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Jennifer Aniston - Golden Globes 2010 Red Carpet

Jennifer Aniston - Golden Globes 2010 Red Carpet

Jennifer Aniston shows off some leg backstage in the press room at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

At the event, the 40-year-old actress wore a black Valentino couture dress, Versace shoes, black vintage Ferragamo minaudiere, and Fred Leighton jewelry.

Jennifer presented the winner for the writing category with her Bounty Hunter costar, Gerard Butler.

The Bounty Hunter hits theaters on March 19.

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  • TJ

    She looks great!

  • Lisa

    Woow!!! She looks amazing!!!

  • just me

    Messy hair. This dress would have been showcased better if the hair was up but of course..the hair has to hide her face..ugh!


    yab a daba

  • dundies

    i like messy hair, she wears it quite well

  • mickey

    She looks desperate, as usual. She also looks like she smells.

  • dundies

    lol i just got told I’m posting comments too quickly. the nerve

  • eliott

    “Rachel off Friends.” Thank you Ricky G. That was perfect & she looked pissed.

  • Ugly Jenny

    What the hell was TV GIRL doing there?? Isn’t she UGLY as well??
    Poor poor Gerard, the way the LEACH was clinging onto him..couldn’t she find a man of her own.. tut tut tut

  • Shar

    Slit never looks that good on short ppl with short legs, and the black looks boring on her.

  • carolyn333

    Is that the same dress she wore when she did that hotel thing..

    the dress is average..

    NOW Halle had on a rockin black dress.. She owned her. Jen looks like she borrowed hers..

    Sorry nothing special..

  • Shar


  • LuckyL

    Sloppy and too casual. Fergie misstep.

  • drew drew

    wowww! looking radiance Jen! Go Girl!!

  • bloody witch

    this bloody witch is always showing her face for no goddamn reason. what award is she up for again? look at her fumble when she was handing the award out, trying to act all cutesy and s-heit.

  • LuckyL

    And Gerard Butler is another over-tanned fool.

  • Tberry

    i think she looks so beautiful
    lovely dress and nice make up

  • nat

    She looks amazing!

  • tanorexic ho

    i love ricky G’s introduction. he said something about moving on & introduced her as rachel from friends. that was great.

  • carolyn333

    Damn just saw Jodie Foster in a sexy black dress too..

    nothing average about her .. Jen look and learn baby.. look and learn. NOW Halle and Jodie are fabulous over 40

  • kana

    Of course she wears black.
    Of course her hair has to cover her face
    Of course she looks sun baked
    What else is new?
    She still is…and always will be PLAIN JANE!
    Courtney Cox on the other hand is beautiful.

  • black nail polish = fail

  • TJ

    I agree carolyn Halle own this stupid freak. Halle is hot. Desperate cow here has to pay people to hold her hand. Just desperate and stupid they way she had to hold on to Gerard. Bet he is sick of this fake thing.

  • AGA

    Oh YUCK…And poor Gerry,she has her usual death-grip thing going on with him now. Gerry…WHY did you agree to be in a movie with this child-woman???? Desperate Cow always holding people like that…there will be many poses like this as this woman trys to pose with REAL movie stars. Also..does this dress split remind any-one else of a Famous Cannes gown,but in a different color. Months behind as usual. And her face is more fug every-time I see her.
    She should NOT even be there–2 flops and a HW joke,

  • ivanka


  • tracy

    jenho copied angie’s gown…let see what jenho fans would say about the slit going all the way up jenho’s coochiie

    even jenho couldnt recognize herself in the mirror with all the surgeries she had done on her face.

  • Zoey

    Lovely. Playful and down to earth. Can’t wait fot the Bounty Hunter promotion pics.

  • eliott

    Try as you might, your hair can’t seem to hide your whole face, Ms. Aniston.

  • dabu

    Looks better here than she did on the television.

  • tracy

    she copied angies slit dress and all jenho fans were criticizing her…now jenho got her slit way up her coochiee

  • LuckyL

    I must say she did retract attention from her chin with the hair. So, bravo there.

  • tanorexic ho

    this chick got pissed that angie showed some legs at Canne so she is jealous. she wants to out done angie. copy cat ho.

  • Cami

    Watch she is the only one from Golden Globes show tonight that will pay posters to post over and over because she is so desperate.
    This narcissistic clown has to have every one talking about her. That’s why she can’t get on with her life.

  • dp

    ooo comments from backstage NBC:

    “Also, Gerard Butler and Jenn Aniston were backstage for photos only — no interviews. Those two definitely look as good in person as they do onscreen. Damn them!”

  • AGA

    So,Ricky G introduced her as Rachel from Friends??? BWAWAHAHAHAH–LMFAO–she would of HATED that. Cause she;s a real “movie star” LMAO so hard right now.

  • nika

    one can tell jen is old with the way her arms are flapping all over the place

    too bad she did not have botox on her arms

  • TIM

    God she looks so old and ugly.

  • CJ

    @just me:

    So agree..dress is great…does she have a stylist/hairdresser?…Because if she does he/she needs to be fired and a new one found..she looks so much younger/prettier with bangs and her hair in a hanging in ones face is never pretty…just ruined her whole look..

  • Liddia

    Yuck – old hag.

  • ellie’

    Jennifer looks beautiful.. So D*M sexy.. her hair looks great … Lots of woman wear there hair down now… Also many wear slits much higher then that.. Jens is just perfect.. That smile her face her body and her beautiful legs … makes the greatest actress I have ever seen,,
    Just love her she also so sweet & classy….

    So you as*ses stop your silly jealousy… you know she looks great or you wouldn’t even be on here,,,

  • Brie


  • meme

    u go girl!! u look fabulous jen…..great legs by the way……….
    haters on here r jealous>>>>>pay no mind to them…

  • j’adore

    I was actually embarrassed for Jen when Ricky introduced her as Rachel. She looked sooo unhappy.

  • cho

    i m not jen fan and angie fan..
    jen…u r absolutely stunning and gorgeous..
    that’s the truth

  • Cami

    She probably paid GB to pose for pictures with her. Just like she had to pay John Mayer to fake date her for the Oscar’s. Poor Jennifer can’t walk on her own like a grown women. She has to pay men to stand next to her.

  • Tim

    I do not see what is so great about her – she looks like absolute crap – clinging to another man trying to get some PR about her pathetic love life.

  • drew drew

    woooow! glowing~ Go girl

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    omg i love jennifer she looks amazing

  • eli

    LOVE that Ricky Gervais introduced her as “Rachel from Friends” hhahahahahahahahahahahah!

  • jaliah

    Just saw photo of Courteney Cox, she looks beautiful.