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Bill Kaulitz Walks DSquared2 Runway Show

Bill Kaulitz Walks DSquared2 Runway Show

Tokio Hotel lead singer Bill Kaulitz opens the DSquared2 Menswear Autumn/Winter 2010 show in a fierce pair of skinny leather pants and a feathered cape in Milan, Italy on Tuesday (January 19).

“I was really nervous beforehand,” the 20-year-old confessed to WWD.

His twin brother Tom Kaulitz came out to support him, as well as the label’s creators (also twins) Dean and Dan Caten.

Dsquared2 are set to outfit the band for Tokio‘s upcoming tour. The designers will create five custom-made outfits for Bill!

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  • Karla

    Honestly, it’s taken me time to appreciate the David-Bowie like androgynous-likeness of Bill…but, he looks HOT!!! He really works it out in this outfit, very cool, I like that he has an image/style & has fun w/ it.

  • Judy

    ohhhh myyyy goooood!
    the most RIDICULOUS pics I’ve ever seen of him.

  • cricket

    Adam is the white trash Bill Kaulitz…….
    Adam even fronted a band called Motel 6

  • Kathryn

    He is so beautiful, it’s breathtaking. Wow.

  • tante augustine

    Magnificent, Famboyant, Stunning!
    Bill is a natural born megastar. He is on the path to an even bigger career.

    Anyone who thinks he looks like a girl, hello, have you seen his crotch?

  • Ineke


    Could you explain to me why you think he still looks like a girl?
    Because i really cant see it.

    (Maybe i’ve been blinded by 4 years of being fan)

  • TrishiMarie

    He is beautiful, no matter what they say! Words can’t bring him down! Whatever anyone wants to call him, he is very talented in all he does! With that said, am I the only one that noticed that it looks like his pants have a hole in the crotch? Not a problem ; ), just an observation!

  • idelia

    there is nothing here to compare. They are not similar and adam lambert never tried to copy anyone. Not sure about the other way round. But I should leave Adam out of this. He is a big fan of the beauty that is Bill. So is that not enough? There are many kinds of beauty.

  • blabla

    damn, he’s ugly :O

  • Trine

    One thing about Bill that I really love, is how he provokes people. There are so many comments on this post that just has to call him girly or gay. I love that he wears whatever he wants, whenever he want’s. He is a true rockstar. Quote from Bill from when he was younger: “One time a teacher told me I should stop wearing makeup. After that day I started wearing more.” How can you not love this guy? Btw, he rocks this runway!

  • Simon

    I’d love to see Bill and Adam have a spastic tranny slap fight.

  • Jessica

    damn! what the hell is going on? I’m from germany and everyone here haaaaattttttteeeeeee Tokio Hotel! I really dont know how or WHY they became so popular.. oh my god, it’s such a shame

  • rollingstone


  • JK


    LoL it doesn’t matter that Adam is older, adam didn’t look like his current look before American Idol (2009). Look at adam’s highschool pics where he looks totally different and also at the other pics just before american idol where he wore makeup but still looked totally different and didn’t have Bill’s style. He started to have Bill’s style in 2009.

    Bill went to school wearing makeup and spiky hair and painted nails. Bill has this look since he was 9 years old when he went to halloween party dressed as a vampire. Tokio Hotel is really famous since 2005 and Adam only since 2009. Adam was nowhere before 2009!

    And Adam said at the beggining of 2009 that his hair idol is bill and in november he said Bill is his celebrity crush. And Adam went to Vevo party in december 2009 dressed practically like Bill from head to toe.

  • Marta

    he looks very girly and he sould stop starve him self.

  • D

    he is gay sorry girls

  • Kianna

    @JK: lmao. okay, seriously, you’re making this sound so much more serious than it really is. Nobody is copying anybody. All you’re really doing is making yourself sound like some crazed fan, which is really not fair to the rest of his fans. Of course Adam doesn’t look like his high school pics. WHO REALLY DOES? My look has completely changed from high school, and it wasn’t even that long ago.
    Adam has had his own style for a while. You can’t just go and attribute it to Bill when Bill really has nothing to do with it. Yes, Adam has said he likes Bill, but that does not mean he automatically “copies” his style. There are tons of people who have similar styles to Adam and Bill all over the world, and they don’t even know who Adam and Bill are.
    And also, Adam has been pretty well-known in the area of musical theatre for a while. Just because he recently hit mainstream does not mean he has not already been “famous.” You may want to check your facts before you go around attempting to blame people for copying Bill. I actually have no problem with Bill, but I do have a problem with people acting like he’s the ultimate fashion icon – like people don’t already have similar styles. It’s an unrealistic way to look at things and all it does is cause unnecessary drama.


  • cvic

    @nysro: totally agree

  • Ronda

    He looks great if a bit manorexic. I love his look just a bit afraid of how thin he is.

  • Susan

    Um, sorry, but you are so wrong! Adam has had that syle ever since he left school and moved to LA! Check out his Zodiac perfomances! Wow, you should really do your homework before accusing someone! Adam has always been Adam way before anyone even knew Bill existed! Check out pics with friends! Um, maybe Bill wants to be Adam? If not, why the bashing! They are both unique, so shut up and enjoy them!

  • ann-k


    Excuse me? I’m also from Germany, and YES there are many who hate them here because of jealousy, but there sure as hell are many people who love them to! Tokio Hotel is making asian and american people learn german and love Germany. They are a German phenomenon.


  • Melissa

    JK is owning Kianna :-)

  • Dvorak

    Gay, horrible, strange as always

  • cee

    Adam has given up trying to imitate Bill Kaulitz after realizing that his bad skin is just not salvageable and that his current desperate starvation diet to slim down like Bill is not working.
    Bill is the original.

  • Kianna

    @Melissa: I think you need to go back and read what I said. You’re all trying to make this some “competition” and you’re really just making yourselves look childish. haha

  • jkljoläo

    definatly gaaaaay… you can say what you want but he is sooooo gay!!!
    i cant understand these teenies

  • jkljoläo

    on which side he looks beautiful??? he is so ugly thats not a boy its a creature

  • idelia

    Bill is a little boy. Adam is a man. Both are beautiful in their own way. Quit making a competition of it. I dont think anyone is copying anyone. It is just that it is a fashionable look. And they both like fashion. Why cant you just enjoy stead of arguing?

  • Oceane

    I seriously thought that was a female model. He’s a freak of nature to look so pretty.

  • Smilehexe

    @#25 – delcia
    Wonderfully said – I couldn’t agree more!

    @#55 – tante augustine
    “Bill is a natural born megastar. He is on the path to an even bigger career.”
    I see it the very same way than you do. We will see/hear a lot more of Bill! And that’s good news! :-)
    LOL to your last sentence BTW.

    @#60 – Trine
    You’re so right! He’s a great guy indeed! One of the last true rebels in this world where most people just try to fit in at all cost, even if it makes them unhappy. Tokio Hotel’s lyrics are often rebellious as well, and I really love them.

    @#62 – Jessica
    The one who should be ashamed here is you – for not appreciating something great emerging from your home country – they are the biggest musical export Germany has, and they have reached so much.
    And as I live nearby I can tell that they are not hated by everyone, the haters just seem to have nothing else to do than post their repetitive rants over and over again, while most fans are obviously busy doing creative things like their idols. ;-)

    As to my own view of Bill on that catwalk – spontaneously the word “WOW” came to my mind – he has always impressed me more by his personality and talent than just with his looks… well, I’ll have to rethink that now, I guess. ;-)

  • squaraus

    Simply a faggot … Nowadays if being gay and glamour makes girls go bananas, I’m so frustrated because I’ll never have nothing to do about that. And you (girls) have to be frustrated too, because you’ll never get what u want from that kind of … men(????) !!!! At least you can shift with their lipstick or lip gloss !! ihihih

  • roeseann

    Holy f***. Scary how he pulls off the look perfectly. Whether you like him or not, you gotta admit NOONE in the world can pull that off.

  • yep

    Bill has an angular clear skin feminine face and Adam has a bumpy lunar pumpkin face.

  • felicia

    he’s horrible

  • Tanja

    OMG no offense but are u guys blind, he is like the skinniest and ugliest guy on earth. He needs to gain a few pounds and man up!!!

  • Joseph

    What NYsro said is correct, any woman who finds this thing attractive has some serious issues. I can see gay males who find feminine weird looking things attractive but women who do, are in the same boat as gay males. An attraction towards something more feminine than a man should be. Which makes one beleive that they are also attracted to women or have a mind set that because they themselves do not consider themselves beautiful they project that in a wanting and attraction to the feminine.

    This is our social construct, they cherish what you dont have in abundance.

    This Bill kid to me, looks like a weird 10 yearold kid or girl with too much makeup on. He kind of looks like a white alien with bad make up on. Nothing about him looks remotely normal other than a very large white male with bad makeup on.

    I wonder what black males have to say about this kind of look or the black community if they say someone wearing this much makeup, would he be considered gay or straight. Any straight black males on here would like to chime in.

  • sara

    @Jessica: that’s ok, I’m sure Tokio Hotel is ashamed of you too. It’s sad when people don’t get proud of something helping your own country but one day you’ll grow up. ;)

  • black

    Hahahahahaha———this is so über-gay, that it´s cool ;T

  • Katie

    What a stunning dark angel! He’s gorgeous!

  • kalina

    oh he’s look soy cute…I love him….Bill is the most sexy guy in the world!!

  • st

    It’s sad how many people use “gay” as an offensive word. Sad how so many people need new brains and new personalities. God, help this people please.

    Bill looked amazing, hard to believe it was his first time on a catwalk. Hope we’ll be able see him doing it more times.

  • Photo Shop Much?

    What is That???

  • tuuli

    He is totally amazing! I just don’t get how someone can be so perfect. <3

  • humanoid

    bill looks absolutely STUNNING.. and i love dsquared <3

  • Skye

    That man is an Adonis. He OWNED that catwalk. And that outfit is stunning.

  • Brooklyn

    STUNNER! And so is his bro Tom!

    And for those of you saying he’s gay etc
    He say’s he IS NOT!
    so leave it at that, it’s none of your buisness tbh.

  • http://justjared deke

    I LOVE Bill Kaulitz but he is too thin.

  • Jenny


    Answer to comment #86:
    Jesus Christ. Okay, then let us be crazy, lesbian or blind then! We don’t care about what label you wan’t to put on us. All we know is that we think Bill is a different and beautiful creature who is very charming and seducing. Not every girl likes that ”normal”, big, tan, macho man with short hair and big abs.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    a 100 comments?!!? for fcuking what?!!?!!? it’s a little unknown gay kids. wow…

  • Meadow

    yes…he belongs on the runway. glad he ditched the 80s’ hair band hair…