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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli kick back and relax as they watch the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Orlando Magic by the final score of 98-92 at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on Monday (January 18).

Leo, 35, and Bar, 24, were last seen together enjoying some vacation time down in Mexico on New Year’s Day.

Looks like pretty pair continue to rekindle their romance after being apart for a few months!

More pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli, Lakers lovers…

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147 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!”

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  1. 26
    VogueLover Says:

    Bar is best known as Leo’s gf, not SI or swimwear model. But i quite admire her spirit for not giving up even if she can’t book major campaigns, fashion shows, or contracts.

  2. 27
    french Says:

    “lovely couple” some people are really blind, he didn’t care about her as usual, there are no pics where he looks at her once at least, he looks totally depressive and sad.

  3. 28
    n Says:

    he doesn’t suffer from depression. he suffers from narcissism. and when u have that, then you can have the best girl in the whole world, and you’d still be unsatisfied, because at your core, girls aren’t the problem, it’s your narcissism.

  4. 29
    an Says:

    probaly neither of his friends were avaiable to go w/ him…

  5. 30
    french Says:


    Barf is not the best girl in the world

  6. 31
    french Says:

    The only connection that they had, was the popcorn. What a beautiful couple!

    Did someone can explain ( people who love them together (Bar’s fans) ) how can you say they are a beautiful couple?

  7. 32
    sara Says:

    they look miserable he looked so much happier with gisele at the lakers games, or anywhere else..

  8. 33
    Jen Says:

    they look like total strangers in those pics. Not like they are going out.

  9. 34
    sab Says:

    i reckon, the reason why leo’s weight is so up and down is because he comfort eats. hes so miserable and unhappy when hes with bar that he eats whatever is at hand and goes overboard. the 6 months when they were ‘off’, he looked really fit and healthy. as soon as they were back on, hes packing on the pounds. lately, almost everyother picture you see of him, hes got some sort of snack at hand.

  10. 35
    french Says:

    She is happy because she get attention, not because she is with Leo.,0,8

  11. 36
    riri Says:

    I never understood how he doesn’t mind that models tip the photogs to use his name to get some publicity.
    Gisele did the same and now is milking every bit of Tom Bradey thing, and now Bar has learned the game and does the same.
    Doesn’t he mind that these women use him for publicity and it’s all about using him to get their picture taken?

  12. 37
    luks Says:

    he looked so much happy w/ gisele..i m not saying they got married or anything but they were two people that enjoyed spent time together, smiling and everything but this two..urgh leo needs therapy

  13. 38
    wed Says:

    lindasay, jersey shore` girl, bar ….leo it s really a downgrade…i miss seeing him really happy with a girl…times when he and gisele looked like lovebirds in lakers game, could be any other girl a classy not fameswhor*s but lately i m very disappointed with his women`s taste!

  14. 39
    y Says:

    They’re in the middle of a game! What do you expect, that they’ll be all over each other?
    No one points a gun to his head, he’s with her because he wants to.
    I’m sure being Leonardo’s girlfriend did help her, but she’s gorgeous and has a killer body, and that’s what’s got her the SI cover.

  15. 40
    Bella Says:

    They look like two people who just met yesterday as usual and she’s his PA or something! They just NEVER look like a couple to me and he hardly ever looks happy to be with her, he seems more connected to this male buddies! A bit like Clooney in that way.

    As for her being stunning, she is no great beauty, killer body yes, nice hair but if you just look at her face you could throw a stone and hit any number of model wannabee’s walking down the street in LA who have better bone structure. That’s why she models swimwear and underwear for a living, no serious catwalk desiger would touch her.

    I see another “break up” happening in a month or so if there ever was a reconciliation in the first place, I doubt he’s any more serious now about her than he was the last time, they are useful to each other that’s all.

    I think he’s just treading water with this one until he finds someone who he really wants to be with. And if she’s got any brains she’s hopefully figured that out by now.

  16. 41
    mia Says:

    you guys should just understand one thing. this all is only about PR. Leo is preparing to promote his new movies. and he just needs to draw attention from the media and consequently the public, and this is his usual way to do it – break up, re-unite, but look unhappy, stir controversy, make everyone wonder.. Thus, she needs him for her career (let’s face it she became total nobody during those being apart months) and he… as much as i admire him, but is she really “a beard” for him? :(

  17. 42
    french Says:


    He doesn’t need her to have attention from the media but for Bar , it’s Leo’s celebrity which make her little pathetic career.

  18. 43
    @39 Says:

    Middle of the game or not, there`s absolutely no chemistry or connection between these two. I know that Gisele is the past but he did take her to basketball games and they actually paid attention to each other ( even kissing if I remember well ) in the middle of the game. I don`t wanna get into the Gisele/Bar comparison because there`s no point but the difference between Leo+Gisele and Leo+Bar is more than striking.
    As for PR. How does it help Leo to promote a movie that he is associated with someone like Bar? No offense but she is mainly known for controversies in Israel, being successful for dating a famous actor and pretty trashy SI cover ( thank to that famous actor ). I really don`t see how does that help Leo`s image… I think it rather backfires and makes him laughable with this pathetic on again/off again game. Doesn`t he have PR people?

  19. 44
    april Says:

    leo looks hot and his girlfriend is really pretty

  20. 45
    KC Says:

    Bar made sure she looks good for the camera’s. Her natural hair color is light brown & not blond. Without her make up she always has wrinkles. The only reason shes with him is for fame, the only reason she’s here is for the camera’s.
    When Leo was Gisele in games, he held her hand, talked to her & even kissed her. With her he’s eating popcorn & looking at the other side & acting like if he has nothing to do with her.
    Simply Bar suck.

  21. 46
    Gasol16 Says:

    Lakers won! God bless Pau Gasol & Jordan Farmar!

  22. 47
    tal Says:

    stuning!! she looks so good =)

  23. 48
    french Says:

    ” Awwww they look so cute! … Im happy they’re goin’ more ‘public’ now, & i can’t believe how happy they loookk haha”

    It’s a comment that i read on a other site, i can’t stop laughing, some people don’t know what is a couple and a cute couple.

  24. 49
    Candycotton Says:

    Omg I can’t believe that Leo let this ratty haired,freckled sour puss faced fame hungry wh*ore begged him into taking her to the laker game…what the hell is he thinking..For the past 3 yrs she has never been to game She’s a Gisele wannabe..Barf will never accomplish what Gisele has ..Leo can do much much better than this plain-faced moron.And why is she wearing an America t-shirt ?I guess that’s why most of the people from Israel hate her,because she tries soooo hard to be American..I thought was a spokesperson for Fructos shampoo.but from the looks of stringy slit ends it does’t look like she’s using it..Poor Leo stuck with this borrring girl!No wonder he’S not smiling..I seen him have a better time with Anthony Kedis and Zack Efron..Barf just wants to be seen with a moviestar plain and simple..I guess Leo is afraid to be by himself ..I garrantee that Barf does’t know what he’ll is going on in the game..She should have stayed home and got a conditioning treatment and went to the gym..Man i liked to kick that guy’s Ass that introduced Leo to Barf..they met At a Las Vegas party…dammit!I’m sure Barf was thinking let me suck up to this guy and play like I’m an intelligent ,interesting person..And that’s How Leo got sucked in..Barf is always going to be the rebound girl..And no I’m NOT jealous of Barf..I just don’t want Leo to ruin his life with this fame hungry *****!!Leo is way to good for her..So just imagine them if they were to marry Leo would probally be the next Tiger Woods stuck in a unsatishfied marriage!!If she this boring in pictures imagine how boring in bed?lol I just wish that Leo cut the BS and meet his true soul mate..and it’s not Barfie :-p

  25. 50
    KarenA Says:

    @ #27, what’s the problem here? Some people, like myself, think Leo and Bar are a good couple. Why this bothers others so much is beyond me; but, to get so upset and worked up over other people’s opinions? Why?

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