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Heidi Montag Shows Off Her New Post-Plastic Surgery Look

Heidi Montag Shows Off Her New Post-Plastic Surgery Look

Heidi Montag shows off her new look after undergoing ten plastic surgeries in November.

In an interview with Extra airing tonight (January 19), the 23-year-old aspiring pop star shares that she’s had breast augmentation and is currently at a DDD or F cup. “I actually want H for ‘Heidi‘,” she said.

When asked what she says to critics who think her transformation sends the wrong message to girls, Heidi responded, “Young girls who want to get it would get it regardless.”

Heidi Montag: Post-Plastic Surgery Interview
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  • Bea

    She looks horrible.

  • Monique

    seriously Heidi you ruined look disgusting!! knock it off..what happened to the nice small town Heidi everyone grew to your just a disgusting piece of plastic!

  • Mari

    wow!!! That’s so NOT her!!!
    She looks terrible, i gotta say….
    she looked better without all that, she’s trying trying to get more attention…

  • Prettigurlz

    Oh wow she messin up her face lil by lil shame on her:(

  • Prettigurlz


  • Andrea

    She looks horrible now. She’s always had a horrible personality but at least she looked nice enough. Now she is just gross inside and out. I say BOO to Heidi and her 10 surgeries, that is just ridiculous and I don’t care what you say Heidi I still believe that doing this will affect how some young girls/women view plastic surgery. It’s only my opinion, but I saw shame on you Heidi, shame on you. >:-{

  • Tyler

    What a selfish idiot. Yeah this is a real great use for thousands of dollars.

  • hnh89

    Maybe now girls won’t want to after seeing what too much can make you look like. She didn’t need anything done, she was a cute girl!

  • reality

    She looks brainwashed. If I were her parents, I would be in tears right now. I wonder if that dimwitted husband put her up to this. She was a beautiful girl before the surgery. Sad, very sad.

  • Lenny

    Heidi, Shauna Sands and Joan Rivers think you gone to far. You looked great before all the construction on your face and body.

  • christyjolie

    omg! I never liked her but seeing this makes me feel so bad for her! she looks like a freak! the doctor should be put away for allowing this!

  • christyjolie

    omg! I never liked her but seeing this makes me feel so bad for her! she looks like a freak! the doctor should be put away for allowing this!

  • Maria

    Why do people do that??? She looks worse now. =/
    So stupid!

  • she shall remain nameless

    Now she looks like a tranny or a b!tch.

  • cacey

    What an IRONY to show her after THE PICTURE OF WHATS going on in HAITI. this GIRL went from AN OK girl to A PLASTIC DOLL, how can u pull ur face this TIGHT AT AGE 23. i SHE IS A perfect CASE FOR putting a LIPSTICK ON a PIG.

  • Jullie

    shame on her!

  • Yikes

    She needs to stop. She is starting to look like Joan Rivers :(


    She is a total NUT JOB!!!!

  • skinnybitching

    “H for Heidi”??? Seriously? I didn’t like her before (horrible music, fame whore, etc.) but now I just feel sad for her….she may have looked plastic before but she was still undeniably pretty. It wasn’t obvious she’d had surgery. Now she’s beginning to look like molten wax as a result of the extreme amount of surgeries. I just feel bad for her and hope for her own sanity that she stops before it gets any worse.

  • happy girl

    sad. she looked better before. she should take the surgery money and give it to earthquake victims in haiti instead. she is wasting her money. poor thing.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Maybe it’s a good thing that Heidi “the dimwit” volunteered to get the surgery and show us her results. It may make all young girls ban plastic surgery period because they’ll look just as scary and fake looking as her.

  • Anna

    Oy vey. That’s troubling beyond words, really.

  • HK

    I just dont get it this girl sometimes, she’s already beautiful, doesnt need plastic surgery, she looks awful!

  • pp

    She looks like a young version of Joan Rivers lol

  • nyob

    She is way too young to have an obvious plastic surgery look. And she should get her money back – she was prettier before.

  • amanda

    oh my goodness she looks sooo bad, like it reminds me of joan rivers. but at least joan is kind of old. heidi is so young and looked pretty before. and now just by looking at her you can tell she had plastic surgery it doesnt look better, it looks “tight” like her skin is pulled back. yuck. and for being a jesus lover its ironic that she messes up God’s work. poor girl. she needs help. lauren saw all this coming way back.

  • Smooch

    The poor girl is completely brainwashed. Her family have always said that she latches onto the personality of her boyfriends and people around her and has never had an identity of her own.
    It is obvious what the influence of her mentally ill husband and the lifestyle she lives has done to her psyche. I feel very sorry for this young woman and only hope she receives the help she needs before her life is destroyed.

  • kami

    i feel so sorry for this girl. she must really feel empty inside. she was actually pretty before she ever had any plastic surgery. so sad.

  • jessie

    she’s always been an idiot, and her personality was awful and still is, i couldnt stand her on the hills, actually i cant stand any of them they are rich bitches with no morals values and they dont know the meaning of true friendship…i dont feel bad for her she did this too herself and now her personality goes with her look…”fake”…she’s looks nasty!

  • sessi

    She looks pretty bad. i feel bad for her nose, she use to have a cute nose. Aww! She got too caught up in the hollywood scene. About 5 yrs from now, she’s gonna have to get everything she had done- adjusted :) she’s gonna lots maintenance trips!

  • G

    I feel sorry for whatever insecurity she feels about her looks. People, tell your girlfriends, sisters, daughters that they are just right! Stop telling them their noses are too flat, their eyes too small, their faces too chubby, whatever. Enough!

  • shenanyginz

    … i dont… even know what to say… but this is sad.

  • aimee

    ew ew and ewwwww!

  • Jordan

    this is fantastic.

  • J.t

    Ok a nose job and breast augmentation was completely understandable, and she liked FINE.. now she went too far and destroyed her face!! She is the definition of a lunatic.

  • Jordan

    the fame monster ZING!

  • AutumnM

    What an idiot! Heidi was so much cuter before. Now she looks much older than her 23 years and just very plastic looking overall. She made a terrible mistake getting all that surgery. She needs to stop now!

  • robin

    she’s gone crazy! wayyy too make surgeries. it’s sad that she’s so obsessed.

  • Emma

    Such a shame to see what used to be a pretty women just ruin herself!

  • Lala

    To be that insecure that you have to change the whole outlook of your face, there must be a screw loose in your head !!!! She did this all for to feel good about herself in the limelight.. I’d rather die thank you!!

  • lyn

    seriously, what is she doing to herself?
    She was pretty before, what would she say if she had a daughter.

  • Ronda sad. She was so much cuter before. I feel bad for young Women who think that they have to do that to look better. By the time she’s 30 she’ll look twice her age because of all she’s done with her body and then saddest of all she’ll have nothing left to do to herself to look “better”.

  • katy

    I feel sorry for her. she has low self esteem. As much as I despise her and Spencer, She didn’t need to get anything done. she was already pretty

  • Oceane

    I saw the interview on the good morning america and i swear to god the only thing that moved was her lips. She talked really freaky as well, like she had a cold. I had to laugh because she refused to sing stating she still had swelling. I think it’s just sad that Heidi hates herself that much that she couldt’ look in the mirror. There was nothing wrong with the way she looked before. Heidi could be faith hills twin sister now..

  • adiore

    her nose looks like Michael Jackson. I mean it really does. She had a cute nose before! I don’t even want to imagine what she looks like at the age of 30. They’re going to be a lot of re-touch ups down the road b/c things start to sag from the face on down…

  • Diana

    how tragic!

  • sdf

    @reality: actualy if you watch that video clip, at the very end she says something along the lines of “spencer was like you are crazy i think you should see a therapist before you go” so… i guess spencer was the sane one this time..

  • scary

    This batch of surgeries has left a formerly beautiful girl looking like a desperate, aging older 50′s ish surgery addict. She should have quit after the first nose surgery. Ironically, she has now matched her outside appearance to her insides. 23 is so young to have a ravaged and destroyed appearance, I can’t imagine what she will look like when she really is 50.

  • Renata

    My god. I am seriously shocked. I feel sorry for her, she didn’t needed it, its sad knowing that she only did that for fame. She looks horrible.

  • helena

    i think she looks ok, it’s not that bad, it would be great if she stops here, but she obviously won’t