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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Globes Party PDA

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Globes Party PDA

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth separately enter the 2010 Golden Globes held at the Oasis Courtyard inside The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Alex, 33, and Kate, 26, still seem to be a couple after last night.

Hollywoodlife reports that in the pool area, Kate “put her face in [Alex's] hands and [Alex] gave her a long, slow kiss… We even saw some booty action: after Kate wrapped her arms around Alex, she grabbed his butt.”

E! adds, “After 10 minutes or so, they took off into the very wet night after jumping into the backseat of a chauffeured car together.”

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Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Getty
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  • CanadianGal

    well that stinks. OH WELL.


  • cougarslover

    She needs to eat

  • yawn

    I am sooo bored with these two. They are BOTH such attention wh*res and famewh*res it is becoming really annoying. I thought Alex had more class than that. I knew Kate didn’t have any class.
    I am not a True Blood fan but I think Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin act with so much more class than these two. If you are dating someone then take them to events and act like you are with them.
    I guess she failed at her last attempt to get Orlando in the Carribbean over the holidays. lololol you know she was stalking them so now she is back to stalking him. why do they come to events separately if they are dating. that is low brow on Alex’s part.

  • true blood

    I think they’re probably friends with benefits.
    Jared, please give us a big pic of Alex at the InStyle party. Thanks!

  • Charmie

    @yawn: I told everyone ealrier that they are still dating. He is a big boy, but he can date whomever he pleases, just don’t get on E twitter and say “Hey I’m still single” I am looking for a girl with a sense of humor”. not cool Alex, stop lying to your fans. Just say that you are with her, are you that embarassed to be seen with her or admit that you are dating? Not cool. LOL

  • wow

    They make a beautiful couple, but pics or it didn’t happen…

  • eightball

    He really went on about being single so I think he has a different idea of dating or it’s just a one night stand type thing.

  • commonsense

    I would be really disappointed in him if they’re dating.

  • Trudy

    Don’t know if they’re dating, don’t care but they sure are gorgeous.

  • Charmie

    @eightball: true, it could be friends with benefits, or he and KB are just pulling his fans legs which is not cool either.

    E online did not report the Kissing and butt holding thing. I don’t know if that part is true.

  • @#7

    What do you mean he went on about being single? I thought he was asked if he was single and all he said was “yeah – I’m single”. If I date a guy I consider myself single unless it gets more serious.

  • Stacey

    You know for the first time I feel sorry for Kate Bosworth because Alex claims they are friends and nothing more. In Kate’s past relationships she showed much PDA in public with her beau. It’s a little different with Alex. I guess she is good enough behind closed doors but not good enough to be seen in public. Why didn’t he take her as his date to the Golden Globes? I can’t believe he is that obsessed with keeping his personal life private. I AGREE he should have respect and privacy in regards to his personal life but to deny dating someone doesn’t make sense. I know people say it’s because of the fans attacking her. If I loved someone I wouldn’t give a DAMN what people said or thought there are your gf/bf. She is a grown woman and has been in this situation before with Orlando. It’s obvious this is his decision to keep denying her in public because I am sure Kate would confirm they are bf/gf if he would let her. I also felt sorry for her at The Art Elysium Party because she was buddy buddy with Camilla who was sitting next to Alex. Kate appeared to want an excuse to be at that table. I am not going to bash her but going forward I don’t respect Alexander IF he keeps denying his relationship with Kate. If asked that question just say “I am here to discuss my career not my love life” Don’t say no I am not dating Kate or anyone else and you are.

  • who is lying?

    Alexander Skarsgård at the Globes: “I’m Single!”
    We hope you don’t object too much, then, because must ask are you single?
    Yeah…I’m single!

    You don’t understand, Twitter will be thrilled.
    [Laughs.] Oh really!

    Alexander went on to tell fellow reporters next to us that what he looks for in a girl is “a sense of humor.”

    As for dating a gal in the industry, à la Kate Bosworth? Alexander told reporters:

    “I don’t think that matters…There are pros and cons to both. It’s about a connection. I don’t really care what they do for a living if the connection is there.”

    A.Skars laughed off when we tried to ask him about the Bosworth rumors, understanding it goes with the territory.

  • runningdatingsite

    I like her dress

  • Vivid

    @@#7: He’s been asked in various interviews since the rumors started if he’s single and he’s alway said yes and that he’s not dating anyone. I think if they were truly dating, she would have spent her birthday with him instead of going away with a friend. People get together casually all the time in Hollywood so it’s not that unusual.

  • beep

    nooooooooooo LOL arghhh noooooo. Well maybe it’s not serious why bosworth. Noooooooo

  • Stacey

    @who is lying?: I am not sure take one guess for the prize (SMILE)

  • sookiebabe

    Ok, seriously? NOBODY has a cell with a camera? A picture – even a dark, distant, quastionable picture – would turn all the rumors into reality once and for all. What is this, fear of a lawsuit? So you can spread the rumors but confirmation is just not up to you?

    Sorry, got a little angry there.

    I was always inclined to believe those two were together. And this time around many sources from many websites did say they saw something (and not the same something, wich is new). But I gotta wonder: why deny it? what’s the point if 2 minutes later you’re going to make sure everyone around knows you’re a couple? What kind of strategy is that? I don’t get it at all.

  • pointless

    They are both so dumb and pointless. I agree that he is either embarassed, wants his freedom to do what he wants and knows she will tie him down, or its just a hook-up situation(friends with benefits). The whole I like to keep my private life private is total crap because what is he going to do when(and if) he ever gets engaged and married. Will no one ever see his wife or kids? Something is really shady about this guy and I don’t really find him cool anymore.
    It is her fault for being such a tool for him but he should have more respect for women. If he is hooking up with her for sex and fun he should make sure no one sees it at these parties because it makes her look like a doormat just waiting for a little (or big- ha!) bone that Alex throws her. She should be more discreet as well. And as far as the fangirls no one gives that much of a sh*t. His ego is WAY OUT OF CONTROL (as has been for some time from what his cast and crew say behind closed doors). IF you are just say you are and show the girl some respect. Her rep in Hollyweird is already sh*t and his/her stupid a** shenanigans is making her look like the joke as he continues to fling with her and her string along. If you love someone you wouldn’t care what people thought and you wold want the world to know.
    @yawn Go Stephen and Anna. Right that is a real deal power couple not the joke of the parties who are BOTH now becoming more known for WHO they do as opposed to WHAT they do!

  • Gigi

    @Stacey: @Stacey:
    You feel sorry for Bosworth, but nobody gave a crap when he did that to Evan Rachel Wood. Unbelievable. Bosworth is not a nice girl, AND at least Bosworth knows it’s friends with benefits, publicity benefits for her, sex for him….Evan was truly hurt, and stopped the affair when she realized he was not going to have a real relationship. He kept stringing her along, and she really liked him…but, the Bosworth thing sealed it.
    Anyway, he won’t be really “dating” anyone until he considers them press worthy. He’ll end up with some model, or a bigger star then Bosworth! HIs head has gotten real big, real fast! I think he wasn’t getting enough attention at the Globes, so he made a scene with KB! HaHa! No one gives a shit about her anyway…she has her people call the paps whenever she steps out for coffee!
    Anyway, kick and scream all you want…but it’s true, I work for a publicist in West Hollywood, and I won’t be here to listen to the fallout and the prove its and the denials from the crazy fans anyway….so, bye!

  • Straw Dog

    @Gigi: He never dated ERW. She chased him like a puppy but he wasn’t interested.

  • Nicole

    I have NO RESPECT for him now. First he lies, then he lies(again), and he is HUMPING that coke bag, rack of bones. She is so disgusting and so desperate for attention that she doesn’t care. I think she honestly wants him so bad but he is playing the crap out of her.
    Dont care can’t stand her or her acting and papaparazzi games. Gross

  • beautiful couple

    They are a gorgeous couple. It’s probably just a sexual relationship but who can blame them.

  • jean

    If it’s just a fling/unoffcial type of thing.Why would he go about kissing her and holding hands at a big industry party ?If there wasn’t some type of relationship.It’s a dumb move on thei part if it;s just casually dating.

  • what goes around

    @Gigi: i never believed anything happened there but maybe that experience, real or imagined, will teach Wood to be more respectful of other people’s relationships.

  • Nicole

    Also it is really messed up that he attended the Art of Elysium event without walking with her on the red carpet. And then not request a table with her. And then sit next to the beautiful Camilla Belle(I know it was pre-planned seating). The Golden Globes I get because of the tight seating but then to work the room without her while she waited in a corner and then took her home is trashy on both their parts.
    He is so nasty to me now!!!

  • Gigi

    @Straw Dog:
    You’re wrong asshole….he’ll admit it one day. Evan was at the TCA’s with him during the summer, and he kissed her when he went to do his interviews. I saw it pinhead.

  • Oceane

    @Gigi: Whoa!! Calm down! Everyone sounds so jealous. He’s a grown man can date who ever he wants

  • beep


    We are jealous LOL very

  • Bunny

    What is wrong with this guy. He has the worst taste in women!!! He definitely likes the skanks. Are girls in Sweden skanks?
    Why didn’t he spend NYE and her birthday with her because the working thing is wrong. True Blood went on hiatus from 12/24-1/5 so that is bull. Something with this is weird and honestly just low class and grosssss. You won’t own to her so he must not want anything serious.

  • jean

    i remember him saying he has a hard time falling in love,that he runs away from anything that tieds him down.

    And girls what’s the big deal?he is dating around in hollywood.He is a saint compared to G. Bulter.Whose been filmed full on making out with random woman.

  • Not Love


  • jean


    He went to sweden for the holidays.there a couple of sighting of him in sweden and at the london airport on facebook.

  • Not Love


  • -

    Ohhhhh they look cute!
    I love it!

    I hope they are togheter!!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    @Gigi: Sure you saw it, hans. Still proof of nothing. He kisses everyone even fans.

  • Eon

    @LOL: That didn’t happen. It’s just one of her stans making up shit. They do that all the time here.

    I think he’s friends with benefits with Bosworth.

  • Bunny

    @jean I know he went to Sweden for the holidays but he could have taken his “girlfriend” home to meet his parents and his family. They have supposedly known and dated each other for 6 months since they started filming and if she is girlfriend he could have taken her with him to Sweden. or skipped out on Sweden and gone to the islands with her. I mean come on he is a grown man and he had just seen his fam so it would not have taken away from his time. If a guy loves you they will go out of the way to show you off.

  • stella

    They are both blonde and beautiful but it probably won’t last. Too bad.

  • Charlene

    @ Bunny – ok , so you’re not Alex’s biggest fan – but seriously, do you really need to start calling girls in Sweden names now? Are girls in Ireland all trailer-trash because Colin Farrell is the way he is?

    I saw this coming so long ago – people build up celebrities and sooner or later then start tearing them down for some reason or another. They just can’t accept the fact that celebrities are people with their own faults and weaknesses and then they just start obsessing about and dissect EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of events when they don’t even know exactly what went down. People just twist things around to suit their own opnion. I agree – he would be a douchebag if he was stringing along both Evan and Kate but we don’t know all the private details of what happened there – all we have is some photos and some so-called “sources” version of stuff that supposedly happened. Ever heard of “innocent until proven guilty”?????

  • hans

    Since when is having a F-buddy dating…

  • Ethan

    Somebody should tell her that eating food is a good, healthy part of life.

  • Charmie

    @Nicole: If she allows herself to be treated this way, then she is just as big as a douche then he is. AS for ERW, maybe if they would stop chasing these guys and let a guy show interest in you for a change, then maybe you won’t come out looking like a fool. KB is not a nice girl!! ERW is not a nice girl!! Believe me I know. Askars needs to really slow it down. Thats all I have to say about it.

    On a happy note: the both got laid last night. LOL

  • forkme

    I’m telling you – the man is gay! No IF, And, or buts about it!

  • engineersdating

    He is one lucky man

  • mouche

    Alexander S is a gorgeous single man in his prime! Of course he enjoys the company of beautiful girls, why wouldn´t he. To say that he is “lying” when he doesn´t want to expose his lovelife in public is ridiculous and rude!

  • DM

    Oh my… people will believe ANYTHING. It’s funny how there are so many ‘someone saw them do this or that’ but there’s NEVER PICTURES that actually prove they’re dating! Besides, if they’re friends with benefits or whatever, doesn’t mean they’re dating, so they ARE actually single…
    Besides, there’s this other website saying Alexander arrived with this brunette or something, but no pics either!
    I rather believe neither.
    And to all those people saying Alexander is a attention whore, that is really unfair. The guy is totally down to earth, but I doubt he’d go around looking for media attention!
    About Kate, i’ve nothing to say really, not her fan, but she is gorgeous! Love the dress!

  • meh

    ok, he’s dead to me now.

  • Charmie

    @hans: SO true Hans, but he was just that with ERW also. So?

  • Agos

    lucky bitch…