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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli kick back and relax as they watch the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Orlando Magic by the final score of 98-92 at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on Monday (January 18).

Leo, 35, and Bar, 24, were last seen together enjoying some vacation time down in Mexico on New Year’s Day.

Looks like pretty pair continue to rekindle their romance after being apart for a few months!

More pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli, Lakers lovers…

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147 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!”

  1. 1
    Carrie Says:

    I really think Leo would have more credibility if he didn’t keep chasing all these supermodels. It doesn’t exactly make him look down to earth does it?

  2. 2
    Anna Says:


    Completely agree.

    He never looks like he’s actually having a good time with them. Surely if you were with someone you deeply cared about you’d be smiling at least a few times. He just never seems bothered.

  3. 3
    Katie Says:

    hmmmm are they together again?? cute :)!

  4. 4
    Funny Says:

    Its funny how he’s using his blackberry not paying any attention to her! ha! They look like 2 strangers as usual! :) And this also seems like its fixed and forced!

  5. 5
    Abbie Says:

    What a beautiful couple! Thanks JARED for the pics…

  6. 6
    made Says:

    apparently this fucc king biitch is trying to draw attention as always. coz she is no one and cannot make people ccare about her in another way and 6 months ago when with leo she had never been to lakers and now ı guess this disgusting prostitute wanted to go with him and insisted..but in vain….

  7. 7
    claire Says:

    glad to see they are back together! unlike most of you, i liiiike Bar. Really natural beauty

  8. 8
    matt Says:

    she hates basketball _LOL seriously…boring

  9. 9
    Annoymous Says:

    Jared, thanks for great pix

  10. 10
    Abbie Says:

    More from another picture website

  11. 11
    ... Says:

    Good old Abbie ( with no taste at all ) works hard to promote her low class idol! LOL!
    #1 you are absolutely right. Leo slowly but surely keeps losing his credibility by being associated with woman like Barf. It`s a shame that he lost his good taste in women…

  12. 12
    Whitney Says:

    Wow he looks happy! I give it two months and it will be over again – I wonder if he is just waiting until he meets someone else and then gets rid of her? Maybe he doesnt like to be alone?

  13. 13
    lol Says:

    is she now an all american girl or what is this flag thing?

  14. 14
    @13 Says:

    Well, she registered as a non-Israel/foreign resident to avoid taxes in Israel ( hey, Jared, why don`t you have a post on that or on the boycott against her in Israel? ) so why not try the all american wannabe look?
    Another site said the they are having a `marvelous time` watching the game. I wonder which one of the photos shows them having fun because I can`t see it…

  15. 15
    reality Says:

    Leo looks like he suffers from depression. It doesn’t matter if he has the prettiest girl in the world next to him or all the money one can hope for. It just doesn’t matter. Obviously, he’s still pretty glum. He should hook up with Snookie. That ought to light him up like a Christmas tree. lol

  16. 16
    moi Says:

    She’s stunning.

  17. 17
    leah Says:

    any other stars there besides them

  18. 18
    mic Says:

    Go Bar

  19. 19
    just me Says:

    Go Bar, go home for good already!

  20. 20
    ... Says:

    Leo is Biggest Loser

  21. 21
    silver Says:

    Bar may not have the success of models like Giselut, Douchen, Daria, Natalia, or Lara but she is good in what she does….. and that is to model swimwear!

  22. 22
    Karena Says:

    They make a lovely couple I think. I’m glad they’re back together and yay, Leo shares with Bar his love for the Lakers!

  23. 23
    just me Says:

    Yeah, modelling swimwear is her thing which makes her a one-in- a-million kind of swimsuit model. Being Leo’s gf made her an SI cover model. It seems like the battle for this year’s cover has started and she works hard to get it again.

  24. 24
    cece Says:

    she my age, god if i can only move to la and dye my hair blond i might have a chance. not lol

  25. 25
    Mari Says:

    Leo looks so different in these photos than when he’s enjoying a Lakers game with his friends. You can see the comradery he has with his friends; with Bar, not so much. Do they even look at eachother? Obviously they get something from each other, since they’re hanging out again, but he never looks happy when he’s with her. Plus, given their track record (how many breakups have they had in a three year period?), I don’t see this working out. I like Leo, but I think he’d be much better off with a woman who has some accomplishments based on something other than her looks.

  26. 26
    VogueLover Says:

    Bar is best known as Leo’s gf, not SI or swimwear model. But i quite admire her spirit for not giving up even if she can’t book major campaigns, fashion shows, or contracts.

  27. 27
    french Says:

    “lovely couple” some people are really blind, he didn’t care about her as usual, there are no pics where he looks at her once at least, he looks totally depressive and sad.

  28. 28
    n Says:

    he doesn’t suffer from depression. he suffers from narcissism. and when u have that, then you can have the best girl in the whole world, and you’d still be unsatisfied, because at your core, girls aren’t the problem, it’s your narcissism.

  29. 29
    an Says:

    probaly neither of his friends were avaiable to go w/ him…

  30. 30
    french Says:


    Barf is not the best girl in the world

  31. 31
    french Says:

    The only connection that they had, was the popcorn. What a beautiful couple!

    Did someone can explain ( people who love them together (Bar’s fans) ) how can you say they are a beautiful couple?

  32. 32
    sara Says:

    they look miserable he looked so much happier with gisele at the lakers games, or anywhere else..

  33. 33
    Jen Says:

    they look like total strangers in those pics. Not like they are going out.

  34. 34
    sab Says:

    i reckon, the reason why leo’s weight is so up and down is because he comfort eats. hes so miserable and unhappy when hes with bar that he eats whatever is at hand and goes overboard. the 6 months when they were ‘off’, he looked really fit and healthy. as soon as they were back on, hes packing on the pounds. lately, almost everyother picture you see of him, hes got some sort of snack at hand.

  35. 35
    french Says:

    She is happy because she get attention, not because she is with Leo.,0,8

  36. 36
    riri Says:

    I never understood how he doesn’t mind that models tip the photogs to use his name to get some publicity.
    Gisele did the same and now is milking every bit of Tom Bradey thing, and now Bar has learned the game and does the same.
    Doesn’t he mind that these women use him for publicity and it’s all about using him to get their picture taken?

  37. 37
    luks Says:

    he looked so much happy w/ gisele..i m not saying they got married or anything but they were two people that enjoyed spent time together, smiling and everything but this two..urgh leo needs therapy

  38. 38
    wed Says:

    lindasay, jersey shore` girl, bar ….leo it s really a downgrade…i miss seeing him really happy with a girl…times when he and gisele looked like lovebirds in lakers game, could be any other girl a classy not fameswhor*s but lately i m very disappointed with his women`s taste!

  39. 39
    y Says:

    They’re in the middle of a game! What do you expect, that they’ll be all over each other?
    No one points a gun to his head, he’s with her because he wants to.
    I’m sure being Leonardo’s girlfriend did help her, but she’s gorgeous and has a killer body, and that’s what’s got her the SI cover.

  40. 40
    Bella Says:

    They look like two people who just met yesterday as usual and she’s his PA or something! They just NEVER look like a couple to me and he hardly ever looks happy to be with her, he seems more connected to this male buddies! A bit like Clooney in that way.

    As for her being stunning, she is no great beauty, killer body yes, nice hair but if you just look at her face you could throw a stone and hit any number of model wannabee’s walking down the street in LA who have better bone structure. That’s why she models swimwear and underwear for a living, no serious catwalk desiger would touch her.

    I see another “break up” happening in a month or so if there ever was a reconciliation in the first place, I doubt he’s any more serious now about her than he was the last time, they are useful to each other that’s all.

    I think he’s just treading water with this one until he finds someone who he really wants to be with. And if she’s got any brains she’s hopefully figured that out by now.

  41. 41
    mia Says:

    you guys should just understand one thing. this all is only about PR. Leo is preparing to promote his new movies. and he just needs to draw attention from the media and consequently the public, and this is his usual way to do it – break up, re-unite, but look unhappy, stir controversy, make everyone wonder.. Thus, she needs him for her career (let’s face it she became total nobody during those being apart months) and he… as much as i admire him, but is she really “a beard” for him? :(

  42. 42
    french Says:


    He doesn’t need her to have attention from the media but for Bar , it’s Leo’s celebrity which make her little pathetic career.

  43. 43
    @39 Says:

    Middle of the game or not, there`s absolutely no chemistry or connection between these two. I know that Gisele is the past but he did take her to basketball games and they actually paid attention to each other ( even kissing if I remember well ) in the middle of the game. I don`t wanna get into the Gisele/Bar comparison because there`s no point but the difference between Leo+Gisele and Leo+Bar is more than striking.
    As for PR. How does it help Leo to promote a movie that he is associated with someone like Bar? No offense but she is mainly known for controversies in Israel, being successful for dating a famous actor and pretty trashy SI cover ( thank to that famous actor ). I really don`t see how does that help Leo`s image… I think it rather backfires and makes him laughable with this pathetic on again/off again game. Doesn`t he have PR people?

  44. 44
    april Says:

    leo looks hot and his girlfriend is really pretty

  45. 45
    KC Says:

    Bar made sure she looks good for the camera’s. Her natural hair color is light brown & not blond. Without her make up she always has wrinkles. The only reason shes with him is for fame, the only reason she’s here is for the camera’s.
    When Leo was Gisele in games, he held her hand, talked to her & even kissed her. With her he’s eating popcorn & looking at the other side & acting like if he has nothing to do with her.
    Simply Bar suck.

  46. 46
    Gasol16 Says:

    Lakers won! God bless Pau Gasol & Jordan Farmar!

  47. 47
    tal Says:

    stuning!! she looks so good =)

  48. 48
    french Says:

    ” Awwww they look so cute! … Im happy they’re goin’ more ‘public’ now, & i can’t believe how happy they loookk haha”

    It’s a comment that i read on a other site, i can’t stop laughing, some people don’t know what is a couple and a cute couple.

  49. 49
    Candycotton Says:

    Omg I can’t believe that Leo let this ratty haired,freckled sour puss faced fame hungry wh*ore begged him into taking her to the laker game…what the hell is he thinking..For the past 3 yrs she has never been to game She’s a Gisele wannabe..Barf will never accomplish what Gisele has ..Leo can do much much better than this plain-faced moron.And why is she wearing an America t-shirt ?I guess that’s why most of the people from Israel hate her,because she tries soooo hard to be American..I thought was a spokesperson for Fructos shampoo.but from the looks of stringy slit ends it does’t look like she’s using it..Poor Leo stuck with this borrring girl!No wonder he’S not smiling..I seen him have a better time with Anthony Kedis and Zack Efron..Barf just wants to be seen with a moviestar plain and simple..I guess Leo is afraid to be by himself ..I garrantee that Barf does’t know what he’ll is going on in the game..She should have stayed home and got a conditioning treatment and went to the gym..Man i liked to kick that guy’s Ass that introduced Leo to Barf..they met At a Las Vegas party…dammit!I’m sure Barf was thinking let me suck up to this guy and play like I’m an intelligent ,interesting person..And that’s How Leo got sucked in..Barf is always going to be the rebound girl..And no I’m NOT jealous of Barf..I just don’t want Leo to ruin his life with this fame hungry *****!!Leo is way to good for her..So just imagine them if they were to marry Leo would probally be the next Tiger Woods stuck in a unsatishfied marriage!!If she this boring in pictures imagine how boring in bed?lol I just wish that Leo cut the BS and meet his true soul mate..and it’s not Barfie :-p

  50. 50
    KarenA Says:

    @ #27, what’s the problem here? Some people, like myself, think Leo and Bar are a good couple. Why this bothers others so much is beyond me; but, to get so upset and worked up over other people’s opinions? Why?

  51. 51
    AutumnM Says:

    Has Leo ever dated someone who wasn’t a supermodel? Geesh.

  52. 52
    luk Says:

    look the difference:,,633644_3,00.html,,628697_8,00.html
    im just saying he should look for a girl he like to spend some time with, have fun, as lookde with gisele and that girl is not bar clearly!

  53. 53
    ... Says:

    One thing is for sure they are more public now. The reason why they broke up was that Barf wanted more than what she got from Leo. I think Leo threw her the publicity bone so things can get back to easy and comfortable … for him and profitable for her.
    Leo had no problem communicating with his friends or other celebs during previous games but yesterday he could’t even look at his date or crack a lousy smile. These two are not together, they are just next to each other. Sad!

  54. 54
    Kev Says:

    Awful, awful, awful! Mia I´m with you on the PR thing. I´m thinking since she was not taken to the GG´s parties, she threw a fit, so she needed to be taken to a very public place instead, to be seen with him. So here comes the Lakers. Please notice that there is nothing natural about this. The American t-shirt, her hair and make-up. She´s even posing on the pictures. This is totally a PR thing- a bad one- but still PR. Someone once said- in showbusiness “there is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary”
    I do think he is not happy and he´s being pressured to all this. Nothing good will come from this association. Leo there are other ways to do things, I hope you get it!

  55. 55
    french Says:


    I respect their opinions, i just don’t understand why they think this because they don’t look like a couple and they don’t care about the other, Leo was there for the game and Bar was there only to be seen.

  56. 56
    french Says:


    thanks for those beautiful pics of a real and cute couple.

  57. 57
    ... Says:

    ` he´s being pressured to all this` I really don`t see the reason why would he do it, why he needs to be pressured to do this. What`s the reason behind it? I also think this is some kind of PR thing and I really don`t understand what`s in it for Leo. Being with someone like her?
    For Bar? Her whole career obviously but for him?

  58. 58
    hannah Says:

    I noticed they NEVER seem to be affectionate with eachother

  59. 59
    miss_aveiro Says:

    yeaahhh.. ok! they look like strangers.. and he doesn’t pay attention to her in these seconds whe the pic are taken….blaa blaa blaaa BUT, COME ON GUYS u can’t be so stupid… THEY ARE 2GETHER.. !!!!! take it as it is.. he doesn’t have to kiss her and touch her NON-STOP sometimes u knoww.. u watch the game.. remember the reason u went to this?! -.-


  60. 60
    miss_aveiro Says:

    oh boyy.. i just read a few comments hahahahaha …. some of u really compare bar to horse-face gisele .. why are u keep sayin bar and leo don’t look so happy 2gehter as leo and horse-face did?? I mean what couple do we see 2day , @this time ..NOT THE PAST?… I think it’s bar and leo isn’t it?!

  61. 61
    Funny Says:

    they wont they will break up again…

  62. 62
    look here Says:

    this is what showbiz spy has to say : LEONARDO DiCaprio is set to propose to his on-off girlfriend Bar Refaeli — on Valentine’s Day!

    DiCaprio will apparently go down on one knee on Feb. 14 after his mom, Irmelin, convinced him he should marry the Israeli-born beauty.

    “Leo’s mother never forgave Leo for missing the boat with his ex-girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

    “Irmelin told Leo before Christmas, ‘You had better not let this one get away!’

    “Leo had been toying with the idea of proposing to Bar on Valentine’s Day. But he told his mom the deciding factor would be how they got along during their Christmas vacation in Cabo.

    “His mother called him on New Year’s morning and said, ‘Well?’

    “Leo told her, ‘You’re right, as usual. I don’t want to let her go.’

    “Then Leo told his mom about their romantic New Year’s Eve dinner, and how they took a walk down a secluded beach at sunset.

    “He said that he was truly in love and couldn’t wait to become engaged to Bar. ‘That is,’ he said, ‘if she’s willing to accept my proposal!’

    “Now that he’s decided to marry Bar, Leo is planning on buying a rare canary yellow diamond ring that caught his eye recently.

    “Bar was hoping for a ring around the holidays, but Leo thought it would be a better idea to surprise her on Valentine’s Day.”

  63. 63
    Kev Says:

    Leo is someone whose first love is work. He will always be married to his work. Right now he is trying to leave his party boy image behind, for his career. He knows the big awards will come once his image is more “matured” in a way. So he is trying to change it. The only woman he knows right now that is in a position to do what he wants is Bar. Of course she gains something too. Al least until he meets a woman whom he loves and meets certain standards that will help his career other than hurt it. Plus, he is human too, so he has the pressure of his age, settlling down, kids, balancing his life with his image, etc. He is a perfectionist. He wants to manage everything, but certain things are better left for the universe to manage. Have you ever seen “The aviator”? HH relationship with Faith Domerge? He didn´t want to be alone and he needed a woman´s image around him.
    I hope he find´s a better way to do PR, because in the end he will be missing on having a real partner, and the meaning of a real family. And all his success would have been in vain.

  64. 64
    french Says:


    you are right , he doesn’t have to kiss her and touch her non-stop but come on: THEY ALWAYS LOOK MISERABLE, IF YOU LIKE SOMEONE YOU CAN’T ALWAYS SEEM SO UNHAPPY WHEN YOU ARE WITH HER and when he is with his friends at the lakers games even if he watch the game, he always talk and have fun with them.

  65. 65
    candice00 Says:

    I think he is an unsecure person …he needs to have a model-gilfriend in order to let everybody know that he is a real man…maybe he thinks that if goes around with “normal”girls he would downgrade himself…I know it may seem unfair but I think that this is the real Leo’ flaw……and I’m afraid that this dumb girl will succede in marrying him or in having a baby from him…she will trap him…It will be a very sad day!!!

    I was thinking about Jack Nicholson…he is a womanizer too , but when it came to marry someone (and have children), he picked up Anjelica Huston…not a dumb z-list model…I hope LEo will follow his footstep regarding his future wife

  66. 66
    @62 Says:

    That stupid article is from National Enquirer meaning it is BS!
    @63 Leo is trying to leave his party boy image behind by continuing partying ( there`s a reason why he is always connected to LiLo and that`s their love for parties ) and going to sex-toy launch parties and partying with the cast of Jersey Shore?
    Mature image by posing with a famewh*re like Barf? She does everything for her career and if she talks marriage is because she wants to trap her? They have a pathetic on and off `relationship` for the past years. This reunion is laughable and won`t convince anyone that he is ready to settle down. I don`t buy the image change thing at all.
    If he wants to put it out there that he has matured he is actually going to stop partying and start dating a high(er) class woman.

  67. 67
    Naima Says:

    There is no chemistry between them, I remember sitting close by when him and Gisele would be at the games and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

    I have officially lost so much respect for him, while I think he’s a great actor, socially he’s a moron.

    How can such an intelligent man make such poor choices when it comes to his personal life. At least date a model who has some personality and has accomplished more than just hanging on to your coat tails.

    Bar is known in Israel to be a very shady opportunist, I can’t imagine his mother approves of this girl, what a WASTE of a man.

  68. 68
    @62 Says:

    * she wants to trap him.

  69. 69
    french Says:

    @look here:

    LOL_ How can they know exactly what did he said to his mother? , it’s totally made up and i hope nobody will believe these bullshits because it will mean they have no brain.

  70. 70
    Naima Says:


    Very well said and very true…. Just goes to show that no matter how much fame and money you have, if you have low self esteem you’re bound to end up with people like this instead of a REAL woman.

  71. 71
    Funny Says:

    @look here: 100 percent bullsh**t. thanks for the laugh!! lol

  72. 72
    Dieter Says:

    JARED !!!! I Couldn’s resist and had a wank on the pooper of Bar’s !!! Totally came !!!!

  73. 73
    lauren Says:

    i just love leo

  74. 74
    Janie Says:

    Bar negotiated a Lakers appearance because Leo refused to take her to the Globes. He looks miserable and she is pretending to be happy sitting and smiling by herself while he ignores her. They do not hold hands, snuggle, or kiss and Leo does look depressed to be with her like she bullied him into it. This is a sad and fake relationship that goes nowhere. He did not want to take her to this game.,0,8

  75. 75
    coco Says:

    Leo looks so sad here. I feel badly for him. He looks like he wished he was somewhere else.

  76. 76
    luks Says:

    you dont have to look back to leo-gisele relationship…look to penelope and javier at the game…laghing, he has ther arm around her,etc normal couple things, its not ask too much…and this picture is the worst LOOK
    she poses to photographers is RIDICULUS!!!

  77. 77
    jsy Says:

    Then why doesn`t he go somewhere else? Can you see anyone holding a gun to his head forcing him to be there with Bar? I hate her just as much as most of you here but be honest and realize that it`s about Leo. He made the decision to be with her no matter what a low class woman she is.

  78. 78
    Frankie Says:

    Wearing an American t-shirt and combat boots is a big “FCUK YOU” to her homeland Israel when she faked a marriage to get out of serving the army and now is getting the products she models for boycotted in Israel. Classy. What a biiiiitch! I am glad Leo treats her like caca.

  79. 79
    engineersdating Says:

    Is this a marriage aggreement?

  80. 80
    just me Says:

    Didn`t she register as a non-Israeli/ foreign resident to avoid taxes after dodging the service? The other Israeli SI model, Esti G. interestingly doesn`t have a problem serving in the army and having a modeling career… B*tch! Nice pick, Leo!

  81. 81
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lol, trying again bar
    either ur a gold digger or ur so stupid 2 see that he doesnt give a shiz about u
    either way u look bad
    i agree with other posters, this guy never appears 2 be having fun doing anything, really cant remember any pics where he’s smiled

  82. 82
    Julia Says:

    at least Leo has better taste than George Clooney!

  83. 83
    hmmm Says:

    I think right now George wins hands down. His Italian girlfriend is gorgeous and even though she also likes the attention that comes with a famous boyfriend she seems nice. Unlike Bar.

  84. 84
    Dieter Says:

    Isn`t she half German? Just like Giselle !!!

  85. 85
    wannabe Says:

    She is trying so hard to seem happy and Leo looks like he wants to cry. What a fcuked up situation. Also, I guess the hair in her commercials is a wig because her hair looks FRIED and DAMAGED big time here with those stringy jagged split ends.,0,19
    Check out this body language. These two are miserable AGAIN. Congrats on that.

  86. 86
    Pat Robertson is wrong! Says:

    Haiti did not make a pact with the devil in the 1800′s. Leo is the one who made a pact with the devil in late 2005 and the contract continues to 2010. He did something evil and now he’s paying the price and he’s forced to sit beside this b*tch for publicity. Barf has the goods on Leo and he can’t wait for his sentence to be up. He has to sit with her so she doesnt “spill the beans” on him. What did you do leo?!?!?! What did you do!?!?!?!

  87. 87
    lala Says:

    Ding Ding Ding!!! – Point 1 for Bar – she won a trip to this miserable Lakers outing! A consolation prize for getting shafted for the awards show as she does for all major events.
    His tightly pursed lips and sad eyes tell the whole story.
    She is pretending to look oh so happy.
    And Leo looks like he hates his life and the who&re sitting beside him.
    Wow Leo is a blo job worth all this turmoil?
    I think not.
    Next time take Tobey and Lukas so at least you can enjoy the game.

  88. 88
    Emma Says:

    #1 yes i agree
    #19 LOL
    #20 NO HE’S NOT! i agree in some point about the models thing though he’s a great actor!
    #23 TRUE!
    #25 EXACTLY!!!
    #49 LOL AGREED!!
    @kev you took the words right outta my mouth lol

    WOW!! Look at how HUGE she look beside him LMFAO!!!

    and i totally agreed about Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem they’re a REAL COUPLE to me!!,0,22

  89. 89
    riri Says:

    Why does he agree to this?
    She is obviously after the publicity and just trying to exploit him.

    I know Gisele milked PR out of Leo too, but now he is older and is supposed to be wiser.
    She is beautiful, but she is still a gold digger and a fame- wh*re.
    Leo can find a pretty girl who will not text message the photogs every time he is out with her.

  90. 90
    riri Says:

    I heard people in Israel say she is obsessed with fame, and from a young age was after famous people, and would do anything to be mentioned by the tabloids.
    Her family and her are considered white trash in Israel. Why settle for such a girl?
    Leo should stop going for the shallow girls.

  91. 91
    brad Says:

    leo love bar or else he will never be with her!
    i never kiss my wife in public but she is the love of my life for sure.
    i dont understand the point of everyones here. some men dont like to kiss in public.

  92. 92
    gg Says:

    hey guys listen, am a leo fan and i don’t like barfy. i have studied psychology and i feel that she is a younger version of her mother’s only that she has achieved what her mother only aspired to…. international modelling assignments, a hollywood superstar. Now i do think that there is no outpouring of love here but leo is a private person, too private. with gisele , he was younger and far more in love. I do fear tht barfy has trapped leo . i think leo’s getting emotional and all that talk with his mother is also true and its barfy who has leaked this to the media. anyways, how much i hate it but barfy sure has achieved her ultimate ambition. and let me add, her mother made a statement that people couldn’t believe when i married this farmer after i left WARREN BEATY. I mean liar u didn’t leave him, he used u and threw u away and what kind of woman describes the man she has been married to for so long like this. is there a shred of love here.. barfy, my darlings, is just the same. and leo is one unlucky guy. u don’t get everything in life, he has everything else, his love life will be a failure.

  93. 93
    candice00 Says:


    …..It’s might sound surreal and unfair but we should hope for a total fall of LEo ‘s career and fame in order to free him from BAr…How many minutes will she stay with him in a situation like that?…..2 minute?

  94. 94
    lpar Says:

    Only time will tell guys – the valentines engagement will be soon so we will know about that. It was stated that he would take her to the GG, but she might have been around but not sitting at the table with him good friend Cameron Diaz was. No they dont look that happy but if they are gettng married to have a relationship on/off what will marriage be like? I do wish them the best though hey it their life and Leo well I’m sure its hard for him to just me everyday people because you have to understand he not around them all the time, so give him a break guys. Just sit back time tells the true story.

  95. 95
    gg Says:

    @candice00: candice, even if leo’s career nosedives. leo is the biggest and the best that barf could ever get. and she might be a calculating b***** but human nature is such that emotions come into play. if u take a dog as ur pet, u develop a fondness for it as well. so these are 2 people. she doesn’t have self respect. i am sure she always goes by leo’s will ( like not being taken to public functions). but she is an animal on her kill. slowly and gradually she’s getting her claws deep into leo.. the only surprising thing is that leo , his mother and his friends don’t see what is clearly evident.

  96. 96
    french Says:


    The converstion of Leo and his mother is totally untrue, you said it’s Barf who send this to the media but it makes no sence, how can she knows this conversation? but you are right for what you said about her mother.

  97. 97
    french Says:


    Everyone know how she is (Leo, his friends, his family), when Barbie is around them, they never pay attention on her, she is always alone ( it shows, that it’s only to be photographed that she is with them). Leo is not so stupid to don’t see that this desperate b*tch uses him for fame.

  98. 98
    gg Says:

    @french: well, i imagine if a guy has an emotional talk with his mother about his gf, won’t he share it with his gf. and when enquirer reported that leo is taking her to gg, his reps quickly denied. but this time they don’t choose to say anything. secondly, his mother made a statement long time back about barf being a kind person. so her mother and leo are probably not so smart as barf and her mother. anyways, time will tell but i only hope that this ends quickly for leo’s sake. people like bar should not get only what they deserve.

  99. 99
    gg Says:

    *** i mean should get only what they deserve

  100. 100
    french Says:


    He never denied the marriage or pregnancy rumors, and this article sounds completely stupid and untrue thus he doesn’t need to deny it.

  101. 101
    ... Says:

    I can`t believe that any of you takes that NE story seriously. It`s complete BS! Someone pointed out that Leo is a very private person so how would a conversation like that come out in the tabloids? Plus he says he`ll decide marriage based on a Christmas vacation? It`s laughable that anyone takes that seriously. Leo`s mom said that Bar is a nice person at a movie premiere in front of several cameras. What else would she say?
    The GG rumor about Leo taking Bar didn`t come from the Enquirer, it came from Fox.

  102. 102
    Tabloid Crap Says:

    That tabloid story is TOTALLY made up!!! Leo didn’t and will never propose to Barfy, you won’t have to wait till valentines to see that its totally false!!!!

  103. 103
    french Says:


    I agree

  104. 104
    ... Says:

    PS: There is one thing that Leo`s mom said years ago. That she never talks into Leo`s love life, that`s his business not hers. If she did probably Leo wouldn`t have left Gisele based on the fact how much Irmelin loved Gisele. They are still friends so if she has such on influence on Leo and his love life why isn`t he with his mom`s all time favorite?
    If Leo is ever going to marry anyone you won`t read about it in NE as the primary source.

  105. 105
    gg Says:

    @: hehe, right. Hope that happens. I’m missing bar vs soulmate. anyone knows him?

  106. 106
    carl Says:

    bar is so so beautiful. the best model in the world today!

  107. 107
    @106 Says:

    Thanks for the joke, carl. `the best model in the world today!` That`s priceless! You made me laugh. :)

  108. 108
    luks Says:

    they always break up and get back together in christimans time because they dont want be alone, the spent some months together,…she spread some swim catalogue as leo´s girlfriend then break up in the summer and he is always w/ severals girls and she dates rich men around the world…and they got back together people saying they are so in love …maybe this time will marry blablablabla!!!! its ridiculous the same old story.

  109. 109
    firemandatingsite Says:

    I think he is one lucky guy

  110. 110
    lisali Says:

    I wonder if Bar is bearding for Leo or something? They look like they don’t even know each other! Bar overdoing it with the sun and alcohol ? Chick is looking beat before her time.

  111. 111
    Lola Says:

    It’s funny how he will take her to a pre-GG party but not the actual ceremony and he will take her to a basketball game, but none of his friends are w/him. When he is w/her, he usually doesn’t have anyone else around except during a Mexico vacation and then he ignores her the whole time. LOL! Barfy is only wanting to appear to be his gf until the SI plp decide if they are going to put her on the cover or not. That’s how she got it last year and that’s why she is there now. He looks so pissed and it’s more than the paps being there. The paps take his pic all the time there but he is relaxed and laughing w/his friends. Now look at him! She is fake and a gold-digger. She avoided military service b/c ” celebs have other needs” and now she doesn’t want to pay her share of taxes. I sincerely hope that not only will her application be denied for “non-resident status” but also that since she is apparently divorced from the rich old sugar daddy she married to avoid serving, that they make her do so now. I could see if she didn’t want to do it b/c she didn’t believe in force, but she just thought she was better than everyone else. Now, she has decided that her home country is asking for too much of her money. Why not send the spoiled brat to Haiti to volunteer? Let’s see how uppity she is afterwards! Those plp don’t even have a home, food or clean water-yet this b*tch is complaining about paying taxes!

  112. 112
    all bullshi.t Says:

    This is a very tense and forced situation after a big slap in the face when Leo left his fck buddy locked out of the golden globe awards. He won’t look at her, hold her hand, put an arm around her, smile at her – she is just there with a fake happy expression while Leo looks depressed. I can only imagine the screaming match that took place to make this sh(it happen. Leo would rather talk to that beard dude than his own date.

  113. 113
    luks Says:

    like i sad just look to javier and penelope… they cant kep theirs hand off each other so in love, its impossible during the whole game leo even speak to her, hold hand, arm around, nothing,you can find a picture of happiness…its sad!

  114. 114
    me Says:

    great picture #112, shes so desperate to be included that she whips her head round just so she doent miss anything and to feel important and part of the conservation, she is always has to be at the centre of attention as if they are talking about her. notice how leo has turned is body towards beard man and smiling – even a stranger brings out more emotion in him than his gf . she just wants the paps to notice that she is imp and not excluded from anything…she looks pretty pathetic to me.

  115. 115
    Lola Says:

    Is it possible that Leo feels like crap about women b/c of Giselle and thinks that Barfy is all he can get? If he would expand his attention beyond models and look for a woman whose career does not have anything to do w/his and therefore would be w/him for him and not what he can do for her career, maybe he can take her to important events like GG or Oscar or the opening of one of his movies and know she cares about him, not where the paps are. Barfy is using him and has always used men to get what she wants. Some women are like that and it sound like that is how her mother taught her to be and those kind of women are nothing more than sl*ts. Maybe he can meet a woman that has a career say, in environmental issues or research on that? Believe it or not, there are some women that are beautiful inside and out as well as being smart. I hope it finally dawns on him that if you date the superfacial (models) you are not going to see or get much beyond the surface….in other words, there is no depth to Barfy and she isn’t at all smart…complete airhead.

  116. 116
    lia Says:

    oh god! they are so uncomfortable together!!!

  117. 117
    lia Says:

    they are so uncomfortable together!!! truth something wrong when most of the people trash this couple, sometimes you re not a fan but when almost all comments in these sites criticize them, says bad things probaly are all true, its not just one people, are fans that follow him, its sad that he can be normal and find a good girl, marry and have kid…

  118. 118
    Lola Says:

    Lia (117) Exactly! Whether plp are fans of Leo and/or Barfy, the vast majority here think they do not look like a couple in love or even just happy to be back together. It’s funny (not “ha,ha” but ironic) that when plp are in such a bad relationship that they are unable to see it as most others do. When most articles describe the relationship as “turbulant” or “voiatile”, most plp would wonder what plp see that they are not seeing. Prior to this, I cannot recall any of Leo’s other gfs/relationships being described this way. I have also read that Barfy has a short fuse and gets really pissed if someone brings him up during an interview.

  119. 119
    Jess Says:

    So I guess, that they are definitely back on now :)

    OMG! Leo is soooo Sexy <3 :D

  120. 120
    @Tabloid Crap Says:

    Hey Tabloid Crap,

    Can you explain why is Leo back with her? He has never looked more miserable, but he still chose to be with her. Do you have any possible reason for this???

  121. 121
    lpar Says:

    Luks – #108 that is so true. They do seem to get together for the past three years around holiday time and then by June or so its over, they are giving each other space. Then they are back together and in love and starting a family. Wow ….. this a good soap opera.
    But I also wish them the best and I believe Leo dates woman mostly models cause he can run the show. Bar never covers herself up like in Target when she is not with Leo. He needs a woman who is not afraid to tell him get over yourself, they are just taking a picture. He is so off the chain about that. Plus he runs the show in his relationships. It would never work with a strong woman. I would tell him to kiss ….and dump him his *** needs to be broken.

  122. 122
    Uno Says:

    @lpar: You are right. He dates weak women. Thats why Gisele left him because she has self esteem. A strong woman would tell him to take the stick out of his a$$!!!

  123. 123
    amelia Says:

    i agree, the only reason bar put up w/ this thing because she is weak and wants fame even if they are unhappy as long she stays besides him she will get what she wants…that why leo gisele broke up, she didt put up w/ his way.

  124. 124
    luks Says:

    look at the unhappy couple here again!!!

  125. 125
    Lola Says:

    I don’t think its a matter of him choosing a “weak” woman but one that clearly does not care for him in a way he can relaxed and be himself. I don’t think Giselle was weak but she just got to a point where she wanted to get married and he wasn’t there yet. I think he has now realized that he messed up that one. But w/Barfy, she is completely shallow and self-absorbed. If she isn’t the center of attention, she gets mad. He does need a strong woman but also someone that can be his equal and hold him accountable. I do think he gets a bit over the top about the paps, but it only seems to bother him the most when he is w/her. He has to have some suspension that she or her mother has called the paps and who wouldn’t get pissed? I honestly think he is only w/her until someone better comes along. Maybe he thinks that he can put up w/her crap until the next gf comes along. I have a feeling that when it does finally end for good, its going to be a really bad breakup. She wants the attention and only by being seen w/someone like Leo will she get that. I sincerely hope she does not get the cover of SI again b/c not only does Brooklyn Decker deserve to have it, but it will knock Barfy off her high horse. I will be very interested in finding out if her application for non-resident status gets denied and she has to fork over her tax money like “the common people” have to do.

  126. 126
    luks Says:

    i dont he will get rid of her soon, because clearly he has some problems w/ relationship, be alone sth like that, the only reason he didnt back to gisele because she didnt want more, she ended not him he likes to be in that place, i dont think he will break up for good, she definitely wont too, so will be it, always been, at least in hte past he loved gisele and she loved him…i hope someone comes along to kick barfy from that sit and never come back again…

  127. 127
    Lola Says:


    I agree, Luk. I also hope its a very public break-up where there is no room for speculation on whether he is w/Barfy still. Like he shows up somewhere w/a new gf and Barfy can’t leak to the paps lies about being his gf or whatever.

  128. 128
    coco Says:

    @Lola: I do not think he messed up with Gisele. It was just not meant to be. I think he loved her but maybe not enough to make her a wife. I do agree with what you said about him needing someone who treats him like an equal not let him do and act however he wants without consequences. I think that when he finds his equal everything will fall into place.

  129. 129
    french Says:


    I agree

  130. 130
    Lola Says:

    Coco/French: I just know he seemed so much more happy when he was w/Giselle. This Barfy girl just seems to make him miserable and she doesn’t look all that happy either unless the paps are giving her all the attention. It seems like she was trying hard not to tick him off in Target.She looked like she may have said to him that there are paps filiming them and just trying to act like it bothered her too. But, any other time she is grinning when he isn’t looking. I just wonder why he stays with her or goes back to her. Is his self-esteem so bad that he thinks that is all he deserves? How can someone go from being comfortable w/showing affection to his gf to this? Not even holding her hand or a kiss on the cheek. I also wonder if that whole thing w/that psycho that threw a broken glass at him and he ended up in the ER getting stitches had anything to do w/how he acts now? She is suppose to be getting sent back from Canada to stand trial over it. Was Leo w/Barfy when that happened or was he still w/Giselle? It supposedly happened in the summer of 2005?

  131. 131
    T Shirts Says:

    I thought he froze to death in the Titanic tragedy! What gives?

  132. 132
    Granite Says:

    What a romantic date. Cheeze!

  133. 133
    BAR Says:

    Beech did not take me to red carpet so he must pay!

  134. 134
    Dr NYC Says:

    Where’s the follow up date? The Daytona 500?

  135. 135
    ams Says:

    who cares – just enjoy his movies…..we’ll never know what makes him tick.

  136. 136
    Quin Says:

    @ams: a lot of his movies suck lately…

  137. 137
    bb Says:

    l love LEO’s movies. All of them. Loved blood diamonds, body of lies.
    Wish he’d dump bar tho. Apparently he and gisele had quite a volatile relationship. l do agree it wasnt meant 2 b. l could picture leo with some1 other than a model. Kate Winslet would have been good. l remember when she split up from her 1st husband and gisele was complaining that leo was spending 2 much time on the phone 2 kate. He and Kate would have been gr8 2gether.

  138. 138
    Barf in Israel where she belon Says:

    belongs!!! Barf is back in Israel all! Will it be for 6 months again? Lets hope its forever. Look like the vacation sex is over!!!!

  139. 139
    ... Says:

    I`m surprised she is not with Leo promoting who is promoting SI to get some attention!
    We can always hope that she stays there forever but somehow I doubt it`s that simple… I started to give up hope that this is ever going to end!
    BTW I saw tons of photos of them at this Lakers game on one of her threads ( on a diff. site ) and there was only 1 on which it seemed like Leo was talking to her. One in like a hundred! Pathetic!

  140. 140
    french Says:


    On none of the photos he was talking to her.

  141. 141
    ... Says:

    If you go to her BZ thread and go through all those photos there is one on which is SEEMS like he is talking to her. I would find it but I don`t have the stomach to go to that thread ever again…

  142. 142
    french Says:


    I saw all the pics but i didn’t see the photo where he is talking to her, but whatever, they always look like 2 strangers.

  143. 143
    ... Says:

    Well, we definitely agree on that. It`s a shame that he sticks with her…

  144. 144
    ... Says:

    BTW it seems like Leo is in New York. There was a press conference for Shutter Island at the end of last week in NYC and I read about a couple of sightings ( Barnes and Noble…etc. ) but no clubbing… Oh, and he is expected to be in Europe at the end of this week.

  145. 145
    ... Says:

    If anyone still visits this thread:
    Leo is in NYC and was out Monday night surrounded by… models.

  146. 146
    CHAKLA#45 Says:


  147. 147
    Katy Says:

    He’s so cute! I’ found a lot of his photos at

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