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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: Kissing at Golden Globes?

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: Kissing at Golden Globes?

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are an item again, if Page Six is to be trusted.

The twosome, who dated during the filming of The Bounty Hunter last summer, reunited at Sunday’s Golden Globes. They presented the best screenplay award together, posed for pics together on the red carpet, and then headed backstage together.

“After they presented, they were drinking Moet backstage,” a source reveals. “At one point, they were making out in the kitchen. They were attached at the hip all night. They definitely seemed very couple-y. Producers for the show were actually laughing about it over their walkie-talkies.”

People reports that Gerry was merely a “social butterfly who mingled with all the guests.” Jen was also spotted chatting up newly single Jake Gyllenhaal the night before at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica.

So, are they or aren’t they?

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  • lurking

    Worst Couple: Pity & Spittle

    She has spent the last 5 years trying to be known as something other than the TV Girl and the ex Mrs Pitt. Bless Ricky Gervais for introducing her as Rachel from Friends. BLESS HIM SO HARD.

    Oh and she felt it. Right up the slit in her leg she felt it.

    Jennifer Aniston wore another black dress, this time with mismatched breasts and a lot of thigh. Why? Because she’s 40 AND FABULOUS! Haven’t you heard?

    40 and Fabulous! is promoting a new for sh-t movie called The Bounty with Gerard Butler. She had to endure him spraying her all night next to her at their table. She did not seem to be enjoying it much by the time they were introduced on stage. For the cameras however she let her legs do the talking. They are very nice legs indeed. And her body is, as always, the tightest sh-t ever. But the most poignant moment of the evening came when she wistfully looked up at Sandy B, accepting for The Blind Side, and wondered:

    Will that ever be me?

    Oh honey. You will always have great hair.


  • lurking

    The studio asked them to present together at the Golden Globes and then made them sit together to watch the rest of the show hoping it would promote their upcoming movie together ‘The Bounty Hunter,’” a friend of the ’300′ beefcake tells me. “And while Gerry likes Jen, there is nothing romantic going on between them. The minute the Globes ended, Gerry couldn’t wait to say goodbye and go to ALL the parties while Jen, who has never been a party type girl, went home alone.”

    cr: Popeater

  • LULZ

    She isnt. Its Huvane pulling stunts again because GB denied it at the Globes.

  • FrESH

    Her publicity is going to go into overdrive promoting The BOunty Hunter. The movie does not look good. Butler needs to fire his agent and start making good movies–I cant believe he’s been reduced to this crap–he’s been making a lot of bad movies lately–I hope he snaps out of it–and leaves this romcom crap alone.

  • LeviKlein

    Of course. I’m don’t even have the energy to fake the surprise.

  • lame

    Her publicist is behind this.– “Jennifer is so popular, she is the social butterfly, everyone was talking about her, everyone was looking at her, jen is the best, jen is friends with all her ex’s—jen is amazing, jen is so smart, jen is so pretty, jen is so talented, jen is so nice ” —GOD WE GET IT ALREADY.

  • Harry

    Gerry doesn’t drink & hasn’t done so for many years – total BS.

  • Work’in it Baby

    No way pleaze get your story from another source. Gerald isn’t “that” desperate.

  • http://justjared nessaluv2luv

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  • martha

    It was all publicity bs



  • The Comedian

    To much Photoshop on the picture. If you look at her waist it’s total madness…


    Where are the pictures to prove it? Everyone already knows nothing the Jen thang does is ever discreet.

  • carnet

    They are so cute together

  • LizB

    She better not be going after Jake Gyllenhaal! He’s way too good for her

  • ohboy

    The Bounty Hunter looks awful.

  • anna

    They were both drinking champagne? He doesn’t even drink!!!
    I’m so sick of this! Is this what HW is all about? You really think you have to pull this lame stories to sell a movie?
    If the movie is good, people are gonna flock to the treaters no matter what.
    BARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me when this stinker is out of the cinemas.
    Waves to the regulars. I’ve been away but to be honest this whole thing is making me too sick to comment and have any interest on Butler.

  • PR Bounty
  • angel

    What’s next? She is dating Jon Gosselin to sell a movie?
    He’s hunk of the year according to some lame poll, voted by dozens of hor-ny fans?
    Photo-ops of them having dinner with 10 other people, but still getting cozy?
    Shame on both of them, the studio and their PR. This is just sad.

  • Nat

    I really hope they are. Jen deserves someone nice, and Gerry is like the perfect guy. I hope they are together and happy. But they might not be a couple. Jen is always very private.

  • Dawn9476


    His agent is his partner in his new production company. Their first project was LAC. Besides. he starts filming Coriolanus in March which will be Ralph Fiennes directorial debut so his agent can’t be all bad.

  • Dawn9476


    Oh please. Every other person in Hollywood does that kind of crap.

  • Dawn9476


    Yeah. She is way too good for the guy who may have hid behind Kristen and Reese to cover up the fact that he is gay. Whatever.

  • lisa

    OMG.. this is just so predictable.. Everyone called it. Months ago
    Heck they called the minute it was annouced they would star in this movie togethe..

    Romance rumors to hype this film.. NOW Jen fans.. tell the Loons How dumb we all are.. WE TOLD YOU SO..

    How many times does this man have to say they are not dating. For all we know Gerry may have a woman friend.. This is just disrespectful and she and her PR people really need to stop. NOW lets see if she issues a denial as quickly as she did when they said she was opening a restaraunt.. I bet not..

    I am not a fan of hers.. and hope that she will step up and stop this foolishness once and for all. Gerry seems to be getting pissed at the constant rumors..

  • Nic

    I hope the best for Jen and if they are together then be it so what. I’m sure they are having so much fun and if not they are also having fun as friends ..she is single and he is single and they can do whatever they want so really go for it

  • just me

    Chatting up Jake : i picture the conversation like this :
    “so toothy tile, hear you’re looking for a new beard. I’d like to apply – think of the publicity we’ll get . You know i LOVE publicity….and it will make them forget i was Rachel on Friends …it will right . Oh and i’m much cheaper than Reese – yes sir won’t cost you a million dollars to have me on your arm. Just some tacos, and weed. call me”

  • Dawn9476

    @just me:

    Lisa, it was already denied yesterday. I don’t know why JJ bothered to put it up.

  • angel

    JJ wants as many hits as it can get, even though this was already denied, that’s why. Way to go JJ. Star Magazine much? I’m out of here.

  • So predictable!

    This movie will be one of the worst of 2010. lol @ the poor producers of the Bounty.

  • Memei

    I doubt this is true. But what a glorious couple they will make

  • bob knows

    Woof. Poor Butler has to put up with this crap til March.

  • Joy

    What the fu-k is going on?
    Gerard and Jen kissing? At the GG? Sipping Moet? Backstage? In front of everyone?
    Who comes up with the sh-t?
    Is it Huvane? Is it his camp as well?
    He doesn’t even drink and isn’t Jen “private”?
    Again, who comes up with this sh-t????
    Who is she hooking up with next to promote another stinker?
    Who will he be having a thing with next to sell a movie and keep the HW pus-y eater extrordinaire tittle?
    Call me when you’re in something worth watching dbag.
    I won’t hold my breath for Rachel from friends cause I can’t even name one single movie she’s been in.

    I’m out!
    Gonna go drool over Blanchett and her amazingness. She just won best actress for a Street Car named Desire. A wonderful play I was lucky enough to go see. Now THAT is an actress.

  • Dawn9476

    I love how when this shit is about anyone else, it is always the tabloids fault but when it comes to Jen, it is always her and her people’s fault. It’s funny.


    Why not, they’re both hot and single.

  • Jen

    Hes really cute and she is pretty. If it’s true then awesome for them.

  • Here we go

    Let the PR games begin. Jennifer Aniston movies never can their own unless she is being linked to her co-stars. First Vaughan, Eckhart, they tried Owens but it didn’t pan well he was fresh off suicide watch, can’t have Aniston associated with that, and Gerry who obviously like women of color but they’re gonna make him like this desperado to sell tickets.

    She should want more for herself than to continually be shown as desperate and need a man. I think the gig is up for her on this game because people are turning on her.

    How about talent Aniston do you know what that is? Apparently not.

  • ash

    @Dawn9476: oh please, she has “a thing” with every co-star. If she really wanted to fight that, she could. She won’t cause it keeps her name in the news. Don’t be naive.

  • lame and stupid

    I am really disappointed that JJ even bothered to run this thread – hits, yes I know! But really JJ!

    I am so bored with this purgatory of the endless cra*p peddled for the Bounty Hunter movie. We have already had to put up with endless cheap and tacky threads across the internet for every single scene of this wretched pile of cr*p all last year, seen week after week of the same stories, Jen seems desperate and Gerry comes off as a real wanabee badly advised into appearing in a total bomb of story.
    No wonder that he is so desperate now to prove that he CAN act – LOL coz the Bounty is going to do NOTHING to enhance his rep.

    Please wake me up later in the summer when the full horror of the worst movie of 2010 is over.

    My question is:
    1. Do the idiots at Huvane actually believe that your average movie watcher who has a brain cell in their heads really believes this sh*t?

    2. Just how many romance stories do we (and Gerry B) have to put up?

  • What happened?

    Why does everyone hate her so much?
    You don’t even know this woman.
    Just because she chooses to be single it means she’s crap?
    Common people.
    She’s lovely, but if you can’t see that it, means your the one full of crap. Because that’s what you see in people.

  • Michele

    PLEASE!! NOBODY WANTS ANUSTAIN!!! This is the ONLY way she can garner publicity for her movies because her ACTING or SCRIPT sure won’t cut it. I mean, SERIOUSLY, her fans have to feel a little sorry for her. It’s just pathetic. Hell, I feel sorry for her.

  • lol

    “She better not be going after Jake Gyllenhaal! He’s way too good for her”
    Don’t worry, Jake is gay. …
    Ooops, you have a point, in this case being gay wouldn’t matter!

  • Here we go

    This mess will go on until the summer. Poor Gerry I bet he hate he signed up for this sess pool.


    Am I the only one who notice the wardrobe malfunction? When “Rachel from Friends” presented the award she turned to the left and you could see her underwear then the cameraman cut to the next shot. That’s what the dumb b!tch get for trying to get some free press. B!tch needs to go back to TV LAND because she will never be a movie star.

    Someone better tell leatherface Sandra Bullock is the most popular search today because she is a award winning actress. No one is checking for her desperate ass because they could not link her talentless azz to Brad and Angelina. Maybe the silly ho thought she was going to get tons of press for her waldrobe malfunction. Not.

    You are only relevant if you link yourself to the Brad and Angelina.
    Always a presenter, never a nominee!

  • jennifer rocks

    they look cute together :))
    you’re awesome jen, love ya:D


    Love them!
    Me and my girlfriends are definitely watching this movie.

  • WTF

    @ANNIE: Ah Bless you ANNIE, you will be able to sit in any seat in an empty theater. LOL

  • bay

    gerry doesn’t even drink. can’t two people make a movie together, get along, and become friends?

  • Go Ask Alice

    Anniston and Jessica Simpson ,two examples of overkill. All over all the time saying everything and the same things over and over. How many times is JAnniston going to do a cover story about being 40, fabulous, and talk about starting life anew, divorced, finding love again, etc.
    Janniston needs to just get off the award shows and mags for a while.

    Will say, Jessica Simpson seems to be pretty quiet since Romo broke up with her.


    Will it be Gerrynston or Butniston…

  • Michaelk

    In a rumor that was probably birthed in the men’s bathroom of a publicist’s office, Page Six reports that Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler mouth fu-ked in the kitchen after they presented together at the Golden Globes, and then spent the rest of the night doing an impersonation of The Bunker Twins. This is what a source with spying eyes tells Page Six:

    “After they presented, they were drinking Moet backstage. At one point, they were making out in the kitchen. They were attached at the hip all night. They definitely seemed very couple-y. Producers for the show were actually laughing about it over their walkie-talkies.”

    If you take a ShamWow to that quote and gently wipe the bull feces splatters off, it will read: “The Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler hits theaters March 10th!”

    Okay, okay, okay, I totally believe that they did touch tongues in the kitchen. That’s how Gerard Butler greets everyone! It’s his way. Although, I’m sure it got kind of weird for the kitchen staff when Jennifer Aniston pulled Gerard’s pants down and started to give him a han.d-job with a turkey baster.