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Ashley Olsen & Justin Bartha: Art of Elysium 2010!

Ashley Olsen & Justin Bartha: Art of Elysium 2010!

Ashley Olsen snuggles up to her boyfriend, The Hangover actor Justin Bartha, at The Art of Elysium’s 3rd Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala on Saturday (January 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The evening before, the couple hit up a Golden Globes party hosted by T: The New York Times Style Magazine and Dom Perignon at Chateau Marmont.

The Hangover is Golden Globe-nominated for Best Comedy or Musical. They’re up against (500) Days Of Summer, It’s Complicated, Julie & Julia and Nine.

FYI: Ashley is wearing Alexander McQueen.

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# 1
Ms Anonymous @ 01/17/2010 at 1:16 am

Lipstick is a bit too dark there…

# 2

she needs to ease up on the lipstick. she’s looking like a goth bride of the damned here!

# 3

she needs to ease up on the lipstick. she’s looking like a goth bride of the damned here!

# 4

She looks like a gothic monkey bride.

# 5
Lowest denominator @ 01/17/2010 at 1:40 am

@Ms Anonymous:
And with the extremely darkened/drawn-in eyebrows…
She looks like Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.”

# 6

The makeup is very harsh for her.

# 7

I wasn’t sure if I like this look or not but I’ve decided do…and I do like the eyebrows…much nicer than when they are plucked to death…

# 8

I’m soo jealous she’s dating him! lucky girl!

she looks like a man, in all honesty.

her and her sister always look a bit creepy now-a-days. Not just the makeup and clothes but they always widen their eyes too much to make them pop or look fierce but it makes them look CREEPY!

justin bartha is such a lucky dude. he’s like a nobody & tho i’ll admit he’s cute but he just not that hot. and he snagged an olsen sister!

OMG… the hobbits are real!!

Whats he doing with HER? Ugh, her make-up.

brightside @ 01/17/2010 at 5:32 am

She has the face of a startled goldfish – what’s gone wrong with her lips?

Her makeup sucks, but I love her dress!

Ugh! She looks like a creepy old lady.

++Logan++ @ 01/17/2010 at 6:20 am

people have to realise the olsen twins dont go for the ‘ditsy cheap blonde ho’ look.

they are quirky ande experiment with their clothes, hair, make up and aim to look different.

people always want them to look normal and boring, its like asking lady gaga not to wear make up, its not going to happen.

She is too young and short for that look..

HE is a cutie.. really.. loved him in the Hangover, and I think he is very sexy.. just seems like a nice guy.. No need to take off his shirt every few minutes like some of them. But I guess the difference is he has talent.. and with talent you don’t have to go shirtless every few seconds.

She is lucky.. Hope she can keep him..

Just Stop @ 01/17/2010 at 7:43 am

She looks ODD!!!! Like Morticia from the Admas Family!

She is so stylish! She is never boring, you never see her wearing something safe/boring or something sl*t like a Herve Leger bandage dress.

I love Ashley, soo cool and a real trendsetter and a great designer.
I also think that they are really cute couple.

What a horrible rouge à lèvres…
But she looks nice.

She needs an eyebrow wax, a new makeup team, and therapy to get over her fear of flashing a smile now and then!!

one word comes to mind when i look at her

brightside @ 01/17/2010 at 9:23 am

@++Logan++: I’ve seen lady Gaga without make-up and she looks awful, simply awful, a face you’d want to put a bag over so I can understand why she would chose to spend so much of her life disguising it. As for the Olsen sisters, what, exactly, are they famous for, apart from creepy looks and a Munsters dress style?

They are supercute together. I must do a post about them!

Yikes! Why is it she never seems to keep her head straight? Always has that “ducking of the head” with her eyes like she is thinking about something and holding it in .

she also has mascara near the neck area on her dress.

Maybe SHE is the other with a hangover. lol

CanadaGirl @ 01/17/2010 at 10:55 am

It’s the bride of Frankenstein.

wow i love that dress!!!!!

I LOVE THIS LOOK. Anyone know who she’s wearing?

She and her sister always pose the same way, and it is not flattering.

he is so hot i love the hangover it’s so funny

does the not know how to smile? yeesh..

why does she look so scared!

I love how every time there’s a post about Rachel Bilson everyone jumps all over her for not working but when there’s an Olsen twin post…nothing.

The olsens choose to not work often, since they spent the first 18 years of their life working non-stop!
Rachel is just that girl from the o.c. that used to be relevant…….

Well I think she’s working it.

I think she looks amazing
different and I like it :)
especially love the look in the blue dress
they are an adorable couple

I love Ashley :)

if people don’t like her and are leaving horrible comments, why are they even looking at this post?

They do work, they run two fashion lines Elizabeth & James and The Row.
That’s pretty time consuming, people just don’t know about it because they haven’t put their names all over it like most other celebrity brands. It’s very high quality clothing.

she looks cute in the last photo… sans the lipstick. but i think she is cute enuf w/ or w/ out the darlk lips. true she is experimental when it comes to fashion. personally i always like when someone is different but in a less contrived, over the top way. genuine is always good. these girls can come across as trying much too hard to stand out.

If you think she looks like the Corpse Bride/Bride of Frankenstein, or whatever, you’re pretty smart for saying that. Because that is what she’s trying to pull off here. I think she looks amazing. The dark lipstick doesn’t exactly work, but from far away it looks good, and it matches her clutch.



for some reason I cant imagine them no longer being virgins. I guess cause they dont even look old enough to drink lol Anyone agree? They hardly look 18 years old let alone going on 24!

Innocent animals are tortured while still alive, their fur is stripped from their bodies and their hearts are still beating for thirty seconds afterwards. Its barbaric and I have no respect for these girls who wear these animals fur to look “stylish” and anyone else who wears real fur for that matter. Look it up, Fur farms in China. Disgusting and if youre a huge animal lover like me youll want to blow China up and youll also wish you could see how the Olsen Twins like having their skin stripped off their bodies and than bleed to death. Shame on these troll looking fur hags.

Was it an ADDAMS FAMILY BALL or something?

love you olsens……….
but i don`t like justin bartha,i mean he look too old for you…..
i`m so sorry….

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