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Jennifer Lopez Takes Over 'Lopez Tonight' Monologue

Jennifer Lopez Takes Over 'Lopez Tonight' Monologue

Jennifer Lopez tries her hand at late-night TV as she takes over the hosting duties on Lopez Tonight‘s episode on Monday (January 18).

The 40-year-old entertainer took over the job from host George Lopez for the day and poked fun at NBC’s late-night problems in her monologue!

“Wasn’t she amazing?” George said. “Orale, Jennifer Lopez! I guess that’s what it feels like to be Conan.”

Lopez Tonight airs at 11/10c on TBS!

Jennifer Lopez Takes Over ‘Lopez Tonight’
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  • Mary

    Looking good :)


    Sara Palin.. La cabrona LMAOF!!!!

  • s

    Hey Jared, quick correction I think you meant “January 18″ and NOT “Decemebr”. That’s all :)

  • susi

    that was hilarious and sweet

  • lowK

    she’s so desperate it’s starting to look sad

  • Mina

    Cute :)

  • Inaru

    She did very, very well. She has good timing and she seemed comfortable,certainly did not embarassed herself. I think she should challenge herself more doing new things and letting go of the rom-coms for more dramatic movies.

  • Alex


  • Joseph

    Put a latino on a show and watch other latino’s watch no matter how bad it is. How this woman still has fans is beyond me, but being latin and having some celebrity status automatically makes you Julio Iglesias.

    Can someone please stop this no talent hooker from making appearances. She has leeched off the system long enough with her crooning and supposed talented singing. If Milly Vanelli cant make albums and is shunned, why isn’t this woman for making Gigly.

    Throw in Britney spears and Heidi Montage and her sidekick boyfriend and we have a new years day resolution.

  • Jen

    @Joseph: Oh whatever

    Lopez Tonight is a fun show and it’s ignorant to think only Latinos watch it considering Lopez is a popular comedian, but if latinos support it so what, at least we care to show our support, what is it to you?

    Anyway, Jennifer looked really good, I love that hairstyle and she did awesome. Sarah Palin la cabrona, LMAO.

  • Tobie

    Desperate much. She’ll stoop to anything to recapture the fame she once had. She’s seeking fame rather than putting those kids she had first, and being an attentive mother to them. I bet she hardly spends any time with them.

  • Ben

    Lopez doing comedy…?! painful…

  • christianslovematch

    Is his wife hispanic?

  • no talent

    When is her time up?

  • jonasbro

    she rocked and all the reviews are positive….only the haters are the ones who hate….i have pitty for u haters. JLO ROX baby

  • mary

    Jennifer Lopez is a jacka$$…give it up, girl..puhleeze

  • she shall remain nameless

    I actually thought she did a good job!!! Her Letterman joke was funny as well as the Manhattan Splash LOL.

  • Nice

    She nailed it!
    I watch the show and she definitely got George’s mannerisms down.
    More funny J.Lo

  • Smooch

    She had some funny material but she WAY over delivered all of it. Wasn’t believable at all – not even her laughs. She came across as desperate. I guess she is…her career is practically nothing these days.

  • saran

    She looked amazing. Great hair. She puts lot of energy into everything she does and no wonder this came out so well too.

  • Amber-louise

    Her career went out the window as soon as she married Skeletor and had those ugly looking kids with him.

  • Robin

    I thought she was completely classless her jokes weren’t even funny. Only a die hard fan would have liked this. Pathetic!!!

  • clay

    I think it is fun Jennifer is out having fun and telling jokes. Although I am not a fan of hers, her warm personality is very likeable. I think she’s sweet. After all, she has over 5 fragrances on the market and they are doing well. Somebody is buying all of those and Coty keeps adding more. Judging by the comments about her on this board, you wouldn’t think she would be able to sell one single bottle of fragrance.

    Anyway, I think its good that she is out. You have to use your talent in some way. And this was only her first time out in comedy. Pretty good.

  • Lovely

    Why do people think it’s desperate of her. I’m not a fan of hers but so what if people want to still work even though they’re not at the height of their stardom. What, ONLY people of the moment should get attention?!

  • meetsingledoctors

    I love her outfit

  • http://JUSTJARED what

    plain and simple, b…ch ho

  • tank

    Haven’t been a J.Lo fan since I was in 6th grade but this is pretty darn funny

  • Michigan

    Dumb and Classless. The Palin attack was out of line.

  • riri

    She constrantly moves, her movements were weird as if she was dancing or singing, but all she needed to do was just stand for a minute.
    Then after a minute, all of the sudden she started speaking with a different accent, I guess it was some sort of South American, but it was odd. Like, a second ago, your accent was one thing and now, it’s a different one, and considering she grew up in the US, that was odd.
    But she did look amazing, pretty and sexy. I’ll give her that.

  • Poop

    Damn Mexicans taking over the planet!

    I wonder if JLo has enormous thndering farts out of her big butt!!!

  • marriage-matchmaker

    I love her smile

  • barbie

    She did great! This is not her genre but she delivered well and I loved watching her. She has such a warm personality, just oozing out. I hope she does more presenting gigs, she’s good at it.


    JLo always has her eye on the prize. I’d bet anything that she is going to try and get her own daytime talkshow and take over the Oprah slot once Oprah ends her show. Mark my words. She’s setting her plan in motion.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she actually wasnt bad
    i no she didnt write the jokes but she was pretty funny
    it’s nice 2 see that jlo finally did something write
    she sucks at everything else

  • Marsha


    You are right dear -*

    That what stupid people think -!!

    They have the right to continue with what they are doing if they like it -

    oh, and if not, why is she sellin’ fragrances ??

    seems ms. Lopez still got fans n people out there….lol

    You are right ‘Lovely…k

  • T Shirts

    Cheeze, I feel sorry for her boobs. She needs to back up a few degrees on the push-up bra!

  • Granite

    Those Lopezs. So incestuous.

  • Dr NYC

    It was a great show, too!