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Colin Farrell & Alicja Bachleda - Golden Globes 2010 Red Carpet

Colin Farrell & Alicja Bachleda - Golden Globes 2010 Red Carpet

Colin Farrell and gilrlfriend/actress Alicja Bachleda walk the wet red carpet together at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Colin, 33, will be presenting tonight at the Globes. Additionally, he was in Crazy Heart, which won for Best Original Song – Motion Picture with “The Weary Kind”. Jeff Bridges, also from Crazy Heart, won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama. He beat out a standout group including George Clooney, Colin Firth, Morgan Freeman and Tobey Maguire.

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • emmy jay

    Hot looking couple for sure. My gosh, he is sooooo hot.

  • anon

    She acts like she’s the celebrity and she should have worn more support for her sagging boobs.

  • nursedatingsite

    Where are his children?

  • A.J.

    anon<- you have obviously never seen real boobs in your life. plus she just had a kid

  • dabu


    Well, you know, they probably are at home. The Golden Globes doesn’t really welcome kids in the audience unless they are actually nominated.

    What a stupid statement.

  • liks

    She is sooooo hot it`s insane! Colin is one lucky man!!!!!

  • eliott

    Colin looked so fine. His girlfriend is very pretty. Nice dress.

  • ayrin

    she´s femous in Poland, as I understand. she´s a singer-actress, with double nationality.
    She’s so pretty.

  • ayrin

    oops should be famous:

  • mimi

    The color of her dress is the best tonight. Absolutely beautiful color.
    She did seem smug, and considering she is a gold -digger who trapped a movie star, and not an actual movie star, she should know her place and show some humility.

  • Maggie

    @mimi: Her family is sooo rich that calling her a gold digger is really funny….
    She is from nobile family with great tradition…

  • Rein

    It looks like Alicja has an underbite.

  • bbwsocialnetwork

    I like his teeth

  • niki

    Wow what a gorgeous couple,I don’t know who she is but she is a beautiful girl and Colin is HOT.

  • Teams

    he is very sexy.

  • oy

    His hair is awful as usual, but they look great otherwise.

  • anon

    The best looking couple at GG hands down.

  • tress

    She is so pretty!
    Concrats Colin!!!!!!!!!!! Forget Botox-Borderline-Angelina!

  • Tami

    She is very pretty and her dress is gorgeous, but the top does not fit properly.

  • poland boy

    She is his girlfriend and mother of his youngest child. She is a polish actress, from a noble family as maggie wrote. Her full name is Alicja Bachleda – Curus. They (Collin and Alicja) were both in Cracow, where they have a apartment.
    They look great together ;)
    If i made some mistakes – I’m sorry for my english – but i try to get better and better.

  • angel

    Colin is so hotttttt and so sexy wowwwwwwwwwwwww , They make a gorgeous couple together .She seems like a nice girl , I hope they last a long time and have another baby together.

  • Jokergurl

    Colin is so gorgeous, but Alicja here is just so stiff, sheesh girl put your arm around that HUNK instead of posing! The E! reporter couldn’t even pronounce her last name either. He’s STILL prettier than she is.

  • monica

    While looking at the picture I’ve got this this strange feeling.
    You can’t deny the fact that she’s beautiful, original …just divine.
    He…he’s definitely hot, handsome. Both hot, but sooooo much different! She’s from Poland, a country where Eastern and Western genes mix. In Poland you have blonds, brunettes etc with various eye colours or even skin colours. Sometimes the complexion is darker like that of Italians or white as that of Norwegian or British. She’s this kind of mixture, extraordinary.
    He- as I’ve said, hot., handsome…mixture of genes, but those from different continent. Both beautiful, but so different. Maybe it’s just me but…they don’t look good together.
    About her posing, the fact that she comes form a small European country doesn’t mean that she should sweep the read carpet or kiss the footprints Colin left on it. This is an example of self- confidence.
    Well. I’ll bet that she’s the only one with real boobs:)

  • tress

    Coln, Rober D. jr. + Jesse James on one table —- it was the COOL TABEL!!!

  • Tom

    Poland is not a small European country I’m affraid. It’s one of the biggest in the Europen Union, only a bit smaller than Germany and bigger than the United Kingdom.

  • Tom

    Sorry for my mistake European obviously and it was an answer to monica’s post.

  • maryrowery

    nice, good for her, she was always classy, staying out of tabloids, and just doing her best in movies, I hope all of that turns out well for her

  • minxx

    Undeniably the best looking couple there. Alicja looks classy and gorgeous, with perfect dress and makeup, beaufiful face. As far as gold-digging: she has a career of her own, her family is very well off and they met on a movie set where she had a role opposite Colin (Ondine). She’s not some Vegas coat girl/exotic danser/escort trying to hang on to a movie star in the manner of any of George Clooney’s girlfriends. And there is no famewhoring here either.. it’s the first time she’s out with him publicly and she looks uncomfortable. Not smug but rather nervous and insecure. I just wonder how she managed to slim down after the baby so quickly.. and she is nursing so the dress is a bit snug on the top but she still looks gorgeous. In any case.. good luck to them both!

  • Netka

    They do not have any appartement in cracow, it’s gossip! And she is not so great actress, she is known as ZOsia in “Pan Tadeusz” – the only big role with her and she is also not a great singer in Poland! She is treaded like a star, because she ist dating with HOLLYWOOD B-Star Colin Farrel. Big star in Poland are Janda, Kondra. Sorry for my english, but when I see, what the polish people writting, it’s makes me sick.

  • tress

    This pair is great.
    And real.

    George “g * y” Clooney and his girlfriend are not real!

  • pol


    Dziewczyno opanuj się! Jedna Polka ma szanse na karierę, sławę i promocję Polski na świecie a ty pokazujesz polska zawiść w najgorszym wydaniu. Lepiej oczernić Alicję bo przecież nie moży byc tak że komus się coś udaje a mnie nie, co? Jesteś beznadziejna.

  • monica

    I’m sorry for the small Eu country. I wasn’t thinking about its area in fact but the kind of approach people have towards it. There’s a chance that some of His fans will learn something about Poland:)Sorry, I didn’t want to offend anybody or undermine the country.
    Netka, that’s true that one of the best actors in Poland are Janda or Konrad /Dzien Swira/ and I know some others but try not to undermine Alice. In fact, she was good in ‘Trade’.
    To cut long story short, i wish them luck.

  • ja

    @ pol, netka
    może to rzeczywiście nie było potrzebne, ale jak by nie patrzeć to niestety obiektywna racja, że ABC nie jest wielką aktorką ani tym bardziej piosenkarką w Polsce, a wszelka poświęcana jej uwaga to ze względu właśnie na Collina. Nie oceniam, czy brak jej talentu, ale wszyscy wiemy, że bez bogatej rodziny nawet z talentem robić karierę aktorską za granicą jest prawie niemożliwe. Niech jej się wiedzie ale mnie też denerwuje, że ocenia się ją u nas jako wielką gwiazdę a podstaw ku temu żadnych.

  • Denise

    Where’s Kiefer Sutherland? The most beautiful of the night?

  • sange

    Ohhh you`re all really funny. Of course she is an actress and soon she and Collin will be promoting THEIR film, so I dont quite understand your saying that she should step back. Well, they`re a couple and both of them are actors :D Anyway, She looks seeeeexyyyy but Im afraid Collins hair is just a bit too much for me, I cant take it

  • mjopolo

    She is pretty awesome and cute girl , very famous in Poland actress – NOT singer, also bacted in some movies in LA
    Frankly – hot girl,good looking at any time but not here

  • Savannah

    Colin looks hot. I’m not quite sure who his girlfriend is? From the comments I have just read, it seems not many people like her. I am a bit confused, for people have mentioned a baby, yet this time last year Colin was not with anybody at the Golden Globes. Have they met and had a baby within a year? If she comes from a traditional, good family like the previous people have mentioned I find this hard to believe. She is quite pretty but why the low dress?I have boobs myself, so I am not jealous, I feel wearing low cut tops distracts people away from my other qualities. It just makes her look cheap and she looks like shes been spray tanned, for her skin has an orange tone.

  • russianred

    her boobs are fighting to get out. set them free!
    @mjopolo, she was a singer for a while, made 2 albums.

  • Andrea

    Wow She is so beautiful!!!!

  • kolo

    Wyglądają wspaniale!!! Cudownie!!!! They are great!!!!!!!

  • injun


    I don’t get it – since when is Ireland on a different continent to Poland? And Poland is definitely not a small European country – it’s one of the largest and Ireland is one of the smallest. In fact, if you knew what you were talking about you would know that the Polish and Irish people get on extremely well, and have a long tradition of doing so.

    Since they both met while working on a film together, and she is a celebrated actress in her own right, and Colin doesn’t seem to me to be the type that would put up with any bullshit, I think they probably very well suited and they definitely look fantastic together. I wish them the best.

  • magsy

    She looks great! Many people in Poland are just jealous so don’t listen to them!! I’m happy she can represent Poland with her beauty face on the red carpet before Golden Globe awards, come on, who’s done this before?? Certainly not bitchy-Doda, she is a true shame to Poland. Alicja is classy and gorgeous! Cheers

  • cutie from Poland

    Alice & Colin the best couple of GG!!! She looks so glam…Like u both and wish u all the best!!!

  • Magda

    You’re beautiful women!!

    Zresztą jak wszystkie POLKI!:)


  • Azi

    @mimi: she comes from a very rich family and her uncle is one of the richest people in Poland. They keep quiet but they are worth millions of dollars.

  • me

    They look great together,I do feel the personality when look towards this couple. Naughty together :)

  • RobertTo

    Alicja is so gorgeous, they both look great! I cross my fingers for Alicja’s succes. Bye the way, Poland is one of the biggest country in Europe.

  • anon

    Hot couple,they look very happy together.

  • agnieszka

    Poland is an european country but it is not small, very bad knowoledge of geography!

  • ellie’

    Gorgeous looking couple… love Colin…