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Jennifer Garner: Family Fun at the Park!

Jennifer Garner: Family Fun at the Park!

Jennifer Garner and hubby Ben Affleck take their girls to the park for some family fun on Saturday (January 16) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress held on to Seraphina, 1, who worked on walking with mom’s help and even took a trip down the slide while Violet, 4, waited at the bottom for her!

Last night, Jen hit the red carpet at the Golden Globes in a gorgeous gown by Atelier Versace.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and their girls at the park…

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jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 01
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 02
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 03
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 04
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 05
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 06
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 07
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 08
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 09
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 10
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 11
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 12
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 13
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 14
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 15
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 16
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 17
jennifer garner ben affleck seraphina violet park 18

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  • CanadaGirl

    Yes, Jen we see you with your kids.
    Yet, another Jennifer Garner photo-op with her kids.
    Why is this woman pimping out her kids for press. I don’t get it. Are the Afflecks poor and can’t afford a jungle gym at the mansion?
    *shakes head*

  • Fyn

    That little one is so cute:-)

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    I love this family its great to see ben of with his 2 daughters sera is so cute and of course violet is adorable

  • Kara

    CanadaGirl (and all the rest who are going to trash the Afflecks) – please find another couple/woman/child to hate on. Somehow I think if this family didn’t do their own grocery shopping or taking their kids to the park they’d be crucified. We get it. You don’t like Jen, Ben or their girls. Move on.

  • Lisa

    Love seeing Jen with the kids. Both kids are so cute. Great family. Looks like they had a great time with the kids.

  • april

    that’s cute ben is awesome

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest random

    @CanadaGirl: can u be any ruder that is so mean what you said i think its good that jen and ben take their kids to the park alot i think it nice that ben and jen want to spend time with their daughters at the park instead of some nanny taking them

  • jenni

    @CanadaGirl: Are you serious? Whats next, saying her husband isnt into her because hes holding Violets hand?

  • haha

    How cute!!! All the girls are wearing pink. One of my fav celeb families.

  • mimi

    Jen Garner was the ugliest woman at the Golden Globe.
    I have no idea what Ben was smoking when he started dating her, since she looks like a horse and so ugly.

  • Monday

    What is Violet’s problem, why is she yelling at that little boy, spoilt little brat, that’s what her mother must be like when there are no cameras around.

  • mimi

    @CanadaGirl: Because she is homely and lacking in talent, so her only claim to fame was always the famous and successful people that had connections, that she clung to.
    In the past those were her lovers (including a husband and fiance) that got her her breaks and helped her career. Once she used all she needed from them, she moved on to the next person who can get her ahead.
    So now it’s the children of Ben and Ben Affleck who because of the children stayed with her.
    Ganer is milking every bit of her children and their connection to Ben to revive her career.

  • Pac Man

    Stop using that rich excuse, #1. They have the right to enjoy public facilities just as much as anyone else.

    You’re so shallow, #10.

    She’s a little girl and you’re only watching a few stills out of context so don’t judge, #11.

  • g!na

    little nugget is cute! pic 17 it looks like Violet is yelling at A BOY and jen is just staring! lol. little kid looks sad! Violet likes to express herself! lol.

  • CORN

    Ben never seems to smile.

  • julie

    love this family, pimping out the kids? some posters are so jealous and hateful, they look like they are having a great time, thanks jared for the pics.

  • angie

    adorable little family!

  • alias

    All Ben’s girls are wearing pink. Nice family. They’re happy.

  • Anna

    The little one is all Ben! She’s adorable.

  • Brats

    LOL @ Violet yelling at the little boy. She’s probably a little bitch just like her mother. “MINE, MINE, MINE, I WAS HERE FIRST!!!”


    She looks like a VERY SPOILED LITTLE BRAT.

  • bar

    She was so beautiful last night in the Golden Globes. ET’s Cojo picked her as the best dressed.
    Jennifer can be sexy and lookin’ good when she wants to.

  • julie

    scorned people need to heal and move on, this family is happy, it’s a shame you can’t be happy for this lovely family, bitter much? love ben, he’s so good looking, jen is lucky and beautiful also.

  • S3WA

    The baby sister is going to be the pretty one, very cute!

  • mimi

    #22, Luck had nothing to do with that. Jen made sure Ben will be trapped for life. She didn’t ask him or allowed him to be a part of the decision.
    She just got pregnant.

  • andrea

    @mimi & @CanadaGirl:

    if you both really hate Jennifer Garner, just go away from this post and don’t bother to make a comment, you both are such a hypocrite!!!!why wasting time in something that you hate. you both are losers and just jealous with her!!!!

    IMHO, Jennifer Garner is the most humble yet talented celebrity in hollywood. Right now she kinda slow things down for the sake of her children, don’t you get that, becoming a mother is about choice, and she chose to prioritize her children. She is the best hollywood mom.

  • African Girl

    Why do people think a woman can trap a man with a baby? If that were the case, the divorce rate won’t be high.

  • LVS

    She must have the paparazzi on speed dial by now, come on Ben you can at least smile you knew the paparazzi would show up, your wife attracts them like flies are attracted to shit. Jennifer Garner is without doubt one of the worst hollywood moms because she’s always using her own children to stay famous, she can’t get fame any other way, her acting is nothing to talk about and her movies always bomb at the box office. The other moms in hollywood are a million times better because they do normal things with their children, like going to the park, to the library, buying ice cream without calling the paparazzi.

  • blue

    Love this family! more and more little baby Sera to be cute. Violet is cute sister. Mom’s smile is so adorable. These two little sister good look at their mother, so they can have good smiling. Hope they grow up with happiness. lovely family they are..


    Wow you can see Ben looks like he’s really enjoying himself with his wife and girls………………………NOT

  • FanFan

    Canada Girl shake your head a little harder – maybe against a brick wall!

  • lexy

    JJ stop paying for photos of these people being stalked with their kids. It’s disgusting!!!

  • lexy

    JJ stop paying for photos of these people being stalked with their kids. It’s disgusting!!!

  • Stroller police

    Goodbye Spanx.
    Good bye Versace.
    Bye borrowed jewels and extra hair pieces. Bye glam sqaud. The
    checksfor hair artist, make-upartist, stylist, manicuricist, dentist, everybody ,the check or charge has been paid.
    6 figues, well, the cost of the job.
    Bye high and mighty people who really do not love you or care about you. Same goes for media and the whole thing.

    HEllo to the only 3 people who need her and lives depend on her. Hello to their real world. Their world, two of them, is the Golden Glow Park is most impt. Hollywood For Reign Park.
    Being seen by the dignartaries of Golden Park is impt. Yes, it is impt. to be seen amoung those who are still crapping on themselves when you have turned 3 and are potty trained and they are 1 and 2.Yes, it is impt. to be seen and walk and show off to your other peers who are newcomers to the profession of Kidom and they are 6 months and you can walk with your fellow walkers of 12 mnth. olds.
    Nothing like walking that sand carpet. LOL!!!

    In other words, good for Garner , Affleck and their little family.

    Also,Seal and Heidi don’t paprade their kids out, but they do things like park, travel with their kids.

    Cut Garner ,Affleck some slack. They are just being parents like anyone else.

  • matt

    fake.boring.jen is relly awful.half man half horse.we dont get a shit bout this untalented travesty.and affleck is boring as hell 2…please stop flooding with the horsey man and brats at the park

  • hong kong

    she is so sweet and ben loves them so so so much! they are just so cute and jens is sweet and beautiful!!!!

  • matt

    @hong kong
    yeah sure…#et la marmotte elle met le chocolat dans l alu#

  • Sweetperson

    This is for the people that thinks Jen have a face of a horse:
    She is the most beautiful “horse” in the entire world!

  • love love love Jen :)


  • Gladys

    Violet is such a brat, it’s horrible!
    And why are these girls always dressed so ugly, in stupid colors?

  • Kate

    these people are ugly as hell. ben affleck looks really bored and like he would rather be anywhere else but there.

  • kitty

    This is one cute family.

    Just because Ben isn’t smiling like the village Idiot doesn’t mean he isn’t enjoying himself. He has his back to the cameras in most of the pictures any way. (The little girl in the pink shirt is looking at Ben mighty hard). I wonder if her parent sent her over?

    Jen is super cute. I think she has lose to much weight. A few pounds will soften the angles of her face. She looked beautiful at the Golden Globes.

    One thing is for sure …….Violet isn’t afraid of other children like Suri seems to be. Violet looks like she is telling that little boy …..That it is her turn on the Slide. I don’t think Violet is a brat. I think she is just acting like a 4 year old kid.

  • Be Smart

    Do you notice how there are NO OTHER PARENTS in any of these photos?

    Do you wonder why a family that lives on a mansion on several acres (with parents who supposedly want their privacy) need to go to a PUBLIC PARK?

    This is obviously a PHOTO OP, ladies and gentlemen. They want you to coo over what a beautiful family they are.

    Although that one pic of Jen alone, grinning like a pumpkin, makes one thing crystal clear: this chick is NOT aging well. She’s going to look like the crypt keeper in a few years.

  • Inaru

    Ben always seems preocuppied, he was like that in the time of Bennifer and he is like that when he is with the family. Like his mind is always something else. Get in the moment man and enjoy it, children grow too fast.

  • Colleen

    Too skinny. Eat something! Jennifer does not look healthy.
    The little one looks like Ben.

  • dream on..please

    Yeah can say the same thing about Tom and Katie and Suri they
    must have the paps on their payroll.. forget speedial.. They are
    the ones that show off their precious little daughter many
    photos of Suri walking up a side walk or going to her car..Wippe
    They are the same thing as Ben and Jen.. I don’t thinks so.. going
    to a public park…and playing with your kids is not pimping it out.

  • Protect your kids

    This family lives on acres, with a huge children’s play gym, trampoline, swimming pool, entertainment room, etc. You could play 18 holes on the green in their backyard. There is no need to expose these little girls to the paps as much as Jennifer does. Living a normal life is not an option for Ben and Jen, and they know it. Ben himself said, after his Bennifer I days, that they were just living a normal life and didn’t think about the consequences of their over-exposure. He is very well aware that he can’t live a normal life. Maybe that’s why he often seems to be m.i.a. in most of Jen’s daily pap escapades. What surprises me is that Ben allows Jen to expose the girls as much as she does. There are plenty of celeb babies/children with much more talented celeb parents who manage to keep their kids away from daily pap pictures. Jennifer Garner should be ashamed of herself, and so should Ben for allowing it to happen.

  • kitty

    The paparazzi follow Jen and Ben all the time. Violet wants to go to the park like other kids. She is probably is asking to go to the park. What are Jen and Ben suppose to tell Violet…..(No, Violet you can’t go to the park … are more special then other kids. You have to stay home and play).

    Ben and Jen are not Brad/Angie or Tom/Katie. Their kids don’t have a fleet of Security Vehicles and Body Guards to protect them like these Super Stars kids do. Because Jen and Ben are not mega stars. This gives them more freedom to play at a park now and then. Violet and Sera may get exposed but they will have these playground remembers forever.
    I still remember my mom taking me to the park. I had some good times……..

  • kitty

    I had a Swing Set and I still ask to go to the Park.

  • Pac Man

    Good point, #26.

    Quit comparing kids, #41. One hing is for sure, she is just being a 4 year-old girl.

    4) Best Adapted Screenplay ([iloveu] This category REALLY rocked this year!)

    Read my comment to #1, #42 and #46.

  • Fashion Finder

    I bought that same cupcake shirt for my daughter’s first birthday. It’s made by Jannuzzi Clothing and I got it at 2 Chix on Montana Ave in Santa Monica. I love it!!!