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Kate Bosworth: Running in the Rain

Kate Bosworth: Running in the Rain

Kate Bosworth and a gal pal get caught in the rain while grocery shopping at Whole Foods supermarket on Monday (January 18) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the pair was seen stocking up at Ralph’s market. They picked up bacon, a jar of mayonnaise and two boxes of cereal — Raisin Bran Crunch and Golden Grahams.

Kate and True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard have been making headlines for their PDA at last night’s Golden Globes after-party.

FYI: Ms. Bosworth is toting around her favorite Alexander Wang “Diego” suede studded bucket bag.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth running in the rain…

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kate bosworth running rain 01
kate bosworth running rain 02
kate bosworth running rain 03
kate bosworth running rain 04
kate bosworth running rain 05
kate bosworth running rain 06
kate bosworth running rain 07
kate bosworth running rain 08
kate bosworth running rain 09
kate bosworth running rain 10
kate bosworth running rain 11
kate bosworth running rain 12
kate bosworth running rain 13
kate bosworth running rain 14
kate bosworth running rain 15

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Memei

    Look at how bloody happy she is cause she got some swede loving. This girl never smiles. Yes I am jealous.

  • S3WA

    She gets around huh? Why do I get the impression she’s desperately seeking someone to cling on? That’s what happens when you don’t have talent I guess, generate public interest some other way.

  • Melanie

    I’m sorry but she is not attractive…or talented. Some people have all the luck. Right place at the right time…

  • Melanie

    I’m sorry but she is not attractive…or talented. Some people have all the luck. Right place at the right time…

  • twitters

    She’s happy cause her name’s in the press again. She needs it.

  • Jason

    I think she’s super cute but her hair is thinning.

  • lexy

    Good Lord!! Does anyone REALLY care what she bought at the supermarket??

  • mia

    Wait…Jared…is she paying you? Why are there so many pictures of her on your site? Who cares about Kate Bosworth?

  • crystal

    Why do you put so much Kate Bosworth on here! She is such a stupid famwh*re along with Askars!!! She is so happy that her name is in the press today she is about to sh*t bunnies!!! They are both gross. Like the both of them is what is really important. Like nothing happened in Haiti last week. They don’t give two sh*ts unless those two sh*ts can get their names in the press for a couple of days.

  • reba

    Does anyone else find it odd to be wearing sunglasses in the rain?

  • Jane

    Since when it is raining in L.A.?

  • s

    @Jane: LOL, believe it we don’t know what to do with ourselves here in L.A. It is such a foreign concept to us. And I’m not been sarcastic either, it’s true HAHA… And, Jared! Come on, what’s up with all these Kate post, I could care less about who she’s dating but a majority of your post on her are so silly. It just shows her crossing the street, and then you mention where she came from, come on! I only write this because, the post you have of her her quite boring…sorry

  • pup

    Suede in rain? She must be outta her mind.

  • pretty

    good, I’m hungry after jungle sex too usually

  • Charmie

    @reba: @s: @Jane: You all are so funny!! Why is her stupid arse wearing shades in the rain? LMAO

  • Charmie

    @mia:@pretty: @crystal: OMG stop it, ROFLMAO…Come one guys she has to be relevant to someone, She’ not relevant to us for sure…LMAO, oh only as Askars booty call.?

    He He

  • Charmie

    @mia: really and we sure don’t care what she bought, desperation!!!

  • The Searched And Found

    That always stinks to get caught in the rain. Also, they are both dressed in basically the same outfit! :P

  • pretty

    she totes wearing his t shirt and jeans, he is tall but very lean.

  • Stacey

    Jared! OMG you could have covered her car tag number!

  • crystal

    @pretty Is that you Kate? Want us to know you had sex and he gave you some clothes to wear? Wow this is not high school or college. This girl wants everyone to know her personal life which is actually a very sick situation. She should really get that checked out.

  • Nicole

    If Alex did take her to the Art of Elysium event and didn’t request that they sit together and then only met up with her at the afterparties for the GG then I don’t know she would be thinking “This is great!” If a guy wants you he will claim you and make it known to the world. I would be pissed if I’m effing a guy on a regular basis but doesn’t claim me as his gf, doesn’t spend the holidays or my bday with me, and won’t walk the red carpet with me. Privacy my a**. He is a hwood actor and he knows there is no such thing as privacy. It must feel like sh*t to see all the other actresses get to walk the carpet with their husbands and bfs. She is pathetic for letting him do that to you. She has to be REALLY INSECURE and DESPERATE!!! So sad. Happy in the sack, but sad when it the person doesn’t give you what you want or expect. She should go back with James Rousseau. At least he wanted to be seen with her.

  • christine (WeHo & NYC)


  • hmmm

    Skarsgard must not be that into her if he’s keeping her on the down low or maybe it is just all about the sex?

  • lexy

    Kate’s not on as much as Rachel Bilson. But it is odd she’s wearing sun glasses in the rain…it’s also odd she’s wearing those heavy boots in LA. These celebs Uggs must stink when they take them off. It’s 80 degress and their feet are sweating in snow boots.

  • Adam

    So cute she does look older than 27.

  • pretty

    feet do not sweat in ugg boots.

    @ crystal

    oh please, like she has time for this. she has life and hot sex life , unlike me and many girls on here (old, fat, you choose, I’m both)

  • Boy o Boy

    If a guy wouldn’t claim me I would not be putting out even if it is Askars! Sorry but why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.
    If he doesn’t show up with her at the SAG awards then I say EPIC FAIL for her.
    He already failed by messing around with that. He must be gay because sleeping with her is like sleeping with a boy. She is so not cute and she looks so old. What the hell happened to her? Oh I know sniff sniff.
    I am sure alex is sniffing a lot lately too!

  • @15

    If I had paps in my face whilst drenched by a pouring rain, I’d wear sunglasses too. I love that under the circumstances she’s having a good laugh with her mate!

  • Charmie

    @@15: mmmm, not in her face? You can tell they are far away, by the pics. Nope wrong about thtat one. Hangover,

  • Oceane

    Never said a skeleton smile before.. freak shit!

  • Carolyn

    She’s adorable! She makes me smile! :>)

  • @32

    Agreed. She’s very cute.

  • liza

    good for you Kate, Alex is a good man and really hot too. Im happy they are dating.

  • Marieme

    Wow, she’s really loving all this new attention, isn’t she? Hmm.

  • lexy

    Really so you’re saying boots meant to be worn in the cold weather worn in a place where most people where flip flops and mules don’t make your feet hot?? Wow! That’s doesn’t say much for the quality of Uggs.

  • Okay Really

    @liza: How would you know that Alex is a good man, do you know him personally?@Carolyn: @@32: Dang how much does she pay you? She looks like skeletor. Nothing cute or adorable about her in this pic?@Marieme: YOu can really tell she is really eating all this attention up. I think I am going to have to agree, she and ALex are really fame loving attention seekers. No asked him if he was single, he volunteered this information several times, that same night and then he does this. Its not the fact that he is and he’s dating her. Its like they are playing some type of game with his fans. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t dislike the guy. It just makes me look at him rather differently. I think he is becoming really full of himself. His brother Gurra, has so much more class than he.

  • Aitch

    Was it on here that I heard, she is pretty clingy and needy towards Alex and he doesn’t like it.

  • Shannon

    The rumors around Hollywood is that she has absolutely no self respect in this situation. She has lost all subtlety and is really chasing after this guy who is completely playing her like a piano. Peeps at the party saw him drinking alot and then chatting up another beautiful blonde the whole night while Kate pouted with some friends. He never even spoke with her the whole night until the end after he got the other girls phone number. She was about to cry and he finally came up to her and they started the kissy kissy. She was clinging to him majorly, holding his hand and slapping his butt all the while Alex was super drunk. When they got snubbed at the HBO afterparty bc of overcrowding (Kate asked to jump the line-wait she doesn’t even work for HBO!) they left together. Everyone thinks she is acting way too desperate and everyone knows for a fact that he is seeing other women, mostly non-famous(for NOW) so there hasn’t been a spectacle of it. He is NOT her bf and he prob never will be after knowing her over 6 months and still wanting anything exclusive. He chose to go to Sweden for the holidays and not take her which completely p*ssed her off. And missed her bday. Alex is coming out looking like the mack daddy and all the girls in hwood want him now, famous and non-famous. Kate is grasping and pouncing at these parties trying to keep them away but Alex is not having it too much. Yes he threw a bone her way and does so here and there. Hey if she is offering he is taking but he is giving no commitment to her.
    Poor thing everyone is saying how pathetic she is acting with this one and has absolutely no pride about it.

  • Alexa

    Alexander is a really full of himself now and becoming arrogant and snobby. They both are enjoying this attention. He is not her boyfriend and said so several times that same night. She wants him.
    Why would your boyfriend deny you and the relaysh over and over again. So embarassing. Isn’t she embarassed after that how night.

  • Okay Really

    @Alexa: man, poor thing, desperation. She’s only 26 yo so she will have to learn. Meanwhile, I really have lost a lot of respect for him, by him doing that to her in the public eye. He needs to specify to her that she is a booty call, nothing more. She needs to allow herself some self respect. I would just take one night with Mr Skarsgard, he would never ever have to call me again. LOL , Like Luther Vandross says, “Just for only one night”MMMMDelicious…LOL

  • Okay Really

    Also waiting for that fine peice of hunk, Joe Manginello(Alcide) to get his screen time. He is smoking, I think he will blow blondie out the water. Lets wait and see.

    Google him ladies, I think he will be well worth your time. LOL

  • @#39

    You’re funny … like you know anything! Nobody got snubbed @ the HBO party. In fact, they were at the party. BTW, Kate didn’t ask to jump to the head of the line. One of the guards was told by someone running the event to bring her in and not have her stand in line. If you want to believe she stood in a corner at the InStyle party that’s fine. Pictures speak a thousand words and it’s obvious she’s having a great time with many different people including Cameron Diaz (whom I’d love to meet). I think you need to stop reading and especially STOP BELIEVING Ted C your big source for info.

  • Memei

    lol @39 I wish that was true

  • christiandatematch

    She looks healthy

  • Okay Really

    @@#39: they were turned away though, really. I think several people saw that very same thing that Shannon saw. Everyone is lying? Meh? Don’t think so. He was seen chatting up another blonde. Umm so Katie is not the only one, sorry.

  • Stacey

    So desperate she will probably end up pregnant. I hope he wears a raincoat ha ha!

  • @#46

    They weren’t turned away. There’s a bunch of pictures of them at the HBO party. They look good together.

  • heidi

    Of course Alexander Skarsgard was let into the HBO party–please, people. It was the Weinstein party Kate couldn’t get into and asked to to jump the line. That party’s logistics were a mess and it was overcrowded to the point the fire marshalls were out. Whether Alexander S. could get in himself is not clear–I’ve not read anything that said he couldn’t get in, just that he left with Kate when she couldn’t get in.

  • T Shirts

    She’s always looked her best when she’s wet!