s all just hope father and son are very different so he doesn’t turn out like him. Often times parents and children are complete opposites.

  • jen


  • LoveSkars

    Be still my heart…

  • Stacey

    You know for the first time I feel sorry for Kate Bosworth because Alex claims they are friends and nothing more. In Kate’s past relationships she showed much PDA in public with her beau. It’s a little different with Alex. I guess she is good enough behind closed doors but not good enough to be seen in public. Why didn’t he take her as his date to the Golden Globes? I can’t believe he is that obsessed with keeping his personal life private. I AGREE he should have respect and privacy in regards to his personal life but to deny dating someone doesn’t make sense. I know people say it’s because of the fans attacking her. If I loved someone I wouldn’t give a DAMN what people said or thought there are your gf/bf. She is a grown woman and has been in this situation before with Orlando. It’s obvious this is his decision to keep denying her in public because I am sure Kate would confirm they are bf/gf if he would let her. I also felt sorry for her at The Art Elysium Party because she was buddy buddy with Camilla who was sitting next to Alex. Kate appeared to want an excuse to be at that table. I am not going to bash her but going forward I don’t respect Alexander IF he keeps denying his relationship with Kate. If asked that question just say “I am here to discuss my career not my love life” Don’t say no I am not dating Kate or anyone else and you are.

  • Kyliez


    it’s suppose to be Skarsgaard…two “aa”s in Norway,Sweden, Denmark are a letter called “Å”.

  • AlexxxLover

    I salute you Alex, hot as ever! I need to go take a cold shower… ya!

  • Ashley

    Has anyone considered that maybe they are just friends, or that if they are dating they both mutually agreed to say they were single to keep the paparazzi off their backs? Celebrities are known for that it doesnt mean its bad behavior on Alex’s part.