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Wentworth Miller: North Face Forward

Wentworth Miller: North Face Forward

Wentworth Miller packs his belongs into a North Face backpack and heads to a meeting on Friday (January 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor is set to play agent Chris Redfield in the sci-fi thriller Resident Evil: Afterlife, out September 10, 2010. Ali Larter will reprise her role as Chris’ sister Claire Redfield and of course Milla Jovovich as heroine Alice. This movie’s slogan? She’s back…And she’s bringing a few of her friends!

More pics at X17!

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wentworth miller north face backpack 01
wentworth miller north face backpack 02
wentworth miller north face backpack 03
wentworth miller north face backpack 04

Photos: X17
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  • lee

    Finally, we got the information of Went’s new pics, Thanks a lot, JJ!
    You should know we miss Went so much!
    And want to see him more!
    Wish him all the best!

  • Berg

    How are U doin

  • lol

    He is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And he looks HOTTTTT!!!!!!!1

  • the true

    Glad to him again but jared why didn’t you put him up sooner?Its not fair when the movie he was going to be in came out months ago.You could have put him out here last week instead this one. All you did was put rachel bilson on here all last week.She’s not that important is she?Don’t do nothing but the same thing.Like wentworth he work and had a long tv series.Which she don’t have.Put more people like wentworth miller and Hayden christensen ok.But he wentworth still a hottie!

  • Endrys

    I´m so glad for seeing him again!, it´s been a while since Prison Break!…. i love him! he acts so well!

  • Kim Renwick

    Beautiful as ever… He always looks so serious when he’s on his own.

  • Miley

    these are old pictures! scam!

  • Just me…

    OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

    Some BEAUTIFUL pictures of the most PERFECT man in the world!!!
    Wentworth I miss you soooo much!

    Wentworth…take care & still be good sweetie!!

    Thanks JJ!!

  • Ash

    TNX SO MUCH for posting something about tv’s most beautiful man. We miss him so much.

  • yes

    So hot and gay

  • geg

    Miley is right. old photos. He was in London in more that day!


    These may be old-but still happy to see him. Thanks for at least trying Jared. Now how about some New pics and just where was he going in a big hurry??

  • K

    How old are they & when was he in London?

  • pure


    ? How old ? and what is about London ?

  • Italyfan

    Finally, new pics!!! Thanks so much JJ
    Wentworth is so serious in these pics that make me sad!!!
    I hope to soon see his pics when he smiles!!
    I love to see him smile!!!! I love his smile!!!!

  • http://no. Kara

    Baby looks so sad. Want to hug him… and iron his shirt :$

  • Horned Puffin

    Cheer up Starshine….the earth says hello.

  • Whoever

    Jared I love you for posting pics of him!!! That is one sexy, fine specimen! What I would do for him…..

  • Anna

    OMGOSH, hotness~!

  • militarysinglesdate

    He looks good

  • Khristi

    @yes: I bet you’er a guy. Keep dreaming darling-not everyone who doesn’t talk about their personal life is gay. GROW UP!

  • NO

    Wow he´s 37 and has never been in a relationship with a woman = GAY

  • setenay

    Finally. as usual, looks great. and 100% straight. Thanks jared.

  • ellen

    Thanks Just Jared, thanks, thanks, thanks.

  • Steph

    Wow he´s 37 and has never been in a relationship with a woman = GAY

    We havn’t see him for months so how the hell do you know?

    HE KEEP HIS PRIVATE LIFE PRIVATE. Are you in his show to know he never date someone, or did you follow him since he’s 15 or something . His life is not a REALITY SHOW. Lollll poor little thing that you are. hahahaha

    The pics are great but i want to iron his shirt as well, this is the first thing i’ve notice after his face :-)

  • Mari

    OMG! My husband is back!!!!! So glad to see him!
    so hot! I loooove him

  • Yup

    He is gay–100% gay

  • steph

    @ yup
    Don’t even think about writing another message with the nickname NOP …. he’s gay.

    Loll you have nothing else to do then to write the same message with another nickname. Pffffff

  • Melissa

    Thank Jared. It’s wonderful to get some new pictures (and yes, people, these were taken in Beverly Hills on the 15th) of Wentworth. I cannot wait till Resident Evil. I hope there’s official news soon on “Mary Mother of Christ” soon too.

  • heba

    Ohhhhhhhhhh finally new pics.Thanks jj but pls don’t let us wait so long as b4.Went as usual awesome as hell.
    It’s not Went who was hiding.He was in China on Nov.22 and there was no pics at all.All the pics I saw from other sites & even during shooting RE there wasn’t here any pics from the set.
    God bless u my dear Went and make u adorable,happy,successful,& beloved by millions of fans

  • heba

    BTW these pics r not old.I saw them in different sites.He was heading to a meeting in BH on that day.
    he doesn’t look sad, just his adorable sexy eyes _god bless them & him_r too sensitive to the sun.I’ve noticed that in all his pics

  • mark

    It’s GREAT news that “Afterlife” is back on track for 2010!!..And as for the slogan??…I am the one that actually came up with that line for Afterlife!..Lol on IMDB!…

  • xtina


  • NOPE

    #28 Of course it’s absolutely impossible that more than 1 person here think Went is gay. You are a genius!!!

  • ellen


    You are completely right, Steph.
    I was going to say same thing that you a few days ago.

  • setenay

    @Yes@No@Yup@NOPE(maybe you all are the same person.)
    How do you know? Did you see with your eyes?
    Went announced, I’M NOT GAY. “Until proved otherwise, it’s the truth.

    ps:@Yes@No@Yup@NOPE,please sulfuric asit’inizi (comment) then produced elsewhere.

  • Aha

    You are completely right, Steph.
    - There is only one guy in the whole world who could say such a thing. And he says it again and again under many nicknames. No one else could possibly say it. It is unthinkable. The gay rumor is because of this guy and him alone. Shame on him, shame, shame.

  • Kim Renwick

    Wentworth, I’m glad the paps are following you again. I was so worried you had vanished for good!

  • sunshine

    I’ve been waiting for him long time, and now here he is. It’s really great!!!

  • Steph

    Ok i never said that it’s IMPOSSIBLE that more than one person think is gay, COME DOWN. But light up a bit ….YES, NO, YUP…. really creative isn’t. When i say something in here i do use the same nickname, so he should do the same, it’s like he’s think to prove his point by saying the same dam thing under other nickname. We wont have this conversation if it would’ve been …. YES, GEORGE AND LUCY but it hard to think otherwise with YES,NO, YUP, NOPE sorry if i’m wrong but the reaction prove me otherwise. Loll

  • Steph

    Think * Trying

    And apparently i’m not the only who noticed .
    But hey, keep saying it, but dare to use the same name and it will be fine.

  • Steph

    @Aha or YES, NO, YUP whatever

    Here like I posted before

    Hey let me tell you why Went is gay.
    1. Cause Perez Hilton say it so (like about every good looking dude on earth, even if they’re married.)
    2. Cause, he’s been photograph by a gay photograph.
    3. Cause, he was caught walking in the street with a man.
    4. Cause, he doesn’t want the world to know about his private life
    5. Cause he’s hot.

    It’s really pathetic isn’t it? I will believe it, only when someone will SHOW ME proof. Stupid, immature, story based on nothing more then the fantasies of bored people doesn’t interest me at all. It’s so easy to come in here and say whatever we want. So I’m not at the point to bet my life of those rumours of him been gay, not yet. So where’s the proof people?

    Oh and I will had a # 6

    6. Cause there’s always a story from a friend of a friend who knows the sister of a friend that has a cousin who was the brother of a friend of a producer at FOX that know someone who did date Wentworth.

    I mean TO THINK is something, but TO CLAIM that is 100% Gay is another, so the less we can do is ask for proof and once we do all we got is NOTHING. So unless those people have a proof, all I can think of is those comment are BS. We are in the blank for now so let wait and see, but to me saying something without proof it’s lying.

    So YEAH, shame on him for the lack of proof.

  • montenegro

    Perfect acter with perfect style,Went is simply perfect man. Would like to wear his sunglasses,same as mine but not his :-)

  • I see

    @ Steph @ 42
    … story based on nothing more then the fantasies of bored people doesn’t interest me at all @

    Really ? Why you get het up about it for the umpteenth time ?
    Why do you give a talk over and over he isn`t.
    It looks like a try to convince yourself
    Ignore them, like the most of us doing and besides,
    it doesn`t matter what he is.
    It counts what he is doing as actor and not what he is doing in his private life.

  • I see

    Btw, i like the pictures.

    :-) Thanks Jared

  • Steph

    @ I see
    Why do you give a talk over and over he isn`t.
    It looks like a try to convince yourself

    I don’t say he’s not, cause i don’t know. And the person who say he is don’t know too (for sure) so that’s pissed me off.

    Well i shoudn’t care like you said cause i think why those kind of people posted in here, is to get attention and feedback. Good advice :-)

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