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Brad Pitt & Matt Damon Join 'Happy Feet 2'

Brad Pitt & Matt Damon Join 'Happy Feet 2'

Brad Pitt and Matt Damon will reportedly lend their voices to Happy Feet 2, a 3-D sequel to the 2006 animated film.

The two haven’t starred together since the Ocean‘s movies, but are now signed up to voice unknown characters in the animated film directed by George Miller, according to Movieline. Although Warner Bros. has not officially announced this, Movieline reports that Brad and Matt have already begun recording for the movie last week.

Elijah Wood and Robin Williams, who voiced starring roles in the first hit movie will return for their roles. Happy Feet 2 will be released on November 18, 2011.

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  • http://yahoo krissy19

    Can’t wait !!!!!!!!!

  • dabu

    Sounds good!

  • love them

    Love Brad Pitt

  • lisa


    now wait for the fools to get here..

    I like that he and Matt are doing movies that their kids will be able to enjoy.. Happy Feet was really cute..

    Can’t wait for it and KF Panda 2 as well..


    Pt did you get the email?

  • sharon

    I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Mindy

    I love these two hunks!

  • ***Hi All***

    OMG can’t wait I loved Happy Feet.

  • umm

    Proud and happy daddy Brad is doing a movie for his children.

  • Tom

    I wonder what they’ll do with Gloria who was voiced by Brittany Murphy….still a shame that she’s gone.

  • toonces

    Brad looks used to look so much better like this before he decided to go with the BinLaden look

  • Jill

    His kids should love hearing Daddy’s voice in this movie.

  • cute

    I hope they will take their older kids to the premiere of this film.

  • alison

    they’re two of my favorite actors so that’s cool

  • CanadaGirl

    There is almost too much hotness in this photo.

  • mimi

    Brad looks great again. It’s about time.
    I can’t stand Matt Damon and avoid his films. He is so fake and leading a life full of pretence.

  • karen

    I think Brad is just on a freakin career high right now..

    All of his films in the past 5 years to me have been some of his best work.. He has worked with the BEST Directors in the business. And I have loved every performance.

    I will be seeing this as well.. regarding the premier of the movie and the kids.. not sure.. They took Madd to the Invictus premier.. but they did not walk a red carpet. We have NEVER seen their kids at those kinds of events. so again we will have to wait and see.. They did not take them to the KF panda premiers.. but now that I think about it . they only did then Cannes thing because Angie was expecting the twins and they were out of the Country..

    So one never knows.. the kids are getting older and may want to go..

  • Some Bunny

    How nice they are both fathers and doing a movie their kids can see. I love Brad Pitt voice, it’s so soothing and gentle sounding. I wonder which cute little animated character he will play?

  • anne

    this sounds good. matt damon, brad pitt and robin williams together on the big screen; so to speak.

  • kaykay

    @Some Bunny:

    I just read your comment and could not agree more. Brad has a very nice voice.. and your description is right on point.

    I might add I find it sexy as well.. but not related to this movie.. lol

  • Jill

    mimi @ 01/18/2010 at 4:42 pm
    Brad looks great again. It’s about time.

    I think that’s an old photo from the Oceans movies.

  • wow

    This is cool.

  • Detest JP

    @Jill: Very old pic of Pitt! Jolie has sucked the life out of him!

  • comment from Nikki Finke

    Will someone remind “Rachel from Friends” to have a sense of humor. She is the WORST.
    Comment by NBC ZUCKS – January 17, 2010 @ 8:23 pm

  • to mimi

    I can’t stand Matt Damon and avoid his films. He is so fake and leading a life full of pretence.

    of course, mim, what ever you say. ok i’m sure i’m going to regret asking this question which i’m sure you won’t answer. why do you think he’s so fake and leading a life of pretence?

    from what i can see matt damon is successful, reasonably good looking and makes lots of money. so i doubt he’s going to worry that you avoid his films. as for his personal life, it looks like he’s got what he wants. a nice wife, a step-daughter, and two daughters of his own. i have to wonder if you’re not jealous.

  • African Girl

    Aww! That is so sweet. I’d like to think they are doing it for their kids. How cool is that?

  • 100mph

    hmm.. Great News!

  • Jill

    Detest JP @ 01/18/2010 at 5:13 pm
    @Jill: Very old pic of Pitt! Jolie has sucked the life out of him!

    Jolie gave him his life back after that selfish bítch he was married to refused to give him a family. STFU.

  • so

    Brad was in LA last week. Trolls are stupid.

  • Love Matt

    Oh Matt… too bad we won’t be seeing his hunkilicious self onscreen for this but I love his voice nonetheless. I wonder what animal he will be… a polar bear? :D I love polar bears! How about a snow tiger? rawr.

  • Hear me roar!

    Matt Damon is a puss-y!

  • Joe blow

    @Detest JP: He looks ugly in that old pic, too though. lol Matt Damon looks more like Brad Pitt these days. ahhaha! Plus, his Drinking and Using doesn’t help him stay young. wink!

  • to jill

    it’s true that angelina has given him children but that’s because she wanted to. jennifer, like many other women, did not want children. that doesn’t make her a selfish bitch. what was wrong is that jenn did not come clean with brad before they got married.

  • Joe blow

    Tom @ 01/18/2010 at 4:31 pm

    I wonder what they’ll do with Gloria who was voiced by Brittany Murphy….still a shame that she’s gone.

    I forgot she was a voice in the first movie. what happened to her is so very sad :(

  • Nina

    Brad and Matt in a movie again. HOT.

  • ohwell

    I want them to make Oceans 14 with Angie.

  • Joe blow

    this is what 5 years , substance abuse, Liquor, and saying no to botox turned brad into. Angie, just go back to Billy Bob already. isn’t it obvious that she still loves Billy and is trying to turn Brad into a duplicate BBT?
    All this time the tabs have been saying Brad will go back to his ex but I really think it’s angie pining for her ugly ex.

  • Jess

    Gorgeousness Overload.

  • Passing Through

    # 718 Psycho Ex-wife @ 01/18/2010 at 3:27 pm
    from Nikki Finke’s blog
    Geez, “Soul Honky”, get a sense of humor. Nikki knows Aniston and Butler have already filmed a movie together – hence the comment about the two of them having ZERO CHEMISTRY. The trailer for their horrific romcom was all over the web a month ago when it came out. Everybody who’s seen it is embarrassed for the both Aniston and Butler, but moreso for Butler. Aniston has become synonymous with bad romcoms, but some folks were holding out hope that Butler would finally realize he’s doing his career no good with these truly awful movies.

    On another note – poor dumped Jennifer Aniston. How much longer is this pathetic woman going to stalk Angelina Jolie? Look, Jen, we get it. You want the world to know that you’re as desirable as Jolie…even if Brad Pitt no longer thinks so. BUT, do you have to make it so obvious that you look at all the pictures of Jolie and Pitt – especially their red carpet pictures? That thigh-high slit in your gown? Jolie did it already and rocked the fashion world. Since Jolie flashed her righ thigh at Cannes in May 2009 every actress from Sharon Stone to Jennifer Lopez to Megan Fox wants the world to know she’s got great pins, too. The difference is – when Stone and Fox do it they merely look like copycats. When you do it you look like the psycho ex-wife who won’t let go of her ex-husband and spends the rest of her life trying to prove to the world that she’s more desirable than her ex’s new wife. It’s been 5 years already. Get over Pitt dumping you and move the hell out. It does nothing for your career and even less for your public image.
    ROTFLMAO. Uh…you do realize that was ME, don’t you? Typos and all. You’ll never know how hard it was for me to remember to call X and Bloatler by their real names! LOL. I’ve been calling her X for so long it actually took me a few seconds to remember her real last name…

  • BBFan

    Brad had a much scragglier looking beard when he was with JA, (example: yet no one said she sucked the life out of him. You lose all credibility when you’re not consistent with your criticism JA fans!!!


    I think Maniston is wanting to get back on the sandra bullock coatail as well now, See all the Tate Donavan links today?!

  • happy feet

    I think this is an old pix that they were at Oceans twelve Berlin premiere. Brad was gorgeous to the max. He hasn’t changed much except the beard. Now I am looking forward to the film and TOL Cannes premiere.

  • wow

    It is worse than the beard he has now. Yep Jen sucked the life out of him.

  • Passing Through

    # 732 groundcontrol @ 01/18/2010 at 4:01 pm
    The hair looks good from afar though it is a bit Valley Girl teenage for a grown woman in a formal dress. The hair falling over half her face is simply ridiculous for a public appearance like this. In that extreme close-up photo someone posted earlier upthread you can see how bad her highlights look. Very tacky and poorly done. You can also clearly see a mesh weave at her scalp up front. That may be why her hair is styled to fall over her face: to disguise the fake hair. She really still does depend on THE HAIR doesn’t she.
    Are you kidding? I knew she had extensions in but I didn’t think to look at her hairline. Damn…I should have looked closer. After getting hung up looking at her plasticky nose I fell into one of those Grand Canyon-like pores on her cheeks and couldn’t climb my way back out. Now I’m gonna have to go back and find that link so I can check that out. For someone who’s so well-known for her supposedly fabulous hair she sure does wear an awful lot of extensions.

  • Dawn9476

    @comment from Nikki Finke:

    Why bring up Jen in a Brad post? You haters crack me up. You make every Brad and/or Angelina post about her.

  • mj

    Matt has a great voice. Can’t wait!

  • Dawn9476

    @Passing Through:

    Please don’t ruin Nikke’s blog with your stupid JA vs. AJ nonsense. It is a great blog. It doesn’t need to become an JA vs. AJ warzone like JJ.

  • teri

    Both sexy daddy’s.

  • Bingo

    ohwell @ 01/18/2010 at 5:50 pm

    I want them to make Oceans 14 with Angie.
    Three hottest men alive plus one hottest woman alive. Can’t get much hotter than that.

  • guuuurl

    @Dawn9476: Jennifer made sure she would be compared to Angelina today. :) The angelina connection keeps her star shining.