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Halle Berry - Golden Globes 2010 Presenter

Halle Berry - Golden Globes 2010 Presenter

Halle Berry shows off her sexy back at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress wore a stunning onyx silk bias cut gown with lace inserts by Kaufman Franco. She accessorized with Kimberly McDonald earrings and bracelet, Christian Louboutin shoes and Irit Design oxidized sterling silver and pave diamond chainlink bracelet. How amazing does she look?!

At the ceremony, Halle presented “Best Supoorting Actor in Film” to Christoph Waltz for his work as a Nazi interrogator in Inglourious Bastards.

10+ pictures inside of 2010 Golden Globes presenter Halle Berry

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty, Steve Granitz/Wireimage
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  • Mileena

    WOW!!!! She looks exquisite. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G indeed. She’s such a gorgeous woman. Effortlessly sexy. She has a killer body.

  • Mileena

    Btw, this is my favorite dress of the whole night. She’s definitely the winner for “best dressed”.

  • Mileena

    PS: Thanks Jared for the thread =)

  • Exquisite!!

    Took you guys long enough to put up the hottest woman at the globes!

    Now replace that fugly gg Aniston photo with Halle’s a real woman who truly is fab in her 40′s.

  • AJ

    She gets my vote for Best Dressed at the Golden Globes.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Different. She can pull it off. She looks god.
    Nice dress.


  • Teams

    She is very gorgeous

  • Halle-Ho Strikes again!

    She looks totally ridiculous-like the Hollywood town pump. No wonder they saved her closer to the end of the show? Her nip was hanging out in some of the photos on the photo storage sites with her fake facial expressions. Gurl when are you going to respect yourself? Can we say DESPERATE-EXTREME MAKE-OVER TIME! She will NEVER be a class act like Sophia Loren. Oh that’s right, Loren is a ‘movie star’ and Halle-Ho is a Red Carpet/Press Room celebrity media slut.

  • bri

    @Halle-Ho Strikes again!: Agreed. She is an established star and a mother. This dress makes her look desperate and cheap.

    Sophia looked great. Meryl looked great. Nicole looked great. Helen looked great. They went for class over trash. Mariah, Anna, and Halle could learn for that.

  • Halle-Ho Strikes again!

    @bri: Thank you bri…even Mo’nique, Xtina and Jennifer A. looked better than Halle. Even Drew & Jessica did, too.

  • Ugh!

    Yuck, she looks weird! She needs to lay off the botox/surgery and grow older with grace. She looks ridiculous.

  • Christie

    Im sorry, but Jennifer Aniston WISHED she looked this good…plz stop it. Name a 43 yr old woman who looks this good?..Not to mention her SPECTACULAR body. If you all were this age w/ that body, im sure you would be proud too. For those of you who say Halle doesn’t look good, you’re delusional. End of story.

  • clay

    @oy: lmao!!

  • ej

    What’s with the stupid back poses?? I don’t get why she was even there, she hasn’t had a movie in like 10 years.

  • halle is the shit


  • kev

    wtf her face looks frozen

  • WOW

    Now this is what I call sexy . 43 and still rocking it.

    Gorgeous too.

  • CeCe

    She is gorgeous and of course Jennifer Aniston sick fans would not like her. Stunning with a baby and equally gorgeous man.

  • Well

    She may be a hoho I don’t know … But one thing is for sure, she is sexy… The sexiest woman at the globes and she doesn’t have to try hard with a face full of clown makeup like some of the Other women there tonight.

  • Tru_Blue

    Tacky – Tacky – Tacky

  • Well

    @Halle-Ho Strikes again!: Ugh, no…. Jennifer aniston did not look better Than ms berry. Aniston wishes she was this beautiful with her square chin and face covered with a blanket of hair. Halle stomps all over Jennifer aniston and Christina. Reese the hin witherspoon looked nice too but nowhere near the berry goddess. ;) hb is the
    most beautiful American actress and Jennifer tries really hard to be pretty but fails ….. Only the media and her cuckoo fans will say janiston looks better than berry

  • michelle

    WOW. she looks FANTASTIC. for some reason halle can pull this off…others like mariah etc. look slutty, trying to hard. but who can blame halle for wanting to show off her awesome body & shimmering skin?

  • Luke

    She looks like a tranny!

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Dayuuummm, sexy Mama !!!
    And she didn’t need restylane, botox, tanning and hair extensions to hide her afce to prove it !
    Now that is a FACE and a BODY to rave about at 40+ years old !
    And what a young beautiful responsible man she has compared to the Urinator…..

  • ykw

    This woman looks waaaaaay better than Jennifer Aniston…yet… Jen was no. 2 for the most beautiful woman behind Angelina Jolie…a blatant lie and an insult to any sane person’s intelligence.

    Whoever voted in that poll was either blind or a Jennifer sympathizer/fan. LOL

  • realty check

    You Aniston fans are crazy if you think she looked better than Halle. I understand you Aniston fans feel the need to build her up but try to live in the real world. Aniston has great legs. That’s it. Her face is average. Her hair is mostly extensions. Plus she looks her age. Whereas Halle is above average is everything. Plus she does not look her age.

  • Halle-Ho Strikes again!

    @kev: It’s called BOTOX/surgery!@Luke: Yes she does and she was making a make-up comment awhile back about too made her look like she was in drag: LOL.

  • Collin

    Monique looked so much classier than this two dollar ho.

  • Cheery

    Haters, your game is so obvious. “Rachel from Friends” and her sandpaper face wishes she looked this good. Same goes for all the other frumps and their ill-fitting dresses. Halle rocked and owns it!! Best looking woman there.

  • Jokergurl

    Halle Berry doesn’t age, she’s just gorgeous, not liking the dress though she’s worn much prettier ones but she can make a paper bag look good. Lucky girl.

  • Ilia

    Love them tits but, is that a nightgown?

  • Lily


  • lily

    One word-AMAZING!! Still can’t believe she’s 43!

  • next celebrity

    she look old

  • GG

    She should have worn a better dress than that. It’s not fitting for this occasion.


    Amazing dress, absolutely love it! She looks so beautiful.

  • chris

    Her face looks like Latoya Jackson and that’s NOT good.

  • angelica

    You’re not 20 anymore nitwit, you look like a fool

  • meh

    WOW. she looks amazing, even more so than usual.

  • happy girl

    wow. putting the younger girls to total shame. hot!

  • tata


  • ++Logan++

    43 and still as hot as ever

  • UKfan

    Halle Berry is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood
    SHe looks amazing

  • stars

    Yes she has a great body,but the dress looks nice until u see the front looks trashy ,too much cleavage we really dont need to see

  • airport vip

    yeah her is the dam shell in de stress…she hid long enough thinking the bad press would have died down on her disgusting behaviour with spermdonor but not so as we all can see there was no coverage on her ET did not make a comment on her nor did the public or media lololol she is a legend in her own mind and a huge ass to go with it….check out the eye makeup will ya …oh god this just cant get any funnier I tell ya!!!!

  • really

    please STOP stuffing her down our throats…………… she has NO TALENT!

    anyone can act better than her, and all the looks in the world does not makeup for her repulsive acting!

  • Inaru

    Her Royal Gorgeusness Halle Berry! The dress is amazing but it’s all about her stunning beauty. She is my fave.

  • pokeman

    Christie @ 01/18/2010 at 2:17 am

    i agree. she looks fantastic. she’s not only older than chiniston she also had a child. halle really kick chiniston’s @ss. And another thing just because a woman had a child or children doesn’t mean she can’t dress sexy. as long as its tasteful why not. she looks gorgeous.

  • haha

    Both she and Mariah Carey are over the hill chicks who are trying too hard. even chicks in their 20s and 30s dress like that. is this a half thing?

  • Big Pimpin’

    @Mileena: mileena. just what i was going to say. that woman is STUNNING. and NEVER does halle try to look good. she just is. she looks like a bronzed goddess! beautiful!
    the ppl calling her names are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. there’s no way even around it. it is ENVY. you KNOW this woman looks like a fu**ing angel sent from above. damn halle!