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Anderson Cooper Rescues Boy in Haiti Looting Incident

Anderson Cooper Rescues Boy in Haiti Looting Incident

Real-life superhero Anderson Cooper, who’s currently in Haiti covering the aftermath of the deadly earthquake, relayed his experience in the middle of a looting chaos on his CNN blog.

“I saw a looter on the roof of the store they’d broken into throw what I think was part of a concrete block into the crowd,” the 42-year-old journalist recounted. “It hit a small boy in the head.”

“I ran to where he was struggling, and picked him up off the ground. I brought him to a spot about a hundred feet away. I could feel his warm blood on my arms,” Anderson wrote.

Although the boy was carried to safety after he was picked up and brought to a safer area, Anderson‘s still not sure what happened to him.

“I hope he’s ok,” he wrote.

Photos and his full story are here – be advised that the photos may be disturbing.

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Photos: Jonathan Torgovnik
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  • aeg

    1st! He’s HOT!!!

  • vanessa

    Super Cooper

  • 12324

    wow, :( hope the boy is okay.

  • Just Saying

    This is why i love him, you’re my boo, Cooper!!

  • Celia

    That’s pretty courageous. I hope the boy is okay, I wonder why Anderson didn’t stay with him?

  • estelle

    My gosh, I hope the boy is ok. Mr. Anderson Cooper, I salute thee!

  • marfil

    that’s great. I hope the boy’s okay.
    Go Cooper!

  • LuckyL

    Anderson actually has a lot of experience covering this kind of thing.

  • LuckyL

    But anyone helping the Haitian people are heroes.

  • LuckyL

    But I don’t get…the….saving? He helped him up to a safer area?

  • Venom

    Saw that on TV last night.
    Anderson did a great job.
    He and Sanjay Gupta have been amazing down there in Haiti.

  • http://none maria

    Thank you mr.cooper for saving the little boy.I hope he is okay.

  • Rebecca

    Concrete blocks were being thrown off the roof, and after being struck, the boy couldn’t stand up and get to safety. Anderson brought him away from the immediate area, then behind a barricade that was set up against the looters. That’s when someone took the boy away from him, presumably to get him medical help.

  • Rebecca

    Concrete blocks were being thrown off the roof, and after being struck, the boy couldn’t stand up and get to safety. Anderson brought him away from the immediate area, then behind a barricade that was set up against the looters. That’s when someone took the boy away from him, presumably to get him medical help.

  • lexy

    I don’t know if I’d call this man a hero. Isn’t this what any decent human being would have done?? There’s clearly a lot of chaos and people not thinking straight – Anderson Cooper being a decent fellow human being isn’t really being a hero!

  • Prettigurlz

    Aww Cooper to the rescue!! Hope the lil boi is okay

  • christianslovematch

    He is so strong and straight

  • Cooper Fan

    Hope they know what happen to the boy now & follow up the story!

    LOVE YOU Coopy & be safe!!


  • Memei

    so sad whats happening. a real tragedy I hope the boy is ok.

  • K

    Actually lexy reporters are taught to remain indifferent, Im proud of Anderson for caring and helping.He is doing an awesome job there, and he is very HOT!!

  • Kay

    Poor kid :( Bless him hope he’s alright.

  • lee

    @lexy: What is your definition of a hero if I may ask then?

  • CNN watcher

    Sanjay Gupta is the real CNN hero.

  • ++Logan++


    glad hes not just reporting for the big wigs, but actually playing a genuine part in the haiti ordeal.

    sad and beautiful at the same time.

  • G

    Looters have to be brought to justice at some point. Saying looting is okay because people are poor and hungry is wrong. Looting is just one step of lawlessness that descends to murder, pillage, armed robbery, you name it. Make it clear in your family that lawlessness is NEVER okay, even if you’re broke, starving and bleeding. Humans should never act like animals. Unfortunately, we’re seeing animals everywhere in Haiti.

  • Quila

    Lexy, in this day and age, a decent human being is very hard to find. You’d be surprised at how many people would have done nothing in that situation. Anderson Cooper is a hero for actually taking action, where mostly everyone else would have stood by apathetically.

  • J.t

    Lexy he has the guts and decency to be over there now. Not many people would. Listen to what your saying for the love of god pleassee..

  • Magan

    Anderson Cooper is a real hero!!!!!

  • kimi xx

    I hope the boy is okay…

  • Sofia

    I really hope the boy is okay!! … Cooper is my hero!

  • she shall remain nameless

    A real life Superman!!! Another reason why I have a crush on him!!! <3

  • Saudia

    Oh gosh I hope the boy is alright. Intense stuff going on in Haiti.. Pray for them


    That’s my Andy always putting people first.

  • t

    omg! well done! hope hes the boy and him are okay!

    praying for haiti

  • JJ

    Anderson and Dr Gupta are true heros. More reasons to watch CNN.

  • Joseph


    Haiti is known for its wild aspects, haiti is like Jamaica looting is nothing when you have nothing. You should always expect the unexpected in Haiti or Jamaica. Looting happened in Kosovo, it happens in every crises people try to extend what they can get, its human nature. What a leader does is keep it in check, even in the extreme.

    Lets talk about Anderson being called a Hero is much, he helped a kid to safety. Hero’s are the soldiers in the Military who put there life on the line knowing that there is a 30 % chance that they will live. I can save a cat from a damn tree, but that doesn’t make me a Hero. I’m tired of these journalists and their Geraldo Rivera antics where they jump a fence to save a squirrel and claim that they save the universe from calamity.

    I like Anderson but this crap is a bit much, I hope he doesn’t go on 20/20 with Barbra Walters and claim that he did something remotely super human. Than laud himself like he was in a shoot out with bandits from the O.K. corral. We are going to hear more about Anderson and his heroic theme for how long now. Damn this guy is going to go on all the talk shows now.

    Anderson did something any brave human would do, but to go over board like he jumped in the way of looters and fought them off.

    I got tired of the Geraldo Rivera type journalists who stand in front of the battle field and do something nice and proclaim themselves something that they are not. Good job Anderson, but please dont milk this thing.

  • anne

    I met him when I worked on the Hill. He was standing behind me and as dumbfounded as I was (and went from 34 year old woman to drooling 14 year old girl) he was very polite and super courteous. I would expect nothing less from him. He’d always smile and wave at me when I saw him (but then again, he probably was like there’s the drooling idiot..ha ha).

    And he’s tall *and* his eyes are soooo blue you could drown in them forever.

    Bravo Anderson! Bravo!

  • jdub

    kudos to Cooper!

  • mickey

    Love Anderson.

  • Jordan

    This isn’t the only thing brave Anderson cooper does, he is mild mannered talk show host in the daytime, but at night Anderson becomes the cape crusader and runs the night saving people.

    Yes, Anderson cooper is batman. It is not Bruce Wayne, it is really Anderson and he does fight crime and save kittens. His eyes are dreamy blue and can see in the night, dreamy isn’t it. dreamy.

  • Ms Anonymous

    They need to make him and Sanjay saints or something.

  • Ms Anonymous

    @CNN watcher:

    SO is Anderson, he’s been doing good for YEARS.

  • Ms Anonymous


    You don’t know crap about Anderson, that is obvious.

  • Ms Anonymous



  • MarioGurl

    Hi! I think what Anderson did in Haiti was very brave and heroic. That little boy is probably very grateful he saved him from alot of loss blood.

  • WoWZA


  • Q

    I always loved Anderson Cooper, and this just solidifies it.

  • rpatzfan

    awesome ,He’s a hero and he’s hot! .Congrats Mr Cooper for being a great man

  • wellthen

    thumbs up for Anderson.

    The situation is so horrible =( Hope that boy is doing okay

  • bonnie

    Anderson Cooper was born to heiress Gloria Vanderbilt in 1967.He was born into a family where he could have sat back and lived off his family. He not only went the next day to cover Haiti,over his life he has put himself in harms way in Somalia,Bosnia,Rwanda,Iraq,Sri Lanka etc… Also he covered the Tsunami ,Hurricane Katrina and other places of devastation all over the World!!!!!! This to me proves the type of man Anderson Cooper is “A Hero” and a great human being.You are loved …….