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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli kick back and relax as they watch the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Orlando Magic by the final score of 98-92 at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on Monday (January 18).

Leo, 35, and Bar, 24, were last seen together enjoying some vacation time down in Mexico on New Year’s Day.

Looks like pretty pair continue to rekindle their romance after being apart for a few months!

More pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli, Lakers lovers…

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147 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Lakers Lovers!”

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  1. 101
    ... Says:

    I can`t believe that any of you takes that NE story seriously. It`s complete BS! Someone pointed out that Leo is a very private person so how would a conversation like that come out in the tabloids? Plus he says he`ll decide marriage based on a Christmas vacation? It`s laughable that anyone takes that seriously. Leo`s mom said that Bar is a nice person at a movie premiere in front of several cameras. What else would she say?
    The GG rumor about Leo taking Bar didn`t come from the Enquirer, it came from Fox.

  2. 102
    Tabloid Crap Says:

    That tabloid story is TOTALLY made up!!! Leo didn’t and will never propose to Barfy, you won’t have to wait till valentines to see that its totally false!!!!

  3. 103
    french Says:


    I agree

  4. 104
    ... Says:

    PS: There is one thing that Leo`s mom said years ago. That she never talks into Leo`s love life, that`s his business not hers. If she did probably Leo wouldn`t have left Gisele based on the fact how much Irmelin loved Gisele. They are still friends so if she has such on influence on Leo and his love life why isn`t he with his mom`s all time favorite?
    If Leo is ever going to marry anyone you won`t read about it in NE as the primary source.

  5. 105
    gg Says:

    @: hehe, right. Hope that happens. I’m missing bar vs soulmate. anyone knows him?

  6. 106
    carl Says:

    bar is so so beautiful. the best model in the world today!

  7. 107
    @106 Says:

    Thanks for the joke, carl. `the best model in the world today!` That`s priceless! You made me laugh. :)

  8. 108
    luks Says:

    they always break up and get back together in christimans time because they dont want be alone, the spent some months together,…she spread some swim catalogue as leo´s girlfriend then break up in the summer and he is always w/ severals girls and she dates rich men around the world…and they got back together people saying they are so in love …maybe this time will marry blablablabla!!!! its ridiculous the same old story.

  9. 109
    firemandatingsite Says:

    I think he is one lucky guy

  10. 110
    lisali Says:

    I wonder if Bar is bearding for Leo or something? They look like they don’t even know each other! Bar overdoing it with the sun and alcohol ? Chick is looking beat before her time.

  11. 111
    Lola Says:

    It’s funny how he will take her to a pre-GG party but not the actual ceremony and he will take her to a basketball game, but none of his friends are w/him. When he is w/her, he usually doesn’t have anyone else around except during a Mexico vacation and then he ignores her the whole time. LOL! Barfy is only wanting to appear to be his gf until the SI plp decide if they are going to put her on the cover or not. That’s how she got it last year and that’s why she is there now. He looks so pissed and it’s more than the paps being there. The paps take his pic all the time there but he is relaxed and laughing w/his friends. Now look at him! She is fake and a gold-digger. She avoided military service b/c ” celebs have other needs” and now she doesn’t want to pay her share of taxes. I sincerely hope that not only will her application be denied for “non-resident status” but also that since she is apparently divorced from the rich old sugar daddy she married to avoid serving, that they make her do so now. I could see if she didn’t want to do it b/c she didn’t believe in force, but she just thought she was better than everyone else. Now, she has decided that her home country is asking for too much of her money. Why not send the spoiled brat to Haiti to volunteer? Let’s see how uppity she is afterwards! Those plp don’t even have a home, food or clean water-yet this b*tch is complaining about paying taxes!

  12. 112
    all bullshi.t Says:

    This is a very tense and forced situation after a big slap in the face when Leo left his fck buddy locked out of the golden globe awards. He won’t look at her, hold her hand, put an arm around her, smile at her – she is just there with a fake happy expression while Leo looks depressed. I can only imagine the screaming match that took place to make this sh(it happen. Leo would rather talk to that beard dude than his own date.

  13. 113
    luks Says:

    like i sad just look to javier and penelope… they cant kep theirs hand off each other so in love, its impossible during the whole game leo even speak to her, hold hand, arm around, nothing,you can find a picture of happiness…its sad!

  14. 114
    me Says:

    great picture #112, shes so desperate to be included that she whips her head round just so she doent miss anything and to feel important and part of the conservation, she is always has to be at the centre of attention as if they are talking about her. notice how leo has turned is body towards beard man and smiling – even a stranger brings out more emotion in him than his gf . she just wants the paps to notice that she is imp and not excluded from anything…she looks pretty pathetic to me.

  15. 115
    Lola Says:

    Is it possible that Leo feels like crap about women b/c of Giselle and thinks that Barfy is all he can get? If he would expand his attention beyond models and look for a woman whose career does not have anything to do w/his and therefore would be w/him for him and not what he can do for her career, maybe he can take her to important events like GG or Oscar or the opening of one of his movies and know she cares about him, not where the paps are. Barfy is using him and has always used men to get what she wants. Some women are like that and it sound like that is how her mother taught her to be and those kind of women are nothing more than sl*ts. Maybe he can meet a woman that has a career say, in environmental issues or research on that? Believe it or not, there are some women that are beautiful inside and out as well as being smart. I hope it finally dawns on him that if you date the superfacial (models) you are not going to see or get much beyond the surface….in other words, there is no depth to Barfy and she isn’t at all smart…complete airhead.

  16. 116
    lia Says:

    oh god! they are so uncomfortable together!!!

  17. 117
    lia Says:

    they are so uncomfortable together!!! truth something wrong when most of the people trash this couple, sometimes you re not a fan but when almost all comments in these sites criticize them, says bad things probaly are all true, its not just one people, are fans that follow him, its sad that he can be normal and find a good girl, marry and have kid…

  18. 118
    Lola Says:

    Lia (117) Exactly! Whether plp are fans of Leo and/or Barfy, the vast majority here think they do not look like a couple in love or even just happy to be back together. It’s funny (not “ha,ha” but ironic) that when plp are in such a bad relationship that they are unable to see it as most others do. When most articles describe the relationship as “turbulant” or “voiatile”, most plp would wonder what plp see that they are not seeing. Prior to this, I cannot recall any of Leo’s other gfs/relationships being described this way. I have also read that Barfy has a short fuse and gets really pissed if someone brings him up during an interview.

  19. 119
    Jess Says:

    So I guess, that they are definitely back on now :)

    OMG! Leo is soooo Sexy <3 :D

  20. 120
    @Tabloid Crap Says:

    Hey Tabloid Crap,

    Can you explain why is Leo back with her? He has never looked more miserable, but he still chose to be with her. Do you have any possible reason for this???

  21. 121
    lpar Says:

    Luks – #108 that is so true. They do seem to get together for the past three years around holiday time and then by June or so its over, they are giving each other space. Then they are back together and in love and starting a family. Wow ….. this a good soap opera.
    But I also wish them the best and I believe Leo dates woman mostly models cause he can run the show. Bar never covers herself up like in Target when she is not with Leo. He needs a woman who is not afraid to tell him get over yourself, they are just taking a picture. He is so off the chain about that. Plus he runs the show in his relationships. It would never work with a strong woman. I would tell him to kiss ….and dump him his *** needs to be broken.

  22. 122
    Uno Says:

    @lpar: You are right. He dates weak women. Thats why Gisele left him because she has self esteem. A strong woman would tell him to take the stick out of his a$$!!!

  23. 123
    amelia Says:

    i agree, the only reason bar put up w/ this thing because she is weak and wants fame even if they are unhappy as long she stays besides him she will get what she wants…that why leo gisele broke up, she didt put up w/ his way.

  24. 124
    luks Says:

    look at the unhappy couple here again!!!

  25. 125
    Lola Says:

    I don’t think its a matter of him choosing a “weak” woman but one that clearly does not care for him in a way he can relaxed and be himself. I don’t think Giselle was weak but she just got to a point where she wanted to get married and he wasn’t there yet. I think he has now realized that he messed up that one. But w/Barfy, she is completely shallow and self-absorbed. If she isn’t the center of attention, she gets mad. He does need a strong woman but also someone that can be his equal and hold him accountable. I do think he gets a bit over the top about the paps, but it only seems to bother him the most when he is w/her. He has to have some suspension that she or her mother has called the paps and who wouldn’t get pissed? I honestly think he is only w/her until someone better comes along. Maybe he thinks that he can put up w/her crap until the next gf comes along. I have a feeling that when it does finally end for good, its going to be a really bad breakup. She wants the attention and only by being seen w/someone like Leo will she get that. I sincerely hope she does not get the cover of SI again b/c not only does Brooklyn Decker deserve to have it, but it will knock Barfy off her high horse. I will be very interested in finding out if her application for non-resident status gets denied and she has to fork over her tax money like “the common people” have to do.

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