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Kate Bosworth - Golden Globes 2010 After-Party

Kate Bosworth - Golden Globes 2010 After-Party

Kate Bosworth keeps it cute in a ponytail at the official after-party for the 2010 Golden Globes held at the Oasis Courtyard inside The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress was white hot in Calvin Klein and sparkled in Cartier jewels — yellow gold and diamond stud earrings, rose gold and diamond LOVE Bracelet, and rose gold and diamond ring. That’s over $40,000 worth of bling right there! Kate‘s hair was created by celeb stylist Harry Josh.

Last night, Ms. Byrne attended the Art of Elysium party.

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Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Filmmagic; Photos: Lester Cohen/Wireimage, Kevork Djansezian/Getty
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  • ajh

    great dress. too thin.

  • nessy

    I’m guessing she’s stalking Alexander Skarsgard

  • Jenna

    Just read on Twitter that Alexander and her left the party together hand in hand. AGAIN Alex is such a LIAR!!!! EPIC FAIL Alex with the whole Kate thing. He always goes on and on about how he is single and looking for the right girl to make a connection and then saunters off with Kate. He really has no class. Remember when he lied before. I think he will say anything to keep fans happy but is really a douchebag and likes Hollywood trash like her.

  • tashka

    I don;t think she’s a hollyood trash. Ihave seen some interview segment with her about life and other stuff, in general, (I think on some website) and she is areally inteligent person.
    I agree I don’t like when celebs lie and pretend some situations don’t happen when they are, if dating would be something so wrong. Or sometimes couples pretend to be dating just to get profits but I guess it doesn’t mean we should get all over it. That’s Hollyweird.

    I think she looks really beautiful here. Classy and natural.

  • Jenna

    She is trash for having an affair with Chris Martin. And that she did!!! He could do so much better but I guess he likes them trashy with the ability to look classy. He obviously has no class either. Why lie unless they are just flinging which then she is the stupid one.
    Wow, Alex is such a LIAR!!! Can’t get over it. Usually Swedes are very honest people. Alex doesn’t represent so well for them huh?
    His dad is so much classier than him right? At least he dates and marries decent women. Alex has let Hollywood ruin him. Almost got my respect back for him but just lost it all over again!!!

  • -

    She looks gorgeous!
    ohhhh she is a fashion inspiration! totally, I love her outfits!

  • Julie

    Hum Jenna I think you are too concerned with her for someone that is seeing her as trash……

    She is great!!! great actress!!!!

  • twenty-two

    She is very pretty but not a great actress.

  • Emily

    is at every event alexander skarsgard is at

  • tashka

    I can tell you for 100% Kate did NOT have an affair with Chris Martin. Ever.

  • wow

    She looks lovely and I love the dress. If Alex and Kate are dating it’s their business until they decide it’s time to tell the world. It may just be very casual at them moment and they both feel it’s too early to go out and say they are a couple.

  • nat

    you’re calling her trash when there are rumors of her having an affair, which are completely untrue. she got accepted into princeton, so she’s intelligent. and what right do you have to demand to know about their personal lives? they don’t care about your opinion, they can do whatever they want.

  • Saudia

    Looking good Kate!! She’s so pretty ..flawless

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    LOL, Lindsay Lohan, Camilla Belle, Vanessa Hudgens, Sophia Bush, Kate Bosworth… everyone at this after-party is a C-list fame w h 0 r e who they wouldn’t let anywhere near the actual Golden Globes!

  • Crystal

    Note to Self:
    1) Do Cocaine- stay cranked
    2) Don’t Eat
    3) Have Zero Talent- sorry terrrible actress
    4) And sleep with one of your best friend’s husband

    Bet he is doing coke with her now. He is showing a bit of the “coke eyes”. Always tired, bagged, and extremely retracted pupils. Yup he is coke head too.
    Orlando is the SMARTEST man on earth. Not to mention a great actore with an amazing girlfriend.
    Yeah, Alex is okay but he is no Orlando so maybe they fit. lol

  • Crystal

    Oh and forgot to mention
    5) be a famewh*re

    Now I know my parameters.
    He likes to lie huh like said before! Liar, non?

  • Mel

    she is so pretty

  • Crystal

    @tashka oh and I can tell YOU 100% she did mess with Chris Martin! Everyone is Hollywood knows and it is the biggest joke around town. Gwyneth’s marriage is done partly due to Kate and I would only hope that Gwyneth would eff her career up in Hollywood for doing what she did. It was celebrities who told on her and Martin not regular people. They are the ones who witnessed it.
    Also very telling is that they both, Bosworth and Martin, stated they would pursue legal action but never did. That is a PR stunt when something is true. They scream really loud they are going to sue and make sure it gets printed round and round but never actually sue.
    They won’t sue because they know that Star would pull those witnesses into it and it would be completely out in the open.
    I can’t stand this trick. And really don’t like Alex for having such bad taste.
    @nat I don’t give half a sh*t if she got accepted to princeton. She is a slutty homewrecker who STAYS cranked. No respect.

  • Marie

    She slept with the coldplay guy! Wow dont like her now. she is cute but that is bad, real nasty.

  • crystal

    Well I have to mosey out because I have to go throw up, snort some coke, call Randy(by best friend’s husband), sign up for sh*tty acting lessons, get some sleazy pap pics taken and posted so I can get Alexander Skarsgard. Lots of work to do.

  • ++Logan++

    Alexander Skarsgard is TOO GOOD LOOKING FOR KATE.

    she stalks all the hot hollywood men until they say yes to going out with her.

  • http://justjared WTF

    It’s time for a restricting order Alex LOL.



  • Troll

    There’s only one troll on this board and she’s making all the hating.

  • Squirrel

    About Alex looking tired… his publicist told Ted Casablanca and Taryn Ryder that Alex has been working nights on the production set of True blood for the past days. Would make anyone look tired. Stephen Moyer got hurt on set a couple of weeks ago so they hade to shoot around him, but they had to reschedule production into the Golden Globes weekend. That’s why Anna, Stephen and Alex cancelled several GG parties on Friday and Saturday.

  • Katie

    I don’t get why he doesn’t just say that he’s seeing someone. Why even lie about it? What’s the big deal?

  • gab

    blah. skinny bitch does nothing for me. what’s she even been in? anything good? was she good? seems to me she’s best known for being hollywood girlfriend (that you can take home to mom) to the up and coming stars.

  • gab

    btw, alex skars isn’t hot. have you really looked at his face? not only are his eyes glassy and bloodshot but his nose is bulbous and his face is wonky in general. have you see halle berry’s boyfriend? he was born to play a vampire.

  • Anna Marie

    Definitely no respect for him anymore. He is like a pathological liar!!! I don’t he can tell the truth. Dude has some serious issues obviously. Or she is a fling a ling for him when he wants to show off at parties and have some a** for the night. It’s funny he won’t own up to her which seems like he is not so sure of her. She is a hwood skank and that is a known fact. She wants the next hot thing in hwood and Alexander is so stupid he is falling for it.
    All men do. They fall for the wrong woman. He should have learned his lesson after falling for Sara Tun who was a complete b*tch and social climber like Bosworth. She treated him like crap and then dumped him. Alex will never get it. He is known as a dufus in Sweden anyways. Puss Puss

  • Stacey

    You know for the first time I feel sorry for Kate Bosworth because Alex claims they are friends and nothing more. In Kate’s past relationships she showed much PDA in public with her beau. It’s a little different with Alex. I guess she is good enough behind closed doors but not good enough to be seen in public. Why didn’t he take her as his date to the Golden Globes? I can’t believe he is that obsessed with keeping his personal life private. I AGREE he should have respect and privacy in regards to his personal life but to deny dating someone doesn’t make sense. I know people say it’s because of the fans attacking her. If I loved someone I wouldn’t give a DAMN what people said or thought there are your gf/bf. She is a grown woman and has been in this situation before with Orlando. It’s obvious this is his decision to keep denying her in public because I am sure Kate would confirm they are bf/gf if he would let her. I also felt sorry for her at The Art Elysium Party because she was buddy buddy with Camilla who was sitting next to Alex. Kate appeared to want an excuse to be at that table. I am not going to bash her but going forward I don’t respect Alexander IF he keeps denying his relationship with Kate. If asked that question just say “I am here to discuss my career not my love life” Don’t say no I am not dating Kate or anyone else and you are.

  • sara

    She looks better than she has in a long time.
    Stupid hair, though. She should have gone with something more elegant.

  • Norma Stitz

    White Tr@$h.

  • anna

    she look nice,and there are sereval reports from last night that she and alex have something going on.Th only thing I don’t understand is he saying he’s single.Just say no comment!

  • Vera

    @Jenna: Who’s twitter did you find the info from? And could you provide a link? Thks

  • R&M

    I’m getting the stalker vibe from her regarding him. Isn’t she known for this? And maybe he’s taking advantage. I wouldn’t call that dating, but sure doesn’t make me like him any better.

  • mjkbk

    Kate has a beautiful face but obviously has trouble keeping any padding on her bones. Unless she puts on a bit more weight, she really should avoid gowns (like this one) that accentuate her collarbone and chest ribs. And the sprayed-on tan only makes matters worse, poor thing.

  • @Jenna

    She 100% DIDN’T have an affair with Chris Martin. $hit, ONE – I repeat ONE “alleged” person supposedly told Star Magazine (great source for information – note the sarcasm) they were kissing in public at a U2 Concert and a few ignorant people chose to believe it. Come on, Kate, Chris, and Gwyneth are good friends and some of Chris and Gwyneth’s best friends and neighbors were with them. The rumor is complete rubbish. Star Magazine preys on morons who believe the nonsense they report. Also, AS said he’s single. Maybe he dates Kate. Maybe he dates other people too. Maybe she dates other people. So, in that case, is saying he’s single a lie? BTW, no celebrity has to divulge their personal lives. It’s nobody’s business.

  • @24

    I think you’re right. There’s one troll making noise.

  • Darlene

    She looks absolutely gorgeous. She has that fresh face beauty.

  • Nina

    She looks beautiful. I love her dress. I love the whole look.

  • footballdatingsite

    I love her looks and thin body

  • Charmie

    @Stacey: ITA Stacey weel said.

  • Charmie

    @Charmie: oops well said, typo, Also Jenna , Crystal, Anne Marie, Sasha Fierce, whomever you are, do us a favor post under your same name all the time, and stop repeating your post. OR, stop posting, you say the same thing in EVERY Alex post. While I agree with you on some of it, its still aggravating. It makes you appear as if YOU are doing crack or coke. Calm down. Most people prob. agree with you by now. Calm down!!! LOL

  • Charmie

    @Troll: I don’t think she is a troll , she posts on every Alex thread,. I think whomever she really is , she does have inside information, because I have heard alot of the same thing. However, I think Crystal/Jenna, whomever, has been personally involved with Alex. I have a feeling I know who she is. I will have to ask my cousin. She/He really has the inside scoop.

    The word around Hollyweird is that it is true, she did kiss Chris Martin and he and GP marriage ‘s is just about over, becuase of it.. You did not see her friend on here posting?People pay attention. GP’s best friend was on here posting, she loved it. LOL So do I.

    Alex needs to really be careful, no one is really taking him serious anymore. I am a big fan of his. I think he is a talented actor, but, hey action speaks louder than words. Keep your head up Alex and your ears and nose open. You could have a very successful career, just dump the BS.

  • Charmie

    @tashka: really you can. Well most of Hollyweird can tell you different darling. LOL

  • Madonna

    I met her once. She’s even more beautiful in person and so sweet.

  • Terry

    She’s stunning. A simple and sincere look and what’s best. . .she makes it look effortless. Bravo!

  • T Shirts


  • Granite

    Wasn’t the dress code formal?

  • Like father like son

    @Jenna: You said “His dad is so much classier than him right? At least he dates and marries decent women. Alex has let Hollywood ruin him.” His dad married a gold digger half his age! She’s actually Alex’s same age. What type of man marries someone their own child’s age? That’s so sick.