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Johnny Depp: 'GQ' February 2010 Shirtless Cover!

Johnny Depp: 'GQ' February 2010 Shirtless Cover!

Johnny Depp goes shirtless for the February 2010 cover of GQ, which lists out this year’s 25 Most Stylish Men in the World.

Here is just a sampling of who else is featured in the stylish mag spread: a beardless Brad Pitt, Twilight‘sRobert Pattinson, Canadian cutie Ryan Gosling a shirtless David Beckham, British beauty Jude Law, musician Pharrell, Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, CNN host Anderson Cooper and Armani’s latest underwear model (and soccer star) Cristiano Ronaldo.

Later today, you can vote for your most stylish man on Bigger cover pic inside!

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Photos: Patrick DeMarchellier/GQ
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  • matt

    he s a great guy! his kids are lucky to have a model like this as a father.and wow he looks healthier than ever!

  • BEBE

    he HAS a body OF A 10YR old GIRL, NOT SEXY.

  • shenanyginz

    oh how i love you mr depp… sigh.

  • FrESH

    I like Johnny Depp–can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist

  • dundies

    its cute

  • Polanski supporter

    Depp joins entertainment community in his support for Roman Polanski. Claims Polanski is not a predator.

    Johnny recently answered questions about Roman Polanski and gave the director his support. Claimed Polanski is not a predator. Video of Depp talking about Polanski

  • Peach

    Johnny Depp – Stylish??? Please someone has to be kidding….

    When he dresses himself – he looks like he picked his clothes out of a donation bin for homeless men.

  • lululu


  • missy

    he is so FINE and so stylish.
    he has an amazing body :)
    deff one of the most stylish men on the planet ♥

  • So Judgemental

    Love Johnny. Loved him forever. I think I was the only person who saw Crybaby in the theater.

    Surprised he supports Polanski. Bold to publicly make that statement. Disney must be in need of depends right now.

  • j

    He puts Brad Pitt to shame. Johnny is so healthy and happy looking.

  • VNY

    Whoa. Hot.

  • S

    His smile is so genuin and makes you smile as well, very contagious

  • n99

    This is the one time I hope Angelina Jolie is not pregnant. If’ she’s not, then Brad Pitt may be out and Johnny Depp may be in. Angelina is not married to Brad Pitt. She can leave him today and be done with it. I know this is wishing thinking, but can you imagine if Jolie-Depp paired up. The tabloids woud go balistic. This would put a end to the Pitt-Jolie and Anniston triangle. This would end careers. I’m talking of course about Jennifer Anniston becasue the tabloids would stop taking about her. I can’t wait for when Jolie-Depp starts filming for THE TOURIST. Let the rumors and fun begin.

  • Whoever


    LOL! So true…. His body gets a mer mer merrrr…… he is still cute though. Do he even still work? Why is he on the cover?



  • Sweetness

    I actually think if Angie did think of dumping Pitt..Depp would be the one who could be the one she’d do it for…but both of them are solid with their partners and family life.

  • jengirl

    @LUIZA: I agree. Doesn’t look much like him.

  • Karolina

    I like the guy, but water won’t bite you! And put some shirt on.

  • LNY

    Why is GQ using such an old photo of Depp? This photo is nearly 10 years old. If you notice, he is smoking in this pic (he gave up smoking last year I believe) and he doesn’t have his son’s name tattooed on his arm yet.

  • Ilaria

    this is an old photo of Johnny! but it’s the same…He’s always handsome and sexy. His style is fabolous, I love him!

  • Melissa

    Yummy yummy love me some Johnny Depp

  • Khristi

    Aw! Hi honey. It just doesn’t get old and his smile is so adorable.

  • Naima

    Any day. Any time…

    By far the most interesting and multi talented actor of our generation, the man is a chameleon and I love him so :)

  • JensenLUVER

    Love JOHNNY, LOVE his smile but this seems fake. out of all the pics, they chose this? dont trust mags anymore……

  • Mary

    Johnny is beautiful but should work out more!

  • no

    He doesn’t have a good enough body to appear shirtless on ANY magazine.
    And since he has decided to support a known rapist, I will no longer be supporting him.
    No more Depp movies for me.
    Any man with a daughter who thinks that Roman Polanski is a “good person” is dead to me.

  • hun81

    Oh my …. hot hot hot! Love him!

  • lisa

    I really think people look at him through rose color glasses.. He does not have a good body in this picture. Looks pasty. Sorry. And they photo shopped his teeth.. This man has nasty brown teeth. from smoking.

    I think he is a good actor.. Can’t wait for The Tourist because he will play a normal person not the constant freakish characters.. And regarding Angelina.. Please Angie is quit happy. And so is Johnny.. Neither is married, but both are with the perfect person for them. Such childish talk about cheating..

    Brad and Johnny are old friends.. stop projecting you bias against Angelina. She has the best man. and his name is Brad Pitt..

    nothing to compare..

  • ivanka

    @j: MTE

  • Tiffanany


    Exactly what I was thinking!

  • ka-blamo

    Do you realize how many times I’ve beat the pony to his picture when I was in high school? The number is infinite.

  • tenamoore

    He looks so happy and healthy, just look at those eyes he look like he is enjoying life :)

  • jerk

    How dare he support a rapist like Polanski.
    He should be ashamed of himself.
    I bet that he wouldn’t want Polanski to babysit his daughter.

  • ThankyouJohnny&GQ

    What an issue!

  • ewww

    Scrawny, soft and pasty.
    No thank you.
    I like my men with at least some muscle tone.
    And I also require my men to wash their hair. Johny has evidently never heard of that concept.

  • Ivy

    What a photo!
    I like him in this, his smile is so sweet!

  • @37

    Yeah, he was smiling sweetly during the press conference where he was supporting the rapist too. So sweet. Must be nice to not care about what type of people you let come near your children.
    Pathetic excuse for a father.

  • me

    someone joked really funny,yes,the genes of Jolie-Depp would be… wow. But he has a great family,he found paradise with Paradis :)

  • caxposed

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of Depp’s physique, though I WILL recognize that the man has outstanding acting chops. Therefore, I’m not too psyched about him being on this particular cover. I see Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, David Beckham and Jude Law are mentioned… couldn’t either one of THOSE guys get a cover instead of Depp, or AT LEAST have several covers (like they usually do) to choose from?

  • British

    Its embarrassing how they’ve taken such an old picture of Johnny and photoshopped the hell out of it. You guys complaining about him taking such weird, quirky, creepy roles need to change the damn record – he plays characters he believes in and to his credit, he’s made his career what it is by doing it the way he wants – why should he have to conform to the perception of normalcy? He’s been around for a good 25 years so you’re all clearly missing something that a lot of people spotted a long long time ago.

  • @41

    “why should he have to conform to the perception of normalcy? ”
    I guess that is why he is standing behind a known rapist when any NORMAL father of a young girl would never dream of doing that.
    I have no respect left for this man.
    None at all.
    And he will never get another dime from me at the box office.
    Disney should dump him.

  • simon

    That’s a old photo of Depp

  • Annie

    A.J says: “Can’t wait to wrap my legs around you”.

  • videotape

    Johnny !!!

  • Jenhag (hates angelina’s guts)

    You think Depp’s picture is old, take a look at the GQ issue and tell me how old Brad’s picture is. You wish he still looked that good.

  • christianslovematch

    He always looks good

  • ingbot


    That is just low class and stupid. He has a family, as does AJ.

  • schuyler

    That pic is 10 years old he doesn’t yet have the tattoos for Lily-Rose or Jack yet.

  • zzzz

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE the smile! I wish we saw him this way more often!